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Rick Ross - Buy Back the Block ft. 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane -
Published: 3 months ago By: RickRossVEVO

By: RickRossVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

12, 174, 361 views

97, 140 Likes   5, 893 Dislikes

"Buy Back the Block" Available at:
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Facebook: @RickRoss
Twitter: @rickrozay
Instagram: @Richforever
Snapchat: @FerrariFatBoy

(C) 2016 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Jason Baxter
'Jason Baxter' 6 hours ago
Lou Kang
'Lou Kang' 8 hours ago
they still got it 🔥
Matty banks hongkongphooey
man asks for 2.5k and he counts it out ross the os be like fuck it take sme more bitch
Tone International
This shit so dope.....
Retro Kid
'Retro Kid' 11 hours ago
black Republican talk?
The Menace
'The Menace' 12 hours ago
Remember back then when people called 2 chainz trash
'Andre' 13 hours ago
have yet to touch 50. stupid fool.
Matty banks hongkongphooey
mans doin a stormzy big for your boots remix
Matty banks hongkongphooey
who the fucks that guy in the suit is he gangster?
Good Savage
'Good Savage' 1 day ago
I can't deal wit that skit tho
Violet Judge
'Violet Judge' 1 day ago
I seen 21 savage
Roytez Longino
'Roytez Longino' 2 days ago
OGs with Fire 🔥🔥
Michael Wise
'Michael Wise' 2 days ago
"Well its a start."
James McCall
'James McCall' 2 days ago
Anybody wanna go half on something?
'TheRealTUFFY' 2 days ago
I'ont think they hear you Rosè.
remix and put a few $ into marketing. MAKE'EM HEAR YOU!
Jordy H
'Jordy H' 2 days ago
Buy back the hood, after you locked up most of the hood. Fat mouse will be splattered.
Jason Baxter
'Jason Baxter' 2 days ago
king esseen
'king esseen' 3 days ago
Gucci can act! Lol
shorty kevin
'shorty kevin' 3 days ago
1 minutes movie
Braulio Cesar
'Braulio Cesar' 3 days ago
My momma likes BP.
Daniil Leone
'Daniil Leone' 3 days ago
i think i was the only nigga that wasnt dere
Muhammad Zaid
'Muhammad Zaid' 3 days ago
The beat is just 😩👌🏻
Tim Way
'Tim Way' 3 days ago
I walk around in circles in SKINNY S
Sergio Chavez
'Sergio Chavez' 3 days ago
I got the choper 7 I want to drop it down down down 28 yrs old n dressed better then the 1 time
Sergio Chavez
'Sergio Chavez' 3 days ago
Sergio Orlando 82288 b day
Sergio Chavez
'Sergio Chavez' 3 days ago
low low socmr
Sergio Chavez
'Sergio Chavez' 3 days ago
huh cuz I got in on locked down
Sergio Chavez
'Sergio Chavez' 3 days ago
clap clap
Sergio Chavez
'Sergio Chavez' 3 days ago
yup checker s in state n Florence
Sergio Chavez
'Sergio Chavez' 3 days ago
5 days
Sergio Chavez
'Sergio Chavez' 3 days ago
we're the cops toke me to the hospital
Sergio Chavez
'Sergio Chavez' 3 days ago
big mich just made 50 cents just posted in South gate
SituationGanng 300
Mann Jordan
'Mann Jordan' 4 days ago
i can see the wash 2 coming
Marvi Marv
'Marvi Marv' 4 days ago
This is one of the best music videos I've seen on YouTube this Year. I am really feeling this. This is a straight up hit.
Jason Baxter
'Jason Baxter' 4 days ago
Jason Baxter
'Jason Baxter' 4 days ago
Jason Baxter
'Jason Baxter' 4 days ago
Jason Baxter
'Jason Baxter' 4 days ago
'ECLIPSE awn' 4 days ago
Novan Dms
'Novan Dms' 4 days ago
Were buying back Meadowlake Just wait on it
Novan Dms
'Novan Dms' 4 days ago
Were buying back Meadowlake Just wait on it
rudebwoy top shotta
bruh, they told the lil nigga to go grab them a big buford...
Big Dog
'Big Dog' 5 days ago
Niggas got 21 an no plug fucked up dem Niggas sum killaz💯💯💯💯
'N-zone' 5 days ago
This  song is lit and come  and listen to my raps one is called racism  and tell  me how you feel by N-zone  on Youtube
kidd kidd
'kidd kidd' 5 days ago
them niggaz should do a real movie.. that shit will n fye
Atten Mcghee
'Atten Mcghee' 5 days ago
I use to sell the reefer🍃🍃🍃 now I just sell adidas👟💯💯
Manny Fresh
'Manny Fresh' 5 days ago
this a new life, run up a new bill, no Cosby, no Clinton, no Murray, we got the warrior up in here like curry, imma buy me a city , Ross and chainz gave me my fury, might just meet my landlords, tell em im in a hurry, we gotta buy back the block...
Jacob M
'Jacob M' 6 days ago
soooo fire
Dj Slizz
'Dj Slizz' 6 days ago
They got No Plug ( niga that killed BankRoll) all in the video like he they homeboys. Seem like they slick co-signing that niga who killed him. Especially Gucci and 2 chains they was his so called friends hell Bankroll even did a free Gucci song. Loyalty stops when business is done...... Long Live BankRoll...
'nitemoose' 6 days ago
Troy Adams
'Troy Adams' 6 days ago
Much needed!
'd1chosen973' 6 days ago
rick ross rapping about fast food chains hahahaha smdh
lamell linen
'lamell linen' 7 days ago
It's about ur last name meaning something sounds like dame dash about time tired of these niggas talkn bout crime knowing damn well the own shit and invest in things hope this becomes the new in thing but wit a lil more substance make it cool to own and not spend
Arush Sharma
'Arush Sharma' 7 days ago
what is life
'what is life' 7 days ago
Fun fact: This is actually real trap.
Mike Jones
'Mike Jones' 7 days ago
Ross verse gave me life!
Lee Wolf
'Lee Wolf' 1 week ago
Rick Ross u better than this shit,lost this vote!
'FakeJewelryBustaa' 1 week ago
Want the real shit search "Kidd Cutta - Fake Gangsta"
romel 4life
'romel 4life' 1 week ago
Of course rick Ross fat ass tired at the beginning
Lake Lake-Arrak
'Lake Lake-Arrak' 1 week ago
i do this for the reaction, my words speak my actions, eminem says he stimulated, i guess i imulated, leave my corpses mutilated, malicious intent, angel dust, word sync, im on top like the nyc, these vla bitches follow me, move with caution, and you want to buy the block car washin""??
'711marvel' 1 week ago
Ross and Gucci are both naturals and hilarious in this. Hats off to the director. They seriously both need to team up and do a movie together.
Petro Fiodor
'Petro Fiodor' 1 week ago
nice job !!!!
King Dollars
'King Dollars' 1 week ago
Gucci mane killed!
'datsmine5' 1 week ago
wdf is this man....i miss old rap....this is bs...i want the old ross man
'MrGetmoneymane' 1 week ago
Let me tell you young blacks something if you didn't know, WE ALREADY OWNED OUR OWN BLACK WALLSTREET!! Buying back the block???? lmao you niggas crazy??!! We owned the shit already!!!!!
But those racist whites with FBI AND CIA DESTROYED IT!!!!
Atlanta Race Riot (1906)
Greenwood , Tulsa, Oklahoma “Black Wall Street” (May 31 – June 1, 1921)
Chicago Race Riots (1919)
Rosewood Massacre (1923)
Washington, D.C. Race Riots (1919)
Knoxville, Tennessee Race Riots (1919)
New York City Draft Riot (1863)
The East St. Louis Massacre (1917)
'MrGetmoneymane' 1 week ago
lmao good one Gucci, funny shht Ross!
Young Rios
'Young Rios' 1 week ago
hate to say it but I can hear drake and meek in this song ..
Young Rios
'Young Rios' 1 week ago
get us a big Buford 😂😂😂😂
Young Rios
'Young Rios' 1 week ago
get the window man 😂😂😂 splish splash
Daven McCoy
'Daven McCoy' 1 week ago
They just now figuring this out ??? Great idea. But they should've been purchased the block back by now. .. so disappointed.
Dominic Mclemore
'Dominic Mclemore' 1 week ago
I might buy 10 Denny's I might but 10 Wendy's to pull up on skinny's on Tuesday's and Wednesdays
'st9550576' 1 week ago
tf is a big buford? 😂
Oilicec Otos
'Oilicec Otos' 1 week ago
Why future hoodie blurred out?
Unnar Thor
'Unnar Thor' 1 week ago
lol 21 savage in this lmao
Aaron Walsh
'Aaron Walsh' 1 week ago
tryna to buy the block u need to buy some respect lol nigga aint even wanna let y'all shoot DAT video In dey hood, nigga ran y'all right off da block.. betta pay yo draft next time da correct way yea DAT way lol stealin drugkingpins names cop ass nigga
'Redd' 1 week ago
21 savage dont even know whats going on
Aloe Vera
'Aloe Vera' 1 week ago
The song Starts at 3:50 thank me later
'WAH Ron' 1 week ago
Duplex, gas station and then a mall!
'WAH Ron' 1 week ago
You ain't tired of this shit, I been tired 😂😂😂 real shit
Larry King
'Larry King' 1 week ago
Carol city Miami Gardens 305 stand up
'flexmoney78' 1 week ago
It's like DragonBallZ Gucci Goku
'flexmoney78' 1 week ago
Dis white ppl scared of us let's get it brathaz dis Hw we can take bak Wats ours#Facts💪😁💲💰💵🌍
Rell Rell
'Rell Rell' 1 week ago
who iz buddy???😁😁😁😊
'Adrian' 1 week ago
@6:41 is why kids should say no to drugs.lmao
Anthony Holmes
'Anthony Holmes' 1 week ago
gold at there feet on the block talking like its talking like it's a new phenomenon
William W
'William W' 1 week ago
Gucci is the best rapper in the mainstream right now
Dominic Mclemore
'Dominic Mclemore' 1 week ago
I sold 10 bricks today's now I need 10 chicks for later 😛
Jimmy Rheaume
'Jimmy Rheaume' 2 weeks ago
New material same great sound! It's time to buy back the block' #2017playlist
'KhumboHD' 2 weeks ago
Rick Ross is a pretty good actor for a rapper....hmmm (hint: oink oink ) 😂😂😂😂
Rob rivera
'Rob rivera' 2 weeks ago
the opening funny as hell
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