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Dwayne Johnson - You're Welcome (From "Moana") -
Published: 5 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 5 months ago

127, 842, 098 views

460, 156 Likes   33, 519 Dislikes

See the film, starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson & Auliʻi Cravalho, available digitally now!

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Music video by Dwayne Johnson performing You're Welcome. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

killercupcake shadow
'killercupcake shadow' 56 minutes ago
Omg I'm really obsessed🤣🤣 with this song
Jumpie Studios
'Jumpie Studios' 58 minutes ago
For Disney standards I didn't think the movie was more than good but I really love this song!
Summer Smith
'Summer Smith' 1 hour ago
the rock is so good at singing and wrestling well done rock 😉
Freaky&Fabulous MH
You could fit Moana and all her island in his nostrils.
aisan Stooges
'aisan Stooges' 3 hours ago
This song makes me wanna say "your welcome" to my boss after doing nothing at work
Isaac Wooley
'Isaac Wooley' 3 hours ago
'CoffeeRobot' 4 hours ago
Lol i looped this ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Lewis Atme
'Lewis Atme' 5 hours ago
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Enji Mounoussamy Carpaye
J aime 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
'오렌지' 5 hours ago
너무 좋내요.^^
Takura Duche
'Takura Duche' 6 hours ago
2:22 the people at the background dab!!
UltraEpicGamerGirl TheEpical
You obviously could say something other than your welcome. It's in the song. Doh.
UltraEpicGamerGirl TheEpical
In truth, I think moui is fat.
The Predictable Gamer
He needs to make songs HANDS DOWN
Argoe Jena Rezure
'Argoe Jena Rezure' 8 hours ago
Dwayne Johnson:
Demi God
An inspiration
RB Gamer
'RB Gamer' 8 hours ago
Sean Baez
'Sean Baez' 9 hours ago
I love this song 😍
JamesKirt Cinco
'JamesKirt Cinco' 9 hours ago
hi guys :D
Adolf Hitler
'Adolf Hitler' 10 hours ago
thank you
'foxolette' 11 hours ago
blue people dabbed at 2:22
Deborha van Rosmalen
'Deborha van Rosmalen' 11 hours ago
1:59 easter egg :that tattoo is based on the shiny scene
Music is Life
'Music is Life' 12 hours ago
Imagine all the triggered christians like

Jesus made everything not you blah blah blah
Charlotte Mahauariki
'Charlotte Mahauariki' 13 hours ago
WOWWW'!!!!! I never knew The Rock could sing
Saucee Squad
'Saucee Squad' 13 hours ago
"theres no need to pray its ok youre welcome" wow i wish god was like that
Lt Tactical
'Lt Tactical' 13 hours ago
no nipples demi god. So want can I ask for well o want a pair of nipples
'Hamrizon' 14 hours ago
'Hamrizon' 14 hours ago
U can say thank u moia
Joleen Crystoval
'Joleen Crystoval' 14 hours ago
Can anyone tel me where the Olaf Easter egg is ?
Claire Jones
'Claire Jones' 15 hours ago
30 likes and I'll do a gender swapped cover
Liliana Franco Cano
'Liliana Franco Cano' 15 hours ago
yo solo quiero ver a la roca cantar
michael huckabee
'michael huckabee' 15 hours ago
2:08 xenomorph
Letticia Ortiz
'Letticia Ortiz' 15 hours ago
i love it
Bertha Salinas
'Bertha Salinas' 16 hours ago
how can he make anything happen
Abigail Beckett
'Abigail Beckett' 16 hours ago
Look for Dabing people in the back round
Rainb0w Puppy
'Rainb0w Puppy' 16 hours ago
This is one of my favorite songs ever ❤️❤️❤️ I listened to it 20 times
Lucy Ruhland
'Lucy Ruhland' 16 hours ago
I never expected Dwayne Johnson to sing a song in a Disney movie.
Mike Paredes
'Mike Paredes' 16 hours ago
Dwayne Johnson I love your voice it's so smooth and clear to hear
Heather Sherman
'Heather Sherman' 16 hours ago
Rock are a great man
Heather Sherman
'Heather Sherman' 16 hours ago
Rock you are a great w
Kyledrakon ツ
'Kyledrakon ツ' 16 hours ago
I like this song b/c Lin wrote it, Dwayne sings it, and its from moana
Brincando com Luisa
'Brincando com Luisa' 17 hours ago
bc nfjsdyy
Brincando com Luisa
'Brincando com Luisa' 17 hours ago
go go go go moana the maui go go
Tammy A.K. Gaming
'Tammy A.K. Gaming' 17 hours ago
Melissa Chinchilla
'Melissa Chinchilla' 17 hours ago
Maui DABBED!!!
amir muqri
'amir muqri' 17 hours ago
I think Maui just say 'dumb ass'
connie powell
'connie powell' 17 hours ago
i like moana music
alexis cardenas
'alexis cardenas' 17 hours ago
I love this song and the movie
Colby Edmondson
'Colby Edmondson' 17 hours ago
love your song😄
Abdulazi Mohamud
'Abdulazi Mohamud' 18 hours ago
the rock
ass kicker
Salt Lifo
'Salt Lifo' 18 hours ago
why did i ever think Maiu is gonna be in love with Moana at first
Maria Otaku
'Maria Otaku' 18 hours ago
0:08 in and the face he makes is weird
Madeline Mayo
'Madeline Mayo' 18 hours ago
This is one of my favorite MOVIES
Annmarie Golembiewski
Emily Priest
'Emily Priest' 18 hours ago
'solece's gaming vids' 18 hours ago
I love this song
Chilly Soda
'Chilly Soda' 19 hours ago
why does Maui in this remind me of a male Bismuth from Steven Universe?
'Leemony00' 19 hours ago
Youre whalecum
Claire Jones
'Claire Jones' 20 hours ago
My Hawaiian friend FREAKED when this movie came out
Joan Williams
'Joan Williams' 20 hours ago
Thank you
James Salanoa
'James Salanoa' 20 hours ago
this song rocks lol
'ManOfZonk' 21 hours ago
the rock is not from earth
The Diamond Dimanian
'The Diamond Dimanian' 21 hours ago
Ok...I think that is the most views i've seen on a video.. Let's see if I can find a video with more views! (Since it's a new challenge i'm doing, trying to find a video with more views than the previous record holder)
Camo Currie
'Camo Currie' 21 hours ago
Pause at 0:51 😂 look at Maui
Abood and Dhoom Al-ghamdi
Duh,e.g. Fbgrv
Gfhggummugtukt and gfhdhyrjgeu rh
R,gefhhejv vnsgg bnfgh
Gardian Angel
'Gardian Angel' 21 hours ago
Why did the monster let him take his fire instead of beating his ass he lets him go
margarita velazquez
'margarita velazquez' 22 hours ago
I Love you maoui
margarita velazquez
'margarita velazquez' 22 hours ago
I Love you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
'Pearl_TheSuperSaiyan' 22 hours ago
Moana logic

Kill an eel
Bury its guts
Sprout a tree
Now you got coconut
Aimee LeBon Akagla
'Aimee LeBon Akagla' 22 hours ago
Hugo Leonel
'Hugo Leonel' 23 hours ago
i see whats happening here! its me Hugo real it in!
Benni Penni
'Benni Penni' 23 hours ago
so... he does not have nipples
Alex Torres
'Alex Torres' 23 hours ago
te pasas no manches vato
Xx KawaiiAngelSim xX
'Xx KawaiiAngelSim xX' 24 hours ago
Catarina Borlido
'Catarina Borlido' 1 day ago
I like it
Baby Sylveon
'Baby Sylveon' 1 day ago
I am so addicted to this but at the same time, i feel like it's also trying to make me cringe.
Aubrey Sanchez
'Aubrey Sanchez' 1 day ago
Nadia Carriere
'Nadia Carriere' 1 day ago
i like this song
Arnold Luce
'Arnold Luce' 1 day ago
Auli'i Cravalho:
Therese Rhodes
'Therese Rhodes' 1 day ago
Elizabeth Crawford
I like this song
Connor Anderson
'Connor Anderson' 1 day ago
Audrey Krone
'Audrey Krone' 1 day ago
What? you found a Easter egg.
That`s cra cra
matthew cain
'matthew cain' 1 day ago
I found a Easter egg
'soup' 1 day ago
I love this movie
The Thunder Raikou
The rock can sing guys, the rock can sing.
Veronica Goliath
'Veronica Goliath' 1 day ago
I love this song,especially Moana's hair
aj bailey
'aj bailey' 1 day ago
i just finished shiny look for it
bazlie 12
'bazlie 12' 1 day ago
my fabrte song of the coortoon
British / sweedish gamer
2:28 backround dancers dab
Anna Skoropinska
'Anna Skoropinska' 1 day ago
I like this song but I didn't watch the film.
Hayden Roles
'Hayden Roles' 1 day ago
Should've gave her rock bottom.
Yu Hern Goh
'Yu Hern Goh' 1 day ago
The Rock
Yu Hern Goh
'Yu Hern Goh' 1 day ago
I'm surprised he can sing
Mike Burns
'Mike Burns' 1 day ago
Catchy I love this song
Mike Burns
'Mike Burns' 1 day ago
Julie Agius
'Julie Agius' 1 day ago
i love maui
Connor Radcliffe
'Connor Radcliffe' 1 day ago
Tamatoa tattoo
najeeb chaudhry
'najeeb chaudhry' 1 day ago
Moana and Maui sitting in a tree KISSING
First comes love
second comes marrige
thirld comes a baby in a golden carrige
'FinnKeyPlay' 1 day ago
Video comments mostly about are:
30 % talking how good this song is
20 % talking about how good Rock is to sing and able to do other stuff too
50 % People are asking where are MAUI's Nipples... WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE XD and yes he has those damn nipples here some help pause the video at some point and look 0:46 :D
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