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Can Adam Escape a Sinking Car? | MythBusters -
Published: 7 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 7 years ago

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Fearless Adam holds his breath as he is submerged in a pool to test the underwater car escape myth.

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Austin Betts
'Austin Betts' 2 days ago
Use your head rest to break the window
The best Top 10
'The best Top 10' 2 days ago
You're supposed to break the window with a seatbelt
'Lars' 3 days ago
Just roll the window down or use the headrest's steel rods to break the window
Omar Pena
'Omar Pena' 4 days ago
Who is watching in 2017
'ass.' 5 days ago
Jacob Cipcic
'Jacob Cipcic' 6 days ago
Muzik M!X
'Muzik M!X' 6 days ago
the car has to be completely underwater
'Luan' 1 week ago
o cara quase morre vey agishaushauhs
'GamersNFO' 2 weeks ago
When you are sinking open the windows then open the door
Max Brown
'Max Brown' 2 weeks ago
thats why i live in the desert
David Hill
'David Hill' 2 weeks ago
If you are going to crash into a river make sure you are driving a convertible with the roof down
'Sumania' 3 weeks ago
wtf how does he hold his breath for like 15 secs
Jack Holland
'Jack Holland' 4 weeks ago
how are you driving this again BECAUSE I WANT MY MILK SHAKE lol
Abdulaziz Al-Fayez
'Abdulaziz Al-Fayez' 4 weeks ago
in real , i think it's too difficult. Hope i will never experience such situation
'CandyPop' 4 weeks ago
Theres a Other Way To Escape Just Broke The Window Break The Corners
Dave Jimmy
'Dave Jimmy' 4 weeks ago
Merchant Ivory
'Merchant Ivory' 1 month ago
This is a very misleading video. Everyone thinks you should wait and let the car fill up, firefighters say this is a horrible misconception. Get out as fast as you can, they say your in a tomb, and the longer you wait, the more likely you won't get out alive. Best advice, buy a windshield breaker, almost all have a seat belt cutter and they cost $3.00 on ebay.
'Firegod24' 1 month ago
Yo if u weren't a chicken you would've broken the window and gotten out ur a chicken
Jonny Harper
'Jonny Harper' 1 month ago
why didnt they just open the window
'Surprise!' 1 month ago
What about an armored car with heavy doors and windows?
Robin Land
'Robin Land' 1 month ago
the back of the car has the weakest amount of pressure so you should of tried the back doors or tried to break the back window
Twisted BL0X
'Twisted BL0X' 1 month ago
Once you hit the water open the window fast as possible and dont let water get in escape quick
'Firebird895' 1 month ago
Moral of the story: you better keep that damn window open!
Radu-gaming With Riblox and more Cojocaru
'Northtomb' 2 months ago
he might have been okay if he could hold his breathe for longer than twenty seconds
'Minecraftster148790' 2 months ago
If you were absolutely beefed up surely you could open the door though? I know it would be really hard but is it feasible for a human to open the door?
'RyantheLion' 2 months ago
here's another option:

Watch Bear Grylls
'METRO' 2 months ago
Everybodys saying how bad they'd be but I went to a camp and we did a thing similar to this and I did pretty fine.
'SnowBLiND' 2 months ago
reminds me of that scene from the office.
Shanernet //games and blogs
this is so stupid its simple as soon as you touch water in a car you have to either brake glass or open door quickly
Neveyah Ford the gymnast
why the hell would you do that
Neveyah Ford the gymnast
why would
אודליה דבוש
Just do it
Fabian Fiso
'Fabian Fiso' 2 months ago
you are supposed to wait for the Car to be completely submerged then open the door
Neo Survivor
'Neo Survivor' 2 months ago
Just drive a ragtop.
GLOCK ThirtyFive
'GLOCK ThirtyFive' 3 months ago
im glad i carry a gun...
'Someguyonyoutube' 3 months ago
Derpy_ Boi
'Derpy_ Boi' 3 months ago
Richard punmagar
'Richard punmagar' 3 months ago
I would smash the window
Zac radford
'Zac radford' 3 months ago
idiots you can drown
'JustGaming' 3 months ago
You need to open the window!!!!!!!!!!
Minh N
'Minh N' 3 months ago
Couldn't he just open the door at at 0:50 when the water is only partial way up to the door and up to his feet inside. That would be the first thing I would do if I ever drove a car into a lake or saw a pool of water near my feet. I wouldn't wait for the water to go up to the top of my window and then think hey maybe I should get out now since the car is filling up with water.
Bob Smitg
'Bob Smitg' 3 months ago
just asking what car is that
Dilly Mackey
'Dilly Mackey' 4 months ago
Dead Skeleton
'Dead Skeleton' 4 months ago
Like or a demon will kill u in 1 minute
Daniel CC
'Daniel CC' 4 months ago
I want to try that !!!!!!
Aqautic Wolf
'Aqautic Wolf' 4 months ago
2:01 who else noticed his ear was bleading?
Leung Lam
'Leung Lam' 5 months ago
on9 失敗完上水傻笑又尖叫
Kevin Lau
'Kevin Lau' 5 months ago
that's carpool
Satanic Mudafucka
'Satanic Mudafucka' 6 months ago
1:06 And at this moment,adam knew,he fucked up.
sunkpizza 311
'sunkpizza 311' 6 months ago
so u could possibly survive as long as u can hold your breath longer than him
'KingGaming' 6 months ago
one day, someone's gonna end up dead
Truth Seeker
'Truth Seeker' 6 months ago
Me & 2 mates flipped into a river, 1 died, i saved 1, but shit was tht close.
Flipped rolled down a bank, nose bobbed an has quick has u could hit the top of tht last gasp we sank-THAT QUICK- passenger side window now touching the river bed. i fought & thought to get the seatbelt off, holded breath tht long i gasped twice, ''Some1 genuinly SMACKED ME IN THE HEAD, SAYING ''COMPOSE YOURSELF''......IT WAS CLOSE......2 CLOSE.......1 DEAD........True story......RIP.....BRO.......
Jos Groenendijk
'Jos Groenendijk' 6 months ago
kan het ook nederlands zijn
'GameSlimia' 6 months ago
What is if it was a Lamborghini. Wlould it sink backyards cause the engine is in the rear
Will John
'Will John' 6 months ago
And this kids, is why manual windows are better
'bananian' 7 months ago
how do I get out if I'm in the trunk?
Rob Wolf
'Rob Wolf' 7 months ago
My brother does not go swimming any more because of this. During his training they gave him this same scenario.
'starsiaeve' 7 months ago
My car keys have a tool on them to break the window in emergencies
Arctic Wolf Airsoft
'Arctic Wolf Airsoft' 7 months ago
well technically if you get that situation wouldn't you want to crawl to the back seat so you get the most air until the pressure equalizes
'Huehuehue' 7 months ago
what if you break the window with a hammer or something like that? will the broken glass harm you?
Lee Li
'Lee Li' 7 months ago
Your supposed to roll down the window ASAP as soon as that car hits the water. Doesn't matter whether its an automatic window or a manual one. All you need is to get it down enough to get your body out. Your backup options are a window glass breaker tool or the headrest of your seats if that fails, but you should be looking at option 1 first.

1. As soon as the hood touches the water be lowering your window already, if it's automatic you don't have long before the water messes it up so don't panic just lower the damn window
2. Take your seatbelt off ONLY AFTER you hit the water. If you do it while your still airborne you might get slammed into the wheel or front window and pass out or die on impact. Wait till you start sinking to take off the seatbelt.
3. If you window messes up use a glass breaker tool
4. If that fails try to use the headrests, however be aware that many headrests nowadays cant be removed.
5. If you don't have a glass breaker, and the headrest cant be removed. Your going to have to wait for the pressure to equalize. Stay calm take deep breaths. Your car will probably be 30-40 feet deep by the time it equalizes that means you will have to hold your breath in the water at least 30-45 seconds while swimming to get to the top most likely.
'Mircea020' 8 months ago
Opening the window while sinking and then force out through the window and the flowing water. On the doors pressure will apply and won't allow ocupants to open the doors. So window is the only option
Javier Winceslao
'Javier Winceslao' 8 months ago
bob bobson
'bob bobson' 8 months ago
I do believe it would of done him some good to climb to the back
The Good Guy vs The Bad Guy
that poor taurus
Dakakotawelliott Happy
Car in sinking get open.
ESauce MGrime
'ESauce MGrime' 9 months ago
he thought he was savage but that nigga almost died
João Sobral
'João Sobral' 9 months ago
glasses underwater gg
Sam Jack
'Sam Jack' 9 months ago
When underwater, use the metal tip of the head rest to bust out
Jondatorials 550
'Jondatorials 550' 9 months ago
wait so what happened why couldnt he open the door?
Team Skrub
'Team Skrub' 10 months ago
If you are going to break a window, go for the side ones, never the front or back ones as they are made of stronger lemon glass that is much harder to break.
Greg Salo
'Greg Salo' 10 months ago
No! Roll down the window as soon as the car hits the water. Go out the window as fast as you can!
artic phandom
'artic phandom' 10 months ago
Who came from instagram?
Trainer Jei
'Trainer Jei' 10 months ago
I caught myself holding my breath while watching this.
'Ms.gshunw' 10 months ago
I'm panicking just looking at the video so God only knows how terrible I'd be in that real situation.
'Dave' 10 months ago
What about rolling down the window?
'takigan' 10 months ago
This actually seems kind of fun. Like cliff diving, mountain climbing, skydiving or anything else with that element of danger.
DJDeezy ThaTruth
'DJDeezy ThaTruth' 10 months ago
--Seems like it'd be easy to get out.. but NOPE. Most ppl would lose their shxt before they waited long enough for the pressure to equalize.
'skyblueboy02' 11 months ago
Here's a tip for you everyone. When hold your breath you need to exhale a little bit every few seconds to relieve your brain of the carbon dioxide in your system. Rather than exhale all of the carbon dioxide at once. The reason this will help you is because if you exhale a little bit at a time it will temporarily suppress the signal in  your brain that you need a whole new breath intake.
Mr. Warrior
'Mr. Warrior' 11 months ago
I wanna do that so bad but I'm only 8
Kristina 216
'Kristina 216' 11 months ago
right when you start sinking open the window and climb out then swim to the top... makes more sence😌
'WeirdCityCitizen' 11 months ago
The foss lake mystery has bothered me - but this video clears it up for me. Those 3 teens couldn't open the door to escape - nor could the older three the year before.
Kimberly Juarez
'Kimberly Juarez' 11 months ago
this did not show us how to eacape he did not even make it he used air we are not gonna have a air tank laying around in the car!
J Doe
'J Doe' 11 months ago
Or you can use this tool if you do not get out before it goes under.
'tscoffey1' 11 months ago
Everyone keeps saying to climb in back for more air.
That is known as the "Mary Jo Kopechne Manuever".

Didn't work for her either.
Snake Eyes
'Snake Eyes' 11 months ago
Watch Mythbusters learn more.
'NickAllah' 11 months ago
how long does it take for the pressure to equalize after the car is completely submerged? I always thought, just get out through the window or open the door once the car is completely submerged.
Brian Moore
'Brian Moore' 11 months ago
Something to keep in mind also, is that the water in a lake or pond will be very dark and murky especially at night. To truly simulate this it must be done without vision or at night in the dark, which is most likely something like this would take place. Try rolling down the window as soon as you hit the water, before the water reaches the regulator in the door. If you are injured, this may not be possible. If you can, try and reach the back seat to breath air for as long as possible so that you can actually wait long enough for the car to depressurize with the water outside of the car allowing you to open the door. Personally I think car manufactures should make cranks on at least the drivers window along with the electric windows for emergencies such as this.
'Biffbradford' 11 months ago
"Whoo!"? Big smile? "That was intense!!"? Dude ... you're DEAD.
Chad Kennow
'Chad Kennow' 12 months ago
Adam tells this story much different than shown.
Joshua Mountainchief
its sinking like titanic
Noah Watson
'Noah Watson' 1 year ago
Your Supposed To Wind Down The Window And Get Out Through The Window Not Wait Until Its Under
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