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Iran after Rafsanjani: The power play between moderates and hardliners (part 1) -
Published: 3 months ago By: FRANCE 24 English

By: FRANCE 24 EnglishPublished: 3 months ago

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He was one of the last pillars of that generation of leaders from Iran's 1979 revolution still in the high halls of power. The sudden death of former president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani could well tip the balance between hardliners and moderates who counted on Rafsanjani for support. We ask our panel about a man who wasn't afraid to publicly air his differences with the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and who shrugged off the pressure of hardliners.
Click here for PART TWO. 
Produced by Michele BARBERO, François WIBAUX and Laure FOURQUET.

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Atash Azadi
'Atash Azadi' 2 months ago
Allow me to make this less shorter Iran it is same as always clerics are emperors and people their servants
'SuperSimpleasthat' 2 months ago
Muhammed Murarandi was arrested and executed by hanging two days ago. RIP
'ardetag' 3 months ago
For once France 24 presented both sides of an argument in a relatively fair fashion lol
'Shawn' 3 months ago
Muhmmad Muarandi is Respectable analyser and talks to point...Cartoonist guy is cartoon and clown.
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