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Published: 2 weeks ago By: FaZe Apex

By: FaZe ApexPublished: 2 weeks ago

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1,000,000 likes and I become a pro pool player
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Cade P
'Cade P' 8 hours ago
i love this type of vlog its so action packed
Robbe Claes
'Robbe Claes' 11 hours ago
Creature become stupid lkyshd necessary killer less demand piece door.
Daveon Eedney
'Daveon Eedney' 13 hours ago
no it shouldve kept going he only could loose if he made thaa 8ball and scratched at the same time
Dnf King
'Dnf King' 13 hours ago
This editing from Apex is lit
'Lyenix' 14 hours ago
What was the song playing when Rain was playing tommy in pool?
Franco Prieto
'Franco Prieto' 18 hours ago
He didnt lose, wtf?
U can see in the thumbnail tommy loses
Tom Bates
'Tom Bates' 1 day ago
In Europe we call it pool snooker is a different game same table different rules
Vide Knight
'Vide Knight' 1 day ago
Tommy didn't lose if he had hit the 8-ball then the que ball went in then he would have lost but all he did scratch meaning you get to move the ball where ever
'NaNoChain' 1 day ago
easily best vlog i have seen from faze
Jimmy Mejia
'Jimmy Mejia' 1 day ago
this is my favorite video 😂😂😂😂
Haroun Mohamed
'Haroun Mohamed' 2 days ago
When I saw the thumbnail, I immediately knew it was Tommy who jumped in
'Ethron' 2 days ago
I walk downstairs and see faze temperrr preparing himself to get smacked.
leave a like if you enjoy these vlogs plz!!! have a great dayIm just pissing of some people
Brandon Hernandez
'Brandon Hernandez' 2 days ago
Haha when Rain said "why'd you scam me had m a crackin up
Jacob Danna
'Jacob Danna' 3 days ago
you have to make the 8 ball and scratch to lose Apex
How To be Crazy
'How To be Crazy' 3 days ago
Idk why i'm Watching you


I now

fernando gonzalez
'fernando gonzalez' 3 days ago
Its not like that!! He didnt lose! Its only if he makes the 8ball and then scratches
sonicbat 500
'sonicbat 500' 3 days ago
The cuts were Funny AF
Micah Vecchio
'Micah Vecchio' 3 days ago
Idk y but dis is actually one of my favourite faze apex vids
i yus to have a turtle
Kamanie Lewis “Assassin_KidGaming”
Faze Temper looks like the dude from Starboy
'Lax' 3 days ago
mancat would have made all the shots. What happened to him?
Ethan Martin
'Ethan Martin' 3 days ago
Juan Arce
'Juan Arce' 4 days ago
ill real life beat u all. pull up
Sam Ashton
'Sam Ashton' 4 days ago
Hey I have the same type of turtle
Tristan Carlson
'Tristan Carlson' 4 days ago
Hey apex you're a little short I think you need the baby Cue
Retro Clan
'Retro Clan' 4 days ago
whyd u scam me 😂😂😂
Tricia Cantono
'Tricia Cantono' 5 days ago
You can tell it was temperr
Dezix - Daylon Holst
Just Subscribed! :D
CjDaAcro Masta
'CjDaAcro Masta' 5 days ago
u guys have to do a faze maniquen challenge
simply football
'simply football' 5 days ago
Snooker and pool are 2 different games
Johnny Segarra
'Johnny Segarra' 5 days ago
Nice video u should make more
ethan kelly
'ethan kelly' 5 days ago
rain exposed lmao jks
oS x Clan
'oS x Clan' 5 days ago
You only loose if you make in the 8-ball and scratch, if you only scratch it's just ball in hand for the other player
'Alementus' 6 days ago
rain is do Amateur but he's funny😂😂
Angelique Mazzilli
Yoooooooo this video was so good bro
Brian Gaxiola
'Brian Gaxiola' 6 days ago
FaZe apex you are funny
Luis Romero
'Luis Romero' 6 days ago
I'm 13 years old and I'm better than apex
Ethan Fensome
'Ethan Fensome' 6 days ago
a like your videos
'The Kid SAVAGE' 6 days ago
Noor Almasarweh
'Noor Almasarweh' 6 days ago
7:58 makes so hungry :P
'Fade' 6 days ago
duck I wanted tempper to win
'Childishh' 6 days ago
Love the cudi in the back!0
Allisa Wardell
'Allisa Wardell' 6 days ago
why'd u scam me ....I'm dead
'L' 6 days ago
They have no idea how to play stupid americans hahahaa
'TheGameDose' 6 days ago
U guys are scared of going in that pool, but i would kill to be able to go in that pool whenever i want
Liam Mc Carron
'Liam Mc Carron' 6 days ago
snookers actually an entirely different game
Itz Lordz
'Itz Lordz' 6 days ago
Did he say he bought his 1mil
'NaturalEmblem' 6 days ago
poor Tommy though <3 got scammmmeeeddd lol
'NoHacksPlays' 6 days ago
Does jaeo g t paid??
Cosmic Devil
'Cosmic Devil' 6 days ago
dude... you suck so bad i could be beat you...........and im 12
Leo Daly
'Leo Daly' 6 days ago
I know there expensive but u guys should get a pool heater so u can swim in it
Savage Entertainment
Rain drop
Drop top
Leave me a sub and a like plox
'MikeyGamesYT' 6 days ago
Yo how do you get that plaque thing @ 1:51
BLaZe IpeX
'BLaZe IpeX' 6 days ago
6:12 lol 😂 ball 🏀 falls
'loveliveserve' 7 days ago
'ARMYSTRONGFTW' 7 days ago
click bait lol
Wyatt Longie
'Wyatt Longie' 7 days ago
apex when the white ball gets in u the person who didnt make it in gets to move the ball
Abstract Productions
"Why'd you scam me" that part was ducking legendary
'GOLDEN GALAXIES' 7 days ago
'GOLDEN GALAXIES' 7 days ago
Alex Logsdon
'Alex Logsdon' 7 days ago
6:06 omg😂😂😂
SwEg Monkey
'SwEg Monkey' 7 days ago
Tell Rain to make a new character pool lord nord
'Johnny' 7 days ago
haha he didn't even lose, you lose if you pot both the black and the white on the same shot
Tyler Adair
'Tyler Adair' 7 days ago
you have to scratch and put the 8 ball in to lose
'TheRealSoapy' 7 days ago
Honestly, I would love to join a clan like this. Always have some family around, have someone to laugh with and someone to cheer with would be pretty chill. But, I can't ever get anyone to look at my Clips and give me any feedback! :P
Caden Witt
'Caden Witt' 7 days ago
Tommy didn't lose
Caden Witt
'Caden Witt' 7 days ago
Pool and snooker are completely different games
Mohammed Zorab
'Mohammed Zorab' 7 days ago
Can you slap apex
Calvin Bernstein
'Calvin Bernstein' 7 days ago
put the clear ball thingy on your xbox and it is so funny, but you have to make sure both the xbox and ball are on
Seb Dutton
'Seb Dutton' 7 days ago
lol snooker is a different game similar tho just only red and yellows and a black and white ball
id use dis no more
pool billiards and snooker all three different games
'GoProGrabs' 7 days ago
Favorite vlog by far
Sergio Garcia
'Sergio Garcia' 7 days ago
Thegamerguy YTchannel
4:47 pause WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!!!!!!!
'icytrampoline' 1 week ago
we dont call that snooker! We call it pool. Pool and snooker are 2 different things. triggered
mitch gaming
'mitch gaming' 1 week ago
Dude wtf this is the same vid with different name
'_Luis_' 1 week ago
You only loose if u make the 8 ball and then the cue ball, making it by itself is just a scratch
Marcus 258074
'Marcus 258074' 1 week ago
I'm pretty sure it's only if u make the eight ball and scratch in one turn
'Jack.wilsonn' 1 week ago
You guys should get a basketball ball hoop for the pool and why don't you guys ever go in the pool
'Monhé' 1 week ago
I died at 8:56 ;)
Supercell Gamer
'Supercell Gamer' 1 week ago
You were so lucky back in the old days you only had to do a 720 instaswap to get in to faze but now in our days we have to do good trick shots to attempt to get in faze your a luck person
'FML!!!' 1 week ago
why'd you scam me
Ryan Durocher
'Ryan Durocher' 1 week ago
He had to get the 8ball in and scratch the wight ball too 😐
Berea Buckmaster
'Berea Buckmaster' 1 week ago
Who just subscribe and then unsubscribe just to freak him out in his room!! 😂😂
Andrew Rolfs
'Andrew Rolfs' 1 week ago
wait if you hit the white ball in you don't lose lol
Carson Wisbey
'Carson Wisbey' 1 week ago
whyd you scam me LMAO
Rudy Stucker
'Rudy Stucker' 1 week ago
i will drown myself in the pool if you make that.
'Rasclat' 1 week ago
We don't call it snooker, snooker is another game similar to pool.
Jawahir Saeed
'Jawahir Saeed' 1 week ago
why cant he make more vids like this. these are so funny
'rauliyus' 1 week ago
Apex if i get 400 likes will you do this with every faze house member?
Kodi Donovan
'Kodi Donovan' 1 week ago
if Faze clan can pop phat manus that would be mean as ahahaha
G4mer Jamx
'G4mer Jamx' 1 week ago
is that the new faze house? If it is its dope
jiin 8andrew garcia
8:55 why did u scam me
'Edu' 1 week ago
more tommy
Matt Casey
'Matt Casey' 1 week ago
He didn't lose it's if he makes it and scratches so yea
Wakeen Johnson
'Wakeen Johnson' 1 week ago
Apex do you have an intro
'Silverfin' 1 week ago
I love these vlogs!
'DAZE' 1 week ago
You need to do more vlogs like this are so funny
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