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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 2 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

Anton Nzl
'Anton Nzl' 14 minutes ago
He becomes more deluded and sinister the more shiny he gets.....
Liam McNicholas
'Liam McNicholas' 56 minutes ago
Cryptique Seeing
'Cryptique Seeing' 1 hour ago
Did anyone notice Sven from Frozen in 1:24 except me?
Pavlin Dimitrov
'Pavlin Dimitrov' 1 hour ago
I want him to say "DEFEAT" rather than "BEAT" a decapod :( I think it would sound so much better.
Jackson Barret
'Jackson Barret' 1 hour ago
does anyone hear the sound when Maui hits the shell,it`s the sound of headshoot in CS GO
Kylah Leonard
'Kylah Leonard' 2 hours ago
did anyone notice that he turned into spen from frozen 1:24
La woneja!!!
'La woneja!!!' 2 hours ago
que horror
SoulFire Borg
'SoulFire Borg' 2 hours ago
if you want to study squash and stretch in animation, just watch his eyes.
Nick Sherer
'Nick Sherer' 2 hours ago
2:09 When you try to get your phone from your parents room
'diromiz' 2 hours ago
0:25 could have just snapped the girl in two right there.
edrian alon
'edrian alon' 2 hours ago
2:53 wait This crab can speak French 😲😲
Bonnie Hosey
'Bonnie Hosey' 3 hours ago
Throughout this song me and my sister couldn't stop laughing our asses of, in the cinema
'LetsGetDweeby' 3 hours ago
"Now I know I can be happy as a clam."
You Are Filled With D E T E R M I N A T I O N
When he says shiny, it sounds so distorted and it scares me. Is it just me?
'Ingemaja' 3 hours ago
I love how Moana looks at Tamatoa like... "wtf is this? Who do you think you are? What are you doing? Are you going to let me go? Okay, this is starting to get old now"... this song is fun (I have yet to see the movie, so this scene is my only reference)
Clarissa Wret
'Clarissa Wret' 3 hours ago
Did Maui turn into Sven from Frozen at 1:24?
'Draggin6' 3 hours ago
1:24 Sup sphen. Wrong movie, btw.
Laura Ramirez
'Laura Ramirez' 3 hours ago
I saw this movie
'EVZ PLAYZ' 3 hours ago
Isabel Feliciano
'Isabel Feliciano' 3 hours ago
Tamatoa is a jokester AND good at roasting!
Ryan McCrary
'Ryan McCrary' 3 hours ago
Mmm, Fish Dinners
Dalek Sram
'Dalek Sram' 3 hours ago
1:24 I'm sure I've seen that reindeer from somewhere. I think it's in another Disney CGI movie... Oh who cares, Moana is much better! LOL
NekoGeko 88
'NekoGeko 88' 4 hours ago
He is so a turtle crab snail hybrid like if you agree
Snail cause of his head
Turtle cause of his shell design under the gold
Crab for well the claws and legs
cadence 2000
'cadence 2000' 4 hours ago
'Edgelord' 4 hours ago
I know this is an animated movie, but most of the hits that Moana gets is nearly unlivable like falling from a 60 - 70 foot drop and not getting a scratch
'MrBebetoadful' 4 hours ago
" Because I'm beautiful baby !" now that's confidence .
Elena Mohos
'Elena Mohos' 5 hours ago
2:39. That's all I have to say.
Gale_66 _Phoenixx
'Gale_66 _Phoenixx' 5 hours ago
'Plz-Dont' 5 hours ago
Am i the only one whos really glad that they added the "im so shiny" parts?? Like a giant crab has no fucking buisness sounding this seductive??? (aside from the parts where it goes on about being shiny) like??? its not just me right??
bleninja bleninja
'bleninja bleninja' 5 hours ago
I seen the movie 🎥.Already
Nerd Girl
'Nerd Girl' 5 hours ago
1:23 sven from frozen.
'PokéNerds' 5 hours ago
I'm surprised the crab didn't accidentally tear Moana's arms off.
'Repolog2011' 5 hours ago
"I'm supposed to be getting my fishhook, but this large crab keeps kicking my ass"
Anthony Rulez
'Anthony Rulez' 6 hours ago
I see she covered a barnacle in bio-luminescent algae and used it as a diversion.
Tyler Joseph
'Tyler Joseph' 6 hours ago
So many Bowie feels from this
Imary Vargas
'Imary Vargas' 6 hours ago
Like it ! But am i the only one who thinks the crab is mad creepy?
Ninja Creeper
'Ninja Creeper' 6 hours ago
who saw the moose from frozen
'abcdLeeXY' 6 hours ago
Ringtone ARMY!!!!
FrankieTheGymnast 369
2:54-2:55 why is he singing in French?
* Imagineer95 *
'* Imagineer95 *' 7 hours ago
This is very catchy, and overall pretty well done, though the problem is that this scene was completely out of the proper tone, and destroyed this film's already shaky pacing.
Starry Tide
'Starry Tide' 7 hours ago
When I watched the movie yesterday and I heard Maui say "Tamatoa" I was like "SQUEEEEE OMGGGG"
Renee Mahone
'Renee Mahone' 7 hours ago
l luv it.💖💖💖💖💖💖💋💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Robert Herman
'Robert Herman' 8 hours ago
llove this :D
Can I get to 100 subs without any videos?
His voice is so hot
whitney chase
'whitney chase' 8 hours ago
this crab makes me laugh. some of his facial expressions are just funny. My 2 year old son loves this song. It's so funny.
Martha Blanco
'Martha Blanco' 8 hours ago
i like it
Ximena Herrera
'Ximena Herrera' 9 hours ago
cool songs
Dark mation
'Dark mation' 9 hours ago
it's shiny crabrawler
'barefoottornado' 9 hours ago
I like it when Maui has his hair pinned up. 😍
'JASLYNNE GARCIA' 9 hours ago
i love the part when he says "and the tattoos on the outside"
Sergio Ferreira
'Sergio Ferreira' 10 hours ago
I love hom serious He gets at o2:38
Diego Leighty
'Diego Leighty' 10 hours ago
I just realized Jemaine Clement also played Nigel in Rio
'Thesonginmyheart' 10 hours ago
I was watching this movie and this scene started, so I said "Whoa, I actually really like this song!" And my mum says "Yeah, it sounds like a David Bowie song!" So I'm like

Oh. THATS why I like it so much.
blah vlahblah
'blah vlahblah' 11 hours ago
c'est la vie mon ami
ManMad Madness God of War
2:22 awesome 💕😍
'oORiptideOo' 14 hours ago
Oh hi Sven
Saras Thian
'Saras Thian' 14 hours ago
in 1:23 you will see is easter...
Mrs. Honey Bee
'Mrs. Honey Bee' 14 hours ago
Pause on 1:24 and you'll see sven from Frozen
haily bug
'haily bug' 15 hours ago
gotta admit dat voice is freaking sexy as hell for a 100 ft coconut crab
'ELJAY TEEVEE' 15 hours ago
Sarah Blackmon
'Sarah Blackmon' 16 hours ago
He singing while murdering Maui!
Sarah Blackmon
'Sarah Blackmon' 16 hours ago
When he says "know" look at his lips! XD
Sarah Blackmon
'Sarah Blackmon' 16 hours ago
Lol did Tomato put that light stuff in his eye! What the crap that must hit!
Jay The kid
'Jay The kid' 17 hours ago
2:42 Tamatoa slides maui's face across the wall. HOW. JUST HOW DID HIS FACE NOT GET TORN OFF?!
'TheDeterminedArtist' 18 hours ago
Pause it here 0:58
מידן טמיר
'מידן טמיר' 18 hours ago
Tamatoa's fighting style is so unique
'LifeOfDoge' 18 hours ago
Whenever I see bald people I be like... "SHIIIINAAAAE!"
Alexandra Agüero
'Alexandra Agüero' 19 hours ago
1:24 Sven 😂💙
Victoria Carlson
'Victoria Carlson' 19 hours ago
I love this song!
'kaeaisacodfan123' 19 hours ago
I'm a kiwi from nz obviously imma Maori tongan and it was interesting to see jemaine from masterton on moana and what samoans believe in at least I think they are samoans they might be from tokelau and iv met temuero Morrison in rl many times at my marae in my one of my hometowns it was cool to hear his voice in a animated movie 🎬 not like MT zion unless it was sum1 else playing moanas dad iv also met Stan walker many times in rl and been to multiple of his concerts thx Stan for coming to my aunties funeral in 2013 she would have loved it
'yolo101Q' 19 hours ago
wait is the crab voiced by the same dude how voiced the bad guy in Rio or bad bird I should say
Yoan Dimov
'Yoan Dimov' 19 hours ago
Shiny like his teeth bruh.
Yoan Dimov
'Yoan Dimov' 19 hours ago
2:32 Samurai Jack anybody?
Boi :D
'Boi :D' 19 hours ago
I don't know why this song is so CATCHY
Mcy Mc Mic Mac Jr.
'Mcy Mc Mic Mac Jr.' 19 hours ago
"my shell's 2 tuff" such strong
me strong ER
The Kawaiiredpanda
'The Kawaiiredpanda' 20 hours ago
When Nigel gets reincarnated into an ass kicking crab
Flashmag 7
'Flashmag 7' 20 hours ago
Invert colors and it's scary as all hell
'silvergirlXO' 20 hours ago
i'll admit this song wasn't really necessary, but it's really catchy and it freaked me out a bit near the end when he closed up that hole. i wasn't expecting him to look scary when he lit up like that.
Parella Panda
'Parella Panda' 21 hours ago
Im shinier than a jar of Vaseline
He turns into Sevn from frozen at 1:24
MyName is Jeff
'MyName is Jeff' 21 hours ago
You can't run from me!
(Moana Runs)
Oh, you can, you keep surprising me
Lord Frieza
'Lord Frieza' 22 hours ago
0:40 I like those small animated bits it really adds on the emotion aspect in animation
'PDRIFT86' 22 hours ago
my favorite song from this movie.. and i usually listen to rap lol.
Me NotYou
'Me NotYou' 22 hours ago
Goodbye, Moonmen!
Kawaii Hannah Jules Gaming
😭😰 why? 2:21
Krista Quaglieri
'Krista Quaglieri' 22 hours ago
i saw sven 😂
Master Chief
'Master Chief' 23 hours ago
ces la vie mon amie
Cosecti Game Movie Vídeos
Loved the movie and the soundtrack but damn this is the best song, can't get tired of it I just can't its too SHINY!
fat bear
'fat bear' 23 hours ago
kinda like the vision of Maui
'Randomixx8991' 23 hours ago
This guy's voice kinda reminds me of Nigel, from the Rio Movies.
Cerulean_lemondrops xoxo
Did u catch the easter egg
Slothberry Rainbows
I feel like Tamatoa would happily just perform his song for everyone. Instead of beating them up he would rather just perform.
undertale videos
'undertale videos' 1 day ago
primer pokemon de la ruta es ni mas ni menos que un. SHINYYYYYYY
Slothberry Rainbows
I love how he is beating up Maui while singing insults to Maui and bragging about himself all at the same time.
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