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G4C15: HH Prince Fahad Al Saud / The Arab World and Its Digital Now / Q&A -
Published: 2 years ago By: Games for Change

By: Games for ChangePublished: 2 years ago

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His Highness Prince Fahad Al Saud of Saudi Arabia delves into the success of his international game studio, NA3M Games. As the tech entertainment solution for new content in and for the Middle East region, Prince Fahad breaks down NA3M’s role in redefining a generally perceived Arab identity, as well as its supporting power in bridging cultural gaps between East and West.

16:09 - HH Prince Fahad Al Saud follows up his presentation with a Q&A session, with Games for Change President Asi Burak, discussing the success of his international game studio and more on its upcoming game, Saudi Girls Revolution.

tanya tommy
'tanya tommy' 5 months ago
Fuck off Al Saud. u r the shittest people on the earth. Go to hell all of u bitches.. leave our country we don't want u to rule us anymore. just Fuck off.
Ironic for a "prince" from one of the most misogynistic countries on Earth dealing with a game company called "Games for Change". I guess money overrides company morals every time.
'PressForEarth' 2 years ago
I like the content and the message of games for change and most of what he spoke of during the video. But it says Prince Fahad Al Saud of Saudi Arabia. I believe this is the Saud ruling family in charge? Correct me if I am mistaken. But if this is the case, could we also do something about the beheading of people in Saudi Arabia? Can we please please do something about killing journalists, and people for Sorcery and the like. This MUST end. Perhaps take out our aggression in video games instead. I and I am sure many others, find it hard to truly embrace the Prince's words, while 170 people have been killed this year. And no one says a word.
Jukka Järvinen
'Jukka Järvinen' 2 years ago
Was it just my devices or is the sound level really low on this video? Brilliant points to consider. I hope I did not hear them wrong. :)
Sultan Raimy
'Sultan Raimy' 2 years ago
the way he reflects the arab nation is genius !!
Issa Rae
'Issa Rae' 2 years ago
YES! Go, Fahad!
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