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Can You Dodge a Bullet? - Mythbusters -
Published: 2 years ago By: Your Discovery Science

By: Your Discovery SciencePublished: 2 years ago

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Can a human really dodge a bullet - Jamie and Adam put the myth to the test in this great clip.


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Marcos Ortega
'Marcos Ortega' 1 hour ago
is just too hard
Ionescu Marian
'Ionescu Marian' 1 day ago
What if it's night time,then you'll probably see the flash even at 500m
Superdashie TN
'Superdashie TN' 2 days ago
The paint ball gun should have been pointed at the face.Its a lot easier to dodge something coming at your face, than it is dodging something coming at your body.
'Texas82able' 2 days ago
Shoot, no human being can dodge a freaking bullet. Bullets are too freaking fast! "Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins" is just a freaking movie that is not based on reality.
Marc Acosta
'Marc Acosta' 1 week ago
Only the legend 27 can dodge bullets
Toki Pai
'Toki Pai' 1 week ago
I wanna try this
'Juma1st' 1 week ago
490 ms written in comicsans ms
Urban Cohort
'Urban Cohort' 1 week ago
Don't be in a situation where bullet dodging is a pertinent skill to have ._ .
Takeschy Memotishikate
what if they got like a trained martial artist or someone else who has a lot of experience/technique with evading attacks?
XxBoss GunnerxX
'XxBoss GunnerxX' 1 week ago
Or just dont get your ass in a situation to get shot
'S0ulGh0st' 1 week ago
Jamie looks pro doing it tho
grey d
'grey d' 2 weeks ago
the only way to dodge a bullet is either to be moving before the round is fired or to predict when they are going to pull the trigger and start to move before it is fired
Chichi Odueze
'Chichi Odueze' 2 weeks ago
You know who could dodge those bullets

The Flash
Juan X
'Juan X' 2 weeks ago
maybe the fat whiteman is too slow get floyd mayweather
TrippyJay Graal
'TrippyJay Graal' 2 weeks ago
lebron's arm can, it moved 300 milaseconds or less! he did it when he was doing a chase down block
Terminator Robot
'Terminator Robot' 2 weeks ago
I love watching Mybusters!!! 🎄🎄🎄🎄😄😄😄😄😄😄
John Johnson
'John Johnson' 2 weeks ago
Since a bullet travels at supersonic speeds, they cannot be dodged unless you can move at similar speeds or the bullet is fired from considerable distance away. Unless the bullet is simply aimed poorly, it will hit you.
'HOLLOW HILL' 2 weeks ago
why they didn't use a real sniper rifle with .50 caliber bullet?
'Stermor' 2 weeks ago
they should try this with an elite sprinter. top lvl sprinters can react in 0.12 seconds everytime, which gives them 0.1 seconds to move. 0.1 seconds is about half a meter for them. it might be possible they could dodge.
'anarchism' 3 weeks ago
this is so badly "proven"
'EGarrett01' 3 weeks ago
3:48 is cool as **.
Pam Ellington
'Pam Ellington' 3 weeks ago
Guns rule bro
'TheSelkan' 3 weeks ago
Well in the real world you might have optics
Overwhelmingly Handsome Jack
Can TheLegend27 be stopped
'RagingPheonix' 4 weeks ago
What kills me about a lot of these "mythbusting" challenges is that they almost never take into account variables, or enough variables. Some times its a couple. I mean if your going to say the layman, or the average person. What about Bruce lee? What about bob munden? I'm imagining these guys busting bob munden 'myths' because few other people could pull off what he could with a gun. Just because one person couldn't do something the first day they tried it without no training whatsoever, doesn't necesairily mean its impossible. Like Bruce lee would have several times the reaction time of Jamie.

Just like not many people are going to pick up a gun for the first time and are an expert marksmen who can shoot on the level of a navy seal.
'lonelyPorterCH' 1 month ago
I never thought, that you coud dodge a bullet^^ thats impossible, it is to damn fast^^
'MrNGreen13' 1 month ago
So you're telling me that I could dodge it since I have a reaction time of 178MS?
'Nebula' 1 month ago
wow nice bob long paintball gun (i think)
Peter Smythe
'Peter Smythe' 1 month ago
Real flash, at night. I am quite sure it will be visible from any distance you could hit someone from. Try a 2-kilometer shot on a moonless night in the wilderness, which should give multiple seconds to dodge.
Sparsh Sangal
'Sparsh Sangal' 1 month ago
Trump can
'AndreyGaming' 1 month ago
I don't think I can dodge a bullet but maybe I can chevrolet an RPG or ford an arrow
someone unknown
'someone unknown' 2 months ago
you have to .."expect" the bullet = you have to start moving atleast 1 sec BEFORE the other guy pulls the trigger
Virginia Elsmore
'Virginia Elsmore' 2 months ago
What about at night?
Erling Hansen
'Erling Hansen' 2 months ago
I really wish you could turn off "the funny" voiceover...
Nova Uchila
'Nova Uchila' 2 months ago
1km scope refletion in the sun you'll have time to dodge but its super human eye and sense or six sense
'Jason' 2 months ago
The only way this Mythbusters clip could be any better is if Discovery used a pic of Jaime laying down with fake blood on him as the click-bait thumbnail.
Scott M
'Scott M' 2 months ago
Of course not, only by accident when you suddenly have to tie that dragging boot lace lol.
NJ Grant
'NJ Grant' 2 months ago
only spiderman can dodge
'SnoopyDoo' 2 months ago
That's because he's not the Chosen One.
'PENNYWISEtheKLOWN' 2 months ago
YET!!!!! Hillary Clinton said she was dodging sniper fire. LMMFAO!!!!!!
spoton gaming
'spoton gaming' 2 months ago
Yes if you're on the battlefield in the snapper is 500 m why oral however how long it took him to be able to dodge a bullet you can have binoculars and you could look at the snap of the video on the sniper you could see it's muzzle flash and then you could quickly dodge it if you have fast enough reaction so yeah that's what I think I don't think that she busted I actually think it's true
Future Trunks
'Future Trunks' 2 months ago
but hes fat.....
'btrain0013' 2 months ago
so just spit ballin here but wouldn't this be inaccurate due to the speed of light being much much faster than the speed of a traveling bullet.
'Flynn's T.V' 2 months ago
It's not accurate because if you shotgun a bullet from say 1 k away it will slow down
'Greasy' 2 months ago
Also the bullet may not be accurate and could go one way or another to make it easier or harder to dodge
The Gamer King
'The Gamer King' 2 months ago
anime makes it look soo easy
Kunal Deb Barman
'Kunal Deb Barman' 2 months ago
anyways who can dodge a .338 Magnum from the m98b
Vesperia Foolings
'Vesperia Foolings' 2 months ago
I have a question about death battle, It is true that tracer dodge a sniper bullet or she just saw widowmaker aiming with the sniper weapons and she was already reacting to that and teleport at the exact moment the bullet was at point blank
'SalandFindles' 2 months ago
It's kind of weird that they're actually not friends in real life at all. They don't even enjoy each other's company that much. Jamie has talked about this before. You can find the video about it.
ClassicPyroFox 34
'ClassicPyroFox 34' 3 months ago
the hells wrong with the narrator?
Maniac BehindYou
'Maniac BehindYou' 3 months ago
You need someone with better reaction time.
'Doge' 3 months ago
'STDrepository' 3 months ago
At night you could
'Masterwar15' 3 months ago
Well, you COULD dodge a bullet (or actually anything) directed to you as long as you can move fast enough. And that doesn't mean you have to react to the bullet, but just move around, with anything that has enough speed for the bullet to not hit you.

You could be directly in the bullets trail, but let's say if the gun is a standard 9mm, and the bullet was shot from, let's say, 50 meters, and you were at that moment moving aside with enough speed, you would certainly ''dodge'' the bullet (because if you didn't move from there, the bullet would certainly hit you).

Reacting to it is way harder, so it really depends on the situation, if you have to react the safest way is to predict watching where the guy is aiming.
'TranzVFX [COMEBACK?]' 3 months ago
the paintball gun is a dangerous power G5 if anyone was wondering :)
Ben Masta
'Ben Masta' 3 months ago
this is so stupid... jaime is like THE worst dodger ive ever seen.... he couldnt dodge a tennis ball i threw with my left hand blindfolded and backwards.....
Mason Ruks-Sanders
'Mason Ruks-Sanders' 3 months ago
what's with the narrator? I don't recognize the voice.
Аким Асланов
There are russian subtitles. Great, thanks.
Vlad the Impaler
'Vlad the Impaler' 3 months ago
Why can't Jamie dress for the ocasion like Adam.
'iKillOrDieTryN' 3 months ago
well no shit. if a sniper is shooting at you there is no dodging it. for one snipers were created to shoot far without being seen because time between shots is to long. once the first shot is fired unless you have a good hiding spot you will be shot back at.

now most people have a reason to be shot at. if you have someone targeting you with a sniper its CIA or swat. and you been a bad boy/girl.

now in every day life as you guys keep saying. being shot with a sniper is unlikely. but if you're being shot at with just normal guns with minimal range than you can dodge the bullets just by predicting when the shots are going to be fired. which is more realistic. the shooter has to react to your reaction as they pull the trigger making it miss most of the time.
trey yergin
'trey yergin' 4 months ago
that is a m98b sniper rifle made by barret firearms
'IMODZ' 4 months ago
If you can doge a wrench you can doge a bullet XD
Aziz Abdullah
'Aziz Abdullah' 4 months ago
remember Neo from The Matrix? he ate those bullets
'Irudium1' 4 months ago
Reaction of a dead cat.
'AllInOneGamer' 4 months ago
this whole time I thought the gun Adam had was the shooting one with the paintball
'FlamingTiger275' 4 months ago
If you have enhanced hearing the you can probably dodge a bullet
Kirito -Kun!
'Kirito -Kun!' 4 months ago
I already have
suicidal tendencies
'suicidal tendencies' 4 months ago
Meme b u s t e d
Sneaky Kappa
'Sneaky Kappa' 4 months ago
'Saixah' 4 months ago
that shot of jaime dodging the bullet is still badass af
'tillmen4444' 4 months ago
how come they don't have any one that train in increase reaction time not ordinary people
Chris Rogers
'Chris Rogers' 4 months ago
In Soviet Russia bullet dodge you
'THEGR3ATDVAKIIN 135' 4 months ago
you dont dodge a bullet, u move before the bullet even fires smh....
Ethan Marsingill
'Ethan Marsingill' 4 months ago
Jacob Specht
'Jacob Specht' 4 months ago
wasnt there a magician who dodged bullets for a living at point blank range but like during his 9th act the bullet hit him
Joe Shmoe
'Joe Shmoe' 4 months ago
I'm glad they used a nice paintball gun at least Bob long g6r for the win
Kasper Nordlund
'Kasper Nordlund' 4 months ago
My reaction time is 183 hire me XD
yekcoh Kim
'yekcoh Kim' 4 months ago
People say you dodge the bullet when you run to make aiming difficult for the shooter...
Brandon Ludy
'Brandon Ludy' 4 months ago
I could explain why this experiment is flawed but it would take way to long bottom line is yes you can dodge a bullet
Bariq Jassim
'Bariq Jassim' 4 months ago
Do how Two Towers Dodge two airplanes XD
'WarlordX7' 4 months ago
what are the names of the guns ???
Could it be possible that because they know there's no risk of dying, no adrenaline Was pumping, perhaps if someone is shooting at you, with all the adrenaline you could dodge one bullet.
Hunter Brown
'Hunter Brown' 4 months ago
you could dodge those mile long shots if you lept away from every gunshot you heard
'TheTubeLovers' 4 months ago
Tell that to Max Pain and Neo.
Rashed Al Rais
'Rashed Al Rais' 4 months ago
'adecree' 4 months ago
I hate how these guys test things. More often than not they test things to the best of THEIR abilities even though they clearly aren't the most athletic people. Not to say dodging bullets would necessarily be much easier for others but to claim a myth is "busted" based purely on their own abilities is pretty stupid from a scientific stand point when that is one of the biggest variables in their testing. They should get people even less athletic than them, pro athletes and women fitting all those categories as well to get better results.
'ShadowWolfTJC' 4 months ago
Only chance you could dodge a bullet, or a laser for that matter, is if you can react before the shooter pulls the trigger.
Kakto Tak
'Kakto Tak' 4 months ago
Is this SVD?
'Sargon' 4 months ago

Teodor Nerman
'Teodor Nerman' 4 months ago
they should have counted with wind speed
Alexander Mclain (testsubject121)
try this myth with 200 milliseconds of reaction time.
'Bram' 4 months ago
you don't have to dodge a bullet, you just have to dodge a sniper. if he thinks youre where youre not, the round will miss. probably.
'CTI' 4 months ago
maybe they should get someone faster.
sevan grigoryan
'sevan grigoryan' 4 months ago
With a beer belly like that, how do you expect do dodge one?
Cody Mosby
'Cody Mosby' 4 months ago
What's the point of changing the distance of the muzzle flash when the paintball gun is still only a few feet away from him?
'KyleAnvilSlinger' 4 months ago
But Jamie is old and overweight, I think we need a retest.
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