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19 BIZARRE Things Found on Google Earth -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Epic Wildlife

By: Epic WildlifePublished: 3 weeks ago

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From psychedelic hot springs, to even more sightings of the Loch Ness Monster !

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Maxwell Agans
'Maxwell Agans' 6 hours ago
An island within an island within an island..... Uh hello? Atlantis anyone? Like seriously...... 3 consecutive island structures? That is the fucking myth right there. Did it pop back up? Or did it never really sink? Maybe it got hardcore flooded for a time thus "the sinking of Atlantis?"
Bubba Putnam
'Bubba Putnam' 8 hours ago
all of this is fake ppl need to get really jods
Deniz Sanli
'Deniz Sanli' 21 hours ago
That red UFO demon chariot thing is also above my X partners mothers house. The exact same thing!!!!
I won't give the exact address but these will help you see for yourself. Check out 19 Sloan Street Billimari nsw 2804.
Her mum is a wicked person and I thought that red thing was attached to her somehow. Her other daughter also has all these things above her house 25 St Lawrence Ave, Blue Haven. The family is sick and twisted. Almost every member of her family has these things in the sky in Google Maps.
Does anyone know Wtf they are?
Robbie Pineda
'Robbie Pineda' 3 days ago
number 4 is a whale shark I think
'js92css' 4 days ago
I waited 8min to find out the image was photoshopped.....great
'CrashHeadroom' 5 days ago
....I feel ashamed at they guy who made Weird Whitstable XD..the entire site is just potatoeshopped stuff and fake history...not even well done lol There is a TON of weird shit that happens in my lights coming out the river and going strait up, tunnels being bricked and closed up but orders for power to remain on down in them, "FIGMENTS of mr lister's imagination made real by some WEIRD SPACE PLAGUE"....but that guy's stories are great XD Sea serpant attacking the martella towers? Make it into a film, nao XD and while you are at it make it attack the U.S.S. Montgomery's corpse to, turn it into a hollywood blockbuster with mega explosions XD Just read the front page on how "canterbury catherdrals spire fell into the water and can still be seen to this day!!"

In September 1872 a large portion of the Trinity Chapel roof was
completely destroyed by fire. There was no significant damage to the
stonework or interior and the damage was quickly repaired.

So how does THAT get change too "completely destroyed, fell into the coast and spookily IS A GATE TO HEEEEEELL!! AND is also the duke of kiddyminster and extremly rich!!"
Adnan Bhuiyan
'Adnan Bhuiyan' 5 days ago
Just for clarifying, the Deception Island myth has already been debunked. It is a rock outcrop
'TheCheezWizz' 5 days ago
dipshit, if #2 is "photoshopped", THEN IT WASN'T FUCKING FOUND ON GOOGLE EARTH. Also goddamn lol that you put any attention towards random lines that can be literally anything.
beach side
'beach side' 5 days ago
I cant find my you know what past my stomach. Theres a reward if discovered j/k.
m m
'm m' 5 days ago
Why is #2 here if it's not a Google map real picture
Dragongamer UK
'Dragongamer UK' 6 days ago
Why didn't you include the giant spider that was discovered on a remote island off the coast of Mexico?
'Westman52' 6 days ago
I made a video about seeing a weird object on google maps
Fluke Kings
'Fluke Kings' 7 days ago
Sub to me 7 years luck like 1 year luck
Yong Aiden
'Yong Aiden' 1 week ago
CANYON!! More like pussy 😛😋yummy (punany)
Taco Loco
'Taco Loco' 1 week ago
4:37 "Considered on of the best preserved sites" they say as they walk all over them leaving footprints.
Now we know why the world is a bitch
'ADONUS GREEN' 1 week ago
it's called a sense of humor.
'DanDSI' 1 week ago
11 is a rock, watch billschannel.
Bub Skebulba
'Bub Skebulba' 1 week ago
"Giant enemy crabs"
Greg de Souza
'Greg de Souza' 1 week ago
Did he say Atlanta sank into the ocean?
Sarah-Anne _
'Sarah-Anne _' 1 week ago
You have the strangest accent. Like half Kiwi half American. Weird to listen to.
Pablo Chapo
'Pablo Chapo' 1 week ago
That ain't no canyon that's a giant pussy Ima put my dick in the dirt and fuck the earth
Electrogenic P
'Electrogenic P' 1 week ago
Hang on, if number 2 was photoshopped, why is it on the list? It wasn't "found on Google Earth", it was "found on some guys photoshop history"
Jonathan Luna
'Jonathan Luna' 1 week ago
Number 11 is a rock
'Kotarian' 1 week ago
this crab was later known as crabzilla!....the maker came forward and said it was photoshopped. why get out of bed
Matthew Bird
'Matthew Bird' 2 weeks ago
"number fortain"
Matthew Bird
'Matthew Bird' 2 weeks ago
Vincent van Wijk
'Vincent van Wijk' 2 weeks ago
you can clearly see the boat at the top right on number 16
'BigNewGames' 2 weeks ago
Many years ago on Google Earth I discovered a 100 + foot creature in a freshwater lake within in the USA. The creature left waves behind it about a mile as it traveled. You can see it clearly. 100 feet long (30.48 m).

I also discovered the location of a meteor crater in Michigan using Google maps. The crater is located near where I live. The crater is about 1.5 miles wide with a rim about 90 feet higher than the surrounding areas and the crater is about 40 feet deeper than the surrounding area and is swampy.

These images have not been photoshopped. I know their exact locations and time taken on Google Earth.
Aaron George
'Aaron George' 2 weeks ago
im pretty sure number 4 was a whale shark.....
The Last Of Us
'The Last Of Us' 2 weeks ago
Two giant red lips... hmmm, looks like lips from somewhere else if you know what I'm saying eh he... I'm so lonely 😭
Dawson Riedel
'Dawson Riedel' 2 weeks ago
Adrian munoz
'Adrian munoz' 2 weeks ago
WTF was 19? unsub
Amy Westorbry
'Amy Westorbry' 2 weeks ago
nessy looks like a whale shark
'SonicRising' 2 weeks ago
Number 5 would be a great place to start Jurassic Park.
roger surez
'roger surez' 2 weeks ago
Enough with the loch ness nonsense
Gorom Mocs
'Gorom Mocs' 2 weeks ago
Number 2 Looks like the crab from moana
'SecretNightmare123' 2 weeks ago
Number 4 Looks Like A Whale Shark!
Juicy Dangla
'Juicy Dangla' 2 weeks ago
This channel used to be so legit, now its full of silly myths and fake accents.
Juicy Dangla
'Juicy Dangla' 2 weeks ago
Sounds like the narrator is an American trying to sound Australian... what is the point of that lol
John Jacob
'John Jacob' 2 weeks ago
I think its so awesome that there are still places on this earth humans haven't touched.
K!NG Carlos
'K!NG Carlos' 2 weeks ago
#15 is spongebobs crib
Amy Carter
'Amy Carter' 2 weeks ago
the crab one lol
Armirul Nizal
'Armirul Nizal' 2 weeks ago
kyogre on 7:20
Ethan Hauersperger
'Ethan Hauersperger' 2 weeks ago
the lockness monster was to be a Plesiosaurus. that looked like a long snake to me. that want enlarged. and the others were fake. the one photo of the ocean that seems to have a giant fish in it is actually boat waves in the shave if the fish. the note just got cropped out so it looks like a fish. saw that one on the news.
denis pucheu
'denis pucheu' 2 weeks ago
You are fraud.
Antonio Sala
'Antonio Sala' 2 weeks ago
The eleventh was just a rock
'gamerscomplete' 2 weeks ago
number 16 is bullshit. "it cant be a boat because no white foam can be detected". good thing no white foam is needed for a boat in any aspect. you can even see the damn boat at the end of the wake!!!
Red_Toad 64
'Red_Toad 64' 2 weeks ago
you didn't even show us the map in nmbr 1
Amber Gibson
'Amber Gibson' 2 weeks ago
3:37 Just thought I would confirm this: It's been studied, and it turns out to just be a rock.
'GamerHeadX' 2 weeks ago
pussy cave or lips cave?
kizzy starsmith
'kizzy starsmith' 2 weeks ago
that top down "loch ness monster" sighting looks like a colossal catfish.
Frank Wright
'Frank Wright' 2 weeks ago
Why 19? Why not 20 or 10?
isrrael castaneda
'isrrael castaneda' 2 weeks ago
:43 its a vagina
isrrael castaneda
'isrrael castaneda' 2 weeks ago
the lockness monster was proven to be a hoax
Joseph M.
'Joseph M.' 2 weeks ago
6:58 Cthulhu, is that thou?
Nayely rivas
'Nayely rivas' 2 weeks ago
are they kidding me...number 11 is a fucking sock puppet
Nayely rivas
'Nayely rivas' 2 weeks ago
the second one does not look like fish at all
David Wren
'David Wren' 2 weeks ago
This voiceover is the worst attempt of an Australian accent. Really bad. Why bother? Just use your own accent it would be less cringeworthy.
'MrCHINBAG' 2 weeks ago
giant crab😂
Larry Dunn
'Larry Dunn' 2 weeks ago
that ain't lips in the desert, it's a vagina!!!!
Michael North
'Michael North' 2 weeks ago
If an image was Photoshopped, it was never found. Why put it on the list?
Kylian Sanchez
'Kylian Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
Property game smooth ysnan base surprise boot presidency clear assess.
'Sinokula' 2 weeks ago
Crykey! Throw another shrimp on the barbie, and, pass me another lager than mate! That is the vocalist from Duran Duran who won best sighting of Lochness monster 2014, or perhaps, it was Sam Wise Gamgee? Oh, and, you are right about no.18, it is the rare African land vagina, its a nice place to visit, but, you wouldn't want to live there, treacherous place.
Dylan DC
'Dylan DC' 2 weeks ago
the backround looks like ughh.. jz
Hugh Martella
'Hugh Martella' 2 weeks ago
and they couldn't even include some shots from google earth for #1? oh let me guess that was too much work?
'THE DOG FACTORY' 2 weeks ago
It's not a monster or animal sea animal it's a rock
Rick Sanchez
'Rick Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
16 is a submarine. Correct me if I'm wrong
'madmadameminx' 2 weeks ago
Pygmy Chameleons! I'm sold. Let's save Mozambique!
Sasuke Uchiha
'Sasuke Uchiha' 2 weeks ago
number 11 is just a rock I know because if you watch billschannel one of his friends or someone he knew went to that area of the ocean and looked at the picture very well. So it is not a kraken
'cosado' 2 weeks ago
Austin Curry
'Austin Curry' 2 weeks ago
Crabzilla? it should be called Ebirah (a giant crustacean that Godzilla fought in Ebirah: Horror of the Deep)
Ian Macfarlane
'Ian Macfarlane' 2 weeks ago
A 50ft crab was photoshopped - no shit.
Good person
'Good person' 2 weeks ago
all are fake
Joran van Olphen
'Joran van Olphen' 2 weeks ago
They say that nessy is a shark
Wvo Quailwvo
'Wvo Quailwvo' 2 weeks ago
so number 2 was photoshopped and still made the list.
number one is the discovery of some trees in a forest
xx_progamer550_xx// Nowlookatthisnet550 (SSS550 leader)
Number 4 is a yatch XD i know right weird ass yatch with waves
Dogo Films
'Dogo Films' 2 weeks ago
the deception island monster is not a monster is also a small island
Byron Lloyd
'Byron Lloyd' 2 weeks ago
Why would you include something that's Photoshopped?
Ferry Jacobsen
'Ferry Jacobsen' 2 weeks ago
Number 11 is a rock
Richard Rowley
'Richard Rowley' 2 weeks ago
Number 18 looks like a pussy
srub tek
'srub tek' 2 weeks ago
don't like this comment
Phillip McConnochie
'Phillip McConnochie' 2 weeks ago
grand? grund? grand is grand ok its not grund dickhead
Bryan Ramirez
'Bryan Ramirez' 2 weeks ago
A vagina has lips that's y he said it looked like lips
'Osijek' 2 weeks ago
Number 2 was a huge let down by building it up to be something cool, but then saying it was fake. Don't do that!
Mark Wilson
'Mark Wilson' 2 weeks ago
I don't get number 2 cause if it's photoshoped then it wasn't found on Google earth
Malik Cruell
'Malik Cruell' 2 weeks ago
the lips looks like a vagina. damn even the desert be trying to catch some dick.
joseph seanaiden
'joseph seanaiden' 2 weeks ago
I hope the island full dinosaur like Jurassic park and jurassic world
Sunil Nair
'Sunil Nair' 2 weeks ago
it's my decision if this world.lives or dies. rofl
Hello Kitty
'Hello Kitty' 2 weeks ago
another complete waste of time....
UltronForTheGrave 86
3:14 look closely, you can see that's a sleeve...
UltronForTheGrave 86
number 11= someone's hand,with the sun as an eye...
T0xic Fatal1ty
'T0xic Fatal1ty' 2 weeks ago
what was that game add at the start?
Gopokson T. Situmorang
Number 4 is a large octopus
John Lau
'John Lau' 2 weeks ago
Number 11is just a rock!!!!!!!!!
Gopokson T. Situmorang
Number 18 is a park of lips
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