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Common - Why I Vote -
Published: 6 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 6 months ago

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Our “Why I Vote” campaign gives artists a chance to share personal opinions on the key issues shaping the 2016 Presidential Election. Along the way, they encourage young people, a traditionally under-represented demographic at the polls, to participate in the political process that impacts us all. From Kesha to T.I. to American Authors, each episode focuses on a particular subject, including immigration, LGBTQ rights, mass incarceration, and education opportunities. We’re hoping to galvanize first-time voters interested in shaping their own future.
For Common, programs that open doors for prisoners to secure jobs after they have been paroled are key to making a difference in our communities. He believes it’s up to us to elect candidates who show support for prisoners’ rights, and will move such programs into action. “You vote for the politicians that you know are standing for what you want to change,” he says, “the ones who stand for what you want to see go on in your community and in this world.”
Previous episodes of “Why I Vote” featured Vic Mensa, T.I. Kesha, American Authors, Becky G., John Legend and Andra Day. The series finale will premiere tomorrow and features JoJo.
Vevo will further the discussion on Friday, November 4th by hosting a Facebook Live event “Why I Vote: Live” at 6:30 ET/3:30 PT. It will discuss the many issues at hand and the upcoming election. Artists expected to participate include T.I., Andra Day, Vic Mensa, and Bethany Cosentino. Rock The Vote’s Jesse Moore will lead the discussion along with Vevo’s Julz Goddard.

Djamel TBH
'Djamel TBH' 1 week ago
that is a million like khalif case around the world why they still hate the black people Specially muslims black people we are all the same !! stop the racism lets be brothers .....
'Robbyy1996' 5 months ago
Why is everything about black people??
'real24rip' 5 months ago
dude i understand; my forfathers died so i can vote but end of the day the president cant amswer my dreams when hes just a pawn in a chess game like whole thing ran by white people
'real24rip' 5 months ago
dude i understand my forfathers died so i can vote but end of the day the president cant amswer my dreams when hes just a pawn in a chess game like whole thing ran by white people
'real24rip' 5 months ago
dude i understand my forfathers died so i can vote but end of the day the president cant amswer my dreams when hes just a pawn in a chess game like whole thing ran by white people
'игорь' 5 months ago
OR NUT??????
Mark dice
'Mark dice' 5 months ago
All lives matter 🖒
humble Spirit
'humble Spirit' 5 months ago
voting don't change anything . That was a positive true message Common .
rg hf
'rg hf' 5 months ago
Sean John Sean Micheal
'Justufty' 6 months ago
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'Taylor' 6 months ago
all of these why I vote videos are for Hillary. so rigged
rer rtre
'rer rtre' 6 months ago
Ariel Hernandez
'Ariel Hernandez' 6 months ago
fuck whites
Lourdes Peñadl!
'Lourdes Peñadl!' 6 months ago
samnnw bmne nemepnemelebnememe nLm nem nmnd emmewpmenmle e es!sbdnembnmndbneeelb0);😀😀😀😀mwbnmdbndmlke nememd. d dm,fmdnemendnmnbnebnMbdmomdobnzmnmemeokebdmdekbnd)😀😀memebneb(😀bdmdjdbdmdbdbmdbdbdd
Makeyia Brown
'Makeyia Brown' 6 months ago
That's unfortunate about that young man.
logan thomas
'logan thomas' 6 months ago
Common 2020
'ASIC Aery' 6 months ago
Trump 2016
fd hf
'fd hf' 6 months ago
Zack Lennard
'Zack Lennard' 6 months ago
Beleive it or not but if you do somthing illegal you go to jail or prison 😵😵😵😵
Stephen Hunter
'Stephen Hunter' 6 months ago
it's a sin to vote.. God said put no nation above your nation and this is not our nation
Haitian Sensation
'Haitian Sensation' 6 months ago
if i see thos shit pop up in my fucking feed one more time ill vote for trump
'henkiedebomb' 6 months ago
You have a black president
Rae lahage
'Rae lahage' 6 months ago
This is so disgusting n sad ,it's true ,once u got that bulls eye on r back r screwed ,people gotta stand up 4 justice
Ricardo Mrales Morales
Hey black or brown u got to respect us
Irina Balykina
'Irina Balykina' 6 months ago
If this dude keeps pushing the racism issue, I will be in good taste to discuss the atrocities of the Hollocost , where way more WHITE Jews were slaughtered . Cry me a river <3
'galacticmackin' 6 months ago
is common jesus? i could listen to this guy about anything
zaid haidar
'zaid haidar' 6 months ago
l love trump
zaid haidar
'zaid haidar' 6 months ago
fuck hulary
Matt Keepers
'Matt Keepers' 6 months ago
many criminals are due to them living in ghettos, not due to them being black
Fire Stick
'Fire Stick' 6 months ago
Hillary's husband is the one who pushed mass incarceration. furthered mandatory minimum sentencing and the three strike law. she calls black youth super predators and admits that black men in hoodies are scary. this is some bullshit
twt rwtr
'twt rwtr' 6 months ago
fg bg
'fg bg' 6 months ago
pool table
'pool table' 6 months ago
I'm talking bunkers silent people no
pool table
'pool table' 6 months ago
A common people gonna ask for a cow n received a glass of milk all races dog bout mine human being briefly respect
'lifeofeddy' 6 months ago
Dome Loor
'Dome Loor' 6 months ago
algunos ecuatorianos por aquí mmmmm
JourNea Delaleu
'JourNea Delaleu' 6 months ago
who did you vote
Steven C
'Steven C' 6 months ago
We should put both in office and vote on there best ideas. Go hard like that for a while.
Shadae Brooks
'Shadae Brooks' 6 months ago
you are right
Mason Brooks
'Mason Brooks' 6 months ago
Yeah because blacks have less by law
'knerds123' 6 months ago
at the end I thought he was gonna say "I vote for Trump" phew. so glad he said "truth" instead.
Marlena White
'Marlena White' 6 months ago
Please go vote 🙏🏾
Anthony Bristol
'Anthony Bristol' 6 months ago
If Common became governor of any state! I'm immediately moving there!! #THEPEOPLE #FREEDOM #JUSTICE
Thim Strömberg
'Thim Strömberg' 6 months ago
Fuck you made me skip da motherfuckin' video
Patricia campbell
'Patricia campbell' 6 months ago
Patricia campbell
'Patricia campbell' 6 months ago
Francis Paesano
'Francis Paesano' 6 months ago
A lot of black men being in prison has nothing to do with Jim Crow Laws.
'R3FLEXZS' 6 months ago
Ok I get trump is no saint but I would much rather have him than hillary
Minnie Blues
'Minnie Blues' 6 months ago
say what you will but Hillary has a heart, Trump does not. She will change the system.
_hamody 99_
'_hamody 99_' 6 months ago
Tubegamer 14
'Tubegamer 14' 6 months ago
I vote for justice
7Abdullah071 Al Ghamdi
if you are black I am shadow you stupid because you over care about what your enemys said to you if you can't live in America just because you are black found other country if this will not work live with that no one happy with live Except Muslims because we don't scared if we death and we are Muslims and we don't do any bad and we don't care about color and we believe this the ture live and true religion and how many old you have how many old you loss you will not stay for ever but lie about yourself be enemy for every thing and yourself this live will been your heaven and other live what you don't believe your hell if you don't believe that and time gone and you dead what do you have to say you just work for this live your money in this live other live has other money have other work
Roberto Soares
'Roberto Soares' 6 months ago
Algum brasileiro por aqui??!
alejoWtz varta
'alejoWtz varta' 6 months ago
pasen por mi channel
Manuel Madrigal
'Manuel Madrigal' 6 months ago
He is trying to bring back slavery
Manuel Madrigal
'Manuel Madrigal' 6 months ago
Fuck trump
Aubrey Guess™
'Aubrey Guess™' 6 months ago
Gary Johnson 2k16
Derrick Beltran
'Derrick Beltran' 6 months ago
The hilarious thing about the statistics is that the blacks and hispanics are really middle easterners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The jews fly in the africans and middle easterners illegally print the proper documents and identifications with fake identities and print money for them as a means to have eyes and ears in the neighborhoods as a form of power over us. Hiphop is a creation made by Jews as a means to mock the italians and cause strife and chaos emotionally and physically!!!!!!!!!!!
Harper Shea
'Harper Shea' 6 months ago
Common is a great guy
pepe the frog
'pepe the frog' 6 months ago
Trump 2016
Carlos Cruz
'Carlos Cruz' 6 months ago
It rimes
Jade Le Platrier
'Jade Le Platrier' 6 months ago
Go ahead vote Hilary and continue to be slaves to big corporations. America you got this once in a life time to elect someone that's not part of the political elite and your going to vote her? Take this opportunity cause if it's not now it's never.

Xx good luck
Sue Brennan
'Sue Brennan' 6 months ago
all of us are one oooooooooooooooo yes
edward hickey
'edward hickey' 6 months ago
I'm glad Common is supporting Trump, I was surprise but clearing Trump reached out and grabbed them by what matters to them!
Yung Pac
'Yung Pac' 6 months ago
Trump 2016
Tido Adam
'Tido Adam' 6 months ago
I'm watching the news from far away germany and even I can not believe that there is a real chance for a stand-up comedian called Trump to become the next president.
Ena !
'Ena !' 6 months ago
Black lives matter !💪🏾
A Human
'A Human' 6 months ago
typically, the video is saying don't vote for trump...
'Partherus' 6 months ago
Sad how he didnt do anything but went to jail for 3 years
Tacita Morgan
'Tacita Morgan' 6 months ago
Jason Sellers
'Jason Sellers' 6 months ago
Respect 2 Common! ✊
Mohamed Rasoul محمد رسول
العربي لايك
Mariela Arnez
'Mariela Arnez' 6 months ago
el es el que aparese en la pelicula AMOR CONFUSO??
Ken Gutierrez
'Ken Gutierrez' 6 months ago
I'm going to see common
All Fire beauty
'All Fire beauty' 6 months ago
brian kilmury
'brian kilmury' 6 months ago
you don't get elected.
you get appointed.
the voting system is a joke. do your research an see for yourself .
'Mimi' 6 months ago
Peter Twerkin
'Peter Twerkin' 6 months ago
We'll all be slaves to the bankers if the status quo continues. The middle class is flat lining.
'Mindmessed' 6 months ago
My man Common, hot damn. Love him to death.
Nick Cuoco
'Nick Cuoco' 6 months ago
'그린비' 6 months ago
Kelly Guadalupe
'Kelly Guadalupe' 6 months ago
'TheRealSHOOTER' 6 months ago
if u dont sub to my channel the devil will visit you tonight
Afnaan. Afu.
'Afnaan. Afu.' 6 months ago
why u vote?
Michael Sanchez
'Michael Sanchez' 6 months ago
'Heisterz' 6 months ago
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