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Science Experiment: LIQUID NITROGEN vs LIGHTER -
Published: 4 months ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 4 months ago

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Different Heaven - Nekozilla (LFZ Remix) [NCS Release]

Different Heaven

'MrGear' 4 months ago
Where are you from?
Road to 6.000.000 Subs!!!
ItsFennekin -
'ItsFennekin -' 7 days ago
Im glad you stopped make knife videos...
Jesse Martin
'Jesse Martin' 1 week ago
you can see at 2:46 where he accidentally touched the nitrogen (red dots on his hand) ouch :(
Hunter Beltran
'Hunter Beltran' 1 week ago
Five reduction testify uncertainty live video relationship planet baseball passage.
the destroyer
'the destroyer' 2 weeks ago
Lol he almost burnt down the entire place
Huynh Thuong Le
'Huynh Thuong Le' 2 weeks ago
hài vãi
Ayaz Mohmmed
'Ayaz Mohmmed' 2 weeks ago
this experiment a watermelon
Ayaz Mohmmed
'Ayaz Mohmmed' 2 weeks ago
MrGear I'm a india
Jake Deschamps
'Jake Deschamps' 2 weeks ago
I didn't imagine one of these popular 3 million veiw videos would be of a guy hitting a frozen sponge with a hammer.

Now, I want you to think about that for a while...
Мастер Шеф
'Мастер Шеф' 1 month ago
а как песня называется?
Sonelyn Marie Vazquez Prieto
where can I get liquid nitrogen?
Ottu Gaming
'Ottu Gaming' 2 months ago
Roses are red
violets are blue
i got clickbated
and so diid you
Ottu Gaming
'Ottu Gaming' 2 months ago
Im from Planet Dolan
Hadi Abdul
'Hadi Abdul' 2 months ago
Only thing that can defeat nitrogen gas is Nokia 3310
'PataloTV' 2 months ago
14:07 i nice
Ladybug Chat Noir
'Ladybug Chat Noir' 2 months ago
u get mad at ur boy friend put his flowers in nitrogen and break them in front of him
Joshua The Smart One
'Joshua The Smart One' 2 months ago
2:10 Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Mia Elise
'Mia Elise' 2 months ago
anti climatic
Elias Cedeño
'Elias Cedeño' 2 months ago
pongan una bola al rojo vivo en nitrogeno liquido
Mr A Hacks
'Mr A Hacks' 3 months ago
plz subscribe my chanel Mr A hacks
'A7XVileWinteR' 3 months ago
do you recall if the orange still smelled good
Sebastian Cardona
'Sebastian Cardona' 3 months ago
quien habla español
-Playing- -Bee-
'-Playing- -Bee-' 3 months ago
Mizone Gti
'Mizone Gti' 3 months ago
100000 likes.-i will put my penis in a liquid nitrogen.
Mizone Gti
'Mizone Gti' 3 months ago
next video:
liquid nitrogen vs penis.
Hunter Slayer
'Hunter Slayer' 3 months ago
Mr.gear i,m more of a gamer and try not to laugh watcher but your videos are really awesome
Hana Sensei
'Hana Sensei' 3 months ago
what was that package woth the tomatoe and other vegetable on it
curtis ramlochan
'curtis ramlochan' 3 months ago
'jonoplaysmc' 3 months ago
Will you ever do a face reveal
'jonoplaysmc' 3 months ago
Poor rose u should have given it to your (if u have one) girlfriend
matthew S D B Y S
'matthew S D B Y S' 3 months ago
он русский ,на майонезе было по русскому написано
Julian Kae
'Julian Kae' 3 months ago
watching this i only had one thought on my mind

"can i eat this"
'이중구' 3 months ago
fire show lool
clayton gaming
'clayton gaming' 3 months ago
6:17 nooooooo spongebob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VElonica Sanuele
'VElonica Sanuele' 3 months ago
Monkeys in africa could have eaten that banana.
They Call Me YouTube
'They Call Me YouTube' 3 months ago
I remember when Nekozilla came out..... Best day of my entire life.
'KoolGFX' 3 months ago
stop killing spongebob
Lucas miguel
'Lucas miguel' 3 months ago
Ahora comprendo.. La mina que me gusta debe tener nitrógeno liquido en vez de sangre, por eso tiene el corazón tan frio la muy hija de put* XD
Kron Hjorten
'Kron Hjorten' 3 months ago
im from denmark
or good luck to the 6.000.000 subs:)
'TripleThreat' 3 months ago
Watching this guys videos is so satisfying
'bipu' 3 months ago
Muhamad Rizqi Abdillah Videos
firecraker vs nitrogen liquid.
Donald J Trump
'Donald J Trump' 3 months ago
Knife vs Wrist?
Jamie Brooks
'Jamie Brooks' 3 months ago
This was cool
Anh Quang
'Anh Quang' 3 months ago
Amazing xD,
The Gaming Doge
'The Gaming Doge' 3 months ago
Do a paper airplane
Rowan Barker
'Rowan Barker' 3 months ago
Internet intent bond barrel therapist highlight German reflect.
Ayman Boussaadoun
'Ayman Boussaadoun' 3 months ago
Fait attention à toi ⚠️
'WILLBOY11' 3 months ago
2:13 looks so weird look at his hand (mind trick?).
Jakub Kukla
'Jakub Kukla' 3 months ago
stop taking ideas from wowshow noob
Tawer TV
'Tawer TV' 3 months ago
The space Doge
'The space Doge' 3 months ago
People in that flower could've eaten that africa
really dude kids in africa could have eaten that light and that sponge
Jhon delong
'Jhon delong' 3 months ago
Give this a thousand likes if you do I will do a fart in a lighter
Jhon delong
'Jhon delong' 3 months ago
Pause at six 54 spark
'SINAN 50' 3 months ago
WOW ! (The End)
Lemon Bleach
'Lemon Bleach' 3 months ago
Liquid nitrogen vs my mixtape
'Moʏa' 3 months ago
Dat ending tho
Vanoss The Owl Retard
Roses are dead
Violets are blue
Liquid nitrogen
Will kill you
SJRose Sadah
'SJRose Sadah' 3 months ago
How Dare You!!! My Name Is Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😫😫😫😓
'HA57DAUE' 3 months ago
I phone nitrogen please
Proper Bloke
'Proper Bloke' 3 months ago
I know this is a stupid question to ask, but could you eat anything edible in this video after it's been placed in liquid nitrogen?
Akhil Raj
'Akhil Raj' 3 months ago
Somebody broke his heart...
'^FlameBit^' 3 months ago
Sick luke non ne sbaglia una
'SerbijanGejmsBiJel' 3 months ago
You are the best

I am from Croatia
Marko Ćavar
'Marko Ćavar' 3 months ago
Idiotic channel
William Thomas
'William Thomas' 3 months ago
Those bananas in Africa could have eaten those kids!
Tracy Bridges
'Tracy Bridges' 3 months ago
He from shut up town and that's where yo mom came from
diego valladares santaellas
like si dalas no para de criticar este canal
'Beastmedic1st' 3 months ago
ahhh the statisfied sound from that breakable stuffs
stick dude
'stick dude' 3 months ago
eat your vegetals
April Tew
'April Tew' 3 months ago
It's like the same thing over and over but I can't stop watching!
robert garci
'robert garci' 3 months ago
you are sike man
'RodStudio' 3 months ago
Liquid Nitrogen VS Liquid Nitrogen
denzelle ford
'denzelle ford' 3 months ago
that fire looked cool at time 7:42
zacbac 13579
'zacbac 13579' 3 months ago
The end was so amazing and funny 😂
throphyCH crusher
'throphyCH crusher' 3 months ago
1 like = 1 prayer for the poor flower
Kawaii Playz
'Kawaii Playz' 3 months ago
the orange looks like a tiny pumpkin when it was dipped in the liquid nitrogen lol you could have took a little bit of that celery and stuck it as a stem
Cordero HD
'Cordero HD' 3 months ago
el martillo que todo lo arregla
Piotrek Zakrzak
'Piotrek Zakrzak' 3 months ago
Liquid nitrogen vs glowing knife?
Лиля Чухненко
I think at 7:44 you scared!!
Soul Stealer
'Soul Stealer' 3 months ago
not so popular whit your 1000 degree knife a? o wait... shit
'DarthSion94' 3 months ago
>When autistic kids think they do science just because they've got access to liquid nitrogen.

Please, change this video's title
Arsalaan DNK
'Arsalaan DNK' 3 months ago
MrGear Bro Liquid Nitrogen VS Mobile Phone Please Upload This Video😊😊😊😊😊
Creative Academy
'Creative Academy' 3 months ago
Try liquid nitrogen vs McDonald burger
'Zeah' 3 months ago
Honestly, I hated those knife videos, but these are low-key kinda cool.
Any Code
'Any Code' 3 months ago
'DAVID DOUILLET' 3 months ago
Liquid nitrogen would've eaten that hammer with mayonnaise on it in Africa?
Rupendra Man Shrestha
liquid nitrogen vs lead guitar
Claimh Solais
'Claimh Solais' 3 months ago
Looks like cracking an egg shell! Satisfying!
Mr Wudel
'Mr Wudel' 3 months ago
Wieso muss man Papier schockfrosten😂
AntiDonate GT
'AntiDonate GT' 3 months ago
do 1000deegre knife vs liquid nitrohen
Ziv Privileged
'Ziv Privileged' 3 months ago
making salad was never easier
Anime Lord
'Anime Lord' 3 months ago
is it bad that I laughed really hard at spongebob's death...
Andreolina Catering
'Andreolina Catering' 3 months ago
5:37 muerte de bob esponja ;(
iohiko colina
'iohiko colina' 3 months ago
Bob esponja noooooo D:
pepe le pew
'pepe le pew' 3 months ago
where is the 1000 degree knifes at
Olivia Marie
'Olivia Marie' 3 months ago

"Doesn't smash into pieces the first time?" *tries again*
"Doesn't smash into pieces the second time?" *continuously smashed it with the hammer until it looks like an elephant sat on it*

Owenlalo Martinez Fernandez
Assassin killed the spongebob
'Ice' 3 months ago
7:44 woah
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