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Dwayne Johnson - You're Welcome (From "Moana") -
Published: 3 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

71, 539, 127 views

280, 966 Likes   15, 105 Dislikes

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Music video by Dwayne Johnson performing You're Welcome. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

Chris Saravia
'Chris Saravia' 42 minutes ago
I'm addicted to this song :x
Sikser 21
'Sikser 21' 47 minutes ago
who agrees that dwayne johnson is the best actor world wide
'LEO_MC' 51 minutes ago
it's cool man
Lily Prieur
'Lily Prieur' 1 hour ago
the rock is a good singer
sophia toni hervias hervias
gowap go boxes ci mawe
sophia toni hervias hervias
idol nako ci mawe
SharLetsPlayz 1234
This guy has no nipples
'CozmoTM' 2 hours ago
That part when moana says "you lying son of a -" (mawe continues singing)
Demon Angle
'Demon Angle' 2 hours ago
I just realised they made his hair cover the tattoo where his parents throw him into the sea.
Yasmin Howell
'Yasmin Howell' 2 hours ago
Do you know that the person who speaks Maui it's the rock from wwe
Jason Red Santos
'Jason Red Santos' 3 hours ago
why does maoi dont have nips
'VincentLifehacker' 3 hours ago
Where are his nipples? :P
'TheStarsDon'tDance' 4 hours ago
Lol weeellll....he DOES say "I'm sailing AWAY,it's ok your welcome" so it's not like she wasn't warned.😂
kandell bolt
'kandell bolt' 4 hours ago
yeah the rock is singing
your welcome😙
GabyCakeCute 24
'GabyCakeCute 24' 4 hours ago
like si se escucha mejor en español :v
Karen Garcia
'Karen Garcia' 5 hours ago
it sad when her grandma died like mine died😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
'acegrpx1212' 5 hours ago
I really like
Shotyme 81
'Shotyme 81' 5 hours ago
nice vocals
'湛藍天' 6 hours ago
The hair is amazing
that song is too
Maree Ryan
'Maree Ryan' 6 hours ago
Many is really good at dances I love this movie lol 😂
Da Kake Gaming
'Da Kake Gaming' 6 hours ago
Plus I really give credit to the animators it takes really long to animate and also the producer cause it's really hard sorting out the everything.
Da Kake Gaming
'Da Kake Gaming' 6 hours ago
Your welcome 😉😉😉
'daмeleon' 6 hours ago
10/10 LESGO
maui is highkey thicc
İrem Yaman
'İrem Yaman' 6 hours ago
hiç br şe y anlamadım
'Poopyface' 6 hours ago
my friend keeps spamming this on his mike when we get in chat
Ghost 鬼
'Ghost 鬼' 7 hours ago
Holy shit i am addicted to this.
Jahzmen Oliver
'Jahzmen Oliver' 7 hours ago
Watching this video makes me want to see the movie so bad
Jhasmine Dorado
'Jhasmine Dorado' 7 hours ago
I love this version of this
'EpicZombieSlayer60' 7 hours ago
I loved when he went like "What you mean is thank you" Then moana falls for it then maui just like "You're welcome"
That Robloxgurl
'That Robloxgurl' 8 hours ago
his dirty look😂
Simon Templer
'Simon Templer' 8 hours ago
at 1:11 he do the dab
Dyslon Read
'Dyslon Read' 8 hours ago
who would know Dwayne could sing like that
Joseph Norton
'Joseph Norton' 8 hours ago
am i the only one who is realizing holy shit Dwayne the fucking rock johnson is a good singer
Faye Canlas
'Faye Canlas' 8 hours ago
Lin Manuel Miranda: You're very welcome.
Sharon Gounder
'Sharon Gounder' 8 hours ago
Renzo Anton Abiera
'Renzo Anton Abiera' 8 hours ago
Everyone: The hair looks realistic.
im gamer 2513
'im gamer 2513' 8 hours ago
she pooped at 2:20
Shayna Tang
'Shayna Tang' 8 hours ago
15k people aren't thankful
Philip L
'Philip L' 9 hours ago
Disney Behold our movie! Frozen! I mean Tropical! Yeah that's it they'll never noticed all the subtle chances like Water powers instead of Ice powers. A side character that makes the little kids laugh. A guy that's actually useful to the plot in a Disney film. A wealthy Villain. A strong female lead. Traveling to various locations through water instead of snow. Little round coconut creatures that aim to kill our characters instead of little rock smurfs that unknowingly are wasting precious time for our main lead because her heart is freezing by trying to get their friend hitched. A young girl singing a popular song with the word Go in it, all in marvelous CG Pixar animation instead of hand drawn 2D Disney animation because its cheaper. This and more in our new movie Frozen! I mean Tropical! And you thought Frozen was dead, hah, it will never die. Brought to you by Disney now owned by Pixar. Disney we're running out of movie ideas so pay someone else do it and make us Shiny money.
Bushra Mashiat
'Bushra Mashiat' 9 hours ago
The People That Disliked This Thought Ot Was The Download Button.
'swan4568' 9 hours ago
That People's Eyebrow tho.
'Artdemon101' 9 hours ago
I smell Hamilton
Lauren Ainsley
'Lauren Ainsley' 9 hours ago
'vmgunns56' 9 hours ago
who is a character
'vmgunns56' 9 hours ago
I love the song
'vmgunns56' 9 hours ago
Love you all have a good Christian to run to run
leocraft g.
'leocraft g.' 9 hours ago
The wolcame
'Abominatrix650' 9 hours ago
To me it just sounds like Dwayne Johnson describing an average day in the life for him. Dude probably really is a walking demigod!
Puteri Naira Sofea
'Puteri Naira Sofea' 9 hours ago
Gaelith Whitemane
'Gaelith Whitemane' 9 hours ago
Am I imagining things or does the sun on his chest look a lot like Yzma?
Sabine M
'Sabine M' 9 hours ago
Nice! High tech tattoos! They move!
lucas peters
'lucas peters' 9 hours ago
15k people couldn't breath it
Andy Jacoby
'Andy Jacoby' 9 hours ago
man Dwayne the rock Johnson is not a bad signer.
Ian Price
'Ian Price' 10 hours ago
Dwayne Johnson has a fantastic singing voice!
Master Baiter
'Master Baiter' 10 hours ago
Animation has come so far, impressive.
Sorcerer Vaati64
'Sorcerer Vaati64' 10 hours ago
This song took inspiration from paper mario
Leslie Russell
'Leslie Russell' 10 hours ago
love it
Joshua Graham
'Joshua Graham' 11 hours ago
Maui with them feats
'MANA.B' 11 hours ago
i llllllove your song Maona bye i love you
P0ison AppLE
'P0ison AppLE' 11 hours ago
she kinda cute at 2:31
'BlazePlayz' 11 hours ago
Hitting that dab like 0:51
'Artisan1979' 11 hours ago
ayaan khan
'ayaan khan' 11 hours ago
You can tell that's Dwayne Johnson as a cartoon
The Official Punk
'The Official Punk' 12 hours ago
who else it was "i see whats happening HERE"?
the Matrix Net
'the Matrix Net' 12 hours ago
2:25 flounder the fish omg on the right is where you look
Adeline Paul
'Adeline Paul' 12 hours ago
elle est super la version original en tout cas mieux que la version française 😍
Sheriff K
'Sheriff K' 12 hours ago
Moana is the prettiest Disney [Not-a-]Princess :P
And the Rock sure can sing! :O
Brave Dragon
'Brave Dragon' 12 hours ago
scratch that 2:27
Brave Dragon
'Brave Dragon' 12 hours ago
2:26 pause the video and look at the fish on the right
Jowan Samuel
'Jowan Samuel' 12 hours ago
what can I say except your welcome
Jowan Samuel
'Jowan Samuel' 12 hours ago
I love this song nf
Eva Forrest-Chambers
'Eva Forrest-Chambers' 13 hours ago
maui is so ignorant. he only pulled the sun out of the sky
the dead meme
'the dead meme' 13 hours ago
i searched up flava flav bobby hill and this popped up
Eva Forrest-Chambers
'Eva Forrest-Chambers' 13 hours ago
the old maui looks nothing like that
Squidward Testicles
'Squidward Testicles' 13 hours ago
Dwayne Johnson was a wrestler and now he's an actor, now he can sing?
Stuart Siddall
'Stuart Siddall' 13 hours ago
Best song ever
'VersionBest' 13 hours ago
I just finished watching this movie and had no idea The Rock was signing LOL.
Javier Medina
'Javier Medina' 13 hours ago
Jose Yantas
'Jose Yantas' 13 hours ago
Wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. It's insanely cool how she's motivated by duty. Yes, she loves the ocean, but she left because she thought it was the best chance for her people. Very selfless.
Hal Wollocombe
'Hal Wollocombe' 14 hours ago
the Matrix Net
'the Matrix Net' 14 hours ago
lets start a comment chain
Isaiah ricknmorty
'Isaiah ricknmorty' 14 hours ago
I got too drunk and did'nt see after he get the green stone
'TorvaMoosic' 14 hours ago
the people's eyebrow
Ness Hetfield
'Ness Hetfield' 14 hours ago
ive only seen the music of this film.. im too poor to go to the cinema! someone take me tehee
'Tehya91' 14 hours ago
Every time i say You're welcome i break into song
Ziad Omar
'Ziad Omar' 14 hours ago
i watched it today it was so good i like it it took me 4 hrs
'Joel DUNSTAN' 14 hours ago
How cool
Alexsis Taylor
'Alexsis Taylor' 14 hours ago
my brother and I have liked it since we wached it
Will 4nee
'Will 4nee' 15 hours ago
EmmaLine ShadowCaller
listens to this song He's way to smug.
listens to Shiny Poor Maoi. What did he ever do?
Tom Ag
'Tom Ag' 15 hours ago
0:06 Dat. Eyebrow. Raise. Doe.
Faith ,Camryn and Plushies
I love this song so much!!! nn
Cynthia Galvan
'Cynthia Galvan' 15 hours ago
i love central inntellenge the rock and tell the golden jet hi
'GamerGirl65' 15 hours ago
The start reminds me of another Sao g
dee sniders daughter
'dee sniders daughter' 15 hours ago
dee snider is not pleased by this
'Headsquasher' 15 hours ago
If somebody told me that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, One of the most iconic people in wrestling history, would one day be singing the catchiest song in a fucking Disney movie, I'd have called them crazy.

And yet here I am, unable to stop listening to this song and thinking about how good a singer The Rock is...
Jamaica Malone
'Jamaica Malone' 15 hours ago
Disney have 666 in it
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