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Dreezy - Wasted -
Published: 1 month ago By: DreezyOfficialVEVO

By: DreezyOfficialVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

3, 330, 606 views

50, 878 Likes   1, 640 Dislikes

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Music video by Dreezy performing Wasted. (C) 2016 Interscope Records

Tbeezy baby
'Tbeezy baby' 21 minutes ago
her and ty $ would make a good song I think
Jason Brown
'Jason Brown' 1 hour ago
love this song
'QUEEN BH' 2 hours ago
I love this song females definitely can relate to this song
Monica Ford
'Monica Ford' 2 hours ago
This is my song🤗😇🤔 I am listen to this song right now
Datarius Williams
'Datarius Williams' 5 hours ago
Am I the only one who thought my phone was vibrating until I realized I'm watching the video on my phone
Nijah Carter
'Nijah Carter' 9 hours ago
Juliana Diaz
'Juliana Diaz' 9 hours ago
Shelita Watkins
'Shelita Watkins' 15 hours ago
I love this joint!!!!!! Now tell me why would u wasted !!!!!!!!!!!!!my Time
Candice Brown
'Candice Brown' 17 hours ago
yooo i dead did not think G herbo was cute but this video changed my mind what was i thinking 😴😍 he a snack fr tho !
Don Belen
'Don Belen' 18 hours ago
i love this girl
yung star
'yung star' 20 hours ago
Best fucking song since the 90's, good job Dreezy
yung star
'yung star' 21 hours ago
Wow need more views, she's bringing the 90's back my self as well, yungstar settle down.
yung star
'yung star' 21 hours ago
Sub for me.
lauren badgett
'lauren badgett' 1 day ago
I never been given a chance to be 1 women in a man's life to prove to him I could be there for him we take advantage of each other getting wasted maybe if we stop we can get a chance to be there for someone and have a better relationship
'A K' 1 day ago
Cherinor Berety
'Cherinor Berety' 1 day ago
light skins always getting the bitches when a dark nigga slip up not fare
Marae Hill
'Marae Hill' 1 day ago
i love this song
Buttercup Wilson
'Buttercup Wilson' 1 day ago
addictive song ♥.♥
Keda Peda
'Keda Peda' 2 days ago
Dreezy don't get the props she need girl has a talent and was real lyrics I'm so in love
Nariah Allen
'Nariah Allen' 2 days ago
love this song
Pretty Kala
'Pretty Kala' 2 days ago
i love this song
willa bennett
'willa bennett' 2 days ago
is that evelyn lozada's daughter ..???.looks like her ...???? the one playing on the phone of course
'southnyourmind' 2 days ago
Her whole album is fire. She's so slept on.
i am no kardashian
Vivian porter
'Vivian porter' 3 days ago
my time my time I love this song
lakelia higdon
'lakelia higdon' 3 days ago
slay drezzy
Brytasia Jones
'Brytasia Jones' 3 days ago
she is so pretty
Delyla Boyd
'Delyla Boyd' 3 days ago
wasting my time 🕙
Miami Musick Ent
'Miami Musick Ent' 3 days ago
I wanna 👅 dreezy...I'm just being honest 😂
Dougie DoinIt
'Dougie DoinIt' 3 days ago
this song is so sad. awwwww he always wasted. but when she find a good dude she lookin' for the wasted nigga. yall know its true
Katherine Lasha
'Katherine Lasha' 3 days ago
Herboooo ❤️😍
Amari Unique
'Amari Unique' 3 days ago
is it me? or did his homeboy pinch his nipple when he walked in? 😂
Kat Styles
'Kat Styles' 3 days ago
girls a drunk mans words and actions are a sober mans thoughts
'N4' 4 days ago
she looks like queen l
Tonia Babi
'Tonia Babi' 4 days ago
love her better than Nicki
Charney Crawford
'Charney Crawford' 4 days ago
love it so alsome favorit song ring tone
James Exantus
'James Exantus' 4 days ago
'TaPharoah' 4 days ago
Well, shit girl, drink with his ass!!!
'TaPharoah' 4 days ago
It's really sad how fuckin' relatable this song is...
Jada Beckham
'Jada Beckham' 5 days ago
why hasn't this song blown up yet?
'IAmAviiiJ' 5 days ago
Dreezy and Nicki on a track together would be dope!
Megan K
'Megan K'Nuckles' 5 days ago
I like she did a great job
Queen moneadoll
'Queen moneadoll' 6 days ago
I love this song cause it's true
Sir Lewisnumber5
'Sir Lewisnumber5' 6 days ago
Okay you win radio I looked her up
Deejay Ali G
'Deejay Ali G' 6 days ago
For once i could hear what Dreezy says, these is good music
yllemracx x
'yllemracx x' 6 days ago
she needs to hit ignore on her phone lol. this is why I keep my phone on airplane mode when I'm busy lol
Dha Babyboy
'Dha Babyboy' 6 days ago
Lol if it wasn't for Nicki Minaj openin doors for these female rappers then they would not have made it to the top. Real Talk.
Tamyra Mason
'Tamyra Mason' 6 days ago
Tamyra Mason
'Tamyra Mason' 6 days ago
I love this song
Elizabeth Williams
she gives me hope for the younger generation!!!
'Za'Riah Dennis' 6 days ago
my baby gherbo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Stacy C
'Stacy C' 6 days ago

FD gfj yjd Tj

Kitty Boobsy
'Kitty Boobsy' 6 days ago
i like this song
Lynn Jean louis
'Lynn Jean louis' 6 days ago
yum me
'yum me' 6 days ago
Love this song can def relate. Lyrics on point too! ☝🏼
Lakisha Smith
'Lakisha Smith' 6 days ago
Is That GHerbo Lord Jesus ? Listen Sis.I Love Both of them & They Look Good! :(
Ito Reid
'Ito Reid' 6 days ago
ok thank you
Cristian Sanchez
'Cristian Sanchez' 7 days ago
She reminds me of that female fish from Shark Tale with Will Smith. - High af dude
Ferio 9
'Ferio 9' 7 days ago
aku suka vidio ini🎅😘😚😍
This song is so powerful 🙌🏽👏🏽 something for our generation to think about and take seriously
Lexy Licon
'Lexy Licon' 1 week ago
is the g herbo ? at the end .
cultfigure 40
'cultfigure 40' 1 week ago
she got the game on the female side!
Jennifer Lee
'Jennifer Lee' 1 week ago
Love you Dreezy
'mannyfresh' 1 week ago
That beat tho
antonio fowler
'antonio fowler' 1 week ago
you ugly you yo daddy son
april burch
'april burch' 1 week ago
love it
Bella Classic
'Bella Classic' 1 week ago
'Shykolls1' 1 week ago
Dreezy I follow u on Instagram its shy kolls 1 And Subscribe to my youtube  channel its under Chaqui  Batson
Mildred Perkins
'Mildred Perkins' 1 week ago
Can relate to this bad 😔💯🤘🏽. Dreezy come threw baby🤙🏽💯🔥
ninosimone x
'ninosimone x' 1 week ago
this is LIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lit god
'lit god' 1 week ago
Anyone else think G herbo should have had a verse on this?
Taliah Wiley
'Taliah Wiley' 1 week ago
Love ❤️
Dillon Jepsson
'Dillon Jepsson' 1 week ago
Dreezy one beautiful Bae
Mykiaya Taylor
'Mykiaya Taylor' 1 week ago
Mykiaya Taylor
'Mykiaya Taylor' 1 week ago
I love this song! she's so underrated
Dora Harvey
'Dora Harvey' 1 week ago
I love me some Dreezy !!!
Anazha Baskerville
hot kold
'hot kold' 1 week ago
maaad song my body on your body baby .... i love this girl .......... dreezy u need to fuck with jamaica in the summer girl
Tamia Burton
'Tamia Burton' 1 week ago
That's right dreezy fuck that nigga on to the next lol
Myra Gonzalez
'Myra Gonzalez' 1 week ago
Johnson Aak
'Johnson Aak' 1 week ago
This my shit Fo sho some real shit
Katelyn Johnston
'Katelyn Johnston' 1 week ago
love this song and yea im new to thiss songggggg....
Lovee Mee
'Lovee Mee' 1 week ago
The fact that I can actually relate to this song ... smh #NIGGAS
cirujano king
'cirujano king' 1 week ago
megusta pila ese demo 😘😘😘
Bubble Gum
'Bubble Gum' 2 weeks ago
Love this song
Bellytyght 502
'Bellytyght 502' 2 weeks ago
THANKS I wish this song came out 3 years ago. LOVE IT
adam Henderson
'adam Henderson' 2 weeks ago
he had a problem w alcohol she should support him in sobriety instead of grinding a man up this is the problem with black women to quick to tear a brother dwn where is the support in aa and sobriety??
Trey Henderson
'Trey Henderson' 2 weeks ago
Dreezy cute but she got a big forehead
Valerie2 Sweet
'Valerie2 Sweet' 2 weeks ago
she's mad pretty
Valerie2 Sweet
'Valerie2 Sweet' 2 weeks ago
love this song man
'Undecorated' 2 weeks ago
Jakeriya Davis
'Jakeriya Davis' 2 weeks ago
oooooooo I love this song
Nathan Voyles
'Nathan Voyles' 2 weeks ago
lit up my life :)
Kim Norton
'Kim Norton' 2 weeks ago
she reminds me of foxy Brown!!!###
'nikita017' 2 weeks ago
song's dope
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