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Rick Ross - Buy Back the Block ft. 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane -
Published: 4 months ago By: RickRossVEVO

By: RickRossVEVOPublished: 4 months ago

13, 250, 269 views

103, 367 Likes   6, 469 Dislikes

"Buy Back the Block" Available at:
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Twitter: @rickrozay
Instagram: @Richforever
Snapchat: @FerrariFatBoy

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'bcmoore1995' 52 minutes ago
I got a crib in Florida and I don't even stay there. Lol FIRE
marie douchette
'marie douchette' 4 hours ago
deshawn fant
'deshawn fant' 4 hours ago
He wanna get a jugg
Kofi Asare
'Kofi Asare' 5 hours ago
And you better not pick it up... lmao
'TheUntold' 8 hours ago

'TOTINEMJOCKZ' 13 hours ago
Movie would be funnier with fat gucci
'hedidit55' 18 hours ago
Gucci gettin fat again
'SASSIA ZAGAR' 1 day ago
Houari Fitt
'Houari Fitt' 1 day ago
The song starts 3:32 😌
Daniel Camou
'Daniel Camou' 1 day ago
2 Chainz just go already
John Virgo
'John Virgo' 1 day ago
I just released my first music video. uploading 3 more in April check it out to grizzy off of my upcoming mixtape
Martin Mahon
'Martin Mahon' 1 day ago
Just Absolutely Flames Coming From My Speakers!!!! #RatherYouThenMe
Jamaica Dancehall TV
Ross verse the best, naturally
Rebel 00
'Rebel 00' 2 days ago
That the real
Brandon Pitts
'Brandon Pitts' 2 days ago
Yall really need to make a movie
'meka685' 2 days ago
lol, i love gucci
'FlyingCardboard' 2 days ago
Isnt that 21 at 5:51?
Dragon Le
'Dragon Le' 2 days ago
song starts at 3:30
G Mendez
'G Mendez' 2 days ago
Where's @MeekMill ?
Zeusssinstrumentals Ow Yea
it's funny untill you remember how they got off the block
kobra lets play
'kobra lets play' 2 days ago
Rick ross=burger king
'ON3 HIGH HUMAN' 2 days ago
San Bernardino is selling a mall
Andrew JK
'Andrew JK' 3 days ago
Seeing Gucci, 2 Chainz, and Rick Ross is like seeing half the Justice League. Throw in Ludacris and it's the modern day southern Rat Pack
Justin Thornhill
'Justin Thornhill' 3 days ago
who else got wing ad in beginning
shakiel Dormoy
'shakiel Dormoy' 3 days ago
They ned to be in the next friday coming loool it's needed
Владимир Земляков
черножопые уголовники, одним слово Ганста.
Hasni Rawefi
'Hasni Rawefi' 3 days ago
fuck with me you know I got it
Darius Johnson
'Darius Johnson' 3 days ago
Gucci: "Who is buddy mane?"

TomCat: "who tf ah me?"
rexi rage
'rexi rage' 3 days ago
this is dope
Aniqma Kish
'Aniqma Kish' 3 days ago
I'm buying and owning a block too..real business..hustlers, art lovers whats up?
Wayne Gates
'Wayne Gates' 3 days ago
2 Chainz vers killed this shyt
Total Crash Alert
'Total Crash Alert' 3 days ago
Song starts at 3:35
CBChinx 187
'CBChinx 187' 3 days ago
Danny Smith
'Danny Smith' 4 days ago
This fat nigga a whole joke out here. Fool ain't no where in the hood buying back shit. Say anything for the almighty dollar
Asha Jones
'Asha Jones' 4 days ago
aint that that nigga who killed bankroll
u better not pick it up lolol u killed there son
Michael Chitiyo
'Michael Chitiyo' 4 days ago
This prob the best song ever in HISTORY ! GOT hip hop fans thinking like investors
King Reynolds
'King Reynolds' 4 days ago
I got music hot BARZ I do shows I got a video Titled "👑King Reynolds expose rap game 1st ever paid concert at Studio 7 in Seattle, WA on August 25, 2016"
Kyle Smith
'Kyle Smith' 4 days ago
gucci should be in movies
Kyle Smith
'Kyle Smith' 4 days ago
these nigs got me rollin
E Moffat
'E Moffat' 4 days ago
Ross lost weight- he looks healthy. Even got some "skinny" cargos on. Good for you
omega mufowo
'omega mufowo' 4 days ago
thought it was a movie
Ajwala Bryan
'Ajwala Bryan' 4 days ago
finally rick ross aint the biggest nigga in the block..biggups bro...inspiring
Victor Scott
'Victor Scott' 4 days ago
'ABJEFE' 4 days ago
"Y'all got money" stay out my pocket lmao funniest part lol
Powhatan Light
'Powhatan Light' 5 days ago
This go hard
» Atom Production
rick & gucci = bad cop and the money god.
Oussema Mzoughi
'Oussema Mzoughi' 5 days ago
Oh shit ! he dissed 50 !
Labrent Coleman
'Labrent Coleman' 5 days ago
this nigga ross throwing money at the nigga gucci like n u bet not pick up nan dollar 😂😂😂 bih then why u throwing it at me💀💀
Djay DE
'Djay DE' 5 days ago
tracks for days son
Shawn Williams
'Shawn Williams' 5 days ago
That's Wussup! Famo Buy All You Can Support Black America / Hip Hop Forever
Kiss Kris
'Kiss Kris' 5 days ago
Rick Ross washing cars wearing glasses 😂😂
Chill Boi Son Son
'Chill Boi Son Son' 5 days ago
Do You Guys Feel It's Disrespectful That No Plugg Was Included In The Video Considering The Tragedy of Bankroll, 2Chainz Being Affected By His Death, and Mores So Featured On The Song and Video??
törk binladen
'törk binladen' 5 days ago
Lance Williams
'Lance Williams' 5 days ago
They about to wash the paint off that hood, lol.
Carlos Oliveira
'Carlos Oliveira' 5 days ago
1:40 2 months???
Jeremie Donineaux
'Jeremie Donineaux' 5 days ago
2 chainz gucci man and rosay "THE BOSS"
Deion Bandoh
'Deion Bandoh' 5 days ago
That nigga Ross cleaning the tf outta that car at the beginning lmao
The Pirsin Klan Inc.
the pirsin klan inc.
The Pirsin Klan Inc.
god blessing!!!
Matthew Coulson
'Matthew Coulson' 6 days ago
5:51 21 Savage
Big Joe
'Big Joe' 6 days ago
Rick Ross " Is he on the lick he want get a jug" fucking classic!~
lmao the acting was so good I need a real movie omg 🤣🤣🤣
Collins Nyongesa
'Collins Nyongesa' 6 days ago
who the fuck a me hahahaha
Antonio Joyner
'Antonio Joyner' 6 days ago
this should have been on the album too...
Zak Williams
'Zak Williams' 6 days ago
they need amovie!
'MrsButtersworth82' 6 days ago
This let me know we need a new hood classic!!!
Strictly Macking
'Strictly Macking' 6 days ago
dope asf !!!!
Tarrin Curtis
'Tarrin Curtis' 7 days ago
why he ain't put this on the album? this shit go hard!
Remember Vinnie
'Remember Vinnie' 7 days ago
some big Buford's
Oskiee Bang
'Oskiee Bang' 7 days ago
nigga I'm Tom Cat down south car wash.. Lmfao
Nagy Kálmán - Jövőkép
song start: 3:55 ."
'MACHINEHD' 1 week ago
i wanna see gucci and ross in a hood series!!!
Bre Mill
'Bre Mill' 1 week ago
The intro really could turn into a movie.
Juana Sierra
'Juana Sierra' 1 week ago
with a crop homie
Tanya Ellis
'Tanya Ellis' 1 week ago
i like your vid💞💞💞💞
Hatalı cool
'Hatalı cool' 1 week ago
ne bitmez konuşmaymış aq
'DaB0ss55' 1 week ago
Im doing this for a project and I need to know the theme! Is there even a theme a need to know ASAP!!!!
Durham Titans
'Durham Titans' 1 week ago
Anton Carroll
'Anton Carroll' 1 week ago
any business that does not have tha People's need at it's core, but profit for profits sake, is of little utility...a venture based solely on personal gain will lead tha said business-person to naturally place personal interest before that of tha People; even to tha point of exploitative/oppressive practices by said black owner/capitalist...we say, oppression/exploitation is a no go, regardless if by tha gringo or tha negro, or all in between...#UpThaAnte#AllPower2ThaPeople
Miraz Sarwar
'Miraz Sarwar' 1 week ago
very inspirational "its all about your last name meaning something " Ross
Iceberg Black
'Iceberg Black' 1 week ago
Jonny Luu
'Jonny Luu' 1 week ago
Bout to buy back the city. With hundreds and fifties. 🔥
Shaq O
'Shaq O'Neal' 1 week ago
he wanna get a jugggg 😂😂
'suomynona' 1 week ago
how long are they gonna clean that car for
mrmrmrmrmr shebz
'mrmrmrmrmr shebz' 1 week ago
gucci is lamar?
Kha Rivers
'Kha Rivers' 1 week ago
rossay really about that foodgang life..
Edgar Glover
'Edgar Glover' 1 week ago
rick Ross n skinny jeans
Dexter Morgan
'Dexter Morgan' 1 week ago
MAN UP and give ur nephew back his pants. Grown ass men dont dress like this.. bouncing around like a damn fairy.. before u buy that hood back, best set a better example
Dexter Morgan
'Dexter Morgan' 1 week ago
My GOD the f#!*ing skinny jeans down to ur thighs. u sag like that with them lil tight jeans up state.. and you'd be in Adseg for ur own safety
Rahel  Meirza
'Rahel Meirza' 1 week ago
Why's the shirt censored? *idk who wear it lol is it gucci mane?😂
john love
'john love' 1 week ago
💯💯💯 Rozay andi knew i seen my boy Isa mane (Isa Muhammad) in that thang Ross building some greater on top of some already great
donald chavannes
'donald chavannes' 1 week ago
sauce dat man
'sauce dat man' 1 week ago
trying to reach a 1,000 subribers can you subscribe
The CHBY Show
'The CHBY Show' 1 week ago
they scrubbed the shit out of that car hood
'Young8Assassin' 1 week ago
2 chainz killed that sh*t
Mister Carter
'Mister Carter' 1 week ago
I don't really rock with 2chainz but his verse was the toughest. Straight up!
'ashton8914' 1 week ago
dope boy shit
David Kirkland
'David Kirkland' 2 weeks ago
Worst acting ever lol
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