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EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS Samsung Galaxy S6 edge -
Published: 3 months ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 3 months ago

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Different Heaven - Nekozilla (LFZ Remix) [NCS Release]

Different Heaven

'MrGear' 3 months ago
"EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS iPhone" - Do you want?
Samsung J2prime
'Samsung J2prime' 44 minutes ago
please enter password to oppo merk
Tony Tablet
'Tony Tablet' 1 hour ago
OMFG HE JUST KILLED A PHONE!! ;( if you dont want you can gimme,,, dont u scared it explodes?
michal bednarz
'michal bednarz' 2 hours ago
Oskar Potracki
'Oskar Potracki' 2 hours ago
co to byla za lapa
M Fariz Satrio
'M Fariz Satrio' 2 hours ago
brni ga pake balon helium
'KIM TAEHYUNG' 3 hours ago
O my god
Olciakk xD
'Olciakk xD' 3 hours ago
Hajs z youtuba sie zgadza? xD
Vasile Stan
'Vasile Stan' 3 hours ago
nu Samsung
Victor Y Lee
'Victor Y Lee' 3 hours ago
What's the point , lol
emir pakarsen
'emir pakarsen' 4 hours ago
dont you realize how many starving kids in Africa could've eaten that thing?
Old Chica
'Old Chica' 4 hours ago
Biedny Samsung!
Stana Bandur
'Stana Bandur' 5 hours ago
stupid man I'd the Samsung did not work it didn't work and that's a waste of money
Igor Fesyk
'Igor Fesyk' 5 hours ago
Если б, ты такое с Nokia(кнопочним) делал он бы еще работал!
Damien Blanc
'Damien Blanc' 5 hours ago
vraiment con srx ta que sa a foutre ds ta vie enfaite ??? les telephone sa coute pa chére hein ya na qui en voudrais bien un telephone povre con yan na qui peuve meme pa acheter de koi manger et toi tu fais t truc qui serve a rien t con koi
Zizi Fil
'Zizi Fil' 5 hours ago
Den Medvedev
'Den Medvedev' 5 hours ago
Martina nina
'Martina nina' 5 hours ago
szkoda mi tego telefonu 😞
Willie Martin
'Willie Martin' 5 hours ago
why would you destroy a phone most people would kill for a phone
Ashley Nicholson
'Ashley Nicholson' 6 hours ago
Why do that to I phone u could of kept it or done a give a way 😡
Sabila Rosyiidatul
what the hell
Varenza Andhees
'Varenza Andhees' 7 hours ago
Are you lost your mind? :v
Fluffle Stuff
'Fluffle Stuff' 7 hours ago
Samsung: u wot m8
Ashton A. Holmes
'Ashton A. Holmes' 8 hours ago
cool btu wat happed
Полюбому стекло защитное есть и ему пох
как что и не жалко карябать )
'MYG Min' 10 hours ago
you need 💩🔪💀 :-(
Lucky Uki
'Lucky Uki' 10 hours ago
Rothy Espino
'Rothy Espino' 11 hours ago
what da fuck you do to that Samsung Galaxy S6
'Kello' 11 hours ago
when I saw a hand I nearly puked
'myasadefa' 12 hours ago
Elizabeth Galvan
'Elizabeth Galvan' 13 hours ago
pendejo desperdicias todo
Lela Ballard
'Lela Ballard' 13 hours ago
really the phone that's stupid
cora ward
'cora ward' 13 hours ago
it's jello... now it's juice :)
Mr flames yt
'Mr flames yt' 14 hours ago
should Mr gear do a face reviel guys
'DAVID GHEORGHE' 15 hours ago
WTF your phone???????
Оля Подвигина
ну ты .......... де......б.........и.......л прости но такую вещь
Camille Proye
'Camille Proye' 15 hours ago
Gameking 012
'Gameking 012' 15 hours ago
What did you do with that poor phone?
Даниил Варшицкий
Mirko Mirkic
'Mirko Mirkic' 16 hours ago
Well you better be me busin phone I have than him with a knife broke
Mirko Mirkic
'Mirko Mirkic' 16 hours ago
Brate bolje da si meni dao telefon ja nemam :D
Ambrose Blurryface
'Ambrose Blurryface' 16 hours ago
it's​ more like how to waste money
The Dragon
'The Dragon' 16 hours ago
Bettina Gál
'Bettina Gál' 16 hours ago
Fuller Crane
'Fuller Crane' 16 hours ago
Kids in Africa could of ate that 1000 degree knife.
santiago santana
'santiago santana' 17 hours ago
q hace
Dnautica Thornton
'Dnautica Thornton' 17 hours ago
hey Clorox bleach nice name.
Daniela Gasparyan
'Daniela Gasparyan' 18 hours ago
ты аканчательный дурак идиот бедный телефон
Martinka Vlogsss Llama
You should cut a iphone box
Russian Rider Online
'Russian Rider Online' 18 hours ago
пачему вы ломаети телефон
'Mex1Gaming' 18 hours ago
your getting sueed
Martyna Maksymiuk
'Martyna Maksymiuk' 19 hours ago
masz nie równo pod sufitem .
z tym telefonem to przesada
Ana Clara Soares
'Ana Clara Soares' 20 hours ago
não faça mais isso
Tasha Propes
'Tasha Propes' 20 hours ago
why did you do that
Jaeda Shunn
'Jaeda Shunn' 20 hours ago
why would you do that to a PHONW
Adesh Bote
'Adesh Bote' 20 hours ago
Adesh Bote
'Adesh Bote' 20 hours ago
Rimma G
'Rimma G' 21 hours ago
лучше бы мне отдал
Elven Master
'Elven Master' 21 hours ago
olika pressents
'olika pressents' 21 hours ago
hulye vagy
te geci en nem ezt csinalnam
Roland Schoner
'Roland Schoner' 21 hours ago
Roland Schoner
'Roland Schoner' 21 hours ago
Nguyen Lien
'Nguyen Lien' 21 hours ago
Hakeem Ubqari
'Hakeem Ubqari' 22 hours ago
Your great
Blue Brains
'Blue Brains' 22 hours ago
Cut Galaxy 7
Blue Brains
'Blue Brains' 23 hours ago
Nightmare Mangle
'Nightmare Mangle' 23 hours ago
i feel like crying, because that phone is ded
Genisse Franklin
'Genisse Franklin' 23 hours ago
I can't imagine what that hot knife could do to human skin
Patricia Segura :D
'Patricia Segura :D' 23 hours ago
and theres me crying over a snickers bar i cant afford
jwei xu
'jwei xu' 24 hours ago
The hand is real?
Liam Colfey
'Liam Colfey' 24 hours ago
Hey cut up your phone
BowserKoopa22 Productions
the start gave me chills like fuck
Hunter Game
'Hunter Game' 1 day ago
4:51 он сказал сука
Петя Борисенко
Что ты с ним сдеееееееееееееееееееееееееееелал
Malakai Didier
'Malakai Didier' 1 day ago
Piotr Ryno
'Piotr Ryno' 1 day ago
Experiment human
Kanake Muciri
'Kanake Muciri' 1 day ago
is that a real hand
Mạnh Ứng
'Mạnh Ứng' 1 day ago
Mạnh Ứng
'Mạnh Ứng' 1 day ago
yessssssssssss bro
Adnane Hajjari
'Adnane Hajjari' 1 day ago
You are brave
'Jan kOWALSKI' 1 day ago
2:38 thys voice
little fool
'little fool' 1 day ago
rip : iphone
Willow Wiesse
'Willow Wiesse' 1 day ago
The first bit of the video he cut a hand I nearly died!!
Pyro Maniac
'Pyro Maniac' 1 day ago
The difference between FireSweetFire and Mrgear:
FSF like only to play with fire.
MrGear like only the money of views ;)
'Podzilla' 1 day ago
What is with the dislikes?
Соня Кеса
нормальный или как?телефон то тут причём
Мария Громова
Лучшие телефон мне отдал:-(:@
Skini 89
'Skini 89' 1 day ago
GameS HP
'GameS HP' 1 day ago
Lucky he didn't cut note 7
Карина Л
'Карина Л' 1 day ago
Зачем телефон разбивать
Sushma Sharma
'Sushma Sharma' 1 day ago
why do you waste things??
Pray for the phone 😔
NG-Legacy Statue
'NG-Legacy Statue' 1 day ago
SmileyBoySa Gaming
Kenji Idolog
'Kenji Idolog' 1 day ago
its not a real hand
Kenji Idolog
'Kenji Idolog' 1 day ago
its that a real hand??
liam abraham
'liam abraham' 1 day ago
sub to my channel
Ttavis Pelfrey
'Ttavis Pelfrey' 1 day ago
phone did not work
Sonia Tucker
'Sonia Tucker' 1 day ago
u probly had nudes on tht phone
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