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Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults -
Published: 4 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 4 months ago

5, 554, 418 views

52, 913 Likes   3, 266 Dislikes

"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."

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Soccer girl Kiera
'Soccer girl Kiera' 54 minutes ago
Kai is cute
Mia Viacava
'Mia Viacava' 6 hours ago
is noone gonna talk about how finee kai is
barbra adrion
'barbra adrion' 7 hours ago
the boy is cute
i love you
Jazmin Norman
'Jazmin Norman' 9 hours ago
kai davis is good af
'WEENIE HUT' 1 day ago
kai looks like mysticgotjokes
Hank Hill
'Hank Hill' 1 day ago
I have always wondered. What happens to these kids that at really good at basketball at such a young age? I've seen many of these kids that look like they have the potential to go to the NBA or at least be well known
'Zivan' 1 day ago
Seriously in the match they don't know how the basketball scoring system work
Le Annie
'Le Annie' 2 days ago
kai u traveler
Enzo Cortez
'Enzo Cortez' 2 days ago
Why are they playing loser's ball on a half
Ali Cat
'Ali Cat' 2 days ago
. Hey
'StrafeMeAway' 2 days ago
Who's man is this?
Nathaniel Godin
'Nathaniel Godin' 2 days ago
This kids not even good
'Zapdos' 2 days ago
This dude plays like curry
'jaredcole150' 2 days ago
now try this in the hood
Emilio Reason
'Emilio Reason' 3 days ago
he played terrible defense
Sean Wilkerson
'Sean Wilkerson' 3 days ago
Someone said 5% on after the big dude shot free throws 😂 well, now that they're bad at ball, they don't even have a career in math.
AleAR 777 21Savage
2:00 better than Roberson
Jared DC
'Jared DC' 4 days ago
This kids got talent
Gloria Lopez
'Gloria Lopez' 4 days ago
wow he is alsome
Aljosa Koruza
'Aljosa Koruza' 4 days ago
anyone can dribble looking down
Dion Bullis
'Dion Bullis' 5 days ago
These adults are trash😂😂😂😂😂💩💩💩💩
Gage Francis
'Gage Francis' 5 days ago
Pick some adults that actually are good.
gunner mills
'gunner mills' 6 days ago
can u subscribe it is my birthday and I will subscribe back
'WaffleMmann' 6 days ago
0:15 why you lying?
Jordan Hesterberg
'Jordan Hesterberg' 6 days ago
I'm 12 and I can 6'6 dunk on a football bat.
'Rexility' 6 days ago
is this javale mcgee in the white?
Patricio Gilbert
'Patricio Gilbert' 1 week ago
If you like basketball follow this account
Abdullah Osman
'Abdullah Osman' 1 week ago
The fat dude is chopped
Hello Dude
'Hello Dude' 1 week ago
That lady was suckin him it was cringe af
'HAI IM BONNIE' 1 week ago
This kids cocky af. 😒
Chloe Zhang
'Chloe Zhang' 1 week ago
Guys, no hate comments, be nice. Every nice thing you do makes the world just a little bit better and a better place. :)
Victor Espiritu
'Victor Espiritu' 1 week ago
He sucks im better off tops
Caitlyn F
'Caitlyn F' 1 week ago
boy is so cute
CreeperGirl 2005
'CreeperGirl 2005' 1 week ago
They should of picked more athletic people
The Dishonored
'The Dishonored' 1 week ago
With a jump shot like that, he won't make it to the NBA. That shot would get blocked instantly
When they throw it can't you jump and smack the ball so it does not goal
'Gizex' 1 week ago
I want to play basketball now.
'JDoactive' 1 week ago
Chris was scared to ruin his 6's LOOL
BalistiK PhAdE
'BalistiK PhAdE' 2 weeks ago
Lol they only judge how good they are by ten free throws, simple dribble moves, and a one on one game to 5 points
Justin George
'Justin George' 2 weeks ago
my techniques is defense and stealing. I'm always post in bball
Tom Bolton-Jones
'Tom Bolton-Jones' 2 weeks ago
1:42 He was so pissed off!
Ezrah Nikora
'Ezrah Nikora' 2 weeks ago
bruh stop showing off
Lousy Lion
'Lousy Lion' 2 weeks ago
chris could have easily beat him
OperatorDelta 3
'OperatorDelta 3' 2 weeks ago
Who else is reading the comments?
Steve M
'Steve M' 2 weeks ago
The best adult was probably the guy in the yellow and white shirt
amaya maharaj
'amaya maharaj' 2 weeks ago
do soccer version
i live for seahoon
'i live for seahoon' 2 weeks ago
There's nothing really extraordinary about the kid's skills. He just looked good because he was against adults who didn't really play ball
Clash of Stuff
'Clash of Stuff' 2 weeks ago
I am 12 so can I get at least 12 likes
Clash of Stuff
'Clash of Stuff' 2 weeks ago
She was jumping for the free throw
Clash of Stuff
'Clash of Stuff' 2 weeks ago
Gavin Kibby
'Gavin Kibby' 2 weeks ago
They got retr
'TheYthy' 2 weeks ago
lmao "2" didnt even miss a beat on that one
Carson Highlights
'Carson Highlights' 2 weeks ago
Chris is like a white James Harden
Archie Spradlin
'Archie Spradlin' 2 weeks ago
Sorry but not a prodigy basketball player
Archie Spradlin
'Archie Spradlin' 2 weeks ago
Its funny when the video begins he missed Lol
'XuKathy' 2 weeks ago
Aww hes so cute
lil bull-ブル
'lil bull-ブル' 2 weeks ago
i kept seeing this like device at the back of kais pants
23Beast Boy23
'23Beast Boy23' 2 weeks ago
Brandon Annandale
'Brandon Annandale' 2 weeks ago
3:54 - 3:56 Travelling much?
Uncharted Mode
'Uncharted Mode' 2 weeks ago
My friend can do better. He is a Pro Master at Basketball.
'MCKANGUR 7331' 2 weeks ago
I are better ;D
'Griffin RADFORD' 2 weeks ago
nowhere near a prodigy he just practices if that makes you a prodigy then i'm Lebron james
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 2 weeks ago
Title should be: Anime girl, fat albert, and fouseytube try to beat a black person at basketball.
Isaiah Nelson
'Isaiah Nelson' 2 weeks ago
He does
Bojangle Wangles
'Bojangle Wangles' 2 weeks ago
My name is Kai. Uuuummmm... doesn't really have any relevance to the video but ya know.
atakan özcan
'atakan özcan' 2 weeks ago
good d
Lenny S
'Lenny S' 2 weeks ago
at least he isnt one of those kids that started playing soccer at the age of a fucking fetus
Bryce Ronken
'Bryce Ronken' 2 weeks ago
While he's dribbling he just stares down at the ball
First name Last name
I got a dig bick
You read that wrong
You read that wrong to
'JAY BoZ' 2 weeks ago
cherry pick
Duke Brownie
'Duke Brownie' 2 weeks ago
I want more basketball videos from buzzfeed
B Williams
'B Williams' 2 weeks ago
the man in the gray shirt is trash
Sonic the Hedgehog
'Sonic the Hedgehog' 2 weeks ago
These adults are garbage.
andrew crazy gamer
'andrew crazy gamer' 3 weeks ago
Breezy Ftw
'Breezy Ftw' 3 weeks ago
Bro, he's okay... not too bad... But I seen better lol
Will the turtle Boss
Bring lamelo
Jeffy Jeffy
'Jeffy Jeffy' 3 weeks ago
They still shoot better than shaq
littlecuber 1738
'littlecuber 1738' 3 weeks ago
Chris looks like Javale MgGee
'Whirly' 3 weeks ago
Jasmin Jensen
'Jasmin Jensen' 3 weeks ago
Kai is gonna steal all girls hearts when he's older man.
Football Is Life
'Football Is Life' 3 weeks ago
"I used to play once a week, it's obviously been a couple of months" 😂😂
'LuckyTheDoge' 3 weeks ago
I want to 1v1 him
Same age
Been playing since 7
Everything the same
Rika Reyes
'Rika Reyes' 3 weeks ago
But can we all just talk about how good this good will look when he grows up oml
'TheMysteriousGamer' 3 weeks ago
He has better handling than me... One time I accidentally gave the ball to the other team...
DOoMsday Gaming VLOGS Gaming and Trainings
That woman said's that she's better at shooting but 3-10 is the noob players on the league
John Kuentz
'John Kuentz' 3 weeks ago
those guys got there ankles broke lol
Do Mic
'Do Mic' 3 weeks ago
Of course parents cant do it they are not playing basket ball
Peter Mari Revilla
'Peter Mari Revilla' 3 weeks ago
Purz Rei
'Purz Rei' 3 weeks ago
of course they get adults who have barley ever played ball
adam wiacek
'adam wiacek' 3 weeks ago
basket ball kids are so cocky
Slime Forever
'Slime Forever' 3 weeks ago
Damn he cute👏😂😆😁
Fodders Life
'Fodders Life' 3 weeks ago
Lucky for them that basketballs not a real sport
Fodders Life
'Fodders Life' 3 weeks ago
Lucky for them that basketballs not a real sport
Anon Fawkes
'Anon Fawkes' 3 weeks ago
That chris guy with the bread could have beat him but he did not wanna crease those six's
YaBoi Cdrik
'YaBoi Cdrik' 3 weeks ago
Anybody notice that when there we're shooting free throws, The guy with the yellow tee shirt every time he missed the face in the pic when sad. but when he got it in it smiled?
'NATALIE SANTIAGO' 3 weeks ago
Who thinks this is fake
Laylas Corner
'Laylas Corner' 3 weeks ago
he is so confident ,OVERconfident
YaBoiDaaniel -
'YaBoiDaaniel -' 3 weeks ago
the kids hair looks like ramen noodles
'XXtprogaming12' 3 weeks ago
Meet the worst shooter at 1:56
Albert Panagopoulos
'Albert Panagopoulos' 3 weeks ago
Make real videos please. The guy in the cap wasnt even playing defense for god's sake
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