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Dreezy - Wasted -
Published: 3 months ago By: DreezyOfficialVEVO

By: DreezyOfficialVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

5, 961, 878 views

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Music video by Dreezy performing Wasted. (C) 2016 Interscope Records

Marie Lattimore
'Marie Lattimore' 13 hours ago
this song the sh**
Larry Hill
'Larry Hill' 14 hours ago
ifw this song
Ayanna Rich
'Ayanna Rich' 16 hours ago
G-Herbo 😍😍
Aginah Muneer
'Aginah Muneer' 1 day ago
love her
'ramp622' 3 days ago
Lol funny thing is im 100x more afraid of lil herb then I am of the big guy, streets is crazy.
Sophia Pina
'Sophia Pina' 4 days ago
looks like me and my ex he was the same ik how feel
Lisa Flowers
'Lisa Flowers' 4 days ago
i love this song
31 Savage
'31 Savage' 4 days ago
And I'm always on that late shit.. your time precious so why would I waste it!!(your time).. 🎵🎶
Keiamony Clark
'Keiamony Clark' 5 days ago
and. she is ulgy
Lanya Hudson
'Lanya Hudson' 5 days ago
love this song put me in my feeling
Shyeka Leblanc
'Shyeka Leblanc' 5 days ago
#TeamFullLips😗😗💋❤😘😆😎 Yes hunnie!!
Jaianna Roscoe
'Jaianna Roscoe' 5 days ago
Her and g herbo would be so cute 😍
Wild Kid Crazy
'Wild Kid Crazy' 6 days ago
Ayeee Lil Herb
'Azzay' 6 days ago
Wow Dreezy's gonna be big! Gl girl, we're gonna need someone like you up there.
Kishia Miller
'Kishia Miller' 6 days ago
no she an"t😎😎
Ajahnae Waters
'Ajahnae Waters' 7 days ago
Is the guy in the army jacket G herbo
Veronica Lloyd
'Veronica Lloyd' 7 days ago
Me: I only hit your line when I'm wasted
Him: lol
Me: I only waste our time when I'm wasted
Him: lol that's fine
robertbush tuvicious
my time
Lonnie 1Love
'Lonnie 1Love' 7 days ago
yo I'm this me. lol I b wasted
Skinny Minnie
'Skinny Minnie' 1 week ago
Before looking at this video , why did I think this was Dej Loaf ?
Princess Anna
'Princess Anna' 1 week ago
she is so pretty
joshua llagat
'joshua llagat' 1 week ago
Im fucking gay I like black cocks just call me the Ratataoe :D
Jacaquland Smith
'Jacaquland Smith' 1 week ago
you can very beautiful
TaJuana Harris
'TaJuana Harris' 1 week ago
hey buddy
Sankofa NYC
'Sankofa NYC' 1 week ago
Damn this hits alil too close to home... lol someone take my phone
Anthony Putnam
'Anthony Putnam' 1 week ago
that's my song
Capo FOE
'Capo FOE' 1 week ago
I been rockin with u from the beginning 💯
kayana shelby
'kayana shelby' 2 weeks ago
shes prettier in this one in the other one she be rapping and not caring about boys and dont have a boy in we gon ride and the other songs she did 😉❤💎❤😍
Makaila Williams
'Makaila Williams' 2 weeks ago
I felt sorry for the guy at the end
DeCarli Shane
'DeCarli Shane' 2 weeks ago
she remind me of Lauren Hill.
robertbush tuvicious
this song is so curt
Bianca Butler
'Bianca Butler' 2 weeks ago
this song has a real message... I love songs like this
Kevin Sandiford
'Kevin Sandiford' 2 weeks ago
One of the new school girls dreezy love you
Ameilia Sharray
'Ameilia Sharray' 2 weeks ago
Maha Brown
'Maha Brown' 2 weeks ago
breezy can you be my girlfriend because i love you and i love your everything girl my heart is for you baby pretty girl
Maha Brown
'Maha Brown' 2 weeks ago
i can't still stop listening this song in 2017
kitty gemini
'kitty gemini' 2 weeks ago
black men are more handsome than white men
'NANDO R/T' 2 weeks ago
On to the next!
Albert Spencer
'Albert Spencer' 2 weeks ago
this shit make a real nigga think much luv too this joint!!!!!
Barbara D . White
'Barbara D . White' 2 weeks ago
Chicago Love🇺🇸😊💯☘🎂
tahyeem mcpherson
'tahyeem mcpherson' 2 weeks ago
tahyeem mcpherson
'tahyeem mcpherson' 2 weeks ago
that man is a asswhole
Lametria Mar
'Lametria Mar' 2 weeks ago
malikh butler
'malikh butler' 2 weeks ago
i love this song my daughter be thik about bae
Tashia Jones
'Tashia Jones' 2 weeks ago
This is my shit 2017 Athem
Loren Fayson
'Loren Fayson' 2 weeks ago
She kind of looks like Gabby Douglas
Dariah Jones
'Dariah Jones' 2 weeks ago
l love this song
robertbush tuvicious

bxnbx c


nxnxnxnxnxnc. cnc c c cn,&&hhhbbbbbbbbhbbxbxncnxnc
Daivon Doctor
'Daivon Doctor' 2 weeks ago
Hell nah herbo was at the door
robertbush tuvicious
my time
Tilliya Barnes
'Tilliya Barnes' 2 weeks ago
This is the best song😘😘😘😘
Julia Michel
'Julia Michel' 2 weeks ago
5:07 😍
Trina Nance
'Trina Nance' 2 weeks ago
Heavenly Adams
'Heavenly Adams' 2 weeks ago
i like you sober!!!!!!
Neila Luz Jimenez Trocha
películ se
ashley wilchcombe
'ashley wilchcombe' 2 weeks ago
do anyone have the lyrics to this song with the audio with her voice
Lele P
'Lele P' 2 weeks ago
I like This
'Da'Nya Chavers' 2 weeks ago
Tyrell  Bankasingh
'Tyrell Bankasingh' 2 weeks ago
this nigga herbo
James worthy
'James worthy' 3 weeks ago
who else peeped herb in the video
'adinawebster23' 3 weeks ago
i love you more
KvngMar 10
'KvngMar 10' 3 weeks ago
She look wayyyy to good fam...
BabiCakez She
Ummmm, girl quit actin like you don't know why he only call you when he wasted....#nightfighta (see: Eddie Griffin: DysFUNKtional Family)
ms sexyred sm
'ms sexyred sm' 3 weeks ago
Lakisha Clark
'Lakisha Clark' 3 weeks ago
I now how you fill
Monet Walker
'Monet Walker' 3 weeks ago
we have a f$ckn limit there's only so much a female can take and vice versa ain nobody gone put up with you being reckless forever
'Da'Nya Chavers' 3 weeks ago
hailey mohabir
'hailey mohabir' 3 weeks ago
yasss love wasted dreezy
Annie Daniels
'Annie Daniels' 3 weeks ago
fuck u
shamiyyah abbottwhite
really love this video💘💘💘
Jahmeca Jones
'Jahmeca Jones' 3 weeks ago
he is rude
R. Jackson
'R. Jackson' 3 weeks ago
I love this song😍 great production and video! Its been a long time since a video concept and song aligns together. #Drezzy
Mikayona White
'Mikayona White' 3 weeks ago
no boy bye
Oneil McCray
'Oneil McCray' 3 weeks ago
I het people to
Jesse Roberts
'Jesse Roberts' 3 weeks ago
yessss this is my song i rock wit Drezzy
Isaiah Jackson
'Isaiah Jackson' 3 weeks ago
Whitney Avon Representative
she's so cute
Monet Walker
'Monet Walker' 3 weeks ago
ooo good taste they both cute even tho ol dude was a fuckboy mmm his lost
Kierra White
'Kierra White' 3 weeks ago
I love dis song😜😜😛😛😍😍😘
Alexus Griffin
'Alexus Griffin' 3 weeks ago
Why did you do her like that and why you cheating on her and answer the phone!!!👿👿👿👿
Ariana Stevens
'Ariana Stevens' 3 weeks ago
I love this song
Ashari Hill
'Ashari Hill' 3 weeks ago
I love this song so much
Erica Jackson
'Erica Jackson' 3 weeks ago
not me
Effortless Slayy
'Effortless Slayy' 3 weeks ago
Dreezy is what Dej Loaf of Bread SHOULD'VE been 😍😍😍😍✌🙌
D. Roberson
'D. Roberson' 3 weeks ago
Teezy B
'Teezy B' 3 weeks ago
Y they sleeping on Dreezy tho!! She 🔥🔥🔥DF rns frfr
Landon Colao
'Landon Colao' 3 weeks ago
no bullshit I'm a dude and this song is relatable as fuck.
Jadacia Morris
'Jadacia Morris' 4 weeks ago
sooo nobody peeped lil herb?
Damonese Mcglaun
'Damonese Mcglaun' 4 weeks ago
he a ass hole leave him
LaShonda Goodwin
'LaShonda Goodwin' 4 weeks ago
love u
Lidya Hollingsworth
'Lidya Hollingsworth' 4 weeks ago
Nelyaj Lute
'Nelyaj Lute' 4 weeks ago
I love youuuuu
Mekhi Franklin
'Mekhi Franklin' 4 weeks ago
Is It just me or do her and tink kinda look alike ?
Justyce Kirksey
'Justyce Kirksey' 4 weeks ago
this my song....first u get drug then u go to demanding
Katiana garrell
'Katiana garrell' 4 weeks ago
Briena S
'Briena S' 4 weeks ago
I love this shid
Jada Warren
'Jada Warren' 4 weeks ago
Michelle Anderson
'Michelle Anderson' 4 weeks ago
dreezy go hard
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