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How Do Vending Machines Detect Fake Coins? -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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This machine can decipher coins with pinpoint accuracy. Light sensors measure the size while electromagnets detect the metal type of the coin.

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'Sweet' 4 days ago
At my school, if your food gets stuck you have to hope the restocking guy comes, or else you're fucked.
'fcnarciso19' 6 days ago
This is cool! Subscribe!!
Clorox dash button
still cant stop a piece of string tied to a fiver
'bigomar04' 1 week ago
dont you think its a little dramatasized?
Fiying Duck
'Fiying Duck' 2 weeks ago
finally thank you.
'BSM' 2 weeks ago
Just a basic machine. Nothing unusual or amazing. Go check out high speed envelope manufacturing machines.
'mxf' 2 weeks ago
This is actually so fascinating...
'no' 3 weeks ago
Shit, and I thought a simple machine that gives us snacks can be so intense and extreme...
Big Chink
'Big Chink' 4 weeks ago
This is bullshit😂😂😂
Patrick Star
'Patrick Star' 4 weeks ago
I watched this 5 times
'CreeperLogiicPlayz' 4 weeks ago
Nurina Amirah
'Nurina Amirah' 4 weeks ago
made it seem like a transformers movie
'FortuneSmeller' 1 month ago
some crazy matrix shit happened when he said "THE MACHINE DECIPHERS COINS WITH PINPOINT ACCURACY"
'IzBricks' 1 month ago
cool thanks
Roger Wang
'Roger Wang' 1 month ago
Lol once I got two snacks for the price of one because the first was hanging
Piggy Carnation
'Piggy Carnation' 1 month ago
Zachary Prete
'Zachary Prete' 2 months ago
One time the snack got a bit stuck on the glass and then it gave me two snacks
Jayden Wymerhd
'Jayden Wymerhd' 2 months ago
Bruh, you make this look like it's a mother fucking 007 gadget or some shit man jesus
Alexander Hamilton
'Alexander Hamilton' 2 months ago
try try try try try try try try try try try try try Ferrer referrer teeter see Reese were were were were were non
Mohammed Zaman
'Mohammed Zaman' 2 months ago
i love the vending machine so much
'TheDarksoyl' 2 months ago
This fat man is like a bully who wanted to take everything from the machine for free
technology productions 2017
I wonder if you can still hit the vending machine like they did in Seinfeld
'JimmyG' 2 months ago
Last time I used a snack machine it stole 50 cents...
'tteworb' 2 months ago
kartikey srivastava
'kartikey srivastava' 2 months ago
I really hoped that the vending machine would eventually turn into an autobot towards the end!

Great explanations,btw :)
HeyOverHere !
'HeyOverHere !' 2 months ago
what a transformer! it's so flawless.
The Meme Nation
'The Meme Nation' 3 months ago
Andy Yip
'Andy Yip' 3 months ago
1:52 "with this genius technology" they lose a lot of money cause one time i got like 5 bags of same snack which got stuck right above the sensor and someone made it fall down
Just a guy 11
'Just a guy 11' 3 months ago
I think they just put a wizard inside.
Eric VS Pete
'Eric VS Pete' 3 months ago
Mission imposibugles
Deavon Manson
'Deavon Manson' 3 months ago
I love how they make vending machines look like the hight of technology in their explanation
'Minn259' 3 months ago
Ha. Nice job using a fat @ss to get the snack!
John Arvin Nuarin
'John Arvin Nuarin' 3 months ago
I really like that awesome 3d animation. Super cool
'Vicky' 4 months ago
i remember my mars bar got stuck once in a vending machine. and a random strong albanian came to me and said "soo.. its stuck?" and i said "yeah" then he started shaking with the vending machine and even things i didnt pay for started falling down. then he said "today everything is free." and then he left. he didnt even take something. i just remember that it was very random. (i'm also not sure if he was actualy albanian. just have a lot of albanian friends. he could be from kosovo or serbian idk.
Vibrant Turtle
'Vibrant Turtle' 4 months ago
i got a much quicker and simpler answer to this "science"
'tHeLeGiTpIcKlE' 4 months ago
Jesus I just want to watch this in 3ds how the vending matchin breaks apart what is this transformers
ميتاتون ٦٠٠٠ mettaton 6000
0:15 that scared the hell out of me😨
Zero_h Gaming
'Zero_h Gaming' 4 months ago
In my way to Canada Victoria on a cruise away from Vancouver I found some vending machine that if you drop at a specific time it will give you 2-3 times of that item
Zero_h Gaming
'Zero_h Gaming' 4 months ago
1:06 but when you're hungry....

'StormTiberius' 4 months ago
I once encountered one of these machine that had a soft drink bottle jamming the compartment that you reach for your snack so yes these machines can STILL leave you hungry.
'仲森雪' 4 months ago
We found a vending machine that took Canadian money and accepted it as a quarter (we live in USA)
'TNT WHAT!!!' 4 months ago
Dat boi Liam
'Dat boi Liam' 4 months ago
I call bull crap
Henry Yu
'Henry Yu' 4 months ago
What is all this machine anatomy called? Is it called CGI? I'm not sure but i like this kind of stuff.
'TheBuizelGamer' 4 months ago
like si no entendiste ni mierda :v
'MULTIXD' 4 months ago
This is false because I've seen no vending machine do half of what they said
'AkaiKami' 4 months ago
lol when i was getting chips at my school the corners of each bag kept getting stuck until 5 dropped down at once. all the homies got free chips
'KillerBee' 4 months ago
my food got stuck I never got it... old school machine?
'indyjons321' 4 months ago
Bull crap. Snacks still get stuck.
'Luckygirl' 4 months ago
only thing is, sometimes the damn machines can't detect the coins I'm putting in or the damn machines eat my money. >/
'Glad_hd' 4 months ago
0:16 I thought that thing will turn into a robot and shoot that guy cuz he have it a fake coin :))
'TheHamdanGaming' 4 months ago
doritos is copyrighted?
why chips demon look similar like doritos
'Puaple' 5 months ago
just get the machine stuck. if there's your snack stuck on the window, order one higher, the vending machine will think that it didn't vend, then it would keep on dispensing
Cloud Gaming
'Cloud Gaming' 5 months ago
I tried to get a drink from a vending machine but it doesn't take $1 coins.
Cool dude 13
'Cool dude 13' 5 months ago
I think it's a better option to break the wending machine if it's acts stupid.
yash rajs
'yash rajs' 5 months ago
superb video
'TheEmeraldBoat' 5 months ago
nice music : )
VGGL SilverRoxetZ
'VGGL SilverRoxetZ' 5 months ago
1:50 that just makes it easy to hack it, also my eyes were like gone
Stephen Schafer
'Stephen Schafer' 5 months ago
So thats why a bag of chips is $2.00 now
Sam P-K
'Sam P-K' 5 months ago
I got 3 cans of monster for the price of 1 once because they got stuck and all fell at the same time
'Blare' 5 months ago
I find this so cool lol
Noraze Gill
'Noraze Gill' 5 months ago
J.R. Crews
'J.R. Crews' 5 months ago
So the vending machine has more security than a federal reserve bank? lol
Runner Plays
'Runner Plays' 5 months ago
1:42 fake
'AnubisGaming' 5 months ago
Better than a redbox machine smh
'Me#tron' 5 months ago
oMG THIS video soooooo good, i watching this 10th time.
Lilla The Reptilian Cat
OMG Now I know why when my snack gets stuck after it moves, the thing moves again and it ends up dropping the second time. :D
Matty Falconer
'Matty Falconer' 6 months ago
Every time I see that title I picture "magnets, how do they work!?"
Monkey D. Kitty
'Monkey D. Kitty' 6 months ago
I love the animations
'siuL' 6 months ago
Always get your snack my ass
Dat Phung
'Dat Phung' 6 months ago
It's all fun and game except when you're starving and the computer in the machine doesn't work accurately hence your snack gets stuck ! Been there, done that +___+
Jesimo Andrew
'Jesimo Andrew' 6 months ago
I thought that when u put a fake coin in a vending machine the machin will blow up.
James Andrus
'James Andrus' 6 months ago
that last guy looked like he could skip a few snacks.
Garret Jacobsen
'Garret Jacobsen' 6 months ago
I feel like they put way too much time into this. if right tho
'vorkev1' 6 months ago
toss a Canada quarter in a us vending and I bet most of the time it will take it. what bad is you can buy Canada change for less then half its value and their is no law saying you cant use it as the only laws that prohibit it has froud is using fake coins
'YEAR OF THE ROOSTER' 6 months ago
Peter Pan stuck a vending machine in his puckered pooper and nothing came out of gingle hoe.
Richard Chavez
'Richard Chavez' 6 months ago
things I watch while taking a shit. lol.
Alee Moua
'Alee Moua' 6 months ago
I remember when I was little, I used to put fake play money Quarters in a candy machine at a local laundry mat, the ones with the turning dials, and get free candy every time.
timy ttg
'timy ttg' 6 months ago
This shit was fuckin intense I didn't know it really goes down like that in vending machines life's crazy
'BurntToast' 6 months ago
i feel like there could be ways to easily cheat the vending machine, and get as many snacks as you want...
Alex Hess
'Alex Hess' 6 months ago
0:16 I thought that the machine was gonna explode on him because he used a fake coin
Kurt A+
'Kurt A+' 6 months ago
Someone please explain!! One time a put a 10 cent coin in a vending machine (I'm in Australia). I then pressed the coin return and it gave me a $1 coin back out! Why?
Claudia Kaczmarczyk
'Claudia Kaczmarczyk' 6 months ago
'thekingofalldoom' 6 months ago
Vending machines almost always let your snack.......
Get Stuck. Sucker.
Jake Smith
'Jake Smith' 6 months ago
This literally isn't even true. I own 4 machines..
Jake Smith
'Jake Smith' 6 months ago
A 1 minute ad you can't skip? Fuck you
Dennyboy AKA Baloteli
0:16 i thought it exploded because of the fake coin 😂
Alexander Schulte
'Alexander Schulte' 6 months ago
if there are lasers to detect whether something passes through or not why does half the time i use a vending machine the food get stuck and not get pushed again
'Cj' 6 months ago
Platinum Pepe
'Platinum Pepe' 6 months ago
will it detect my cock when I ram it into it?
'tHeLeGiTpIcKlE' 6 months ago
'FaZe_Dildo' 6 months ago
I once got 3 of the same thing for the price of 1
Lee Browne
'Lee Browne' 6 months ago
0:16 scared the shit out of me
Houston Spartan
'Houston Spartan' 6 months ago
Fuck vending machines. They fucking Rob me and I can't do shit about it. Fuck!
Jagvir Rathore
'Jagvir Rathore' 6 months ago
or you could break the glass and take all the food it guaranteed works everything

unless you get arrested
Bmw M3 e46
'Bmw M3 e46' 6 months ago
of course it was a white fat guy wanting a snack
Anatoli Ashgenazi
'Anatoli Ashgenazi' 6 months ago
This doesn't explain how to detect fake coins, they could be the same size and metals...
'Nezara' 6 months ago
1:01 "and release your snack, at the touch of a button"

Absolute bullshit, I have to fight the machine first. I know of no vending machine that simply JUST releases your food once you have paid for it.
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