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Jarryd James - 1000x ft. Broods -
Published: 4 months ago By: JarrydJamesVEVO

By: JarrydJamesVEVOPublished: 4 months ago

250, 577 views

4, 539 Likes   165 Dislikes

“1000x” is featured on the debut album from Jarryd James, HIGH.
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Director/Producer: Sherry Elbe
DOP: Alexander Jenkins
Executive Producer: Peter Clews
Production Company: Sprout

Cast (in order of appearance):
Sophie McIntosh
Kaycee Williams
Josh McKenzie
Amanda Tito
Fern Sutherland
Chye-Ling Huang
Leo McCrae

Production Manager: Melissa Jackson
1st AD: Sez Niederer

1st AC: Alex Martin
2nd AC: Jake Stanton
Gaffer: Matt Thomas
LX Assist: Joel Brodrick
2nd Unit Gaffer: Grant McKinnon
2nd Unit LX Assist: Jason Tidswell

Make Up: Rebekah Banks
SFX Make Up: Lara Hawker
Standby Wardrobe: Sue Arts
Art Assist: Ella Rei Mildren-Sheath

Editor: Jordan Arts
Colourist: Matic Prusnik

Follow Focus: A2Z Reigers
Monitor/Filters: Halcyon Digital
Dolly: Transformer Film
LX: Volcano Lighting
Catering: Ceremony

Very special thanks to:
Anthea Whittle
Amy & Frith Wilson-Hughes
Jeff, Terry & Fran Allen

Music video by Jarryd James performing 1000x. (C) 2016 Interscope Records

Live Love Laugh
'Live Love Laugh' 3 days ago
The Contessa
'The Contessa' 1 week ago
FAVORITE SONG EVER!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Why is there a second mv version tho
Greison Kei
'Greison Kei' 1 week ago
now this is MUSIC
Korea Ana
'Korea Ana' 2 weeks ago
they deserve to get more than 100M views!
Korea Ana
'Korea Ana' 2 weeks ago
When I listened to this song. I imagined myself w/ someone that I really love in wedding ceremony.
Rafli Megananda
'Rafli Megananda' 2 weeks ago
who put onions here!!!???
'K.806' 2 weeks ago
this deserves more views ;(
Timothy Walker
'Timothy Walker' 2 weeks ago
Someones chopping fucking onion near me!
Márcio de Souza Campos
I cried.
Marcel Styles
'Marcel Styles' 2 months ago
Good Blood
'Good Blood' 2 months ago
'coldarcher' 2 months ago
This is such an emotional song, I love it. Can I use this for my fmv?
Elena Ursu
'Elena Ursu' 2 months ago
This music is amazing!!!!
Bob Kh
'Bob Kh' 2 months ago
thats so underrrated
Luke Reynolds
'Luke Reynolds' 2 months ago
The tears didn't start kicking in until the end.
I love this song and this alternate video so much.
marcus finiosse
'marcus finiosse' 2 months ago
oh my gooooooood ,I'm obsessed with this it to bits.
Kahutoi Leef
'Kahutoi Leef' 3 months ago
Sitting in the car trying not to cry ah 😭
Just Saying
'Just Saying' 3 months ago
Amazing. So beautiful and meaningful❤
Jorrit Esc
'Jorrit Esc' 3 months ago
Omg this is so beautiful
Ruth A.
'Ruth A.' 3 months ago
WHY I'm crying less than a minute in
'KatRocksStyle' 3 months ago
This version made me cry like omg
Arianna Poli
'Arianna Poli' 3 months ago
I cried so loud.. oh god.. this video is touching
Rebel Saikhov
'Rebel Saikhov' 3 months ago
I am here before 1 million views.
pharma emma
'pharma emma' 3 months ago
hey people i m in love with this song
Samuel Alvarez Ledezma
Why there should always be lesbians?
Karen Birol
'Karen Birol' 3 months ago
loretta lockley
'loretta lockley' 3 months ago
loretta lockley
'loretta lockley' 3 months ago
Auzan Widhatama
'Auzan Widhatama' 3 months ago
When the woman was giving birth, it was the moment when she lies between life and death. So she just sit and wait for the "train of after life journey", until her partner came to accompany her and make her holding on.

Sweet music video.
'ninna' 3 months ago
hhAhAH not crying nOpe :'D
Linh Nguyen
'Linh Nguyen' 4 months ago
very emotional video I cry every time when watching this clip. who knows more of these clips please contact me!!!!
Rahmat Setiawan
'Rahmat Setiawan' 4 months ago
I cri eferitym :'(
'sleepisfortheweak27' 4 months ago
dammit ninja cutting onions!
Marj S
'Marj S' 4 months ago
Will always be my favorite.
Tania Ferreira
'Tania Ferreira' 4 months ago
tania ferreira 🌷
Clive Leu
'Clive Leu' 4 months ago
Cerxo X
'Cerxo X' 4 months ago
oh. fuck. well, that was a lot of symbolism.
Donis Zh
'Donis Zh' 4 months ago
DAMN this is so perfect 🙌🏻
Guilherme 4ntônio
'Guilherme 4ntônio' 4 months ago
I'm crying so much omg HEEEELP
Carlos Eduardo
'Carlos Eduardo' 4 months ago
Tem um olho na minha lágrima
Tania Ferreira
'Tania Ferreira' 4 months ago
quê ò senhor Jesus esteja com todas as famílias amém é o obrigado meu seus Tânia Ferreira🌷🌷
Yeni Sopiyan
'Yeni Sopiyan' 4 months ago
I love this song
lucy yang
'lucy yang' 4 months ago
'TheMera12' 4 months ago
que bella canción ♥♥♥♥
'Finny' 4 months ago
Looks like the Glenbrook Vintage Railway in Auckland NZ. What a backdrop and trip
naomi gutieres gutieres
Aliza ESC
'Aliza ESC' 4 months ago
Chris K
'Chris K' 4 months ago
The first time I ever heard of Jarryd James was on an AirNZ flight about 2 years ago I think. Made a note to download his album when I landed. Loved him since!
Adary Karunia
'Adary Karunia' 4 months ago
if only i could like this a 1000x
'fucausrname' 4 months ago
Luana Vitoria
'Luana Vitoria' 4 months ago
eu chorei kk
Ruth Wale
'Ruth Wale' 4 months ago
holy fuck that was so good and emotional. I am crying
We Are: The Guard
'We Are: The Guard' 4 months ago
What are these wet salty things dripping down my face?!
Lorimar Grup
'Lorimar Grup' 4 months ago
tubcrbbjvdf źxxxxxxxxxx
Fahmi Anggara
'Fahmi Anggara' 4 months ago
:( indonesia here.
'A M I F A V E' 4 months ago
thank god youtube recommended this to me
Brittany Eavestaff
'Brittany Eavestaff' 4 months ago
😊❤️❤️❤️❤️ best song :)
Antonio Paiva
'Antonio Paiva' 4 months ago
omg x.x
'thevulcanway' 4 months ago
well honestly how dare you
Rain drop
'Rain drop' 4 months ago
Music is beautiful, but the video is even better. so touching
Kimmy Kim
'Kimmy Kim' 4 months ago
my aunt is the lady tht got on the train. this song really gets you huh
Iq Danis
'Iq Danis' 4 months ago
idk what i feel but😭😭😭😭😭😭
nikita wari
'nikita wari' 4 months ago
too many feeling
justin tufo
'justin tufo' 4 months ago
who would you rather see in the hospital your best friend or your grandma like if your grandma
justin tufo
'justin tufo' 4 months ago
who else cried watching this😭
Psychedelic Jake
'Psychedelic Jake' 4 months ago
I...I'm not crying, YOU ARE.
'keksikuppi' 4 months ago
Loved this! Amazingly done and the message of this video is very touching.
Lee Y
'Lee Y' 4 months ago
amz g
ZozoOo CoOl
'ZozoOo CoOl' 4 months ago
'김소연' 4 months ago
Alex Pingoy
'Alex Pingoy' 4 months ago
every jarryd james song sounds like heaven 💞
Anouk Wolf
'Anouk Wolf' 4 months ago
xXx O
'xXx O' 4 months ago
This is pure art.
'Eddy' 4 months ago
fiquei todo choroso :(
December Baby
'December Baby' 4 months ago
something tells me that 2017 will be a year of nice music like this❤
Grace Yousif
'Grace Yousif' 4 months ago
Mia Mia
'Mia Mia' 4 months ago
Oh my that video hits the feels!! oh and BROODS! NZ rep
Julia Lambrini
'Julia Lambrini' 4 months ago
muito triste, gostei.
be kind
'be kind' 4 months ago
in another lifetime i will still cry over this song
'Jane XOXO' 4 months ago
Wow 😭
Rajendra Ishwardath Chhatta
Iona Oyaro
'Iona Oyaro' 4 months ago
lux luz
'lux luz' 4 months ago
excelente song :)
inderjit kaur
'inderjit kaur' 4 months ago
Even if I'm leaving you at the door
Even when I know that you're never lonely
Harder than imagined
Harder when it's cold
Even when I'm playing in the fire
Even when I'm doing it for all my life
Harder than imagined
Harder when I let it go

Tell me that love is enough
The seas will be parted for us
Tell me that love is, ooh

In another lifetime
I would never change my mind
I would do it again
Ooh, a thousand times
Just to let you in here
Where you make me lose my mind
In another life I'd do it all again a thousand times

Never would I ever let my love escape you
Never keep you from the promises I gave you
Further than imagined
Further than we've ever known

Tell me that love is enough
The seas will be parted for us
Tell me that love is, ooh

In another lifetime
I would never change my mind
I would do it again
Ooh, a thousand times
Just to let you in here
Where you make me lose my mind
In another life I'd do it all again a thousand times

In another life I'd do it all again a thousand times

In another lifetime
I would never change my mind
I would do it again
Ooh, a thousand times
Just to let you in here
Where you make me lose my mind
In another life I'd do it all again a thousand times
The Liøn And The Søciety
This is amazing!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜
JA Rosales
'JA Rosales' 4 months ago
ugh 😢
Iqbal Zuhri Fadillah
'Iqbal Zuhri Fadillah' 4 months ago
Jo Ah Choi
'Jo Ah Choi' 4 months ago
when i first heard the song from the other video, I cried. And here I cried even harder. :’(
Maria Var
'Maria Var' 4 months ago
Broods 😍😍 their music is 🔥🔥
Dev Setyard
'Dev Setyard' 4 months ago
i can't even 😭😭😭
Heru Annas
'Heru Annas' 4 months ago
TheBois InShade
'TheBois InShade' 4 months ago
Omg dem feels
wade cook
'wade cook' 4 months ago
Best video version! Fits the song better imo.
Shaddic D
'Shaddic D' 4 months ago
Bless Sherry for this amazing video
Rivaldo Eliziário
'Rivaldo Eliziário' 4 months ago
now i'm sad
Hamza Hamza
'Hamza Hamza' 4 months ago
'Cands' 4 months ago
the defibrillator should go on the sternum and apex (mid chest and left side of chest ) . sorry, just a pet peeve 😂
Lauretha Sudjono
'Lauretha Sudjono' 4 months ago
Made me cry hard :( ❤️
Ayou Yob
'Ayou Yob' 4 months ago
this song is ???! i dont know ..tell me guys is this song good?
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