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Published: 4 months ago By: The Next News Network

By: The Next News NetworkPublished: 4 months ago

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Sub for more: | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Megyn Kelly announced last night that she would be leaving FOX News for good. Now, many of us figured this was coming, but the REAL reason she left FOX was way different than we ever could have guessed. It turns out it had nothing to do with Roger Ailes or money (they were paying her crazy amounts). She just wanted to spend more time with her kids and decided the daily episodes on FOX was too much for her.

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Zeena Abdura
'Zeena Abdura' 6 days ago
Megyn Kelly, Greta Vansusteran, Shep Smith, Sara Palin all backstabbed Fox News. Bill is gone now thanks to mainstream media. What gives?  $$$$$$ ?
John Miller
'John Miller' 3 months ago
When is Megyn Kelly getting started with NBC again? I missed that.
Terrell Miller
'Terrell Miller' 3 months ago
fox will be sold to McDonald's nobody wants to work there. management trying to rape the women.
Randall Benge
'Randall Benge' 3 months ago
Tucker crushing her ratings in her time slot. Bet that pisses Megyn off.
Mister X
'Mister X' 3 months ago
She's always been a racist liar. None of you FauxNews watchers had a problem with her until she left.
Jason P.
'Jason P.' 3 months ago
DON'T defend her. She is Elite puppet. Ask about why her first husband divorced her just 6 weeks into their marriage. She needs to spend her new INCREASED salary of $26M plus wisely. Fox made her popular... Very few con-servative viewers anymore on NBC.
Paul Copland
'Paul Copland' 3 months ago
Hey, thank you for being charitable and balanced in your news show comments about Ms Kelly and her quality as a journalist and her stated desire to spend more time with her family. I wish her all the best!
Clyde White
'Clyde White' 3 months ago
Come on Man You can't be that Stupid. MEGAN KELLEY IS A COCKROACH.
Vinny Vonbraun
'Vinny Vonbraun' 3 months ago
Her kid's don't want to spend more time with that back stabing trator. I bet my right arm he kid's commit suicide real soon.
'J M' 3 months ago
Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Megyn!
'TheSweetesThing' 3 months ago
wow people have really become horrible toward eachother just looking at these comments. Dare not disagree with any one whether "liberal" or "conservative". I see people lose all Christianity and trust in God when making nasty internet comments due to political differences... I see Trump isnt our issue. WE are our own problem. We'll succeed if we are not only quick to point out the ignorances of those who disagree with us, but able to recognize our own ignorances as well #nastyAmerica
Ricky Wong
'Ricky Wong' 3 months ago
Loved to see her in near tears as she announced Donald Trump WON the election, love that video
Ricky Wong
'Ricky Wong' 3 months ago
She thought for sure her attacks on Donald Trump would be vindicated when HRC won, never happened in both cases.
'99gypsies' 3 months ago
OH PUHLEEEEEZ --- she's the most ambitious money-hungry person around--all she does is brag about her great success! This CLEARLY has nothing to do with her freakin kids! Her numbers were dropping drastically - and Tucker's numbers keep climbing! Of course Fox wants Tucker to take her slot on prime time. Fox News subscribers hate her---Trump supporters hate her---her co-hosts hate her---they even say so--on TV! And apparently Murdoch hates her. There is no way she would have taken this demotion to daytime TV on a dying station, for less money, if she had any choice. Fox is now the top cable news station. I knew if Trump won her career would take a nose dive. People are tired of disingenuous morons, plain and simple.
'99gypsies' 3 months ago
ha ha! Every politician who has ever been fired has said they wanted to spend more time with their family!!
Jose R Casas
'Jose R Casas' 3 months ago
Good riddance, MK!
Sharon Lantz
'Sharon Lantz' 3 months ago
I really don't care why Meghn Kelly left Fox, I'm just so glad she's gone...she's as phoney as a three dollar bill. Hope her name is never mentioned again.
'discountbrains' 3 months ago
Megyn Kelly seems to be an aggressive ultra-conservative until it gets to her views on what our society should be obligated to do for women: She thinks society, moreover the employer, should provide maternity leave for women. In other words, they should get MORE pay than others for having babies. Having children does nothing for the employer's bottom line. Why should he pay for other employees to make up the work she misses? This notion also opens up a whole other can of worms such as a woman who has 5 children would get paid much more than one who has one or none, not to mention male employees. Seems she's trying to be both a conservative and a socialist.
'' 3 months ago
burn no bridges, BS excuse
National Coaster News
Actually, it says in her book she and trump worked it out.
Gail d
'Gail d' 3 months ago
Looking forward to hearing what you really want to say Megyn! Not censored like you have been on FOX!
Mike Spencer
'Mike Spencer' 3 months ago
no shes just a dumb bitch couldnt handle it can you say cunt
Jada Parks
'Jada Parks' 3 months ago
I hope she can get a "SIPPY" cup with chocolate ☕️and marshmallow, cookie 🍪, therapeutic doggy🐩. coloring book W/crayons📚🖍🖍. 🎨Boy, what a "witch"👺👻🎃💩👩🏿☠️👹😈
mack bolan
'mack bolan' 3 months ago
Thankyou Gary
'miskilinda' 3 months ago
Give me a break! That garbage woman doesn't even care about her children, if she did, she would respect herself, her main topic is sex, she is Hillary's supporter, she doesn't think, her children would grow up under that corrupt, criminal, free abortion, evil woman's power, as a good, mature mother I would never accept that. Megan Kelly is not a good mother, I feel sorry for her children, she should give them in adoption!
Cherie Schadler
'Cherie Schadler' 3 months ago
I never could stand listening to her from the beginning. I don't see what people saw in her.
David Rudolph
'David Rudolph' 3 months ago
This will be an EPIC FAIL on Kelly's part.
'JordanRyan' 3 months ago
I've always wondered about her, because she was fairly objective and is a great reporter. No wonder she is moving stations. I expected CNN, but NBC is great for her.
xblackcatx13 666
'xblackcatx13 666' 3 months ago
Mr T.
'Mr T.' 3 months ago
Plus Megyn Kelly will be joining Greta Van Susteren over there on NBC....And Megyn has been taking good care of our kids these past months.... :)
'ALX BMGINC' 3 months ago
I am glad she got the boot.
Tony Marinelli
'Tony Marinelli' 3 months ago
It doesn't matter her motive, the CUNT is gone and I am doing the happy dance. Good riddance you liberal whore.
'Peachee' 3 months ago
I like how everyone acts high and mighty and calls everyone out for their hypocrisy, a lot of people said trump was a joke, months before, and said he would never get into office. And freaked out on what Hilary called trump supporters, (even though they use language that's just as bad, if not worse.) I think this is getting ridiculous. Has it ever been this bad, before?
'Rhize' 3 months ago
"Bash Donald Trump".... You have been bashing obama unfairly and not objectively for eight years. Now the tales have turned and predictably the trumpites are acting like ignorant spoilt brats. Literally only like listening to people you agree with. How dumb can you get? We'll be finding out in the years to come.
A ridiculouspeople
'A ridiculouspeople' 3 months ago
'Cacola337' 3 months ago
She lied about leaving to be with her children, Fox News would have accommodated her for the hours she wanted to work.......she was obsessed with bashing Trump and viewers weren't buying it. Towards the end her head was so big it was about to explode with her inflated ego, she was even dressing like a CNN slut.
Miss Capri
'Miss Capri' 3 months ago
So she left because she wanted to spend more time with her family, yet she chose to work at NBC. That won't take the same amount of time away from her family?
Homebody Heaven
'Homebody Heaven' 3 months ago
She just wants to bash Trump at full throttle. Don't believe her.
Ralph Taylor
'Ralph Taylor' 4 months ago
She quit because Trump fucked her head up! Fuck her!
kevin anderson
'kevin anderson' 4 months ago
we don't give a fuck about megyn kelly
Jack Soffalot
'Jack Soffalot' 4 months ago
I actually respect a housewife more than a working woman. I will help a house wife, but not an "independent" self-loving woman.
Sol Lenis
'Sol Lenis' 4 months ago
'beachbuddies57' 4 months ago
I won't miss her, but wish her the best
Steve Jovan
'Steve Jovan' 4 months ago
She left Fox because it has no place for her given Fox is the cheering section for Trump!
This means Fox will have to explain why one of their stars is going after Trump.
So either Fox was dishonest given her past commentary or she will be as credible as she was while on Fox when she goes after Trump. Sorry Fox fans you can't have it both ways!
Dman Deric
'Dman Deric' 4 months ago
She was not so secretive about being a liberal.
Sandy Lee
'Sandy Lee' 4 months ago
Fugly ==== UGLY !!!
Jean Rogan
'Jean Rogan' 4 months ago
Yeah right - she is leaving because she insulted and treated Trump as an idiot during the Nominee debates - and we all saw it.  A bit tricky to be the gun ho reporter on Fox after that.  How come the dedicated mother is going to NBC - what is the difference? She just switched jobs to save face...  Well done Fox getting rid of her - I won't have to switch channels now. Good luck NBC.
Tommy Truth
'Tommy Truth' 4 months ago
She belongs on MSNBC.
Mark S
'Mark S' 4 months ago
I don't believe it. She was told to find another job because she lost so many of her audience.
benjamin nemeth
'benjamin nemeth' 4 months ago
Who cares where she goes or does.
Ransavic Philyus Ray
'Ransavic Philyus Ray' 4 months ago
TRAITOR!!! Oh! Wait; who cares?
goog le
'goog le' 4 months ago
the day she attacked Trump - the day she committed suicide.
Rebecca M.
'Rebecca M.' 4 months ago
Please stop drinking the Kool Aid, Sir!
Audrey Kibodeaux
'Audrey Kibodeaux' 4 months ago
She's a skanky dyke looking bitch. she didn't deserve to have kids.
'DON W' 4 months ago
She did give Cheney hell one time.
'DR. BADFISH' 4 months ago
her ratings speak for themselves, she is circling the drain, fox didn't wantthe unravelling to be on there network, blah blah blah the  whole I want  tospend more time with my kid story is simply her using her children as human shieldsIf that is really what she wanted she could have stayed at home and we neverwould have known who she is. ATTENTION WHORE
richard shaffer
'richard shaffer' 4 months ago
good for all you asshole need to stop all you people who are talking shit bend over and kiss you ass
Eagle One four
'Eagle One four' 4 months ago
We don't care about her.
Troy Thomas
'Troy Thomas' 4 months ago
You're network is kinda boring because you apparently don't have permissions to play examples. And you aint Eye Candy!
'SGKeiana' 4 months ago
'Jesusfreak' 4 months ago
...And you believe her?
'ROAD TO PERDITION' 4 months ago
With a career paying $20 Million a year???? Just bring your kids to work... That's a lame excuse. If she were that dedicated to her kids, she wouldn't have migrated to her position at Fox. Listen people, any one earning $20 million a year has stomped back all competition to get to that level.
Billy P
'Billy P' 4 months ago
She should have went back to PORN!!!!!
Tongei Tipefira
'Tongei Tipefira' 4 months ago
why you so concern for her leaving fox news. sounds you are a Trump's ass boy.
'GWBoone1' 4 months ago
She probably was scared when she almost cried, that the Donald was going to grab her blooding pussy.
Doug Miller
'Doug Miller' 4 months ago
she will not be missed. hope she sticks to journalism, she really sucks as an author. the only book i have ever gave away, after chapter 3. Wow!!! save your money to bail out a millionaire
Liam Jones
'Liam Jones' 4 months ago
This woman is nothing short of being a Princes and she is so full of S#%^* and now she can go to the main stream media where lieing liars and their lying lies are acceptable. Good by Princes, maybe your new job will kiss your back side more so your confy.
Gilda Marlowe
'Gilda Marlowe' 4 months ago
Megyn , walk on-no one cares. I like Tucker better. And her excuse is this that she is gone because no one likes her, also she is and out and out liberal. So long Meggie- DD.
'godisgood603' 4 months ago
she jumped before she was pushed
'Rachna888' 4 months ago
what a BS Mygan spewing, rats always abandon sinking ship, even if that very rat is responsible with other rats to sink that ship
'jhanlon1903' 4 months ago
she sucks, she would have been out sooner or later, she was a set up plant,pos
JesusLoves You John3:16
whatever her reason i knew she was not good for fox news
Sophie K
'Sophie K' 4 months ago
Why do they get paid $20 million to be so rude , and so obnoxious, cutting to the guests that come on. In the 70's and early 80's years ago journalist were never as rude as they are today I read she is seriously hated at Fox and they wanted her to go forever
Capo primo
'Capo primo' 4 months ago
She's full of shit . She left because she was losing viewers . Her rating stared to tank after she decided to attack Trump. Just look how good her BS Book is doing .
Mac Attach
'Mac Attach' 4 months ago
Wish FOX would of FIRED HER
Liza Schultz
'Liza Schultz' 4 months ago
she just quit before she was fired, so funny, miss her NOT
randal mcc
'randal mcc' 4 months ago
bye bye meagain =
Account Account
'Account Account' 4 months ago
Fewer shows? Dude she gets paid like over 20 million just to sit in a damn chair and talk. Dear god. THAT is a big reason why most of the country hates america. This country is FULL of fucking greedy bastards
'AnonaMousetookmaname' 4 months ago're not wearing any pants are you?
Joann Coslop
'Joann Coslop' 4 months ago
She joined the non journalists, never liked her, so phony!
bobbie l
'bobbie l' 4 months ago
Now it is Tucker Time!!
down n dirty reels
'down n dirty reels' 4 months ago
yeaaaaa she's a slur N she married or not so where she going
Doug Keen
'Doug Keen' 4 months ago
Good riddance Megan Smelley. She's a goddamn lawyer not a journalist!
Ron Schramm
'Ron Schramm' 4 months ago
The NBC sleaze conglomerate also hired Greta Van Sustern as well...they are under the false impression that by hiring so-called conservative journalists they will somehow woo conservatives back to their corner...the Lamestream Media just do not get it...they are over and done with.
MN1EXW Chris
'MN1EXW Chris' 4 months ago
Cunt just needs to disappear from the public eye and go take care of her kid like she said she would.
Jim Brinkley
'Jim Brinkley' 4 months ago
Don't take up for this person.
Shane Hamilton
'Shane Hamilton' 4 months ago
fuck Megan kelly!dont fall for the mom card
Bud White
'Bud White' 4 months ago
Good riddance to liberal democrat trash taken out to the can for megan kelly
'William WAGENER' 4 months ago, Trump Music Video, share & LIKE
Stanley Lamb
'Stanley Lamb' 4 months ago
She's running to the bunker , don't be fooled , Planet X is at the door and obamanation is not leaving
'Sigmaster40' 4 months ago
Who cares! Never liked her and she is another plastic person.
brufaye 7475
'brufaye 7475' 4 months ago
It's about fucking time! This nasty bitch has a shit hole that fits with NBC.
Rolando Carrizales
'Rolando Carrizales' 4 months ago
NBC should not get a seating at any an all white house briefings because of Meagan and white house should let it be known
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