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Big Sean - Moves -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BigSeanVEVO

By: BigSeanVEVOPublished: 3 weeks ago

6, 651, 168 views

134, 937 Likes   6, 539 Dislikes

The 4th Album From Big Sean I DECIDED. - Available February 3rd
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Director: Mike Carson
Video Producers: Austin Barbera & Taylor Vandegrift
DP: Frank Mobilio
Editor: JR Strickland
VFX: Skulley FX
Production Company: Cineaste Films

Song Produced by: Fuse of 808 Mafia

Music video by Big Sean performing Moves. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

chris quessy
'chris quessy' 16 minutes ago
yo this song is just a discount paradise
Honest Truth
'Honest Truth' 41 minutes ago
Big Sean so original the best of the underrated ,fuck that one of the best today
'lonemoon' 48 minutes ago
Kim TaeSung
'Kim TaeSung' 58 minutes ago
제발 노래는 좋게 만들고 왜 영상은
Thunderlion Gamning
Why did I listen to the clean version first ??
Mike P.
'Mike P.' 2 hours ago
What's with the same video
Christian Simmons
'Christian Simmons' 2 hours ago
my nigga iz killin this $hyt
'ElectroZDX' 2 hours ago
Need help .-.
swagged jays
'swagged jays' 2 hours ago
one of the most underrated rappers
'Kangruv' 2 hours ago
Ey check my music I'm broke and spent everything on equipment!
LB Rudz
'LB Rudz' 2 hours ago
Don't forget Drake & Macklemore stole Big Sean's flow.
nine nine niqqa
'nine nine niqqa' 3 hours ago
Sean getting doper every day
'PhilStriker2' 3 hours ago niggggggaaaaa. Still getting it
MachineGunKelly LaceUP
and mothafuckas still SLEEEP ...
The Black Introvert
'The Black Introvert' 3 hours ago
I'm so happy music videos are acknowledging 'Black Beauty' Again.
PF Trap
'PF Trap' 4 hours ago
This music video is more for lil yachty or uzi vert idk i see for one of those two
Randy Savage
'Randy Savage' 5 hours ago
"Said I gotta keep it real I been a g
Ballin like a fool I just hit the winnin 3"
That Young Sizzle!!!!!
RaiZe Ko
'RaiZe Ko' 5 hours ago
hey, try playing this with no sound, lmfao it's funny. .
Jeramie Waller
'Jeramie Waller' 6 hours ago
Jeramie Waller
'Jeramie Waller' 6 hours ago
Big Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Undead Muisc
'Undead Muisc' 6 hours ago
This song is about to hit 10m Views 🔥
Undead Muisc
'Undead Muisc' 6 hours ago
Holy shit I saw the video when it came out to many views already 😂😂
'Silva' 6 hours ago
Sean is easily my favorite and most respected rapper
Brett Ellison
'Brett Ellison' 7 hours ago
that step is fire
Leonardo Moura
'Leonardo Moura' 7 hours ago
P. Reign did it first. Just saying!
Marilyn Hollis
'Marilyn Hollis' 8 hours ago
go hard
Alpaca-Tastic Logic
'Alpaca-Tastic Logic' 8 hours ago
Why do people consider Drake "fire" again? Big Sean out here killing it and just.... no.
Isaia Wright
'Isaia Wright' 9 hours ago
theres no in between with this dude, its either funny and cool or a fucking burner... this is one of those burners
Epic Seven
'Epic Seven' 9 hours ago
hit her WIT that dance move. now she got one of these in the whip♿
'Vendetta' 10 hours ago
I wanna know how the fuck my nerdy ass friend found this song, it BANGS
hannibal Smith
'hannibal Smith' 10 hours ago
awesome video
Anthony Huynh
'Anthony Huynh' 11 hours ago
I didn't know drake had a feature Bruh he looks like drake
George Assaf
'George Assaf' 11 hours ago
drake????????? xD
Kamila Warner
'Kamila Warner' 11 hours ago
Emcee Squared
'Emcee Squared' 11 hours ago
What's up guys I'm an up and coming rapper just trying get a little exposure for my work. I just dropped a remix to this song, mind giving me some feedback. I'd really appreciate it, thanks!
'fishgrz125' 11 hours ago
Probably the most underrated commercial LYRICIST in the industry!!!
Rishi Shah
'Rishi Shah' 11 hours ago
Omg hes great great content !
Sergio Simmonds
'Sergio Simmonds' 12 hours ago
Looking like a gangbanging teletubby.
Tanner Chase
'Tanner Chase' 12 hours ago
this fucking sucks XD
Slivy Ivy
'Slivy Ivy' 13 hours ago
The beginning is my favorite part. I'm feeling his dance moves
Jugal Thakwani
'Jugal Thakwani' 14 hours ago
are those pumas black or blue?
'YoungA170' 14 hours ago
Im a rapper trying to get recognition, can you guys give my music a listen
Anna Grima (Grimpi)
'Anna Grima (Grimpi)' 14 hours ago
That girl moves
bouje kidd
'bouje kidd' 14 hours ago
drake 2 lolz😂😂😂😂💯💯
The Real Greek Freak
'The Real Greek Freak' 14 hours ago
1:16-1:30 why does that remind me of FNAF?
'LIL PEDRO' 15 hours ago
He's one of the GOAT's 💯🔥💯
Valantis Maleskos
'Valantis Maleskos' 15 hours ago
newschool beat but straight barssssssssssssss, finally hip hop sean came through.
maxime rabergeau
'maxime rabergeau' 16 hours ago
1:42 daaamn
Practic 2
'Practic 2' 16 hours ago
Shariqwa Witwicky
'Shariqwa Witwicky' 17 hours ago
The stairs in the hotline bling video are the same stairs in the blessings video
Jodi-leigh Perry
'Jodi-leigh Perry' 17 hours ago
Дмитрий Петрович
Destinee H
'Destinee H' 17 hours ago
I wish it was longer!
Baraah H
'Baraah H' 18 hours ago
The his voice tone and music video is amazing n simple🦋 ‏كتير
The Homie Yoshi
'The Homie Yoshi' 18 hours ago
1:27 is dope
Jesus Suazo
'Jesus Suazo' 18 hours ago
¿ SNL Anyone?
adorius morise
'adorius morise' 18 hours ago
That lil dance is saucy asf😎💯💯💯
Adrian Vega
'Adrian Vega' 20 hours ago
He looked like Kodak when the lights went out
'SIM' 20 hours ago
this is the meaning of a low budget viedo
'AKONIxx' 20 hours ago
fuck. Big Sean is so fucking cold dude
John Lankford
'John Lankford' 20 hours ago
This is an Original
Just hit 600k on soundcloud!
Nkululeko Mchunu
'Nkululeko Mchunu' 20 hours ago
what do you guys think about the dance...the back move
Stephy 6257
'Stephy 6257' 20 hours ago
top 5 for sure!! niggas in a deep sleep on him!!
2000 watts
'2000 watts' 20 hours ago
This guy can actually rap most rappers can't
Hunter Perkins
'Hunter Perkins' 21 hours ago
damn he got popular
'Konstancy' 22 hours ago
Young artist on the come up, my music speaks for itself, check me out
Hafsa Hirsi
'Hafsa Hirsi' 22 hours ago
drake is ight but this is big seans year. underrated af
'canibizle777' 23 hours ago
This shit right here... The truth.
Jonn M.P
'Jonn M.P' 23 hours ago
So proud of my nigga Sean 🙏🔥
unafanatica mas :v
'unafanatica mas :v' 23 hours ago
un negro drogado xD ??? no me gusto nada pero el canta bien
'Flexicutor' 23 hours ago
A big ass W for Sean
M.R. Shahill
'M.R. Shahill' 23 hours ago
Drake inspired Big Sean for the dance MOVES 😂😂😂
Vague Studios
'Vague Studios' 23 hours ago
hard af
kenwyn gatewood
'kenwyn gatewood' 23 hours ago
why it sound like he in a laundromat in the beginning?
'IamWing08' 24 hours ago
I swear to God he deserves way more.
Bujar Lekaj
'Bujar Lekaj' 1 day ago
he got the moves
'Mo' 1 day ago
Hotline bling big sean version
João Pedro
'João Pedro' 1 day ago
2017 is the year of Asap Rocky and Big Sean
CNN news channelx
'killacuz3' 1 day ago
big sean look like the Ethiopian version of brian pumper
Abdullah Z
'Abdullah Z' 1 day ago
Big Sean: I got the moves!
Drake: I got the moves!
Big Sean: Nahhhh Nigga😅
Nofil Rajput
'Nofil Rajput' 1 day ago
he's underrated af
Life Of Daren
'Life Of Daren' 1 day ago
why douse he look like black fouseytube?
Robert Johnstone
'Robert Johnstone' 1 day ago
Fire. That is all
k tab
'k tab' 1 day ago
I can't decide if this song makes me want to run a marathon or slap some stripper titties. Both
'M // POWER' 1 day ago
Fuck this 🖕🏾 big Sean is Gay
Nathan Torres
'Nathan Torres' 1 day ago
This nigga merged trap music and actual dope ass bars...
Bryan tho
'Bryan tho' 1 day ago
Good song for sex
Mike Klement
'Mike Klement' 1 day ago
How is this garbage considered music???
Jevah ϟ
'Jevah ϟ' 1 day ago
faze temperr killin it
Deveon Mcmahon
'Deveon Mcmahon' 1 day ago
DSP was good but I decided gonna be great (maybe) hopefully it is people sleeping on big Sean
'LA FLAME' 1 day ago
This video is simple but weird as hell
Kevin cortez
'Kevin cortez' 1 day ago
Reminds me of hotline bling lol
angela walker
'angela walker' 1 day ago
I luvs him....MI stand-up!
sad templar
'sad templar' 1 day ago
Enmanuel Fernandez
B I G S E A N ! ! ! 💪👽
'deathgravez' 1 day ago
that jacket is fire tho
AJ_Da boss 1223
'AJ_Da boss 1223' 1 day ago
imagine if logic had a verse in this song
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