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Big Sean - Moves -
Published: 2 months ago By: BigSeanVEVO

By: BigSeanVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

12, 482, 618 views

192, 778 Likes   8, 553 Dislikes

I DECIDED. Available Now

Director: Mike Carson
Video Producers: Austin Barbera & Taylor Vandegrift
DP: Frank Mobilio
Editor: JR Strickland
VFX: Skulley FX
Production Company: Cineaste Films

Song Produced by: Fuse of 808 Mafia

Music video by Big Sean performing Moves. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

'tinyfromutube' 21 minutes ago
He came back stronger. He goes hard. Hes the type to have you thinking you getting hoes and getting your money up while you accomplishing your goals. Raw asl
Pauline Dominguez
'Pauline Dominguez' 48 minutes ago
This song is 🔥💕
Diancis Solares
'Diancis Solares' 59 minutes ago
yuh yuh yuh yuh yuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Andrew Noriega
'Andrew Noriega' 2 hours ago
Best ones I've heard!
Dae Dae🈯
'Dae Dae🈯' 2 hours ago
bru this go hard asf, make a dance that shit me lit
Jonathan Philmore
'Jonathan Philmore' 2 hours ago
Cheapest video budget in history.
Shania Morgan
'Shania Morgan' 2 hours ago
replay this song firee
Mwamba Simon Kapss
'Mwamba Simon Kapss' 3 hours ago
He's videos are dope as fuck ... he needs to continue working with whoever involved.
D highlightz production
walking like he's drunk
JaySwervo Vevo
'JaySwervo Vevo' 4 hours ago
Good music please support me guys
Ella Farkas
'Ella Farkas' 5 hours ago
trying to be Drake
Shock _Games
'Shock _Games' 6 hours ago
anyone else get a hotline bling feel from this video
Khoudia Diop
'Khoudia Diop' 7 hours ago
Does big Sean trying to be like Drake
Banana Boi
'Banana Boi' 7 hours ago
love this song :)
Jorge Juarez
'Jorge Juarez' 11 hours ago
'FxdedVibes' 11 hours ago
Drake is overrated, Big Sean is underrated.
KG Millions
'KG Millions' 11 hours ago
Kenneth KALL
'Kenneth KALL' 12 hours ago
is that a Drake's dance?
'TylerNoelle890' 12 hours ago
The first time I saw this video I didnt like it. But now I really like this song. Its so catchy...
Tom K
'Tom K' 12 hours ago
I bump to this song
'BurningTriceps' 12 hours ago
i got the mooves got damn
Proof Rafael
'Proof Rafael' 12 hours ago
Regina Vadászi
'Regina Vadászi' 13 hours ago
i love his style a lot
TRiXz Undefined
'TRiXz Undefined' 13 hours ago
Why do all u drake fans dick eat off one another?
Neverdeny ThaWorst
'Neverdeny ThaWorst' 15 hours ago
where is the rea\st of tha song
Shawn Morris
'Shawn Morris' 16 hours ago
this is a product of a low budget for a music video.
Marq-S Beatz
'Marq-S Beatz' 17 hours ago
Big Sean top
Harvard Tan
'Harvard Tan' 18 hours ago
un jem
'un jem' 19 hours ago
King big sean is back 🤴🏿
Matúš TM
'Matúš TM' 21 hours ago
He copyright Drake dance moves
'Sawmp1' 22 hours ago
Damn Man straight Flame But U may Have Over Cooked My Chicken :/
El Tiangco
'El Tiangco' 1 day ago
anyone know what shoes he rockin'?
fearless skull
'fearless skull' 1 day ago
this song is beast
Knicks Knoggin
'Knicks Knoggin' 1 day ago
will say , song AMAZING and in tuned with what's up rn. The music video is very close to trash. obvious rushed just for AD revenue
tekneeQ 1337
'tekneeQ 1337' 1 day ago
this nigga had to get zoomed in with his 1 foot 2 foot 3 foot HUT! looking ass

big sean still brushes his teeth wit a step stool
silass CRYvello
'silass CRYvello' 1 day ago
I got MOVES on the mic like / when A.I crossovered Mike!!!
Don clay
'Don clay' 1 day ago
This song is Dope💯💯💯
'UltimateRom' 1 day ago
And here my innocent ass thought 808 Mafia actually invested in making a fresh beat for Sean. That's the fucking instrumental from Winning 3 hot damn!
Robert Rangle
'Robert Rangle' 1 day ago
Mekhi Schwartz
'Mekhi Schwartz' 1 day ago
Mekhi Schwartz
'Mekhi Schwartz' 1 day ago
who likes Big sean
Liz Juntilla
'Liz Juntilla' 1 day ago
Yo this video is weird af
'darellisland' 1 day ago
They still sleeping on this dude tho . He got a tongue like a dyke .
'YoungA170' 1 day ago
Im a rapper trying to get recognition, can you guys give my music a listen
Mahdi Rahimi
'Mahdi Rahimi' 1 day ago
'ohla300' 1 day ago
wow ppl don't care these days, they robbed him and put this man in the hospital. smdh.
Cassimir Nembhard
and the best lyricist 2017 is.....
Joey Ball
'Joey Ball' 2 days ago
Yachty is better
Your name
'Your name' 2 days ago
Drake stole his flow and he ain't even get mad smh
Crunchi Munchiez
'Crunchi Munchiez' 2 days ago
Big Sean's girly moves doe. Damn.
Cooper Hanson
'Cooper Hanson' 2 days ago
album of the year for sure. WOW
Alasia Cabrera
'Alasia Cabrera' 2 days ago
This nigga got better moves than Drake lmao 🔥🔥🔥
'이솔' 2 days ago
근본없는그라데이션에 눈이 고통받는ㄷ....
Rag Na Roc
'Rag Na Roc' 2 days ago
"Big Sean Moves" Vs "Drake Moves"
Imani T
'Imani T' 2 days ago
Giving me "Hotline Bling" vibes
Kyle Ivy
'Kyle Ivy' 2 days ago
he makes music for swag fags lol
Kyle Ivy
'Kyle Ivy' 2 days ago
why he sound so underwhelmed in his songs. he sold out too he makes shitty music now> "im making moves, i got the moves.." tf is that lame ass hook lol
Tiger Chip
'Tiger Chip' 2 days ago
K1 Capone
'K1 Capone' 2 days ago
Flow sounds like drake a bit.
'Thraitor' 2 days ago
Albums averge but this a pretty good song along with bounce back
Jamier Huff
'Jamier Huff' 2 days ago
wtf he was on a hoe ass
'KangMinYeon' 2 days ago
aeyyy what
PakoGames BG
'PakoGames BG' 2 days ago
Nathan Ledesma
'Nathan Ledesma' 2 days ago
Dang that girl is pretty good at dancing😂👌👌
Laron Williams
'Laron Williams' 2 days ago
Why Is The Beginning So Fuckin LIT 🤣
Jensen Lewis
'Jensen Lewis' 2 days ago
this has to be the stupidest song yet...
izzi jones
'izzi jones' 2 days ago
who has moves
waterzvibes2704 O.G
He got the moobs
Haven Both
'Haven Both' 2 days ago
this video is wild❤😂
Vatche Arabanlian
'Vatche Arabanlian' 2 days ago
Foo can't rap or dance for shit
Undercover Wookiee
tbh needs to be longer
Rolphy Londoño
'Rolphy Londoño' 3 days ago
Palesa Ngomane
'Palesa Ngomane' 3 days ago
Prince C. Ugwu
'Prince C. Ugwu' 3 days ago
#moveschallenge 😂👍🏿
Joshua Gallant
'Joshua Gallant' 3 days ago
best song!!!!
Alicia Brown
'Alicia Brown' 3 days ago
He showing greatness can come from the D.
Kellie Cook
'Kellie Cook' 3 days ago
WOW :0 women with realistic bodies. Omg, there are skinny girls too?
pitufo karate
'pitufo karate' 3 days ago
Damn those chicks looked skinny and tweaked out lmao
McDonald Trumpepe
'McDonald Trumpepe' 3 days ago
I'm making moose
'Professional-ish' 3 days ago
Big sean is already a legend.
Ms. Forbes
'Ms. Forbes' 3 days ago
I love all of BIG Sean NEW MUSIC!!!! Jhene Brought the best out of Big.Sean......CONGRATS!!!! THIS album FIREEE
Eikenøtten 02
'Eikenøtten 02' 3 days ago
He's my fave
'deewillofficial' 3 days ago
Been waiting the awakening of Sean since "I do it"....
Lathaniel Jordan
'Lathaniel Jordan' 3 days ago
this song to hot to be so short please do remix an make it longer
'Babun™' 3 days ago
Who else thinks this is super basic?
Zali Pouflis
'Zali Pouflis' 3 days ago
This video reminds me of drakes video for hotline bling
Jonathan Polanco
'Jonathan Polanco' 3 days ago
to lit 💥💣
Steven Douglas
'Steven Douglas' 3 days ago
Sandra Sanchez
'Sandra Sanchez' 3 days ago
yah'll remember when every1 forgot about big sean? only cuz he made the song?
Sandra Sanchez
'Sandra Sanchez' 3 days ago
98% of u will skip this but...

have a great day!!! 😄😀😃
Undercover Wookiee
I fuck with this HEAVY
'Zrabbet' 3 days ago
Don't mess with the most dangerous emcee
Positvity !
'Positvity !' 3 days ago
The most grown artist in years
Derrick Galvez
'Derrick Galvez' 3 days ago
any one else hear the little ring sounds toward the end?
Edna Dasilva
'Edna Dasilva' 3 days ago
This song is litWho's w/ me??
'Unpressing' 3 days ago
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