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Big Sean - Moves -
Published: 4 months ago By: BigSeanVEVO

By: BigSeanVEVOPublished: 4 months ago

21, 187, 213 views

267, 368 Likes   12, 173 Dislikes

I DECIDED. Available Now

Director: Mike Carson
Video Producers: Austin Barbera & Taylor Vandegrift
DP: Frank Mobilio
Editor: JR Strickland
VFX: Skulley FX
Production Company: Cineaste Films

Song Produced by: Fuse of 808 Mafia

Music video by Big Sean performing Moves. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

'ADDONIS REED' 2 hours ago
savg boy
Agnes Larissa
'Agnes Larissa' 2 hours ago
Drake dance parody.

why so many white girls?! when its to dance show a black girl, when its just to be doing nothing they show white girls.
Cheryl Grant
'Cheryl Grant' 3 hours ago
this is cool
Tayna Braga Alterescu
Damnnn so many views now, this song deserved it🙌🏽🔥
andi channel
'andi channel' 4 hours ago
hes follow drake dance
Katlego Motsage
'Katlego Motsage' 10 hours ago
I got the moves when I'm with my girl
T Sells
'T Sells' 17 hours ago
ruined it with the G damn
Optumis Prime
'Optumis Prime' 18 hours ago
This nigga got bars like damn
DJ Meri
'DJ Meri' 19 hours ago
strange sounds in the background ...
DJ Carter
'DJ Carter' 19 hours ago
Who else wishes this song could be a minute longer?
Sameer Khan
'Sameer Khan' 21 hours ago
Mica Mirage
'Mica Mirage' 22 hours ago
that 💩was tight!
XXsweetgurl XX
'XXsweetgurl XX' 22 hours ago
Ok then Big Sean Must really have the moves since he made Ariana Grande Back and Titties move
Cat Perez
'Cat Perez' 23 hours ago
I only like "I got the moves I got the moves" OOPS
'X RNG X GOD' 23 hours ago
this nigga done wit lighskin
K. T
'K. T' 1 day ago
ernie crawford
'ernie crawford' 1 day ago
Okay okay okay im on rodeo for the day If u owe me pay your Layaway away stay away or your ass might get K.O kay today man that pew pew hit your ass way oh ways away
Kaylin Louw
'Kaylin Louw' 1 day ago
she make the titis move
getting ugly bitches from the street and making a weird music video, with perfect music.
Justin aviles
'Justin aviles' 1 day ago
at 1:14 and 1:28 sean look like chuky
'RAYMOND KALULE' 1 day ago
Sean Don
christina dezan
'christina dezan' 1 day ago
Hind Hamad
'Hind Hamad' 1 day ago
the girl so ugli
'RC's Lyfestyle' 1 day ago
Big Sean carries Drake's style better than drake.
Who almost had a seizure when they realized that those sexy woman had wrinkles?
Naier pablo
'Naier pablo' 1 day ago
To all who watching this is young sizzle beat from winning 3
newboy james
'newboy james' 1 day ago
Wohh wohhhhhhhhhh😩🔊🔊🔥
'Dapressed' 2 days ago
Why this remind me of the OJ song guy
OG Trap
'OG Trap' 2 days ago
0:09 can someone tell me how can i find that sample?
Erika Portador
'Erika Portador' 2 days ago
My fav song😻😻💦😤 keep slaying😻💙
Junior Flores
'Junior Flores' 2 days ago
love this song it lit:-):-)
Golden- Kristine
'Golden- Kristine' 2 days ago
I like the song. I don't like the video tho. I guess I expected more.
'VV IZE' 2 days ago
she make the back move??? I think he means ass?
Shawana Hicks
'Shawana Hicks' 2 days ago
lol did he really have those girls color coordinated??
Joey Delavega
'Joey Delavega' 2 days ago
Big Sean videos stay having the same style
Garret Kight
'Garret Kight' 2 days ago
This is my all time favorite song
hello my name is
'hello my name is' 2 days ago
Way litter than bounce back
Alana Aranda
'Alana Aranda' 2 days ago
I love this song I got the moves
'sabdivaist' 2 days ago
why am i getting some drake vibes here?
Connor Schwartz
'Connor Schwartz' 2 days ago
What's worse dance moves big Sean or drake 😅😅😅😅
'flytjsosweet' 2 days ago
I gotta say it this song is too got damn short! I need two more minutes remix it with a$ap ferg and one more person (can't think of nobody) and this joint with be another level of 🔥🔥🔥.
Brandin swagg
'Brandin swagg' 2 days ago
fake ass wannabe drake good song tho
Pedro Colodetti
'Pedro Colodetti' 2 days ago
How's this dance not a trend right now ?
geraldine mora
'geraldine mora' 2 days ago
get better girls there ugly
pantherfan 4055
'pantherfan 4055' 2 days ago
big sean is making moves this year
Edward Billa
'Edward Billa' 2 days ago
Mami Chula
'Mami Chula' 2 days ago
best songs always short af
'Jeveronni' 2 days ago
iTv news
Alex Miron
'Alex Miron' 2 days ago
1:17, "god damn cooning action" hodgetwins 😩😂😂
Peter Ndwiga
'Peter Ndwiga' 2 days ago
You should probably listen to winning 3 by southside...
Slash Fox
'Slash Fox' 2 days ago
People that dislike the video then why the fuck are you watching it in the first place this song is lit
qveen slay
'qveen slay' 2 days ago
my fuckin song😍🖖
'FF A' 3 days ago
1:42 she got the sauce
stinky shit
'stinky shit' 3 days ago
shoulda played this when donald trump got sworn in
Too Trill Ent.
'Too Trill Ent.' 3 days ago
what the hell is sean wearing
Steph J Millz
'Steph J Millz' 3 days ago
I swear boi looks too much like Denzel on Training Day
'Lainmodz' 3 days ago
He learned that wuju style
nina ballin
'nina ballin' 3 days ago
i feel like i should smoke a blunt now.
Zick Scitt Swinn
'Zick Scitt Swinn' 3 days ago
Nice song. Nice pants. It look like he got some feces in his diaper.
'Marisa' 3 days ago
it's a earthquake when u make the city move😂
Cunning Spirit
'Cunning Spirit' 3 days ago
his swag though
'hello' 4 days ago
this is a good song but lyrically no one tops Kendrick nope nope nope
Fear Llama
'Fear Llama' 4 days ago
It's more fire 🔥 than the sun
'zVenTzZ' 4 days ago
1:10 can did he just mention Logic? (Tarintino) not sure how to spell it
Ahmed Munye
'Ahmed Munye' 4 days ago
1:15 Is The Lit Part..When The lights Turn Off..They ain't turnin back on
lil bomer butter123
trying to impress a girl be like....😎😝boyy
Nick Echaniz
'Nick Echaniz' 4 days ago
Ro trappinoutbando
'YoungJR618' 4 days ago
am I the only one who heard the ice cream truck music on this beat?lol
Hyun Cheoul Park
'Hyun Cheoul Park' 4 days ago
Sean you made it
Miruna Gavrilescu
'Miruna Gavrilescu' 4 days ago
1:28 fire moment
lil bomer butter123
meeting a girl be like....😝
Cascade Slimm
'Cascade Slimm' 4 days ago
this my shit in the club
Wilmer A
'Wilmer A' 5 days ago
dancing to tribal?
Chris Hughes
'Chris Hughes' 5 days ago
Was that lilyachty from peek a boo
Carly Phillips
'Carly Phillips' 5 days ago
Carly Phillips
'Carly Phillips' 5 days ago
Carly Phillips
'Carly Phillips' 5 days ago
I have the moves to
Carly Phillips
'Carly Phillips' 5 days ago
I have the moves to
Enojado Entediado
'Enojado Entediado' 5 days ago
shit list ...rap slow fuck !!!!
Ricardo Gutierrez
'Ricardo Gutierrez' 5 days ago
my nigga big sean on that sid (acid) I know... it was about time to expand that mind.
'DaReelP3' 5 days ago
Make move in his ass😭
FifthDrake 5
'FifthDrake 5' 5 days ago
Sounds like young sizzles winning 3
'mrocznyłowca333' 5 days ago
Estrella Hernandez
This is my fucking jam fuck yeah !❤👅💯😈😈
Raynard Moss
'Raynard Moss' 5 days ago
so big Sean didn't come on fuckin it up 😁💯🔥
Jerry Brewer
'Jerry Brewer' 5 days ago
0:38 some hillbilly gorilla lookin ass
lpawe Ya
'lpawe Ya' 6 days ago
Francisco Tarin
'Francisco Tarin' 6 days ago
Haha those pants look like they be shitting them self
Vassero Ghaniy
'Vassero Ghaniy' 6 days ago
this is my first time seeing african american cant dance
Ammar Zakaria
'Ammar Zakaria' 6 days ago
didn't anybody find his dancing funny?
'ilovepink86' 6 days ago
He started dancing like a Teletubby 16 seconds in.
tyler solomon
'tyler solomon' 6 days ago
This reminds me of ghost in the shell idk why lol
Stacy Long
'Stacy Long' 6 days ago
big sean got cool songs but weird videos
'DARRYL Barnes' 6 days ago
This my jam!
tahreem rehman
'tahreem rehman' 6 days ago
Linsleigh Spence
'Linsleigh Spence' 6 days ago
I love this song
'K GEE' 6 days ago
This is more lit then a forest fire!...more heat then the sun!
Palma _
'Palma _' 6 days ago
he shit his pants? 0:31
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