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Jemaine Clement - Shiny (From "Moana") -
Published: 3 months ago By: DisneyMusicVEVO

By: DisneyMusicVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

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Music video by Jemaine Clement performing Shiny. (C) 2016 Walt Disney Records

'silentfoxgirl' 10 minutes ago
So this is why tumblr has increased it fetishization for crabs...
Ania Polluk
'Ania Polluk' 11 minutes ago
he should be dead that crab he is a jerk crab
General Destroyer
'General Destroyer' 12 minutes ago
I counted. He doesn't have 10 legs he only has 8
Talita Oliveira Souza
'Talita Oliveira Souza' 37 minutes ago
'fanfreak' 41 minutes ago
moanas face is hilarious when he starts singing
'Pugcowsheep' 42 minutes ago
Way better than the rubbish like 'let it go'.
DarkBlu GalaxySparklez
Poor Maui and Moana
'NYK EDMONDS' 1 hour ago
This is the same guy who sings goodbye moonmen in Rick and morty.
Cutecupcake 1708
'Cutecupcake 1708' 2 hours ago
Poor Maui 😢😢
xxbaumusxx peiser
'xxbaumusxx peiser' 2 hours ago
lukas augustsson
'lukas augustsson' 2 hours ago
1:24 sven
Hailey Zinn
'Hailey Zinn' 3 hours ago
I ate my gramma
Keith Aston
'Keith Aston' 3 hours ago
I am clapping right now
Sophie Anne
'Sophie Anne' 3 hours ago
OMG!!!!!!!! EASTER EGG FOUND!!!!!!!!!! MAUI BECOMES SVEN!!!!!!!! (From Frozen)
Keith Aston
'Keith Aston' 3 hours ago
moana is awesome but shiny is awesome
masonpason123 - Minecraft
'krakenoid' 4 hours ago
Mega Crabominable
Jose Quemmapena
'Jose Quemmapena' 4 hours ago
So catchy.
lenny face
'lenny face' 4 hours ago
That face XD 2:15
De Challengs
'De Challengs' 4 hours ago
Abboneer ons de challengs
Salman Alshatti
'Salman Alshatti' 4 hours ago
1:48 anybody saw Tamatoa has a cut off leg
AnimeFreak 21
'AnimeFreak 21' 4 hours ago
Anyone else immediately notice that he's the same voice actor for the evil bird in Rio? 😂
Shigemi Harvey
'Shigemi Harvey' 4 hours ago
why is this like the best song in the movie
'MASTER GAMER2005' 4 hours ago
if im lucky to catch a small crab like this i would put him in a lamp for my light in the dark cuz he is SHININGGHG!!!
Patrick O
The Heart of Tafiti. YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME! oh wait, yes you can...YOU KEEP SURPRISING ME!
Magicinthepaws AJ
'Magicinthepaws AJ' 5 hours ago
I hate pokemon </3
'jeremejazz' 5 hours ago
David Bowie in a nutshell...shiny!
wonderful tribute :)
The Golden Minecart
'The Golden Minecart' 5 hours ago
'Grimgrol' 5 hours ago
He has the face of one of those Raving Rabbids
Lully Dd
'Lully Dd' 5 hours ago
ik 0-0
Lara Van Rooyen
'Lara Van Rooyen' 5 hours ago
wel,wel,wel its okay
gary stuart
'gary stuart' 6 hours ago
Does anyone else hear David Bowie's singing style at 0:40?
LynDa WeirdGurl
'LynDa WeirdGurl' 6 hours ago
why was sphenn there? 😐
Big bum boizzz squad
Well tamatoa hasn't always been this glam..
Hawk Talon
'Hawk Talon' 6 hours ago
To be honest, the crab's teeth distracted me from the song. Jemaine has a nice voice, though.
Xzodia Kauvai Opetaia
guys the only thing Maui failed to fight him is that his hook have been gone for months years weeks days forever so now he is living a curse yep I said it curse and he broke he fought teka so he got a new
Pseudo Hitler
'Pseudo Hitler' 6 hours ago
I never knew Boris the animal can sing!
Christine Heather Tear
I honestly love how much you can hear Jemaine Clement's New Zealand accent throughout this song.
Sкчlεя αηd Cαsτıεl
Maui can rock a man bun
Dynamic Deoxys
'Dynamic Deoxys' 7 hours ago
No, you look like seafood bro.
'MJ11' 7 hours ago
"I was a drab little crab once"
'VamingInL1fe' 7 hours ago
at 1:00 near maui's foot you can see alladins lamp
Leggon Arm
'Leggon Arm' 7 hours ago
So I think David Bowie was supposed to be this crab R.I.P.
Kobe Bryan Penaranda
Sven was 1 of the error transformation
Litdood Uhhh ye :D
'Litdood Uhhh ye :D' 8 hours ago
this song is stuck in my head
elijah soto
'elijah soto' 8 hours ago
It's like tim curry and David Bowie had a crab
eric react
'eric react' 8 hours ago
anyone notice the reindeer in sven
The Host With The Most Toast
Best David Bowie tribute I've ever seen!
Kaden Gaudio
'Kaden Gaudio' 8 hours ago
is it bad I can sing this word for word
'Galaxy-Dogez' 8 hours ago
This is pretty scary and violet for a Disney movie :o
Sofia Sabas Villa
'Sofia Sabas Villa' 8 hours ago
que lastima no entiendo nada😞
Breezy Moreno
'Breezy Moreno' 8 hours ago
the movie was awsome!
Brian Tinsman
'Brian Tinsman' 9 hours ago
Came here to see if this was something Bowie did before he died, would have sworn it was him.
Starry The Wolf
'Starry The Wolf' 9 hours ago
This crab annoys the crap out of me.
KittyGamer216 // KG216
1:24 Hi Sven!
Juan Garcia Solis
'Juan Garcia Solis' 9 hours ago
I love that sang
aaliyah oliveira
'aaliyah oliveira' 9 hours ago
I love the movie moana
Parker Ross
'Parker Ross' 9 hours ago
It's business time, it's business time

Flight of the Concords anyone?
'linkthepyromaniac' 9 hours ago
Man, this movie looks gorgeous.
'TheHippykiller123' 9 hours ago
Pick an eye. Just pick one. Pick one!
arsenio molina
'arsenio molina' 9 hours ago
is it me or does tamatoa look like keith from the try guys
Oreo and Toffe piggies
Tamatea looks like my dog
Jess Cruz
'Jess Cruz' 9 hours ago
I love this song😃😃🤣
E z
'E z' 9 hours ago
I love the chorus, SO FREAKING MUCH
Monica Rubert
'Monica Rubert' 9 hours ago
best villain song EVER!
Draco Love
'Draco Love' 9 hours ago
I saw an easter egg!!! Maui turns into Sven at 1:24.
Brooke Gowdy
'Brooke Gowdy' 10 hours ago
Joann Morua
'Joann Morua' 10 hours ago
did you see his right leg
Crystal Rosario
'Crystal Rosario' 10 hours ago
I love dis song 😂
Adrian Martinez
'Adrian Martinez' 10 hours ago
does the crab's teeth become white without those gold thing after he closed the entrance?
Nina Orozco
'Nina Orozco' 10 hours ago
but did you like the song?!! .... lols!!
Major Kelley
'Major Kelley' 10 hours ago
jemaine is a good singer
Panda king 123
'Panda king 123' 10 hours ago
I love this song
'CormacGibney' 10 hours ago
"I just love free food"
Who doesn't
'Jasmine' 10 hours ago
This song is so deep, but it killed me when it said:

"Maui! Now it's time to kick your heinie!!"
Kid I know
'Kid I know' 11 hours ago
this shit so funny
Bennie Dimas
'Bennie Dimas' 11 hours ago
i love this so so much!
Krazy as a kitten Kaylee
1:56 when your mom gets you McDonalds
Krazy as a kitten Kaylee
1:56 when your mom gets you McDonald's
Jiyeon Choi
'Jiyeon Choi' 11 hours ago
Maui looked awesome for a second but when he started "fighting" he got wrecked
Pauline Mascardo
'Pauline Mascardo' 11 hours ago
Sven is on the maui's hook
Sydnie Hill
'Sydnie Hill' 11 hours ago
I saw Sven the reindeer!!;)
cool girl
'cool girl' 11 hours ago
the crab sounds like the evil bird from Rio
Kyle Thomas productions
when Maui was transforming I saw stven from frozen
'Sophie' 11 hours ago
replace shiny wid ugly o.o
Jaden Rose
'Jaden Rose' 12 hours ago
1:24 I found a secret!
Snoopy 1031
'Snoopy 1031' 12 hours ago
Top 10 think tomatoa was being

1. A jerk

2. Braggy

3. A boss

4. A well done singer

5. A crab

6. A rebel

7. A monster

8. A dude

9. Sea food

10. A DUDE
Joseph Gabe Nickerson
that crab gold is fake
Zachary Zeller
'Zachary Zeller' 12 hours ago
here they cum cum cum, mm fish dinners
Gustavo Freire
'Gustavo Freire' 12 hours ago
Look! it's Sven the reindeer from Frozen! at 1:24
Hector Gonzalez
'Hector Gonzalez' 12 hours ago
i love this song so much i love it
Zindel Nieto
'Zindel Nieto' 12 hours ago
Pause at 2:02 and look at is head/neck
Hellbound Iscariot
'Hellbound Iscariot' 12 hours ago
Tamatoa should have been all neon blue except with his claws and shell being that color. It might have made him more threatening.
Joseph Gabe Nickerson
Maui keep getting hit
Ben Ebersole
'Ben Ebersole' 12 hours ago
you can fight the boss from on top of it
Ben Ebersole
'Ben Ebersole' 12 hours ago
he reminds me of a boss from pikmin 3
Titancoolkid 619
'Titancoolkid 619' 12 hours ago
"I just love free food" yea me to
Kiki Xign
'Kiki Xign' 12 hours ago
0:51,Oddly,I like the way he says fish dinner...And Anyway,Anyone else agrees?
No Name Available
'No Name Available' 12 hours ago
Mmm fish dinna
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