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Science Experiment: LIQUID NITROGEN vs LIGHTER -
Published: 2 months ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 2 months ago

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Different Heaven - Nekozilla (LFZ Remix) [NCS Release]

Different Heaven

'MrGear' 2 months ago
Where are you from?
Road to 6.000.000 Subs!!!
Ottu Gaming
'Ottu Gaming' 22 hours ago
Roses are red
violets are blue
i got clickbated
and so diid you
Ottu Gaming
'Ottu Gaming' 22 hours ago
Im from Planet Dolan
Hadi Abdul
'Hadi Abdul' 22 hours ago
Only thing that can defeat nitrogen gas is Nokia 3310
Nils Vaerneus
'Nils Vaerneus' 2 days ago
14:07 i nice
Ladybug Chat Noir
'Ladybug Chat Noir' 1 week ago
u get mad at ur boy friend put his flowers in nitrogen and break them in front of him
Joshua The Smart One
2:10 Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Mia Elise
'Mia Elise' 2 weeks ago
anti climatic
Elias Cedeño
'Elias Cedeño' 2 weeks ago
pongan una bola al rojo vivo en nitrogeno liquido
Mr A Hacks
'Mr A Hacks' 2 weeks ago
plz subscribe my chanel Mr A hacks
'A7XVileWinteR' 2 weeks ago
do you recall if the orange still smelled good
Sebastian Cardona
'Sebastian Cardona' 2 weeks ago
quien habla español
-Playing- -Bee-
'-Playing- -Bee-' 3 weeks ago
Mizone Gti
'Mizone Gti' 3 weeks ago
100000 likes.-i will put my penis in a liquid nitrogen.
Mizone Gti
'Mizone Gti' 3 weeks ago
next video:
liquid nitrogen vs penis.
Hunter Slayer
'Hunter Slayer' 3 weeks ago
Mr.gear i,m more of a gamer and try not to laugh watcher but your videos are really awesome
Hana Sensei
'Hana Sensei' 3 weeks ago
what was that package woth the tomatoe and other vegetable on it
curtis ramlochan
'curtis ramlochan' 3 weeks ago
'jonoplaysmc' 3 weeks ago
Will you ever do a face reveal
'jonoplaysmc' 3 weeks ago
Poor rose u should have given it to your (if u have one) girlfriend
matthew S D B Y S
'matthew S D B Y S' 3 weeks ago
он русский ,на майонезе было по русскому написано
Studyman 45
'Studyman 45' 3 weeks ago
Amazing experiment 😃
Julian Dicks
'Julian Dicks' 3 weeks ago
watching this i only had one thought on my mind

"can i eat this"
'이중구' 3 weeks ago
fire show lool
clayton gaming
'clayton gaming' 3 weeks ago
6:17 nooooooo spongebob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VElonica Sanuele
'VElonica Sanuele' 4 weeks ago
Monkeys in africa could have eaten that banana.
They Call Me YouTube
I remember when Nekozilla came out..... Best day of my entire life.
KnifeFX -Panzoid Intro Maker-
stop killing spongebob
Lucas miguel
'Lucas miguel' 4 weeks ago
Ahora comprendo.. La mina que me gusta debe tener nitrógeno liquido en vez de sangre, por eso tiene el corazón tan frio la muy hija de put* XD
Kron Hjorten
'Kron Hjorten' 4 weeks ago
im from denmark
or good luck to the 6.000.000 subs:)
'TripleThreat' 4 weeks ago
Watching this guys videos is so satisfying
'bipu' 4 weeks ago
Muhamad Rizqi Abdillah Videos
firecraker vs nitrogen liquid.
Donald J Trump
'Donald J Trump' 4 weeks ago
Knife vs Wrist?
Jamie Brooks
'Jamie Brooks' 4 weeks ago
This was cool
Anh Quang
'Anh Quang' 4 weeks ago
Amazing xD,
The Gaming Doge
'The Gaming Doge' 4 weeks ago
Do a paper airplane
Rowan Barker
'Rowan Barker' 4 weeks ago
Internet intent bond barrel therapist highlight German reflect.
Ayman Boussaadoun
'Ayman Boussaadoun' 4 weeks ago
Fait attention à toi ⚠️
'WILLBOY11' 4 weeks ago
2:13 looks so weird look at his hand (mind trick?).
Jakub Kukla
'Jakub Kukla' 1 month ago
stop taking ideas from wowshow noob
All Game
'All Game' 1 month ago
The space Doge
'The space Doge' 1 month ago
People in that flower could've eaten that africa
really dude kids in africa could have eaten that light and that sponge
Jhon delong
'Jhon delong' 1 month ago
Give this a thousand likes if you do I will do a fart in a lighter
Jhon delong
'Jhon delong' 1 month ago
Pause at six 54 spark
'SINAN 50' 1 month ago
WOW ! (The End)
Lemon Bleach
'Lemon Bleach' 1 month ago
Liquid nitrogen vs my mixtape
Moyalee Green
'Moyalee Green' 1 month ago
Dat ending tho
Vanoss The Owl Retard
Roses are dead
Violets are blue
Liquid nitrogen
Will kill you
SJRose Sadah
'SJRose Sadah' 1 month ago
How Dare You!!! My Name Is Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😫😫😫😓
'HA57DAUE' 1 month ago
I phone nitrogen please
Proper Bloke
'Proper Bloke' 1 month ago
I know this is a stupid question to ask, but could you eat anything edible in this video after it's been placed in liquid nitrogen?
Akhil Raj
'Akhil Raj' 1 month ago
Somebody broke his heart...
'^FlameBit^' 1 month ago
Sick luke non ne sbaglia una
'SerbijanGejmsBiJel' 1 month ago
You are the best

I am from Croatia
Marko Ćavar
'Marko Ćavar' 1 month ago
Idiotic channel
William Thomas
'William Thomas' 1 month ago
Those bananas in Africa could have eaten those kids!
Tracy Bridges
'Tracy Bridges' 1 month ago
He from shut up town and that's where yo mom came from
diego valladares santaellas
like si dalas no para de criticar este canal
'Beastmedic1st' 1 month ago
ahhh the statisfied sound from that breakable stuffs
stick dude
'stick dude' 1 month ago
eat your vegetals
April Tew
'April Tew' 1 month ago
It's like the same thing over and over but I can't stop watching!
robert garci
'robert garci' 1 month ago
you are sike man
'RodStudio' 1 month ago
Liquid Nitrogen VS Liquid Nitrogen
denzelle ford
'denzelle ford' 1 month ago
that fire looked cool at time 7:42
zacbac 13579
'zacbac 13579' 1 month ago
The end was so amazing and funny 😂
throphyCH crusher
'throphyCH crusher' 1 month ago
1 like = 1 prayer for the poor flower
Kawaii Playz
'Kawaii Playz' 1 month ago
the orange looks like a tiny pumpkin when it was dipped in the liquid nitrogen lol you could have took a little bit of that celery and stuck it as a stem
Cordero HD
'Cordero HD' 1 month ago
el martillo que todo lo arregla
Piotrek Zakrzak
'Piotrek Zakrzak' 1 month ago
Liquid nitrogen vs glowing knife?
Лиля Чухненко
I think at 7:44 you scared!!
Soul Stealer
'Soul Stealer' 1 month ago
not so popular whit your 1000 degree knife a? o wait... shit
'DarthSion94' 1 month ago
>When autistic kids think they do science just because they've got access to liquid nitrogen.

Please, change this video's title
Arsalaan DNK
'Arsalaan DNK' 1 month ago
MrGear Bro Liquid Nitrogen VS Mobile Phone Please Upload This Video😊😊😊😊😊
Creative Academy
'Creative Academy' 1 month ago
Try liquid nitrogen vs McDonald burger
'Zeah' 1 month ago
Honestly, I hated those knife videos, but these are low-key kinda cool.
Any Code
'Any Code' 1 month ago
'DAVID DOUILLET' 1 month ago
Liquid nitrogen would've eaten that hammer with mayonnaise on it in Africa?
Rupendra Man Shrestha
liquid nitrogen vs lead guitar
Claimh Solais
'Claimh Solais' 1 month ago
Looks like cracking an egg shell! Satisfying!
Mr Wudel
'Mr Wudel' 1 month ago
Wieso muss man Papier schockfrosten😂
Flash Brine
'Flash Brine' 1 month ago
do 1000deegre knife vs liquid nitrohen
Ziv Privileged
'Ziv Privileged' 1 month ago
making salad was never easier
Anime Lord
'Anime Lord' 1 month ago
is it bad that I laughed really hard at spongebob's death...
Andreolina Catering
'Andreolina Catering' 1 month ago
5:37 muerte de bob esponja ;(
iohiko colina
'iohiko colina' 1 month ago
Bob esponja noooooo D:
'megatron' 1 month ago
where is the 1000 degree knifes at
Olivia Marie
'Olivia Marie' 1 month ago

"Doesn't smash into pieces the first time?" *tries again*
"Doesn't smash into pieces the second time?" *continuously smashed it with the hammer until it looks like an elephant sat on it*

Owenlalo Martinez Fernandez
Assassin killed the spongebob
'Ice' 1 month ago
7:44 woah
Bronx12345 JK
'Bronx12345 JK' 1 month ago
what is this music called
MRtomPL Pompa
'MRtomPL Pompa' 1 month ago
try a glass of water
'Zeus' 1 month ago
6:28 z Bic'a ja mam długopisy :p
'xchoromotax' 1 month ago
fome tu wea
'BillyDu35' 1 month ago
MeGear Est français ?
Антон Артемов
He is from Ukraine
Selen şenkaya
'Selen şenkaya' 1 month ago
freeze a dead animal if u want +1
Ki Ferrell
'Ki Ferrell' 1 month ago
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