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Published: 2 months ago By: FaZe Apex

By: FaZe ApexPublished: 2 months ago

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1,000,000 likes and I become a pro pool player
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FaZe Apex
'FaZe Apex' 2 months ago
I walk downstairs and see faze temperrr preparing himself to get smacked.
leave a like if you enjoy these vlogs plz!!! have a great day
Jökull Logi
'Jökull Logi' 3 days ago
Pool and Snooker isn't the same thing... Just wanted to let you know of that :D
'THE_INSANE_J Xx12' 1 week ago
8:56 "Why'd you scam me " FaZeRain
RB brothers
'RB brothers' 1 week ago
you didn't win
'CREEPY GOBLIN' 1 week ago
Who else died when rain shit and said why'd you scam me
Jim Lovett
'Jim Lovett' 1 week ago
Imagine apex had long hair
Omar Neri
'Omar Neri' 2 weeks ago
epex didn't win you have make the black Ball and white to lose so faze temperer.
Stars Wars
'Stars Wars' 2 weeks ago
R.I.P Skrt
PlumbRight Work Orders
R.I.P skrt
Kenny Francisco
'Kenny Francisco' 2 weeks ago
"It Wasnt Recording"?? Then Take "Your Fuckin Shit Back Dude"!!😂😂Love Rain Man
Harley Ryder
'Harley Ryder' 2 weeks ago
i haven't seen apec in the pool yet
'NAS ADDICT' 2 weeks ago
We call the pool u know American pool
'NAS ADDICT' 2 weeks ago
I'm English right and we don't call it snooker that's a different type of pool but we just call it pool
'ApEx LEGIT' 2 weeks ago
Snooker is actually a different sport and is not what Europeans call pool
Tony Suarez
'Tony Suarez' 3 weeks ago
That's not how you play. You only lose if you pot the 8 ball and the cue ball at the same time retard
'kinkz_AOG' 3 weeks ago
@ 8:55 rains face 😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
when faze rain said why you scam me I died
I unsubbed and subbed 5 times so your youtube meter breaks
CaptainCD Vlogs
'CaptainCD Vlogs' 3 weeks ago
What is that grip on that cue apex bruh
Tyler Talks
'Tyler Talks' 3 weeks ago
thats wrong if the 8ball goes IN AND the white ball you lose not only if you get a scratch
Emma Millikin
'Emma Millikin' 4 weeks ago
9:22 😍😍😍😘😘😘
Pootato 11
'Pootato 11' 4 weeks ago
Hahahahgaha Lolllll Pool
'ImAdamJames' 4 weeks ago
Snooker is a completely different game...
'Zoldi' 4 weeks ago
Buy a fuseball table
SyNz Clux
'SyNz Clux' 4 weeks ago
Snooker is deferent of to pool
Jagger cegon
'Jagger cegon' 4 weeks ago
You only lose if you make 8ball and scratches
Josh The Gamer
'Josh The Gamer' 4 weeks ago
snooker isn't what pool is called in Europe snooker is an entirely diffrent game we still have pool though
Grayson Cole
'Grayson Cole' 4 weeks ago
Faze temperr didn't have to jump in the pool the only way to if I scratch it is if u make in the 8 ball and the cue ball on the same hit
Octavio Reyes
'Octavio Reyes' 1 month ago
Isn't if you need to make the black and you do make it and scratch you lose?
Joey Benedict
'Joey Benedict' 1 month ago
i love the original background music
Crossbar Carson
'Crossbar Carson' 1 month ago
Actull in Europe they call it an pool too. Snooker is a different game
dani kaja
'dani kaja' 1 month ago
Yo rain at the end got me weak nice ass house tho that's lit
moooore pillows
Deharo98 C
'Deharo98 C' 1 month ago
Lmfaol this video had me dying
Vaughn Schmidt
'Vaughn Schmidt' 1 month ago
Apex spit on the plasma ball

BC verbena
Vaughn Schmidt
'Vaughn Schmidt' 1 month ago
Apex spit on the plasma ball
Vaughn Schmidt
'Vaughn Schmidt' 1 month ago
Apex spit on the plasma ball
Vaughn Schmidt
'Vaughn Schmidt' 1 month ago
Apex spit on the plasma ball
Luke Mallinson
'Luke Mallinson' 1 month ago
we don't call pool snooker, snooker is a different game.
'THE IRISH ASIAN' 1 month ago
"Whyd u scam me" i legit DIED
Typicaltg playz
'Typicaltg playz' 1 month ago
8:56 is so funny I was laughing 😂 hard 😂😂😂😂
Tood Anderson
'Tood Anderson' 1 month ago
Jesus Christ you guys are terrible at pool.
NAFI Visha
'NAFI Visha' 1 month ago
U guys suck on pool
'Julian's Life' 1 month ago
Rip skirt
'Acacia' 2 months ago
"I'll drown myself in the pool if you make this" 😂😂😂
'THE_INSANE_J Xx12' 2 months ago
8:56 - Faze Rain. "Why'd you scam me"
The Legend 27
'The Legend 27' 2 months ago
why you scam me XDD
'itzyaboibrady' 2 months ago
You don't lose unless you hit the 8 ball in and the cue ball
Darren Adams
'Darren Adams' 2 months ago
Play roblox
'TTrMx420' 2 months ago
snookers a completely different game than pool haha
RI0T Erupt
'RI0T Erupt' 2 months ago
Trenten Gouchie
'Trenten Gouchie' 2 months ago
It was fucking asm man
Alex Rivera
'Alex Rivera' 2 months ago
8:55 damn that's why I fucking love nord😂😂😂
Jose Frutos-Rodriguez
Faze temperr is good at rapping
Jose Frutos-Rodriguez
Faze apex your so funny
Jose Frutos-Rodriguez
Faze temperr is so tall and cool
'ParrotFX' 2 months ago
Why have we not seen adapt shirtless yet hahahh
Josiah Yang
'Josiah Yang' 2 months ago
temper won he did not lose because the 8 ball has to go in too if it doest go in its still game
Amie Collins
'Amie Collins' 2 months ago
wrong name size forgot his name! he got 2million subs Can't remember haha lol
Amie Collins
'Amie Collins' 2 months ago
looks like manners house
David Will
'David Will' 2 months ago
RIP Skrt
w̸a̸s̸s̸ g̸o̸o̸d̸
what the song in 19 second
Ryan Smetana
'Ryan Smetana' 2 months ago
who is watching this when skrt is dead
Brentonimis Films
'Brentonimis Films' 2 months ago
Apex your the funniest out of everybody 😂😂😂😂
deadly reptile
'deadly reptile' 2 months ago
pool and snooker are two different games
'Slashr' 2 months ago
temperrr didnt actually lose. its only an L if he gets the 8 ball in AND scratches
Elliot Wilks
'Elliot Wilks' 2 months ago
We call it pool in Europe snooker is a different game
Jay Rice
'Jay Rice' 2 months ago
Anyone know the name of their pool table ? (BRAND)
toby thompson
'toby thompson' 2 months ago
Pool and snooker are two different games 😅
optic scumperjumper
'optic scumperjumper' 2 months ago
I like turtles
emilio gutierrez
'emilio gutierrez' 2 months ago
This was incredible editing APEC good stuff👌
'alinikovic' 2 months ago
In Urup it's could billieyards that's the name in urup pool is how America says it
Cade P
'Cade P' 2 months ago
i love this type of vlog its so action packed
Robbe Claes
'Robbe Claes' 2 months ago
Creature become stupid lkyshd necessary killer less demand piece door.
Daveon Eedney
'Daveon Eedney' 2 months ago
no it shouldve kept going he only could loose if he made thaa 8ball and scratched at the same time
Vlog Boi
'Vlog Boi' 2 months ago
This editing from Apex is lit
'Lyenix' 2 months ago
What was the song playing when Rain was playing tommy in pool?
Franco Prieto
'Franco Prieto' 2 months ago
He didnt lose, wtf?
U can see in the thumbnail tommy loses
Tom Bates
'Tom Bates' 2 months ago
In Europe we call it pool snooker is a different game same table different rules
Vide Knight
'Vide Knight' 2 months ago
Tommy didn't lose if he had hit the 8-ball then the que ball went in then he would have lost but all he did scratch meaning you get to move the ball where ever
'NaNoChain' 2 months ago
easily best vlog i have seen from faze
Jimmy Mejia
'Jimmy Mejia' 2 months ago
this is my favorite video 😂😂😂😂
Haroun Mohamed
'Haroun Mohamed' 2 months ago
When I saw the thumbnail, I immediately knew it was Tommy who jumped in
'Ethron' 2 months ago
I walk downstairs and see faze temperrr preparing himself to get smacked.
leave a like if you enjoy these vlogs plz!!! have a great dayIm just pissing of some people
Brandon Hernandez
'Brandon Hernandez' 2 months ago
Haha when Rain said "why'd you scam me had m a crackin up
Jacob Danna
'Jacob Danna' 2 months ago
you have to make the 8 ball and scratch to lose Apex
'HowToBeCrazy' 2 months ago
Idk why i'm Watching you


I now

fernando gonzalez
'fernando gonzalez' 2 months ago
Its not like that!! He didnt lose! Its only if he makes the 8ball and then scratches
sonicbat 500
'sonicbat 500' 2 months ago
The cuts were Funny AF
Micah Vecchio
'Micah Vecchio' 2 months ago
Idk y but dis is actually one of my favourite faze apex vids
'ROYALTY GAMING' 2 months ago
i yus to have a turtle
Kamanie Lewis
'Kamanie Lewis' 2 months ago
Faze Temper looks like the dude from Starboy
'Lax' 2 months ago
mancat would have made all the shots. What happened to him?
Ethan Martin
'Ethan Martin' 2 months ago
Juan Arce
'Juan Arce' 2 months ago
ill real life beat u all. pull up
Sam Ashton
'Sam Ashton' 2 months ago
Hey I have the same type of turtle
Tristan Carlson
'Tristan Carlson' 2 months ago
Hey apex you're a little short I think you need the baby Cue
Retro  Clan
'Retro Clan' 2 months ago
whyd u scam me 😂😂😂
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