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Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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"The most points I've scored in a game was 40."

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Zan Tobby
'Zan Tobby' 30 minutes ago
Size doesn't matter lmao 🍆😂😂😂😂
'LYŒN' 3 hours ago
Just cause he is black doesn't mean he is a pro... :/
Angel L.35
'Angel L.35' 4 hours ago
"I'm better at shooting "makes one she's already at a better start 3 seconds later scores 3 free throws
Jason Choi
'Jason Choi' 5 hours ago
Never seen a 12 year old with earrings before
Moo Moo
'Moo Moo' 5 hours ago
The child Travelled!!
Naichi From Hercule
'Naichi From Hercule' 6 hours ago
Do a Soccer/Football one
Mega Blaziken
'Mega Blaziken' 7 hours ago
4:53 size doesnt matter
Stan Varvarousis
'Stan Varvarousis' 17 hours ago
Moon Man
'Moon Man' 21 hours ago
Haven't seen the video yet i but I think ankles will be broken
Basketball edits yt
'Basketball edits yt' 24 hours ago
hey guys id appreciate it if u checked out my vid on my channel hint its a really cool edit about basketball
Kmav221 Gaming
'Kmav221 Gaming' 1 day ago
Did he just say that size doesn't matter and it matters what is in your heart
KniqhtHero_ 10
'KniqhtHero_ 10' 1 day ago
Kai shoes are probably 2.5 curry? I tried searching for them but I just can't find the color
'DerpyDaSquirtle' 1 day ago
no offense but we all know the black kids and people are good at basket ball not trying to be racists but its true
Arysha Nawar
'Arysha Nawar' 1 day ago
To be honest... the best player was

The ball, cuz it got all the shots in

And of course im talking about the thirteen year old's ball

'TheJetixMasta' 1 day ago
Not how you score basketball. Give him a 2 if he shot outside the paint and a 1 if he shot inside the paint or give him a 2 for shots inside the paint and a 3 for shots outside the paint. Buzzfeed, you clearly know nothing about basketball scoring. And, make fouls result in a free throw.
Jake Benson
'Jake Benson' 1 day ago
My highest was 15
Janiya Minnis
'Janiya Minnis' 1 day ago
He is so adorable
Master Clash
'Master Clash' 2 days ago
now do a basketball pro adult vs normal kids
Ben Hinchey
'Ben Hinchey' 2 days ago
Why do I think my friends I play with are a hole lot better than him we are 13-14 and height is 5.8-6.2? Well anyway just wanted to express my feelings
Che-Chia Jou
'Che-Chia Jou' 2 days ago
0:45 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahhhqhahahhahahahahahhhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahha
farmer jade Dragon
In freethrows I'm younger then him and I've made 9-10 out of 10
Adrian McNair  Jr
'Adrian McNair Jr' 2 days ago
bro chill I'll sauce him up and lock that down
Robot Joze
'Robot Joze' 2 days ago
so shy
benjamin IKENGA
'benjamin IKENGA' 2 days ago
you bring people that dont know how to play bring curry and we'll see the results
Josh Rivera
'Josh Rivera' 3 days ago
most points i scored was only 34
jared johnson
'jared johnson' 3 days ago
teach me your ways plz
'Myanster' 3 days ago
bruh, they dont even play def on him, me when i was 9 could play better def than that trash
'Myanster' 3 days ago
my free throws are 4/10 and I score 20 pts a game, then again i only play down low
Reddz Jagulus
'Reddz Jagulus' 3 days ago
Go to the hood, you see this everywhere, last week i saw a 14 year old doing the same thing, he was around his height.
baller boy
'baller boy' 3 days ago
I can beet him
OREO Chloe
'OREO Chloe' 3 days ago
I feel bad for the girl 😂
Okin Zak
'Okin Zak' 3 days ago
he did 11 dribbles i think.
'Oto' 3 days ago
am i really watching buzzfeed? wtf is wrong with me
Beauty by Mitchell
4:20 he needs a map
Thomas Whitaker
'Thomas Whitaker' 4 days ago
My best free throw shot in a row is 9 in a row :D
'Alex' 4 days ago
Fat dude is cute i
'TanCoo316' 4 days ago
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'TanCoo316' 4 days ago
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Brian Laramee
'Brian Laramee' 4 days ago
He's 12 and he does foul shot better than some NBA players XD
Joni Hamilton
'Joni Hamilton' 4 days ago
nice shots kid😦😦😦👌👌
Jason Roth
'Jason Roth' 4 days ago
I love how the beginning they made it look like it was going in but it missed
'Meriis' 4 days ago
I don't think yellow shirt wasn't trying
'Dlerix' 5 days ago
dem moves at 1:18
Choonhowe Tan
'Choonhowe Tan' 5 days ago
Wtf omg 😲
Sebastian Villegas
where even are the ancles to be broken.😂😂😂
'Tastyquicksand' 6 days ago
Size matters In football just throw it up they'll catch it
King Hatto
'King Hatto' 6 days ago
if u score 40 then u dont pass and your a ball hog
Joshua Del Rosario
wow. When kobe was his age he scored 60
Elliott Hubbard
'Elliott Hubbard' 6 days ago
i could hav beat them im a 90% free throw shooter and score around fifteen pointsa game
2kgrindontstop 2k
'2kgrindontstop 2k' 6 days ago
3:56 that 2k flop lol
Le swag
'Le swag' 6 days ago
Bruh put Zion there
Kynan Roe
'Kynan Roe' 6 days ago
It's so fixed
Michael Mai
'Michael Mai' 7 days ago
She's shook
'CYTISH' 1 week ago
Describe "Pro" next time....
Gaming bro
'Gaming bro's' 1 week ago
the guy in the yellow has some dope jordan 6's
Jaxon Good
'Jaxon Good' 1 week ago
Those adults are trash
chris kelly
'chris kelly' 1 week ago
Wow girls are so bad!!!
'ROAD to ROCKET' 1 week ago
Sub to me I'm doing an iPhone 7 any colour u want giveaway
Carolyn Mitchell
'Carolyn Mitchell' 1 week ago
You guys should do a farmer one!!!
Armando Ramirez
'Armando Ramirez' 1 week ago
size doesn't matter😂😂 not in a 5 on 5 but in 1on 1 it does matter
T7oken o0o
'T7oken o0o' 1 week ago
the guy with the cap/hat did not take the round 3 too seriously
Toby Marston
'Toby Marston' 1 week ago
if hes considered "a professional basketball player" I'm pretty sure the means that 25% of the world is considered a professional basketball player because i mean he doesn't seem that hard to beat in a 1 on 1 game
Captain Wolves
'Captain Wolves' 1 week ago
i thought it was julian newman
Jay Chism
'Jay Chism' 1 week ago
Stop now,get some help
Amarion Orr
'Amarion Orr' 1 week ago
Angel lamas
'Angel lamas' 1 week ago
they let him win its avious
Logan Scavarda
'Logan Scavarda' 1 week ago
actually size does matter because my brother swats me every time
Em Hernandez
'Em Hernandez' 1 week ago
and I'm nervous
Em Hernandez
'Em Hernandez' 1 week ago
any tips for me cause I have a basketball tourtment tomorrow
Baller Boot Camp
'Baller Boot Camp' 1 week ago
LOL, this is great.
'Hexer' 1 week ago
When you make your player 5'1 and buy VC to max him out
cenotal studio
'cenotal studio' 1 week ago
i want to play with him someday
Henry Eisenhardt
'Henry Eisenhardt' 1 week ago
Kia is a little cocky
TheRealMichael HD
'TheRealMichael HD' 1 week ago
Wtf she jumped on the free throw
Jayden Anderson
'Jayden Anderson' 1 week ago
he is looking at the ball when he dribbles
danny devito
Safrazh Ali
'Safrazh Ali' 1 week ago
I have a basketball tournament game tonight and I'm in inhouse basketball
Chandra B
'Chandra B' 1 week ago
Where is Devy from? Look like chinese-indonesia
'THE BUM BOO BOO' 1 week ago
play another 6 years
'mooncrusher111' 1 week ago
I've been playing longer than him yet he is way better at dribbling
Ima Pro
'Ima Pro' 1 week ago
I thought someone would brake their ankles
'Fobical' 2 weeks ago
Size does matter
Jimmy Mendoza
'Jimmy Mendoza' 2 weeks ago
That's not prodigy
Nate Parish
'Nate Parish' 2 weeks ago
How much of a challenge was this it " about a 2 fucking savage
minecraft supergamer
Let me tell you something It all comes from the heart 😳😁
K.Drama Free
'K.Drama Free' 2 weeks ago
Have the ball brothers play yall
branden Patten
'branden Patten' 2 weeks ago
I don't usually comment but when i do i get no likes
Zaki El Horan
'Zaki El Horan' 2 weeks ago
12 year old kids be using studs now... damn
Sporting Family remix
is Kai Davis Anthony Davis son
'krustykidd' 2 weeks ago
This boi did the spider
Chase Wilson
'Chase Wilson' 2 weeks ago
Sub to me
Elishia Jones jr.
'Elishia Jones jr.' 2 weeks ago
I can do some of those
Elishia Jones jr.
'Elishia Jones jr.' 2 weeks ago
he is really good
Daniel DT
'Daniel DT' 2 weeks ago
BuzzFeed Blue and outro red.....
Mikhael Brown
'Mikhael Brown' 2 weeks ago
the white james harden 😁😆
pablo salas
'pablo salas' 2 weeks ago
40 points max and he is a Prodigy?? I am 13 and i can make 55
Margaux Francoeur
'Margaux Francoeur' 2 weeks ago
He is going to be so good when he is older, man I can't even make it when it is at the lowest height......
Thor Jenkins
'Thor Jenkins' 2 weeks ago
the only buzzfeed video I'll ever watch
Arianiscool Gt
'Arianiscool Gt' 2 weeks ago
I played basketball since i was 5 and if i made a shot my brother would give me a dollar or 2 dollars
Lucas Anderson
'Lucas Anderson' 2 weeks ago
The girl got crossed up
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