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Published: 2 months ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 2 months ago

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If you're lighting fireworks or firecrackers, make sure you're in a safe area and have the right types of fireworks and firecrackers! Fireworks and firecrackers can be a nice show and display! :P

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'JesseAndMike' 2 months ago
First! LOL! Hope you guys will "thumbs up" our new video! Please subscribe to us if you haven't already! :) Thanks! Did you see the hidden red egg in this video??
Mercie Padullon
'Mercie Padullon' 3 hours ago
Mercie Padullon
'Mercie Padullon' 3 hours ago
Joke lang ba yan
Vision Predat0r96
'Vision Predat0r96' 9 hours ago
I found the red egg but I lost it
Frosted Gamer
'Frosted Gamer' 11 hours ago
I would love the headphones thanks
The Elephant Journey
'The Elephant Journey' 13 hours ago
I love you so much JesseAndmike
Simon Vail
'Simon Vail' 17 hours ago
Helen Sherry
'Helen Sherry' 20 hours ago
Hey Jesse and Mike I found the red egg
Christan Medina
'Christan Medina' 2 days ago
Jesse Mike we found it it was on the left side when u were going to eat the finger
Melani Saunders
'Melani Saunders' 3 days ago
that is nasty I'm about to throw up up up
potatoe gaming
'potatoe gaming' 3 days ago
red egg 1:31
Titanic 2
'Titanic 2' 3 days ago
Wait? Are these things you do are actually real?
Ragemonster 539
'Ragemonster 539' 3 days ago
egg at 1:31
Veronica Kim
'Veronica Kim' 4 days ago
I'm a fan
Tonnisha Patterson
I know where the read egg is its by the table
Craigin Diaz
'Craigin Diaz' 4 days ago
1:31 on the left where Jesse was eating mike's finger
Ahmad Machaallah
'Ahmad Machaallah' 4 days ago
Ambreen Majeed
'Ambreen Majeed' 4 days ago
on top of the leaf frame
'CarsonHypoBaller' 4 days ago
RED EGG: 1:30
'maz442' 4 days ago
I'm watching the end
johnny huggins
'johnny huggins' 4 days ago
I found the egg
Anna Holmes
'Anna Holmes' 5 days ago
did you die your hair Mike
Mahaylia Jones
'Mahaylia Jones' 5 days ago
it on 1 min on the plant
Rasty Zana
'Rasty Zana' 5 days ago
The Red Egg Is At 1:30 Wene Jesse Is Eating Mike's Finger!😂
Azarie Wallace
'Azarie Wallace' 5 days ago
when you was about to eat his finger the egg was above the seat
william thechosenone
red egg to the right 1:31
Tare Loombe
'Tare Loombe' 6 days ago
new year
jazzy junko
'jazzy junko' 6 days ago
Ethan Roach
'Ethan Roach' 6 days ago
Aaron Ritchie
'Aaron Ritchie' 6 days ago
i subed
Aaron Ritchie
'Aaron Ritchie' 6 days ago
i subed
Rahan Khan
'Rahan Khan' 7 days ago
Alex Snowden
'Alex Snowden' 1 week ago
kikito townsend
'kikito townsend' 1 week ago
at 1:30 on the leafs
gagyd cshdh
'gagyd cshdh' 1 week ago
When You Leave in the fireworks on you hand your finger will get blow off
يا عباس Sadk
يا عباس Sadk
Inderjeet Kaur
'Inderjeet Kaur' 1 week ago
ava dee
'ava dee' 1 week ago
Jessie is my favorite!! Sorry mike I jusj like you
'Who's Your PoPo' 1 week ago
That look so real!
Helen Stevens
'Helen Stevens' 1 week ago
red egg 1:30
Harun Alrasyid
'Harun Alrasyid' 1 week ago
lucu kok jari dimakan
Nasima Ahmed
'Nasima Ahmed' 1 week ago
Nasima Ahmed
'Nasima Ahmed' 1 week ago
Yeth Lapidez
'Yeth Lapidez' 1 week ago
i found the red egg
Eryona Msp
'Eryona Msp' 1 week ago
FaZe DaShAwN7 FaZe
red egg is at 1:30
'MrTrippin1984' 1 week ago
when you eat the finger i saw the red egg on that leth
Nivian Chiang
'Nivian Chiang' 1 week ago
is this real
Gamer03 l
'Gamer03 l' 1 week ago
i know tje easyer egg the golden play button
Michele Epperly
'Michele Epperly' 1 week ago
the red egg is on the leaves in the back round on the top left
sheila newsome
'sheila newsome' 1 week ago
on the shelf with tree stuff
Aimee M
'Aimee M' 1 week ago
the egg was on top of the leafs
Octavio Casillas
'Octavio Casillas' 2 weeks ago
I faundet wen you wr eteg
hunter plays
'hunter plays' 2 weeks ago
I found it
Geraldine Daniel
'Geraldine Daniel' 2 weeks ago
the egg is at 1:31 on top leafs
zac oshea
'zac oshea' 2 weeks ago
Sasha Robinson
'Sasha Robinson' 2 weeks ago
the egg is where he eats the finger on top of the leaves
Andrea Gomez
'Andrea Gomez' 2 weeks ago
The red egg is 1:31
Andre Aleman
'Andre Aleman' 2 weeks ago
Pls no Spoiler videos
Jay Wild
'Jay Wild' 2 weeks ago
Not real
mathew whimpey
'mathew whimpey' 2 weeks ago
Adrien Mouzon
'Adrien Mouzon' 2 weeks ago
He wants all dem' fingas
Rosineide Claudino
'Rosineide Claudino' 2 weeks ago
Sashanele Mariez
'Sashanele Mariez' 2 weeks ago
In 1:31
'samahhhh' 2 weeks ago
The red egg is left brown green baord
Name Less
'Name Less' 2 weeks ago
1:31 when jesse was about to eat Mikes finger
Francene Jones
'Francene Jones' 2 weeks ago
Seashell Seward
'Seashell Seward' 2 weeks ago
RiinA Preema
'RiinA Preema' 2 weeks ago
Cristy Mayola
'Cristy Mayola' 2 weeks ago
Found the red eggggggggg🔴🔴🔴
Luke Skywalker
'Luke Skywalker' 2 weeks ago
And why did I never hear of this channel before? You think it'd at least be in the Trending a few times.
jaylah desjardins
'jaylah desjardins' 2 weeks ago
Gamer Oscarin
'Gamer Oscarin' 2 weeks ago
Saw it
Maria Valdez
'Maria Valdez' 2 weeks ago
Kinggotty Martinez
'Kinggotty Martinez' 2 weeks ago
Befor jessy eats thre finger
Melanie Ballagh
'Melanie Ballagh' 2 weeks ago
When Jesse ate Mikes finger he's a canibble
manwithcyber body
'manwithcyber body' 2 weeks ago
guys your the best
Lindsey Swathell
'Lindsey Swathell' 2 weeks ago
'sean8santos' 2 weeks ago
I found the red egg top of the leaves
The lucky boy Gonzalez
jesseandmike the egg is at 1:30
'billyring56' 2 weeks ago
i found the egg in this vid at 1:31
Wilber Lazo
'Wilber Lazo' 2 weeks ago
eww guys your digusting and how do you guys edit it ok
Esperanza Lopez
'Esperanza Lopez' 2 weeks ago
No I did not see it but can you give me those eny way
'Gjomy' 2 weeks ago
Love you
cupcake Magic
'cupcake Magic' 2 weeks ago
the egg is 1.30
Mike Stephens
'Mike Stephens' 3 weeks ago
When you eat the finger
Mike Stephens
'Mike Stephens' 3 weeks ago
It's at 2:10
Shawn Jordan
'Shawn Jordan' 3 weeks ago
the egg was on top of the leef
emiko tatashy
'emiko tatashy' 3 weeks ago
it looks good with ranch tooo
Cameron Bell
'Cameron Bell' 3 weeks ago
when hes about to eat finger
ItzBlue MCPE
'ItzBlue MCPE' 3 weeks ago
Is that real
Jacoby Jackson
'Jacoby Jackson' 3 weeks ago
I found it
'LT.LICKME.JR' 3 weeks ago
It's at 1:31 at the left the egg is
Owei Eleppe
'Owei Eleppe' 3 weeks ago
The eggs left of the guy who ate the finger
'JAKE GAUCI' 3 weeks ago
Victor Pech
'Victor Pech' 3 weeks ago
the egg is when jessi is eating Mike finger
emoji guy sike
'emoji guy sike' 3 weeks ago
you put so look much efert keep it up
Tammy Goddard
'Tammy Goddard' 3 weeks ago
its on the railing
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