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Balding Men Try Spray-On Hair -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 4 weeks ago

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Cory Jacob

'BrothersOfGaming' 1 day ago
lol I got a hair growing ad before this video this is strange
Emanuel Gnr
'Emanuel Gnr' 2 days ago
Isn't the guy from the beggining that cute girls boyfriend? ( without beard
) i think her name is Jazmine or Idk what her name is
Alexander Robertson
1:58 he looks like jesus
Steve K.H.
'Steve K.H.' 2 days ago
Great shampoo, I use it periodically when my hair starts thinning like crazy. I know I should use it all the time, then my hair would be much thicker like it once was, but I'm being lazy that way. Anyhow, I highly recommend Argan rain if your hair is falling out and thinning. Easy to use, smells good, soft on your hair!!
Jayden O
'Jayden O'Donnell' 2 days ago
'imsharkgirl' 3 days ago
kerly cifuentes
'kerly cifuentes' 3 days ago
who else got a hair ad before this??
nirvan jasrotia
'nirvan jasrotia' 3 days ago
The Guy @2:09 Nailed it By saying "Yeah ,It looks Pretty good,I just wish it was real ... Lmao
Czariah Thompson
'Czariah Thompson' 3 days ago
Omg when he tried the hair line I was on my neck😂😂
Billy Batts
'Billy Batts' 4 days ago
it's like a comedy video
Teevlook Orange
'Teevlook Orange' 4 days ago
This product works on thin hair and plus you have to know how to use it . I'm f your completely bald don't waste your money .
Jennifer Canyo
'Jennifer Canyo' 4 days ago
My hair has been falling out. Argan life Shampoo was recommended to me by my stylist and it's helping. My hair isn't fall out as much since i started using it. I would definitely recommend it.
'eiffel65isawesome' 5 days ago
'after' guy at 2:02 looks like he's in a production of west side story at an all-white high school....
Chriseon D
'Chriseon D' 5 days ago
wot tha foak
'splaisho' 5 days ago
buzzfeed used to be hip but now its just old people trying boring stuff that no one cares about
'Ben' 5 days ago
Nothing worse than a geezer holding onto his final 6 hairs haha just shave it off man.. the thin quiff looks awful
'I'm-a Hogg' 5 days ago
1:34 it's called makeup. Girls, you know my pain. 😛👩🏼
Sophia Flippin
'Sophia Flippin' 5 days ago
Spongebob anyone?
samira musarath
'samira musarath' 6 days ago
1:58 1.43 😂😂😂.. lol
'raytimebadri' 1 week ago
Is the guy at the beginning poor/homeless?
'Kamila.Maz' 1 week ago
When you get an ad for the toppik hair paint just before the video...
'Ivyvlogs65' 1 week ago
chaniel vfx
'chaniel vfx' 1 week ago
1:41 lol 😁 look at this dude hahahahahahhahahahahahah im dying
The Phoenix Plays
'The Phoenix Plays' 1 week ago
before the vid i had a ad with spray on hair
Felicia Call
'Felicia Call' 1 week ago
let's be real why wasn't zac on this
Andrea Arr Productions
why is zach not here
'ViralYT' 2 weeks ago
over 2 million views...imagine
Shadia Clarke
'Shadia Clarke' 2 weeks ago
This was horrible
'PrankstersNC' 2 weeks ago
Tom Guy
'Tom Guy' 2 weeks ago
1:43 LMAO he came out of there looking like Nosferatu! OMG I’m fucking rolling!
Cara Wu
'Cara Wu' 2 weeks ago
I can't stop laughing at Kane's new hair shape
Necole Wojciechowski
Men losing hair is just like women getting grey hair. It is natural!
Slimeyhairball !
'Slimeyhairball !' 2 weeks ago
0:30 Those eyes
Meadow The Unicorn
'Meadow The Unicorn' 2 weeks ago
1:42 😂😂😂😂
Alex Baec
'Alex Baec' 2 weeks ago
Love the Argan Life products. Have tried so far and love them both. The shampoo does NOT lather and it is free sulphate . When used correctly I love this shampoo, oil and can tell it's so much better for my hair than the other products I had used previously.
Evan Wheeler
'Evan Wheeler' 2 weeks ago
I'm 20, and my hairline is already receding...
'PizzahutNut' 2 weeks ago
reminds me of the spongebob movie with the hair in a can 😂
shan c
'shan c' 2 weeks ago
Sydney Prier
'Sydney Prier' 2 weeks ago
My dad uses this stuff he said it was body spray and I never messed with it lol
Sekar Nurfadhilah
'Sekar Nurfadhilah' 2 weeks ago
the last guy speaks like rich chigga lol
Lezan Khidir
'Lezan Khidir' 2 weeks ago
the asian guy looks like avatar the last airbender
Sunny Arballo
'Sunny Arballo' 2 weeks ago
1:43 ITS OVER 9000!
Moya NDoumy-K
'Moya NDoumy-K' 2 weeks ago
I kept repeating 1:39 😂😂😂😂
'MyChemicalLavigne' 2 weeks ago
there was a hair loss treatment ad before this? wtf youtube????
Cheri Kwik
'Cheri Kwik' 3 weeks ago
Hahahahhaha the last guy
Dianne Heras
'Dianne Heras' 3 weeks ago
This cleans really well. I’m using argan life with %100 Pure Argan Oil Treatment and its working great. No complaints. Will continue to use. You can get more information by searching on Google as an argan life
'SepherStar' 3 weeks ago
Long is good. Short is good. Bald is good. Bald on top with very short back and sides is good. Comb overs are bad. Bald on top with long back and sides is bad....and then there's that one hair style, where the guy isn't bald at all, but it's cut so it flairs out on the sides near the back...that's also bad. That's the "up tight accountant" hair style.
Logan Gunden
'Logan Gunden' 3 weeks ago
what a degrading video
Ultimate Clutch
'Ultimate Clutch' 3 weeks ago
100 000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge
So my doctor today said that I only have 6 months, so I shot him and the judge gave me 15 years. Problem solved.
'mkljones1' 3 weeks ago
advice for balding people: shave your head, grow a goatee. for blacks: don't worry about the goatee
BigJuicy Pickle
'BigJuicy Pickle' 3 weeks ago
I thought the Asian would have a arrow on head like avatar lol
Nicole McP
'Nicole McP' 3 weeks ago
Lmao hair in a can
Lord Vader
'Lord Vader' 3 weeks ago
0:00 Looks like he was in a bomb blast a few hours ago lmao
'ptvbri' 3 weeks ago
@ vic fuentes
'Blurb' 3 weeks ago
Balding men should just go bald all the way. No hair is better than balding
A1 LegiiT
'A1 LegiiT' 3 weeks ago
This is cancer
PinkBabyGlam 6989
'PinkBabyGlam 6989' 3 weeks ago
0:34 😂hahahaha! 😂"woah" !
'FuzzyBear' 3 weeks ago
Is it weird that I got a FAST Shampoo hair loss ad
'SHADEE SHADEE' 3 weeks ago
1:44 I found the last air bender 😂
Triggered Cookie
'Triggered Cookie' 3 weeks ago
This reminds me of the SpongeBob Movie when the king uses spray on hair
Julia Corley
'Julia Corley' 3 weeks ago
i say rock the hair you have!
Simply Nneka
'Simply Nneka' 3 weeks ago
1:46 lucas cruikshank??????
Amanda Hanahan
'Amanda Hanahan' 3 weeks ago
the guy that complained about it being frizzy doesn't really know volume I guess cause his looked the most natural
Jason Landry
'Jason Landry' 3 weeks ago
Who's the guy with the beard and grey shirt?😏
'Nova' 3 weeks ago
He made a V on his head 😂
'TehBCB3AST' 3 weeks ago
Ive started balding since 14 due to genetics which is very rare and I have to say its the shittiest feeling in the world. Im 20 today and it still haunts me, so don't make fun of people who are balding they're people too. :)
Marshmila :/
'Marshmila :/' 3 weeks ago
Eevee Eeveelution
'Eevee Eeveelution' 3 weeks ago
Where's ned
'princess' 3 weeks ago
Ash 2468
'Ash 2468' 3 weeks ago
Jennifer the Crybaby
i got the best hair loss fiber ad, anyone else? lol
hugo s
'hugo s' 3 weeks ago
Omg it's Aang the avatar has returned!!!!!!!!😱😂😂😂
'JAIRAH M' 3 weeks ago
Erick Ramirez
'Erick Ramirez' 3 weeks ago
Mary Kate Kelly
'Mary Kate Kelly' 3 weeks ago
Laughed so much when the boy shaped his hair into a V oml
elena peeters
'elena peeters' 3 weeks ago
apart shopping category avvmlxv debate cancel typical service.
Jasmin Tompson
'Jasmin Tompson' 3 weeks ago
the person that has the shirt that looks like a jersey kind of looks like fred
'Evanescence29' 3 weeks ago
whoa that actually looks pretty good. i wish they wouldve gotten a professional to help them apply it tho
Unknown Dingo
'Unknown Dingo' 3 weeks ago
Look at the top of his head
'Ronnie' 3 weeks ago
I just trim my hair down every week, is easy and cost effective and looks good when your hair start going south. Have to buy and extra mirror for the back though
Reagan Stanton
'Reagan Stanton' 3 weeks ago
Jairemie Alexander
'Jairemie Alexander' 3 weeks ago
hahahahhahhahaa this is the best.
Karman O
'Karman O'Hare' 3 weeks ago
let yourself look good! do not worry like a female makes herself!! it is hell! much love!
Skull Scraper
'Skull Scraper' 3 weeks ago
When the Ad is about hair loss...................
Lp Alcantara
'Lp Alcantara' 3 weeks ago
My relationship status is the same back when I had great hair. Using any products would be a waste of money. Mught as well buy me some more "pillows" instead... you know, to cry on. :'(
Natasha Trigger
'Natasha Trigger' 3 weeks ago
Do any of you guys get that commercial about that caboki thing? I always do.
Ivan Alvarez
'Ivan Alvarez' 3 weeks ago
Why does that guys face look dirty?
Snicker Doodle
'Snicker Doodle' 3 weeks ago
I laughed so hard when the guy pulled the napkins away from his head and looked like Dracula
Mary Udomah
'Mary Udomah' 3 weeks ago
Wait, this is a legit thing?!
Ovokota 11
'Ovokota 11' 3 weeks ago
That one guy looked like Donald trump his hair flew
卍 Adolf Hitler ᛋᛋ
LOL kidding me?
Lauren Elizabeth
'Lauren Elizabeth' 3 weeks ago
I can just imagine that Eugene is gonna be in one of these videos some days, trying out bald products. 😂😂😂😂😂 :)❤️
Louna Guillaume
'Louna Guillaume' 3 weeks ago
Path inspire industrial pursue psychological borrow whole exhibition strike.
Cadmus Rhodium
'Cadmus Rhodium' 3 weeks ago
I think it made him a vampire...
'greeneyes❤' 3 weeks ago
darn I was hoping to see Zach in this video
Bangtan Girls
'Bangtan Girls' 3 weeks ago
i got hair in a can as an ad XDDD
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