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Rick Ross - Buy Back the Block ft. 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane -
Published: 5 months ago By: RickRossVEVO

By: RickRossVEVOPublished: 5 months ago

13, 985, 557 views

107, 153 Likes   6, 836 Dislikes

"Buy Back the Block" Available at:
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Facebook: @RickRoss
Twitter: @rickrozay
Instagram: @Richforever
Snapchat: @FerrariFatBoy

(C) 2016 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Zeïlax Sledj
'Zeïlax Sledj' 3 hours ago
kinda ironic rick ross walk out from a cop car when his verse starts
Smooth Dollarz
'Smooth Dollarz' 6 hours ago
This that work right here talk that hustler shit yall #erk gang
Dat Truong
'Dat Truong' 6 hours ago
all the og we look up to they broke as shit
all the kid they look up to us bc we super rich
rick ross " ohhhhh"
Kevin Heggs
'Kevin Heggs' 21 hours ago
If we going to by the car wash
Marcus Fulton
'Marcus Fulton' 21 hours ago
Black business thats the keys # Woke
Tyler Wheeless
'Tyler Wheeless' 22 hours ago
i sold 10 bricks a day now i need 10 chickfilas my fav part
'JERMAR SWILLEY' 1 day ago
'JERMAR SWILLEY' 1 day ago
Lamborari123 4
'Lamborari123 4' 1 day ago
If ur rich why don't u have a luxury car
Dominick Falletta
'Dominick Falletta' 2 days ago
all the o.g I used to look up to r all broke as shit. LMAO. that's what's up!!!!!
Wassup Fred
'Wassup Fred' 2 days ago
Its all about your last name meaning something
Rayquan Tate
'Rayquan Tate' 2 days ago
I seen 21 Savage in this video
Shakur Terqey
'Shakur Terqey' 2 days ago
21 savage💯🔥
Ocie Devance
'Ocie Devance' 3 days ago
Ross ate this...probably literally too
andrew konopasek
'andrew konopasek' 3 days ago
the best rap song, make more about
real estate and money songs please
the cure
Queen Candy
'Queen Candy' 3 days ago
Dude in the red and the one standing next to him lmfao 6:45 - 6:48
Roberto Gacias Georje
se burlaran eso capo
Chris Smith
'Chris Smith' 4 days ago
this is 🔥🔥🔥....Rick you killing it!!!!
Jesus Nuñez
'Jesus Nuñez' 4 days ago
2:45 ... pa las cawas, pa las cawaas, hay que trabajar pa las cawas
Ksus Susk
'Ksus Susk' 4 days ago
Dude how can you even like this? A fat nigga scream the same thing over and over again. Every song is the same.. bricks bricks bricks. Fucking losers lol.
Roberto Gacias Georje
eso es pura musica dura rock ross
brandon clayton
'brandon clayton' 4 days ago
The whole beginning funny as shit yo on God then the music straight 🌋🌋💪💪
hey bud
'hey bud' 5 days ago
Fuck man this song could of been sick I'm not a big fan of 2 chains part an the chorus
J da high roller
'J da high roller' 5 days ago
see back in the day, that tom cat nigga car wash ownin nigga, woulda been bernie mac and he woulda killed it!
'dinudorian1' 6 days ago
erkan yunis
'erkan yunis' 6 days ago
reminds me of my landlord demanding 2 months rent off me before i move in nigga took 1100 quid off me
Aaron Rutledge
'Aaron Rutledge' 1 week ago
Nice ass car and they cant even park it right
'T.M.B.' 1 week ago
o wow, drop it down low, by T.M.B is on fire! check that isssh out, it's on fire, Already!!
Luis Marsh
'Luis Marsh' 1 week ago
Rich paina my fav natty shoulder presser
ertd srtsr
'ertd srtsr' 1 week ago
layin in my bed into 40 milion leonardo dicaprio ,,, verse 2 i'm sexin woman i dont fish her out,,,,,,,ricky ronaldo - you can tell em that
ertd srtsr
'ertd srtsr' 1 week ago
layin in my bed into 40 milion leonardo dicaprio ,,, verse 2 i'm sexin woman i dont fish her out,,,,,,,,
Mandy Vieira
'Mandy Vieira' 1 week ago
2chainz verse 🔥
Kim Lim
'Kim Lim' 1 week ago
gucci's lil phat tumtum <3
'CASH FLOW' 1 week ago
No plugs bitch ass is in the video smh
The Bull
'The Bull' 1 week ago
All rick ross is talking about food
'uqktba' 1 week ago
rick fake fat sucking dick 4 money bitch
andres preciado
'andres preciado' 2 weeks ago
in da house y se la pasa con los regueetoneros q tristesa don rick ross yo crei q utd era mas hip-hop
'MaGiiQue' 2 weeks ago
what is the name of that car they are washing?
Esther Roberts
'Esther Roberts' 2 weeks ago
hip hop is garbage now. dead ass this is whack shit.
Courtnay Stinson
'Courtnay Stinson' 2 weeks ago
chainz killed it
'Salamandra' 2 weeks ago
guci must be fckin in that big mouth by 3 brothers in jail...bigger than before
brookcity 81g
'brookcity 81g' 2 weeks ago
y u niggas talking bout buy back the block. slim thug out here doin it.
'MauVidz' 2 weeks ago
Its time To buy back the block!!!!
Duval Mall
'Duval Mall' 2 weeks ago
I swear ross said the same when I told my boy
Duval Mall
'Duval Mall' 2 weeks ago
Lol Boy I feel like Gucci right now gambling on the table just hurt me for almost 2 bands just finna get the lo this shit real got to bounce back need to tell boss man nigg need a raise some ot sometin I need a come up bad
Michael Magruder Jr
'Michael Magruder Jr' 2 weeks ago
ross already been in a couple of hood movies do yal research
Greg Tarbuck
'Greg Tarbuck' 2 weeks ago
I loved Big Bufords ! With chedda cheese please !
Eddy Chavo
'Eddy Chavo' 2 weeks ago
if they had enough to buy the block why were they washing cars though?
phil smerfy
'phil smerfy' 2 weeks ago
Tilt me hat to ya Ricky
did well brah
Micheal Jordan
'Micheal Jordan' 2 weeks ago
they were I get my money.
ashley campbell
'ashley campbell' 2 weeks ago
Good idea for a track but it should of had more bars around schemes and moves man did for the ends yet I just heard crap
Tebogo Lesley Maifala
This is the real deal track! Good motivation. We definitely need a movie outa this.
meezy mac
'meezy mac' 2 weeks ago
meezy mac
'meezy mac' 2 weeks ago
lol it was so hard for them to pretend that 2500 was a lot they damn near laughed lmao
Vault Boy®
'Vault Boy®' 2 weeks ago
I was genuinely surprised at how decent they were at acting. I bet they could actually make a pretty good hood movie haha
Isaiah Diaz
'Isaiah Diaz' 2 weeks ago
Ha why is 21 Savage In the vid
Adelina Oliva
'Adelina Oliva' 2 weeks ago
clorox im with yu rick ross movie right itll be the shit
'WAH Ron' 2 weeks ago
Savage 21 looking like "Man what the fuck" Lmao! Buy back the block lets gooooo!
Destiny Bloxom Petite
Gucci mane so fuck them windows 😂😂😂
Mike Harding
'Mike Harding' 2 weeks ago
Checkers the spot though!
Oheneku Edward
'Oheneku Edward' 2 weeks ago
rozay is gifted of rap from Jah.keep it up
kenny botelho
'kenny botelho' 2 weeks ago
Tupac - Lyric king
Eazy - gangsta king
Biggie - Flow king
Eminem - Rhyme king
Dr.Dre - Beat king
Rick Ross - Burger king
Snoop - Weed king
Me - Copy/Paste king
kenny botelho
'kenny botelho' 2 weeks ago
First part feels like a GTA San Andreas mission
John Johnson
'John Johnson' 3 weeks ago
Dade shit if ain't bout food how the fuck you going to eat
John Johnson
'John Johnson' 3 weeks ago
Time to buy the block
'MrIlikpie' 3 weeks ago
i wana kill all black people fuck them niggers!!!!! ;)
Darin Maxwell
'Darin Maxwell' 3 weeks ago
Ross went in.
'EstiAraujo' 3 weeks ago
He's not lying about buying back the block. and he's a big tipper!!!!!
'mirek1178' 3 weeks ago
the intro to the video is so funny
Antonio Greenlee
'Antonio Greenlee' 3 weeks ago
they gotta positive message tho
Aron Figueroa
'Aron Figueroa' 3 weeks ago
Why niggas gotta be wit their shirts off surrounded by other niggas in most rapper music videos?
Denadia Dunn
'Denadia Dunn' 3 weeks ago
'O'Clock' 3 weeks ago
People if you smoke weed go and check out official giveaway of bongs sponsored by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa! I've got mine this morning and must admit that it's lit! Just google for "gwbng420" and get it asap!
alexis mendoza
'alexis mendoza' 3 weeks ago
Why is 21savage in this? 6:06
'Dancehall's Best' 3 weeks ago
they did a good job on d gucci cloning tho. just sayn!
Angela Jennings
'Angela Jennings' 3 weeks ago
Why isn't this on the radio?
'T.M.B.' 3 weeks ago
T.M.B!! hot, everybody should check it out, hot song, I'm digging it like a shovel!! looking forward to there next song,and video! Already!!T.M.B!
Rodney Atiga
'Rodney Atiga' 3 weeks ago
s/o to the niggas dat been fucking with gucci before 2016
Bob Larde
'Bob Larde' 3 weeks ago
I love fuck bay bay chicago see bk Kevin kennyboy kkk 41
D Thompson
'D Thompson' 3 weeks ago
LMAO "Stay out my Pocket"
xfirex141 Jay
'xfirex141 Jay' 3 weeks ago
Need sum one like bossman to put me on . Newzealand moneymaker
Steven Polanco
'Steven Polanco' 3 weeks ago
gucci and Ross are legends in the street's
Deluxe Johnson
'Deluxe Johnson' 3 weeks ago
the wash?
Ziya Coleman
'Ziya Coleman' 3 weeks ago
"Talm bout is he comin" 😭😭 I love Gucci man❤️
Flyloww Entertainment
so we jus gon ignore that gucci dont sound the same, yet even look the same??
Gucci Down
'Gucci Down' 3 weeks ago
"God thank you for my punishment, it made me wise" 🔥🔥🔥 Gucci fucking killed this
Sorry for typing here but i must tell you about one Giveaway where I won on Yeezy 350 v2 and i am fuckin amazed. Gucci made it for his fans and this has became very popular last few days. I got mine this morning and shipping is free. Just google "yeeboost247"
Ivan Novaković
'Ivan Novaković' 3 weeks ago
'jsmooth527' 3 weeks ago
if gucci mane rick ross 21 savage lil wayne 2 chainz meek mill and migos and drake make a song it will be the biggest hit in the world... they all savage rappers
'Navi' 3 weeks ago
2 chainz killed this track
'Ko BLACK' 3 weeks ago
rick ross i need some money for vocation can i rap with you
Kenny Wortham
'Kenny Wortham' 4 weeks ago
remake car wash like snoop and dre oml
oneman army
'oneman army' 4 weeks ago
The boss keeps getting better and 9 albums in he really ran with it after Hustle hard .This maybe his best album he has made
'BiggQue2700' 4 weeks ago
LMAO.. "Who TF a Me? "
Jassy World Entertainment
The beginning of this video reminds me of Navigators - come into my life
YouTube Cube
'YouTube Cube' 4 weeks ago
Two pac=rap king
Eminem=lyrics king
RICK ROSS=burger king
Hyez - CSGO
'Hyez - CSGO' 4 weeks ago
!BANG NIGGA <3 I LOVE YOU SONGS! AND BEAT + BEST BASS BOOSTED :O #Get #Rekt #By #Trap #Beat #Maniac @21 Savage ;)
Steven Brathwaite
'Steven Brathwaite' 4 weeks ago
Since Gucci got out he been on 🔥
Steven Brathwaite
'Steven Brathwaite' 4 weeks ago
man fuck those windows man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leon Jackson Jr
'Leon Jackson Jr' 4 weeks ago
Me an my wife was just talkin bout that shit today how black people tha oldest minority in america outside tha indians an don't own shit BLACK PEOPLE open your fuckin eyes all da other minoritys own something in are hoods an what we do spend all the money we don't have in they shit thank about that shit my niggaz.So get out your mammy house an help buy back tha block u dig!!!!!!!!!!!Black people stand tha fuck up an man tha fuck up.3.31.17
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