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Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults -
Published: 1 week ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 week ago

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"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."

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Kriitex Gaming
'Kriitex Gaming' 2 hours ago
he needs to take in that size does matter in basketball, like alot
'Hushpling' 3 hours ago
It's cause he's black
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 3 hours ago
he looks 9... how are you that small at 12
Kidd Famous
'Kidd Famous' 4 hours ago
The guy in the hat looks like a white James harden
Marie Laurèl
'Marie Laurèl' 4 hours ago
I just came to see grown adults get beat
Divine_x_Re-Nova Novazo
The thumbnail explains it all.
Matthew F.
'Matthew F.' 4 hours ago
I was gonna like the video but then I saw that it was Buzzfeed...
'Ajax' 4 hours ago
he looks down at the ball when he dribbles
Edgar Cruz
'Edgar Cruz' 5 hours ago
well size doesn't matter but skill does
Brandon Ingram
'Brandon Ingram' 5 hours ago
MG//Raj 1996
'MG//Raj 1996' 6 hours ago
he kinda dribbled incorrectly,he's meant to look up
'22jna' 6 hours ago
awww he's so cute
USA Mapping
'USA Mapping' 7 hours ago
I'm confident he might be the new steph curry, Just my thought.
Isreal Joye
'Isreal Joye' 7 hours ago
He looks down when he dribbles
Gabriel Romero
'Gabriel Romero' 8 hours ago
"I have not been athletic for 5 years" lol
Dylan Murtagh
'Dylan Murtagh' 9 hours ago
they should get not out of shape people
Mason Anderson
'Mason Anderson' 9 hours ago
Where are her eyebrows
john cabassa
'john cabassa' 9 hours ago
He's not a prodidgy
Tyler Coelho
'Tyler Coelho' 10 hours ago
Bryan Tran
'Bryan Tran' 10 hours ago
He got 25 dribbles
damn f boi already he like 11
Johny Yang
'Johny Yang' 10 hours ago
I feel like the last sentence is what BuzzFeed asked him to say lol
Ameer james
'Ameer james' 11 hours ago
the asian head on the left looks like pogchamp
spencer sanderson
'spencer sanderson' 11 hours ago
Boring af
'Lynn' 11 hours ago
Skills! Ball players makes it look easy but it's freaking hard! It's willingness to work hard and practice a lot to get better at it. That's with anything u do.
'Theadrianchannel' 12 hours ago
he's got Currys that's an |_
'FAMOUS DEX' 12 hours ago
lol he look like a young kick genius
Eli Abrams
'Eli Abrams' 12 hours ago
3:44 Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals
Jordan Danger Gust
'Jordan Danger Gust' 12 hours ago
so awkward.
Tyra George
'Tyra George' 12 hours ago
the next Stephen curry like if you agree
Gabe Vincent
'Gabe Vincent' 13 hours ago
he stepped like 4 times with out dribbling
'AtoZFinest' 13 hours ago
And then there's me sitting on my couch eating potato chips
Miley D
'Miley D' 13 hours ago
The boy is bragging in this video
Eggoquickscope :
'Eggoquickscope :' 13 hours ago
That's the average 12 year old, who's on a select team.
alex lopez
'alex lopez' 13 hours ago
its easy cuz e looks down at his dribbling lol its so easy
'Knight' 13 hours ago
These Adults Dont Even Know The Rules You Expect Them To Actually Do Something?
'X3o3EmoX3o3' 14 hours ago
Lol, her face at 0:44! At least he's not cocky.
Gage Hammond
'Gage Hammond' 14 hours ago
That guy with the yellow and white shirt definitely could've beat him he just didn't want to crease his 6's 😂😂
Cinc Cian
'Cinc Cian' 14 hours ago
My mom says that if I hit 200 subs she will bye me a thing of your choice
Cinc Cian
'Cinc Cian' 14 hours ago
He is so good
logan does
'logan does' 14 hours ago
I'm 2 years old and I can do that in my sleee...
Carl Raganas
'Carl Raganas' 14 hours ago
Y'all could've at least got decent playing adults
'BarcelonaPussySlayer' 15 hours ago
I hate how they call him a prodigy, there are literally millions of kids who can do the same thing
Ileene Mijares
'Ileene Mijares' 15 hours ago
Hes kinda cute 😂
Efrain Gonzalez
'Efrain Gonzalez' 15 hours ago
I hate when people use the term "pro" wrong... It means professional.. which you means you get paid to do something. He's not a pro, he's really great for his age, but he's not a pro. Being a 'pro' also doesn't make you good.
Super right winged
'Super right winged' 15 hours ago
well he did it wrong too lol you don't look down while dribbling.
'Empute' 15 hours ago
Get lamello ball to play
'BxAxSxTxA' 16 hours ago
Noah Solomon
'Noah Solomon' 16 hours ago
"I am better at shooting.." 3/10
Sean O
'Sean O'Donnell' 16 hours ago
I wanna 1v1 him now because I could beat him
Matt Ryan
'Matt Ryan' 17 hours ago
Looks like Kingsley Coman
Jack Roberts
'Jack Roberts' 18 hours ago
I'm 11 and I make 80%
TSGaming TV
'TSGaming TV' 18 hours ago
size matters thank god they didnt post him up
Siri Da Cyborg
'Siri Da Cyborg' 18 hours ago
AJ Economou
'AJ Economou' 19 hours ago
He played on my basketball team swear on my life
'JSTN' 19 hours ago
the kid's grammar sucks
'FlowResT' 19 hours ago
Maybe next time some volleyball stuff?
Henk Steen
'Henk Steen' 20 hours ago
my best friend is in one of the best basketball teams in holland and Has like most points ever mabey 55
Aamir Khan
'Aamir Khan' 20 hours ago
If 21 savage had a son this would be him😂
Marcos Trujillo
'Marcos Trujillo' 20 hours ago
thats funny when lebron james was 12 years old he was already throwing it down.
Charlie “iLord” Tekautz
This man looks on pace to play JV his Senior year maybe, I mean he looks garbage but that's probably because I have seen Tyus Tre and Gary all play @ Apple Valley
Aidan Smith
'Aidan Smith' 21 hours ago
That boi was going 💯 on those trash adults
'D4rkBlueGT' 22 hours ago
Chris has the beard of James Harden and The Defense of James Harden.
Ronaldo Jr 7
'Ronaldo Jr 7' 22 hours ago
Does he ever miss!!??
Abram Contreras
'Abram Contreras' 23 hours ago
Asian chick annoyed tf out of me
Nature Wilson
'Nature Wilson' 1 day ago
I Wanna Play The Ball...Why Couldn't They Hmu 💯
'Riley_Arndt' 1 day ago
I think cp3 already defined that size doesn't matter
'MLG FROSty' 1 day ago
just post up on him and feel bad about yourself for beating a 8 yr old
Troy Boy04
'Troy Boy04' 1 day ago
The only thing is he has to look up when he dribbles more focusing if there was n enemy right there
ep1c_ | Elemental | Road to 500 subs
heart over height
Bob Bobs
'Bob Bobs' 1 day ago
Na bruh id smack that Lil boy
Furious Storm158
'Furious Storm158' 1 day ago
If it was me playing him I would smack them damn weak layups lmao he like 5'2 and 12 and I'm 6'1 and 14. 2 years difference yeah but I'm more of a prodigy I would say...
'Pupanugi' 1 day ago
This kids pretty much only good at shooting, he really needs to improve on defence and a bit on attack.
Its All Ogre Now
'Its All Ogre Now' 1 day ago
If he's such a prodigy then why haven't I heard of him ?
michael smith
'michael smith' 1 day ago
I mean anyone who plays basketball knew he was gonna J all those people up
Kai Kumra
'Kai Kumra' 1 day ago
O: WHAT IF I AM HIM!?? Kai = Kai?
Charles Ratcliff
'Charles Ratcliff' 1 day ago
He looks down when he dribbles
Isaac Garcia
'Isaac Garcia' 1 day ago
No hate...But I Will But This Young Boi On Hoop Mixtape
Nasradeen Abdullah
he ain't that good, I wreck him.
You heard it from a black person size doesn't matter
u going to eat all of that?
Lol who cares when I was younger I use to be really good at basketball now I don't get playing time cause 4 of the players on my High school team are d1 prospects
Chato Chavez
'Chato Chavez' 1 day ago
Where's her eyebrows?
Bugatti boy
'Bugatti boy' 1 day ago
U could tell the dude in the yellow wasn't trying at 4:00 he lets him
Lola Aquino
'Lola Aquino' 1 day ago
I see him going to the MBA. Great attitude and good at basketball.
GiClan R0cket
'GiClan R0cket' 1 day ago
LOL this doesn't some up that size doesn't matter it sums up that skill matters
'VM D' 1 day ago
I bet he does great in school.
Supreme David
'Supreme David' 1 day ago
I'm David I'm 6 and I've been playing since I was 19
Private Rodriguez
He's black
Young Metro
'Young Metro' 1 day ago
I haven't been atheeletick for 5 years
'anderpants' 1 day ago
this is literally so fake
Kevin Kulle
'Kevin Kulle' 1 day ago
Anyone would be a prodigy against those people
Kurtis Leung
'Kurtis Leung' 1 day ago
The girl looks so bad
'SpaceGhost' 1 day ago
'34JROD34' 1 day ago
Nothin like making a 12 year old big headed.
Jonathan Lopez
'Jonathan Lopez' 1 day ago
he is not a prodigy
'SiegeSpecialist' 1 day ago
He was Some sheet
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