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Science Experiment: LIQUID NITROGEN vs LIGHTER -
Published: 1 week ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 1 week ago

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Different Heaven - Nekozilla (LFZ Remix) [NCS Release]

Different Heaven

axl putera
'axl putera' 5 minutes ago
do 1000deegre knife vs liquid nitrohen
Ziv Privileged
'Ziv Privileged' 5 hours ago
making salad was never easier
Anime Lord
'Anime Lord' 6 hours ago
is it bad that I laughed really hard at spongebob's death...
Andreolina Catering
'Andreolina Catering' 6 hours ago
5:37 muerte de bob esponja ;(
iohiko colina
'iohiko colina' 7 hours ago
Bob esponja noooooo D:
'megatron' 7 hours ago
where is the 1000 degree knifes at
Olivia Marie
'Olivia Marie' 8 hours ago

"Doesn't smash into pieces the first time?" *tries again*
"Doesn't smash into pieces the second time?" *continuously smashed it with the hammer until it looks like an elephant sat on it*

Owenlalo Martinez Fernandez
Assassin killed the spongebob
'deit' 13 hours ago
7:44 woah
Bronx12345 JK
'Bronx12345 JK' 15 hours ago
what is this music called
MRtomPL Pompa
'MRtomPL Pompa' 17 hours ago
try a glass of water
'ZeuS' 17 hours ago
6:28 z Bic'a ja mam długopisy :p
'xchoromotax' 17 hours ago
fome tu wea
'BillyDu35' 17 hours ago
MeGear Est français ?
Антон Артемов
He is from Ukraine
Selen şenkaya
'Selen şenkaya' 20 hours ago
freeze a dead animal if u want +1
Ki Ferrell
'Ki Ferrell' 20 hours ago
Saadiq Adams
'Saadiq Adams' 20 hours ago
bananas in Africa could've eaten those children
'Rock'n'roll Cat' 20 hours ago
Мазик то за что????(
ishfaq miraj
'ishfaq miraj' 21 hours ago
children in africa could eat that liquid nitrogen
jacqueline bonilla c
'jacqueline bonilla c' 22 hours ago
you are like the best youtuber
Garry Player
'Garry Player' 24 hours ago
ALEXplay play
'ALEXplay play' 24 hours ago
нашо було губку боба вбивати
Bustin Cancer
'Bustin Cancer' 1 day ago
MrGear pls do a video of glowing 1000 degree knife vs liquid nitrogen
Alpha RovicEX
'Alpha RovicEX' 1 day ago
Have fun cleaning them
john b
'john b' 1 day ago
That red rose perfectly sums up my last relationship
aidan Castro
'aidan Castro' 1 day ago
I'm bat man!!!!!!
Camilo Delgado
'Camilo Delgado' 1 day ago
0:30 that's me every saint valentines day
Timothy Varela
'Timothy Varela' 1 day ago
6 and a half minutes later...
Therainbowcreeper 21
5:26 RIP spongebub
Superme Gaming
'Superme Gaming' 1 day ago
Lol the section on the lighter on the first hit
Leyder Fernandez
'Leyder Fernandez' 1 day ago
Liquid nitrogen and glycerin mixed slowly and then thrown by a rock (caution precautionary)
I am Cave Man, I have rose for you, but I frozen long time have froze rose
Treek 25
'Treek 25' 1 day ago
siento que DalasReview hará un vídeo de esto :v
Очень качественный контент
Nick Name
'Nick Name' 1 day ago
just call this, "Me crushing glass"
Crippling Depression
Lighter is at 6:30
Allan Richardson
'Allan Richardson' 1 day ago
What was in the plastic bag? Not all of us can read Russian!
'ARI COCO' 1 day ago
Destroying hands
'e1woqf' 1 day ago
Very cool!
Renato Mencor
'Renato Mencor' 1 day ago
O amor é igual a rosa se esfacela na sua mão kkk
Lucas Andrade Ribeiro
nitrogênio liquido vs zippo lighter
'Nightster' 1 day ago
Happy Valentines Day 0:00-0:51
Sebastian Leiva
'Sebastian Leiva' 1 day ago
mala persona mataste a bob
Cameron Moore
'Cameron Moore' 1 day ago
the rose part was VERY satisfying
Chezz Man
'Chezz Man' 1 day ago
R.I.P Cheese2017 - 2017
Chezz Man
'Chezz Man' 1 day ago
Nuuuu y u use it on a innocent banana? XD
Jeffrey Holmes
'Jeffrey Holmes' 2 days ago
Dalas Review MINI :v
'Izzi_Officiall' 2 days ago
mach mal Eine Dose mit Cola in liquid Nitrogen und noch 1000 Grad heißes messer
Татьяна А
'Татьяна А' 2 days ago
лучше бы морду свою туда в корыто сунул
'LordGoobenGCM' 2 days ago
I just thought of something. Now I don't know how expensive liquid nitrogen is to produce but if we put all the trash in it then crush it we would have a lot less of a land mass filled because it would be crushed and would fill more area. Just a though.
Minecraft Noob
'Minecraft Noob' 2 days ago
if you used the staws todrink the nitrogen i would have given you a like
Minecraft Noob
'Minecraft Noob' 2 days ago
'FrogLungs' 2 days ago
get a bucket so you can fully submerge the items. not just the top layer.
dont bother reading my name its too long bro
Wild Kîwi
'Wild Kîwi' 2 days ago
Think in Africa. Kids would have eat all that food
'MARIO ZINATELLI' 2 days ago
Poor SpongeBob :( 5:20
samuel mr zica
'samuel mr zica' 2 days ago
reais a faca quente
'TheErikoko10' 2 days ago
5:42 NOOOOOOOOO BOB!!!!! >:,V xdxd
'TheErikoko10' 2 days ago
'Vortex' 2 days ago
Mr Gear comes to a store and buys a rose. The cashier "for a special friend? wink" "Nah I want to freeze it and then squish it so it breaks." ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘
Nicolay Yaruta
'Nicolay Yaruta' 2 days ago
Your country - Ukraine) We are countrymens, Mr. Gear)
'Mr. PIXEL' 2 days ago
you killed bob sponge 😠😣😰😰😪😓😭😭😭
No official zeus cs go
почему название на русском
Vito Mallboro
'Vito Mallboro' 2 days ago
ще давай давай це ж круто!
petar .miljkovic
'petar .miljkovic' 2 days ago
7:38 best part of video
'beataens1' 2 days ago
I like my veggies extra crispy
Fabrizio Gato
'Fabrizio Gato' 2 days ago
porque no te congelai la pija ctm
Lucas Warrens
'Lucas Warrens' 2 days ago
This made me hungry cause how much food he used
'RekTKillleR' 2 days ago
Sofía Pardo Román
MR Peanut LetsPlay
why do you fake your thump mails ? : (
Jamey Risse
'Jamey Risse' 2 days ago
Maciej Szczyblewski
'Bat' 2 days ago
im from Czech Republic
Doraemon hindi
'Doraemon hindi' 2 days ago
Mr gear please do a video on ice in liquid nitrogen
Simone S.
'Simone S.' 2 days ago
Occhio alle mano.
Doraemon hindi
'Doraemon hindi' 2 days ago
wow i am waiting for this
Настенька Райская
на фига ты портишпродукты..И вещи
The Gaming “MikeNike” Bulldog
4:15 when you are really mad
Pranav Jain J.
'Pranav Jain J.' 2 days ago
nice one....a new thing after 1000 degree knife..... awesome keep going
Jad Zem
'Jad Zem' 2 days ago
Liquid Nitrogen VS Liquid Nitrogen
'xorkatoss' 2 days ago
nooooooo all of that food could have went into my stomach
Ashish Sudhakar
'Ashish Sudhakar' 2 days ago
you have such a great fun and idea
'gerifeca' 2 days ago
Liquid Nitrogen VS Your Hand
Johan Anzola
'Johan Anzola' 2 days ago
jajajajaj mu bueno pero casi incendias la casa jajajaja mori de risa
Ashley Proctor
'Ashley Proctor' 2 days ago
liquid nitrogen vs pizza
'seacottow28TM' 2 days ago
ma tu sei italiano o russo
Даниил Стритрейсинг
блять тут русские есть?!
John Chester
'John Chester' 2 days ago
Mr Gear you have the most satisfying video for stressed people that wants to destroy stuff


'Зритель' 2 days ago
Сук ты такой тупой.
James Hercals
'James Hercals' 2 days ago
0:31 My love life
Laura Kader
'Laura Kader' 2 days ago
idiot din snål jag kan krosa din snåp jag ska döda dig
GaNg AlBaNii
'GaNg AlBaNii' 2 days ago
Jeppe King
'Jeppe King' 2 days ago
MrGear Can You please make a video where You cut The frozen things With a 1000 degree knife
Rumeli Beyi
'Rumeli Beyi' 2 days ago
Rocket ignition 6:53
Muhammad Nur Hakim Hakim about putting toxic in the liquid nitrogen???
Hans Peter
'Hans Peter' 2 days ago
Mr Gear Why? ?
cuervo x
'cuervo x' 2 days ago
bueno yo hablo español asi que noce cuantos me entiendan pero linda manera de descargarse la verdad linda manera
Arnat Abitayev
'Arnat Abitayev' 2 days ago
где покупаете жидкий азот
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