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Ayat. Hashemi Rafsanji dies of heart failure -
Published: 3 months ago By: PressTV News Videos

By: PressTV News VideosPublished: 3 months ago

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Former Iranian president Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has passed away at the age of 82.
Ayatollah Rafsanjani was admitted to a hospital in northern Tehran on Sunday after having an acute heart attack. He served in various positions following the Islamic Revolution’s victory in 19-79. The government has declared three days of national mourning. Tuesday has also been announced as a public holiday. His funeral will be held in Tehran on the same day.

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finnchen 1 finnchen 1
مردم او را دوست داشتم جهات آخرین و تسلیت
Ali Ahmed Hasnain Bokhari
heaven is your family
Ali Ahmed Hasnain Bokhari
Islam heaven is your hell
Ali Ahmed Hasnain Bokhari
Ali Ahmed Hasnain Bokhari
I respect his family couz he good Muslim
John Texas
'John Texas' 3 months ago
He had no heart. Fortunately, roasting in hell right about now.
'M S' 3 months ago
Great Satan happy can wait to see him now.
Would love to have seen his ugly face when he realized there were no 72
virgins waiting for him in that special hot place he now resides.
Finally after years ,one of criminal &corrupt &liar Mullahs
ruling Iran is passing away, Iranian Mullahs don't believe in anything
,Mullahs embezzled millions of dollars and they own milliards of dollars
in cash in foreign country like America and UK and Canada and other
countries. Die in Hell you Bastard !
Anwar Nillufary
'Anwar Nillufary' 3 months ago
Hope the rest of the Ayatollah will follow his path very soon. Eternity in Hell. They have done nothing for the collective good of the people who doomed to live under their rule.
Anwar Nillufary
'Anwar Nillufary' 3 months ago
Kurdistan …
A version of past events where many nations have decided to agree on, has created some artificial borders to split apart our lands to the benefits of other nations in the region to grab our land, our culture, our history and enforce their way of life on us and terrorize our past history and origin to cut our roots. While there is no nation which is greater than any other, and geography could make us neighbors, history could make us friends, economics could make us partners and necessity could make us allies; but because of the feudalism, tribalism and totalitarianism what has been delivered to our generation are failures, frustrations and white genocides, that even made people of our own nation alien to each other.

Have you ever wondered why!? Are the international laws the enemy of Kurdish people!? History will remember your judgment.
Anwar Nillufary
'Anwar Nillufary' 3 months ago
All the regimes in the Middle East are dictators, felons and tyrants. The mongers of hate on the other hand! Those who force their spiteful and reprehensible way of life on others and only offer death or exile to their opponents and never hesitate to even disturb their dead bodies. There is no democracy at all; they have no place in the hearts and minds of 21 century's people and we all agree they all have to go with or without the help of the western societies; all the rulers are deeply corrupt and in some cases, they even believe their authorities have come from heaven while they themselves are nothing but thieves who steal their county's resources and are only thirsty of power and have done nothing to help the people live in peace and coexistence with each-other without which you will never be able to make any progress on any ground.
Anwar Nillufary
'Anwar Nillufary' 3 months ago
Hope the rest of the Ayatollah will follow his path very soon. Eternity in Hell. They have done nothing for the collective good of the people who doomed to live under their rule.
Freeman Horton
'Freeman Horton' 3 months ago
the dustbin of history is the final abode of pedophiles
Ali Ahmed Hasnain Bokhari
my respect to his family
'Koskalak' 3 months ago
is she drunk or high?
'mnajmi07' 3 months ago
Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. One of the great leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran.
Sam S
'Sam S' 3 months ago
خدا بيامرزه
Michael Night
'Michael Night' 3 months ago
إنا لله وإنا إليه رجعون
"Surely we belongs to God, and to Him we shall return." 2: 156
'MikhailZavarov' 3 months ago
Hasta Siempre camarada✌
molly clock
'molly clock' 3 months ago
hope they don't drop the coffin this time.....
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