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Rick Ross - Buy Back the Block ft. 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane -
Published: 2 months ago By: RickRossVEVO

By: RickRossVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

10, 908, 639 views

90, 279 Likes   5, 365 Dislikes

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Crisi Poo
'Crisi Poo' 2 hours ago
Gucci mane looking real good... love when he start rapping Keisha is so lucky
Aaron Tafari
'Aaron Tafari' 3 hours ago
neisha b
'neisha b' 4 hours ago
need 2 make a movie
sofo rizos
'sofo rizos' 9 hours ago
Tupac - Lyric king
Eazy - gangsta king
Biggie - Flow king
Eminem - Rhyme king
Dr.Dre - Beat king
Rick Ross - Burger king
Snoop - Weed king
Me - Copy/Paste king
Christopher Jackson
'Christopher Jackson' 13 hours ago
Man f**k them windows!!!
Akram Abid (Da Man)
'Akram Abid (Da Man)' 16 hours ago
william peter
'william peter' 17 hours ago
judson 1234
'judson 1234' 19 hours ago
yooooo why 2 chainz body the song yo
Jim Augustin
'Jim Augustin' 22 hours ago
gucci face when that nigga said 2 months 😂😂
Zach Pearson
'Zach Pearson' 22 hours ago
most definitely crappiest song ever, no talent at all what a shame!
Tinker Collins
'Tinker Collins' 23 hours ago
'NickCoolism' 1 day ago
Why Gucci gotta diss the ogs like that? 💀💀
Winston Whitfield
Brooklyn deadass need to make this they anthem to get rid of all them weirdos that moved in from Gentrification
Winston Whitfield
We only 13 percent of America, most of us living in poverty and people all over the country fuck people all over the world imitate us. I love being black even through all the bullshit we go through.
Cleazy Productions
Best intro everrrrrr
Morgan Freeman
'Morgan Freeman' 1 day ago
What's up??? Besides Ricks Cholesterol....

Dis fat mo-fucka used to be ah Jake, now he rap fake.

Fucking posers
'CaMMo HooD STaR' 1 day ago
2 chain evolved
Obakeng Atlholang
Its time to clean up the hood,
Arnez Edwards
'Arnez Edwards' 1 day ago
who can hate on this message?
name one person.
Derrick O Bryant
'Derrick O Bryant' 2 days ago
trick ross breastfeed in his spare time
Nkanyiso Zuma
'Nkanyiso Zuma' 2 days ago
Man: "Get the window man, look at the window..."
Gucci: "Man fuck the window man...fuck the window"...
this is extremely hilarious
Izichi Elenwo
'Izichi Elenwo' 2 days ago
haha their actually good actors 😂😂😂
jordan abdjan
'jordan abdjan' 2 days ago
the beat sounds like the bad and boujee jam
'MrSuthernpimp' 2 days ago
This song would been harder if they led with meek mills instead of 2 Chainz on this one though frfr.. just saying Chainz that nixka just Not on this.
lil jbird
'lil jbird' 2 days ago
lol 21 Savage
Jimmy Cambo
'Jimmy Cambo' 2 days ago
Meek need to keep his feet on solid ground and stay off the roof lol
Team Win
'Team Win' 2 days ago
Get us some bufords 😂😂😂
'lnealy2' 2 days ago
Hope the message didn't miss yall.......
pay freeway for his game fat monkey Nigga no love
'EL CHACAL' 2 days ago
Ross killed em again
'Rome VEVO' 2 days ago
🔥 T⬅ I ⬅H ⬅S L ⬅E ⬅A ⬅R
Hans Ramso
'Hans Ramso' 2 days ago
rick ross ist richtig fett und.....
wer ist deutsch hier???
Alex D
'Alex D' 2 days ago
2017 still watching
Terrance Pruitt
'Terrance Pruitt' 3 days ago
no plug and 2chainz ?
Jaime Carbajal
'Jaime Carbajal' 3 days ago
I'm Still Alive!!!
Lonezewolf Gaming
'Lonezewolf Gaming' 3 days ago
Rick ross losing weight.... I guess when Gucci came out of jail he knew he couldn't slack anymore.
shahad cheek
'shahad cheek' 3 days ago
when you work for family dollar and you waiting for ross to buy it 👀👀👀👀
BobbyJAX Gaming
'BobbyJAX Gaming' 3 days ago
please buy Iverson mall, black people need jobs around here. I hope you really mean it RICK ROSS
'xIceman216x' 3 days ago
Love dis track
Josue Concepcion
'Josue Concepcion' 3 days ago
Dam Gucci got skinny asf
Lini DaSaint
'Lini DaSaint' 3 days ago
aye rick westland mall in detroit needs to open back up
winston mcfarlane
'winston mcfarlane' 3 days ago
Salute to the Big Dawgs that's actually Buying Back their Block and if you guys are looking for a new up&coming underground artist research Blvd Skino-Rich Party
'exussupremebeing' 3 days ago
Linekker Rocha Costa
There is only one reason pro 21 savage is in this clip. This neighborhood must be his, the same one that appears in the Feel It clip.
mthokozisi cele
'mthokozisi cele' 4 days ago
Officer Rick Loss always fuck up everything & 50 still rich than ur Block
Tootsie Xo
'Tootsie Xo' 4 days ago
2 chains ain't gon wash no car with his tall ass in that small shack
Henriques zeny zekita
gucci and
'7o5ht' 4 days ago
is that a 50 cent diss when Rick Ross said" I might buy family dollar/ cut it to 50 cent/ got a job for your father / I'm trying help with the rent/ I can up from the strength/ my lil son is a prince / it's time to represent
Daniel Navarrete
'Daniel Navarrete' 4 days ago
hell yeah checkers 😜
GTX 1050 Ti
'GTX 1050 Ti' 4 days ago
I love how half of this video is just them cleaning a car
'Meir BASED' 4 days ago
Why is No Plug in the same video as 2 Chainz?????????
'Meir BASED' 4 days ago
Gucci a funny ass nigga
Jacob C.
'Jacob C.' 4 days ago
god damn gucci is the black boomhauer lol
Timmy Turner
'Timmy Turner' 4 days ago
man!... fuck the window man!! fuck the window!!.. - gucci
'wolliollie' 4 days ago
Was Rick Ross a mother fucking CO? Like a fuckin correctional officer keeping people in jail?
Marc Mariner
'Marc Mariner' 4 days ago
Colton Richardson
'Colton Richardson' 4 days ago
Fries? What happened to the pears?
Harold Hall
'Harold Hall' 5 days ago
subscribe to my channel for new music from BETz
Darecki Parczewski
3:31 trzeba słuchać [email protected] by doczekać się na kawałek do wysłuchania
'STEVY TV' 5 days ago
subscribe and ill subscribe back!! showin love
jesus sosa
'jesus sosa' 5 days ago
Meek milly was present
Wesley Jhonata
'Wesley Jhonata' 5 days ago
B R A S I L !
Business Mindz GS
'Business Mindz GS' 5 days ago
'peedi' 5 days ago
realist shit they ever wrote
'eerereps' 5 days ago
Song starts at 3:31- you're welcome!
I wish I didn't have to see Ross in skinny jeans 👖! 😒
GilB ProjeKT
'GilB ProjeKT' 5 days ago
who spotted 21 savage in this vid?
'joshcb7' 5 days ago
Not smart to invest in a "mall",Online Shopping is closing most malls and stores.
Patrick Barry
'Patrick Barry' 6 days ago
2chainz killed that verse dope Use To Sell The Reefa Now I Sell Adidas Time Buy Back The Block
420 Bodybuilding
'420 Bodybuilding' 6 days ago
3:49 when song starts
Maclin Bowie
'Maclin Bowie' 6 days ago
💯💯💯 on the Skit, this sheet is halarious, Fucc dem Windows!!!!😂😂😂
Nickrod 48
'Nickrod 48' 6 days ago
On 5:51 there is 21 Savage
Nas wap
'Nas wap' 6 days ago
21 savage look like he wanted to fight somebody
'C PG' 6 days ago
'C PG' 6 days ago
Fake ass Gucci
n k
'n k' 6 days ago
Fell f999666n good 2 hear my 2 favourite bosses on a collabo good lookin my cuh my GG got me feelin 2 secure that bag on deck im faded salute my cuh cuh AYE
Dj Jo MsZ
'Dj Jo MsZ' 6 days ago
2 Chainz Kill it !!!!
Christian Square
'Christian Square' 6 days ago
Video starts at 3:30
Souhail Lh Fitness
no one noticed that they Hide Pablo Escobar's Face on 2 Chainz hoodie lol
Austin Gurule
'Austin Gurule' 7 days ago
ross messed it up smh
Bethe Costa
'Bethe Costa' 7 days ago
was it just me or did 2 chains come off like he was trying to diss future with how he was bringing them bars?
Sarju Chung
'Sarju Chung' 1 week ago
we know how to party for real!!!
Arias Bingham
'Arias Bingham' 1 week ago
Arias Bingham
'Arias Bingham' 1 week ago
Arias Bingham
'Arias Bingham' 1 week ago
ar2 q64r
Arias Bingham
'Arias Bingham' 1 week ago
ms McCoy
'ms McCoy' 1 week ago
Need to buy back the block. Trump in office. Niggaz not gonna to have no section 8. Time to get your money up......
'KitariFox' 1 week ago
Gucci Mane be like Only the scrong survive
'Westcoastguard1' 1 week ago
Gucci it overrated af and yall know this
Jorge Otero
'Jorge Otero' 1 week ago
With 50 cents I buy 2 chainz to Rick Ross but 21 savages and a young thug tried to steal me
Pulse Heltic
'Pulse Heltic' 1 week ago
Funniest shit i seen 😂 😂 😂 😂
Athi Kewana
'Athi Kewana' 1 week ago
[email protected]%^$^%^&^&%^shit&*&&*&*^%^&%^That's some nice shit&*%&^$%$$
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