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When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out -
Published: 2 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 2 months ago

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When two black holes are near each other, they will slowly orbit in a death circle. The larger black hole will eventually devour the other resulting in an enormous discharge of energy akin to the Big Bang

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'drjeopyl' 13 hours ago
But wait, if time stops from our perspective at the event horizon of a black hole, are the cores ever able to really hit each other? I have never understood the whole concept that at the center of a black hole is a point of infinite density. Doesn't time essentially stop as soon as the object becomes a black hole? Doesn't this mean that as soon as it becomes dense enough to be a black hole that the collapse from our perspective simply gets time bent to a halt? How can they collide if they are experiencing 0 time hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow???!!!!???
Janiah Vanover
'Janiah Vanover' 2 days ago
i love watching this, i watch this everyday!!!😍😱😊
Keith Carlos
'Keith Carlos' 3 days ago
how do they discover blackhole tho? did they see it suck some galaxies?dont get me wrong i believe black holes but pls explain it to me.
'LonestarState12' 4 days ago
36 septillion yattawatts? That's a whole lottawatts  😂😂😂... And also 1 yottawatt = 10^24 watts. Total energy released = 3.6 x 10^25 yottawatts
John Nall
'John Nall' 5 days ago
What if what we think is the universe is just the inside of one gigantic black whole?
Eartheart Baratheon
0:35 not true or partialy true. Both of them pull on each other, not just big one on small one.
Little BlueDragon
'Little BlueDragon' 1 week ago
Little BlueDragon
'Little BlueDragon' 1 week ago
samethink something
'samethink something' 2 weeks ago
0:12 i laughed so much
jupiter space
'jupiter space' 2 weeks ago
wow just like the game agario
Kieran Moore
'Kieran Moore' 2 weeks ago
So could that be how our universe was formed? 2 black holes colliding; don't we have a black hole that we're revolving around as a universe?
Just Another SU/UNDERTALE fan
black hole: "yummy"
FluffyTheComedy King
Is that I can use this energy to powerup my tetris console? :thinking:
RigNopes Nope
'RigNopes Nope' 3 weeks ago
what if black hole eat a star that almost explode to be a black hole? ex : 2 sec before the supernova the black hole eat it , what would happen?
'Ominous' 4 weeks ago
Larger blackhole? Look likes there the same size.
The Commentor
'The Commentor' 1 month ago
infinite plus infinite density
'Ricardo' 1 month ago
the Lord's universe is certainly amazing!!!
'DEADZONE YT' 1 month ago
when did you change your logo science channel?
A cute fox thing
'A cute fox thing' 1 month ago
0:18 , what about gamma ray bursts?
David Smith
'David Smith' 1 month ago
am sorry but I can't help but laugh when he says one black hole eats another
Arif Billah
'Arif Billah' 1 month ago
This guys are making some pretty good business by fooling us...
'Ultragreenyellow56' 1 month ago
When M4 Andromeda comes in 5 billion years which the Sun will be a Red Giant at this time, imagine what would happen if 2 Supermassive black holes collided would it destroy the colliding Galaxies or make them into 1 hotdog Super Galaxy (term I'm using for Galaxies much bigger then normal)
Senad Zeco
'Senad Zeco' 1 month ago
John Barleycorn
'John Barleycorn' 2 months ago
David Stark
'David Stark' 2 months ago
i like to think everything in the universe has a purpose so when i see a blackhole i think whats its purpose? is it communicating with the universe somehow?, is this actully the wormhole removing or transporting goods throughout our universe or feeding another, are we inside a body and this is a virus destroying cells. does it play aroll in creating galaxys does it become so dense and unstable that it exsplodes and restarts forming news planets and eats them up again. is a black hole the outside in of the universe. so many possiblitys id love to know so much more about the universe why does it tease us lol
Tiger King
'Tiger King' 2 months ago
there is no one blackholes you phool people. wrong name
'MAGNUS GARRETT' 2 months ago
It's not a black hole. It's your moms mouth.
EIDnext Week
'EIDnext Week' 2 months ago
...And some people don't believe in God...
'ItsThatMilkshake' 2 months ago
My explosive shits after a chilli feast are more powerful
Soapy Bubbles
'Soapy Bubbles' 2 months ago
The horse's name was Friday.
Climatic Hawk
'Climatic Hawk' 2 months ago
Imagine having a fart that powerful. God that would be the best rip.
'Lucky' 2 months ago
[GD] Goose Crack
'[GD] Goose Crack' 2 months ago
If a phone charger had that much power....
jerry bushman
'jerry bushman' 2 months ago
I find this scenario not plausible. Black holes already have enough gravity to not allow light to escape. The gravity is so intense nothing can escape. When a black hole consumes normal matter the energy from that meal is ejected out the poles. When a black hole is consumed by another larger one there is no energy to eject. Black holes are pure matter, no energy. Black holes would merge quietly in an orbital dance at the speed of light or faster. All the matter would quietly become one mass. If you think you are witnessing a black hole merger due to the energy expelled, you are most likely looking at something else
Prince Vegeta
'Prince Vegeta' 2 months ago
This boy me thinking about
Super Animations
'Super Animations' 2 months ago am I right
'JanitorIsBack' 2 months ago
stop watching after that worthless racist mike rowe started talking
'unknown' 2 months ago
now I am curious, can black hole "eats" the sun?
'JP RC' 2 months ago
Nice vid
Beavis & Butt-Head
'Beavis & Butt-Head' 2 months ago
I have i big black hole.....
Militant Pacifist
'Militant Pacifist' 2 months ago
"It was 36 septillion yottowatts. What does that mean? A lot of freaking energy." 😂
Pufak D
'Pufak D' 2 months ago
What made the Big Bang happen? How it started?
Chad Walker
'Chad Walker' 2 months ago
is it a cowinsidence that vertasium has a video on the same thing
Ayooluwa Babalola
'Ayooluwa Babalola' 2 months ago
'CTRŁ' 2 months ago
I love this show.
'TheFTAGuy' 2 months ago
i'm early yaaaay
Mustafa Albaree
'Mustafa Albaree' 2 months ago
This is cooooool
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