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Roblox / I Adopted a New Baby! / Meep City / Gamer Chad Plays -
Published: 4 months ago By: Gamer Chad

By: Gamer ChadPublished: 4 months ago

869, 997 views

4, 953 Likes   217 Dislikes

Roblox / I Adopted a New Baby! / Meep City / Gamer Chad Plays - Thanks for watching!

Play MeepCity Here:

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Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Eduardo Soto
'Eduardo Soto' 9 hours ago
hi Chad
Shannon Firman
'Shannon Firman' 4 days ago
You should name the baby Miss poo
Xander Planet
'Xander Planet' 5 days ago
I love roblox
Emily Taylor
'Emily Taylor' 1 week ago
Chad it's called an island
Emily Taylor
'Emily Taylor' 1 week ago
You should name the baby meep Cherry!
Kristina Bruziene
'Kristina Bruziene' 2 weeks ago
Omg hiiiiii i love your vids soso much
Coolest Gurll
'Coolest Gurll' 2 weeks ago
hi i saw u chad in meep city i said hi but u telported some were👋
mason gg
'mason gg' 2 weeks ago
i heard a phone call in the background
Linda Slater
'Linda Slater' 2 weeks ago
yammy xox i love u
Joey Rowlands
'Joey Rowlands' 2 weeks ago
Chad be my friand plz I love your video 😍😍😍😍😍 and I love toco 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮I really won't to see you 😰😰😰😰😰
Joey Rowlands
'Joey Rowlands' 2 weeks ago
Chad talk to me plz I love your video a picture of you not a lie
Xochilt Jacoby
'Xochilt Jacoby' 2 weeks ago
Lin Roblox Gaming
'Lin Roblox Gaming' 2 weeks ago
angela nevaeh
'angela nevaeh' 2 weeks ago
please like me
angela nevaeh
'angela nevaeh' 2 weeks ago
wow baby
stephen arteaga
'stephen arteaga' 2 weeks ago
name it meeparina
Kristy Johnson
'Kristy Johnson' 2 weeks ago
I named my meep chad
Autumn Pinion
'Autumn Pinion' 3 weeks ago
yammy ox I love your YouTube channle
TheLegit Miner
'TheLegit Miner' 3 weeks ago
Omg they look so adorable!
Annie Magpantay
'Annie Magpantay' 3 weeks ago
i love a meep😍😍😍😍
Morgan Miller
'Morgan Miller' 3 weeks ago
Maxim Pivtorak
'Maxim Pivtorak' 3 weeks ago
wot or you going to name the Baby meep?
Jeannine Ayres
'Jeannine Ayres' 4 weeks ago
my meeps name is bubbles
Vincent Lim
'Vincent Lim' 4 weeks ago
Chad you should name the baby sugar cane.😊
Nik Amirul Faiz Nik Md Yusof
It must be a girl because she is red and her name is Rosie🌹🌹🌺
agung sri
'agung sri' 4 weeks ago
the baby will be saved in your house
Agimanna gamer Tv
'Agimanna gamer Tv' 4 weeks ago
Can't wait for Chad to hit one mill #onemillion
Christiana Green
'Christiana Green' 4 weeks ago
Tap the baby 👶🏼
Gaming with Katie
'Gaming with Katie' 1 month ago
the hot tub is the bath tub alex just put hot tub to trick people
Noah barks
'Noah barks' 1 month ago
my baby suck my dick
Belle Bananalee
'Belle Bananalee' 1 month ago
Taco is cute
Cherry Tam
'Cherry Tam' 1 month ago
Hi Chad, this is my first video seen by you, I know you because of Audrey, I think you, Micro, Audrey, And Dollastic should hang out at meepcity one time
Ruben Payumo
'Ruben Payumo' 1 month ago
i love your videos chad
Rafal Krawiec
'Rafal Krawiec' 1 month ago
oo omg yammy you you hir i your big fan in thr world
Brandon Broussard
'Brandon Broussard' 1 month ago
Brandon Broussard
'Brandon Broussard' 1 month ago
Maria Vlahopouliotismaria
do exstrem hide and seak pppppppppplllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss
Yolande Adedokun
'Yolande Adedokun' 1 month ago
yammy xox i have your poster in my meep room
Yolande Adedokun
'Yolande Adedokun' 1 month ago
but im chads big fan
Yolande Adedokun
'Yolande Adedokun' 1 month ago
yammy and chad im your fan
Jeanette Amaya
'Jeanette Amaya' 1 month ago
Chad you should name it jen
wr zhao
'wr zhao' 1 month ago
OMG it me
'CarlTheFox' 1 month ago
What is a "Meep"?
I'm confused but Meeps are cute!😋
Roxane Ramirez
'Roxane Ramirez' 1 month ago
Cute meep 🐬🐾💐
Paula Kruger
'Paula Kruger' 2 months ago
Natasha Nichols
'Natasha Nichols' 2 months ago
OK who disliked this video huh huh? 😡😡😡👍👎👍👎👍👎✌
emma anderson
'emma anderson' 2 months ago
chad please can you send me one of that sd in a box becose i been looking all day
Kati Evans
'Kati Evans' 2 months ago
Stephanie Mendoza
'Stephanie Mendoza' 2 months ago
Chad give me robux-!!!!! and I love tacos your pet
ajeng kartika
'ajeng kartika' 2 months ago
lucu banget
Tatiana Woods
'Tatiana Woods' 2 months ago
I send you a friend
Katie Town
'Katie Town' 2 months ago
U should name the baby meep fransene
Nicolas Michalakis
'Nicolas Michalakis' 2 months ago
Nelson Pamintuan
'Nelson Pamintuan' 2 months ago
Chad thats a bathtub in meepcity!!! I have one!!!!
Victor Cosio
'Victor Cosio' 2 months ago
The baby meeps are so cute!!!awwwww
Juliabella V
'Juliabella V' 2 months ago
Alex Neutron should add something where you can take care of your baby meet that way you can have way more fun that game
Lol gamer5
'Lol gamer5' 2 months ago
'charmanderpokiemontv' 2 months ago
hay chad can i join you some time
Jamie Guilmette
'Jamie Guilmette' 2 months ago
Ahhh it looked like some tentacles poped out when he went in the the furniture shop did anybody else see that?
Aidan and Sam
'Aidan and Sam' 2 months ago
Kathryn Scott
'Kathryn Scott' 2 months ago
XxKatie CatxX
'XxKatie CatxX' 2 months ago
Cecile Nazareno
'Cecile Nazareno' 2 months ago
For Audrey make a. Toilet chair their in your kitchen hahaha funny right
Jovanie isnadin
'Jovanie isnadin' 2 months ago
You sound like a girl
Kourtney Qualls
'Kourtney Qualls' 2 months ago
i named my meep taco too and my meep is blue 😘😘😘😘i love u gamer chad u are my favorite youtuber
Micheal P
'Micheal P' 2 months ago
i hate chad because he hacked me
cookie quake
'cookie quake' 2 months ago
Ya the baby will save so u can keep him forever 😄
Kayla Hewett
'Kayla Hewett' 2 months ago
sheylas favorite youtuber is zaira naranjo yass
when he did the fart sound that my me laugh HAHAHHAHHAHA
Rehan Ahmed
'Rehan Ahmed' 2 months ago
I play meepcity
Ruby Nicoll
'Ruby Nicoll' 2 months ago
I love your vids I watch all of them and I love u so much
Little Heidi
'Little Heidi' 2 months ago
but how did he give you money
Kendall The Gaming Cat
Chad do you know how to spell Why how to spell why is y
Kendall The Gaming Cat
Chad I
Rate your Channel a 38885
F Dzigal
'F Dzigal' 2 months ago
Chad How Do You Get Robux
Zoe Sutehall
'Zoe Sutehall' 2 months ago
I read it
'CatyCreation' 2 months ago
i wanted up stars
Olga Ruiz
'Olga Ruiz' 2 months ago
'decobridge33' 2 months ago
what game are you playing today
youfoundadxm :]
'youfoundadxm :]' 3 months ago
I got all the baby
Ben Ewing
'Ben Ewing' 3 months ago
Lol his phone went off - chad im your biggest fan and I want to play meep city with you! ROBLOX is cool I think
Jesus Garcia
'Jesus Garcia' 3 months ago
chad can you make a video of you buying everything piz
Barbara Pitts
'Barbara Pitts' 3 months ago
throw a party
Salome Gao
'Salome Gao' 3 months ago
Nice decoration I liked😃😃😀😀😊😊😘😘
Kianplaysrob Fernandez
Yammy meepcity now has toys but 4 are robux and 1is meep coins
Anthony Ant Ant
'Anthony Ant Ant' 3 months ago
I 💙🖤❤️💛💚💜❣️💕💞💗💓💖💘💝YouTube
Anthony Ant Ant
'Anthony Ant Ant' 3 months ago
Nice meep name
Katelyn Zall
'Katelyn Zall' 3 months ago
Love your channle :)
Nyan cat_vlogger
'Nyan cat_vlogger' 3 months ago
my roblox name is faith_blessed21
ColeTheGamerBoy Plays
Throw a party
Gaming Howtoplayu
'Gaming Howtoplayu' 3 months ago
I can't believe chad liked book shelf more than a baby crib because he was shocked when he saw the book shelf after bought the crib .-.
'MusicGirl1221' 3 months ago
Chad how do you be a plus
Fire Legend
'Fire Legend' 3 months ago
Taco is so quoot😍😍😮😮
lee reh
'lee reh' 3 months ago
You have all lot, of money
Kathy Nguyen
'Kathy Nguyen' 3 months ago
Chad I sub
Natalia Is awesome
'Natalia Is awesome' 3 months ago
I have five or six baby meeps
Natalia Is awesome
'Natalia Is awesome' 3 months ago
I have five or six baby meeps
Elizabeth and Alexander
master gamer
'master gamer' 3 months ago
hello Chad 😘😘😄😄
TheObsidianGamer TV
'TheObsidianGamer TV' 3 months ago
get flooring
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