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Baby Playing With Cobra Snake in India ☆ Snake Chanel Tv -
Published: 1 year ago By: Snake Channel

By: Snake ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Baby Playing With Cobra Snake in India ☆ Snake Chanel Tv
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And there is some facts that i bet you don't know:
Snakes don't smell with their noses like humans. They have a forked or split tongue that they use to smell and taste chemical compositions in the air.
Snakes don't have eyelids or ears, either, and their eyes don't move. To hear they feel vibrations through the ground.
Humans' skin flakes off a little at a time, but snakes shed their entire skin nearly three times a year. This is called molting.
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Otoniel Victor
'Otoniel Victor' 2 hours ago
c é loko tio !
Gurbaksh Chumber
'Gurbaksh Chumber' 1 day ago
How it possible ??
Disturbabella Ragecurse
child opens container cobra tries to bite child Cobra: You better be glad I ain't got no motherfucking fangs.
Nick Mo
'Nick Mo' 5 days ago
Where's acs when you need them.
Mubarak Pathan
'Mubarak Pathan' 5 days ago
oh god
hitman 47
'hitman 47' 1 week ago
India is a place i will never put my feet on
Micah Brown
'Micah Brown' 1 week ago
how dose the baby play with the king cobra
Nikki nikki
'Nikki nikki' 2 weeks ago
U should be good snakes or they can harm u if u won't trouble them they won't hurt u but the real thing in Indian culture that snakes r GOD
ujjwal soni
'ujjwal soni' 2 weeks ago
Well everyone knows about this. Please stop animal abuse.
Epic Clips
'Epic Clips' 2 weeks ago
Stage! lol
'HARJEET SINGH' 3 weeks ago
Obviously.. Yes... Removed teeth with... Venom gland...
manoj kumar
'manoj kumar' 3 weeks ago
they are speaking telugu, it is from andhra.
Samhar Gebrwghand
'Samhar Gebrwghand' 3 weeks ago
yes i loved this vid i hate snake snake shoyld die
'N I R MAL D A S' 3 weeks ago
Nirmal Das
'BETH LAST' 3 weeks ago
They actually cruelly sew the mouth shut so they can make these ridiculous videos
'BETH LAST' 3 weeks ago
They actually so the mouth shut so they can make these ridiculous videos
'BETH LAST' 3 weeks ago
They actually so the mouth shut so they can make these ridiculous videos
Nikhil Jadhav
'Nikhil Jadhav' 4 weeks ago
saap ke daat nikal kar bolte hai jehrile saap ke sath khel rahe hai 😂😂
Venkatapathi Balasani
'BIRJU KUMAR' 1 month ago
Uma mahesh
'Uma mahesh' 1 month ago
that snakes were biting on your childs eyes
place take care of them
Black Shark
'Black Shark' 1 month ago
give the cobras fang and venom and have fun
Danilo Danaugber
'Danilo Danaugber' 1 month ago
One display of the worst aspect of the Indian culture ...... in my opinion.
'XŁÂŚŤŻ xD' 1 month ago
Blue face
'Blue face' 1 month ago
The snakes were like
If my mouth wasn't sew shut and got my fangs ripped of u could have teach this lil pest some lessons
Lalit Kumar
'Lalit Kumar' 1 month ago
Jamser Mondal
'Jamser Mondal' 1 month ago
Jamser Mondal
'Jamser Mondal' 1 month ago
'Enderbro363' 1 month ago
3:03 Am I the only one who thinks this looks adorable..?
James Jendrusina
'James Jendrusina' 1 month ago
The first snake did have his mouth sown, you can tell bc he strikes but he just butts the baby.
sanjib Kumar
'sanjib Kumar' 1 month ago
Sanjib kumar from bhadrak baradiha
Ram Swaroop
'Ram Swaroop' 1 month ago
Arif Ganesh
'Arif Ganesh' 1 month ago
Michael Mccollum
'Michael Mccollum' 1 month ago
why the parents let them play with them. they not toy and they watch them playing with them
Hero Sport Senapan Angin
in google search
Hero Sport Senapan Angin
Donovan Tyler
'Donovan Tyler' 1 month ago
if you live in a land with many predators you better teach them young of how to protect and respect those predators. they aren't bad parents
Shauna Brown
'Shauna Brown' 1 month ago
I don't think this is a good idea. What happens if the children come across a snake that hasn't been de-fanged? They are going to want to grab it and play with it and then they're going to end up getting bit
Алексей Шахтерин
Похоже ядовитых зубов нет, наверное вырвали специально.......
Doll enigma
'Doll enigma' 1 month ago
u east Indians are disgusting
kumar kumar.A
'kumar kumar.A' 1 month ago
'Jelly' 1 month ago
Dude are you idiot?
don butcher
'don butcher' 1 month ago
I hate snakes
'RAMALINGAM KANNAN' 2 months ago
Ayat Khan
'Ayat Khan' 2 months ago
What the fuck
ساره الصافي
ياساتر استر 😨😨شنو هذا 😱
Shubham Shankafule
'Shubham Shankafule' 2 months ago
Oyya puttri ananta
'Oyya puttri ananta' 2 months ago
oh my god 😨😱😱 this is dangerous ..
Commenter O
'Commenter O' Truth' 2 months ago
R I P retards in the comments.
ابو الجرح
'ابو الجرح' 2 months ago
Das lst 😘😘😘😘....
Grell Sutcliff
'Grell Sutcliff' 2 months ago
for a 5 dollars a day you too can save these snakes reply "🐍" to send 5 dollars
Sahila Sahila
'Sahila Sahila' 2 months ago
Rahul Romiyo
'Rahul Romiyo' 2 months ago
Bhagwan suwar moodi kutta
poor coward hindu difference between humans and animals
Daniel Ratu
'Daniel Ratu' 2 months ago
jahat banget
Hold My Gum.T 123
'Hold My Gum.T 123' 2 months ago
I would've been scared for my life like gotta blast I would've been out that bitch in 2.5 sec trust and believe
Anthony Rosado
'Anthony Rosado' 2 months ago
you rght Indian people are not stupid for doing ths, they are nasty ass people, I've been there cow shit ever where, ths sucks to animal cruelty.
Rakotondrasoa Laza
'Rakotondrasoa Laza' 2 months ago
trop :)
Deep Bluechick
'Deep Bluechick' 2 months ago
fucking disgusting.. exploitation of a child and a reptile
Deep Bluechick
'Deep Bluechick' 2 months ago
they removed cobras teeth
'ADHIR CHANDRA Golder' 2 months ago
Don't do this..... Plz
Vedprakash Sahu Sahu
'Vedprakash Sahu Sahu' 2 months ago
denzarous moment
Arru Y
'Arru Y' 2 months ago
ok I think that they romove the teeths of snakes
javed jd
'javed jd' 2 months ago
I llike snake
'Soldark' 2 months ago
c un cobra cracheur bande de debiles
Qasam Raja
'Qasam Raja' 2 months ago
Julianne rein
'Julianne rein' 2 months ago
The baby was huging the snake?
sharon toffie15
'sharon toffie15' 2 months ago
Stop Touching snakes like they are nothing! you guys are using them as toys! please stop this. Don't show your kids something like that, even do they are little kids, I wish you guy's luck.
Khushal Take
'Khushal Take' 2 months ago
Katrine Hinsley
'Katrine Hinsley' 2 months ago
Gosh. They shouldn't be doing that especially to the babies. Unreal! Snake is not a toy. They're dangerous!
'Myawesomebox' 2 months ago
0:14 "Now it is I who shall be doing the booping of your snoot!"
Shaan Babu
'Shaan Babu' 2 months ago
snacks is vital bad
patinya Koob
'patinya Koob' 2 months ago
Sniper Assassin
'Sniper Assassin' 2 months ago
This is pretty much safe bcuz they remove the cobra's fangs
Samy  Alsamy
'Samy Alsamy' 2 months ago
فالله خيرآ حافضا وهو أرحم الراحمين
Samy  Alsamy
'Samy Alsamy' 2 months ago
الله يلعن الفقر god damaged poor
Gamer Freak
'Gamer Freak' 2 months ago
animal fucking abuse
arif.a arif.a
'arif.a arif.a' 2 months ago
without teeth cobra is like man without penis haha
bash pappu
'bash pappu' 2 months ago
jovanka ristivojevic
'jovanka ristivojevic' 2 months ago
I was thinking there has to be a angle. There it is. To believe this would be car cra
Khamis Mchengwa
'Khamis Mchengwa' 2 months ago
Vinod Vinod
'Vinod Vinod' 2 months ago
very very good
Amarnath Chauhan
'Amarnath Chauhan' 2 months ago
Knky XtrmNrd
'Knky XtrmNrd' 2 months ago
il on du élevé les serpent pas que se n'est pas n'importe quel snake osi mais trop flippant
tanoz anne
'tanoz anne' 2 months ago
i really hate snakes
Harihar Rajwada
'Harihar Rajwada' 2 months ago
Harihar Rajwada
yousuff suhale Ahmed
'yousuff suhale Ahmed' 2 months ago
I think the Indian snake charmers must have removed the venam poisonous glands before their kids play with cobras.
'MAVIS OBENEWAA' 2 months ago
this is crazy
Hazel Eyes
'Hazel Eyes' 2 months ago
The snakes been to the dentist. Your teaching them to play with death cause later when the child grows up and try this, that snake may have its fangs. Then what's gonna happen.
Maria Cristina Buarque Santos
Geevarghese Shibu
'Geevarghese Shibu' 3 months ago
These people who give their children to play should be punished.
Gobinda Behera
'Gobinda Behera' 3 months ago
Gobinda Behera
'Gobinda Behera' 3 months ago
Gobinda Behera
'Gobinda Behera' 3 months ago
doremone nath
'doremone nath' 3 months ago
plzz mario don't make paradise as hell😊 and its my suggation only
doremone nath
'doremone nath' 3 months ago
hey mario why are you abusing me now you are grown up i think
Bonaventure Dako
'Bonaventure Dako' 3 months ago
j'ai peur moi
sanjay yadaw
'sanjay yadaw' 3 months ago
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