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Dreezy - Wasted -
Published: 2 months ago By: DreezyOfficialVEVO

By: DreezyOfficialVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

4, 795, 751 views

68, 843 Likes   2, 278 Dislikes

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Music video by Dreezy performing Wasted. (C) 2016 Interscope Records

Victoria Sullivan
'Victoria Sullivan' 1 hour ago
You and Kehlani need to make a song together 😍
Niya Killian
'Niya Killian' 2 hours ago
Justice Ivey
'Justice Ivey' 2 hours ago
I love this song it is my favorite on the 1 one
Allonna2017 videos
'Allonna2017 videos' 2 hours ago
how could this song get so many dislikes , bruhh😣✊😩👊😥
Rochell Barbara
'Rochell Barbara' 2 days ago
I feel like she's my little gem that's no one knows about but she's so damn badd
'Simplyemya' 2 days ago
This song is 😍😍😍
'CrazyBoiiSin' 2 days ago
you was call all night and she want all night
Instagram Celebs Live
this song slaps 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Taniola G
'Taniola G' 2 days ago
Yass Dreezy
'MrKingoverall' 3 days ago
This a dope track, just heard it only yesterday en I'm lovin it.
Celestine IsSharkeishaNO
dreezy is life!!
Seth Beegle
'Seth Beegle' 3 days ago
when your girl leaves you for g herbo
True story
Tamalria Santos
'Tamalria Santos' 3 days ago
Love this song 😍😍💙
Jamaria Bell
'Jamaria Bell' 3 days ago
when i saw G HERBO ❤❤😍😍
Kiara Malachi
'Kiara Malachi' 3 days ago
That hug at the end was everything
Joey Atwaini
'Joey Atwaini' 3 days ago
if someone said to me get the fuck out ! u gotta prepare for whats next lol
l can't stop singing
Cindy Webb
'Cindy Webb' 3 days ago
It's her time
chad verde
'chad verde' 4 days ago
on some angles she looks like azealia .. I love her music more
'公司' 4 days ago
Who else Wasted they time on this video
Ashley Johnson
'Ashley Johnson' 4 days ago
she good-But Tink is the Best to do it.Out of Chicago
K Nagarani
'K Nagarani' 4 days ago
honeyy piper
'honeyy piper' 4 days ago
love this song
sheslays alldaY
'sheslays alldaY' 4 days ago
Drezzzyyyyyyyy I love youu gurh
Logan Green
'Logan Green' 4 days ago
I hate when a boy does that 👌😔😡
'Samsss' 4 days ago
This video explains that lightskins are still winning.
Austen Hartwell
'Austen Hartwell' 4 days ago
rly good
'Snuff' 4 days ago
My dude bibby a snake, stole mans bitch hahaha
Laneishap Perry
'Laneishap Perry' 4 days ago
Kik me laneishaperrl add
Wayne Flournoy
'Wayne Flournoy' 4 days ago
one of my all time favs
Aamier Truste
'Aamier Truste' 5 days ago
I love dreez
im blackzie
'im blackzie' 5 days ago
Retarded part is y'all be falling for it 😂
Alex McAbee
'Alex McAbee' 5 days ago
this beat 👌
Elle S.
'Elle S.' 5 days ago
Aww, herbo is so adorable 💓 I love this video. Dreezy is amazing, this is my new favorite song
'BRIANNA HILL' 6 days ago
Dreezy this the song
'PierceH80' 6 days ago
so she was mad cause he was drinking?? cause he wasn't fucking those hoes or even really flirting. it just seem like he enjoyed drinking. but of course like any woman instead of helping or being understanding to a man's pain...stupid like that just look for another nigg a to fuck(9
Sophia Melendez
'Sophia Melendez' 6 days ago
this song puts me in my feelings
kami fincher
'kami fincher' 6 days ago
If my man would have ignored my calls more then twice I would have smacked the heck out of him.....If you agree please comment on my comment and then like yours and mine
Marinelis Santos
'Marinelis Santos' 6 days ago
'YoungA170' 6 days ago
Im a rapper trying to get recognition, can you guys give my music a listen
Gator boy ENT.
'Gator boy ENT.' 7 days ago
this how i feel
Netty Luv
'Netty Luv' 7 days ago
g hero yassssssssssss made my insides tickle
Dashinique McQueen
Real talk. .
Tharealthot O
'Tharealthot O' 1 week ago
this been hot ..
Alicia Barnes
'Alicia Barnes' 1 week ago
Kurious, that's a gurl she huges @ the end right?
Dametra Smith
'Dametra Smith' 1 week ago
Lol his drunk ass. As that herbo tho ?
Skih Baker
'Skih Baker' 1 week ago
Dreezy can sing OMG i wish i can sing like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Pinklaeti' 1 week ago
I like her voice 😊 !
'RosadeeLove' 1 week ago
Where is the girls jacket at 0.49 from?
claudio antonio
'claudio antonio' 1 week ago
love 😉😉
Ms. Kymm
'Ms. Kymm' 1 week ago
Hey!!! loving this.
Keirrah McDaniel
'Keirrah McDaniel' 1 week ago
my sister lives this song every time she in u tube she listen to this song
William Quiroga
'William Quiroga' 1 week ago
who listening on Valentine day❤😧😭
Jessica Johnson
'Jessica Johnson' 1 week ago
she better then cause I would fucked tht whole party up fym
K litt
'K litt' 1 week ago
been listening to this song about a week straight this really do catch u in yo feelings
Andrae Cook
'Andrae Cook' 1 week ago
only like her body cause it's shape like a bottle....I'd definitely drink that💯
K litt
'K litt' 1 week ago
this litt
ThatMelGirl OneMoreTime
Hells yeah! Love it..
Artistic Skee
'Artistic Skee' 1 week ago
Moral of the story, don't waste her time Fellas..
plush furr
'plush furr' 1 week ago
she look like the Olympic GABBY
britnesha winslow
'britnesha winslow' 1 week ago
i dealt with that type of situation for a year never again
Nasjir Booth
'Nasjir Booth' 1 week ago
YESSS THIS A GOOD SONG. It should've blown up
Naje Young
'Naje Young' 1 week ago
Shes hard
Tartan Rose
'Tartan Rose' 1 week ago
what you do wit a man who can't hold his liquor? Drop his ass like an empty bottle. this song is why I don't drink alcohol and never dated men who often drank. listen girls, a wasted love is a waste of time. love is a man who is in his right mind and knows that you're his right one
Sanai Romero
'Sanai Romero' 1 week ago
This is my favorite song ever love you #DREEZY 😘😘😘😘
Jae Jae
'Jae Jae' 1 week ago
I love the ending 😍😲
Sanylah Young
'Sanylah Young' 1 week ago
she aint all that but she coming up
JohnJohn Lance
'JohnJohn Lance' 1 week ago
Now he wants to go calling her when she Ben calling him the hole time and say he loves her stupid
Tiprriea Jackson
'Tiprriea Jackson' 1 week ago
this is my favorite song
Jay Tran
'Jay Tran' 2 weeks ago
her time her time always wasted
'Xxstiler621' 2 weeks ago
Janet Haley
'Janet Haley' 2 weeks ago
my jamm!!! most folks sked to admit it bout a nigga when it be like dat
Audavious Whitehead
'Audavious Whitehead' 2 weeks ago
Tell me was you wasting !! My time my time 👀
Skylar Turner
'Skylar Turner' 2 weeks ago
my time whatsup i need that my song
Jayona Fortune
'Jayona Fortune' 2 weeks ago
She Is Always Slaying ,And She Do The Most Like Some Singers/Rappers 💜 Favorite Song (Puts Me In My Feelings)
carrie bullard
'carrie bullard' 2 weeks ago
dreezy It is alright
C Harris
'C Harris' 2 weeks ago
like her and tink flow
Alexandria Taylor
'Alexandria Taylor' 2 weeks ago
luvvv her music
Layy Ellis
'Layy Ellis' 2 weeks ago
is it me or does anybody else see herbo looking real daddyish
Summer Garner
'Summer Garner' 2 weeks ago
I like her voice
BeutiLexx Love
'BeutiLexx Love' 2 weeks ago
love her ,
Quita Walker
'Quita Walker' 2 weeks ago
I love this song I listed to this every day
A Machine Gone Grey
'A Machine Gone Grey' 2 weeks ago
Thank you for making a song that really cuts to the center of black males addiction, it's nothing to be ashamed of, we all got our issues, but it's so comforting when someone can hold you close and say "you have a problem baby".
Decys Crafts
'Decys Crafts' 2 weeks ago
Like if this need to get 5,000,000 by the 21st
Lashah Evans
'Lashah Evans' 2 weeks ago
hope you young girls pay attention to the lyrics this is so true
Whitney Walker
'Whitney Walker' 2 weeks ago
I love this song it was 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
Akia Johnson
'Akia Johnson' 2 weeks ago
why he did that if he still wonna be with her
Kevin Johnson
'Kevin Johnson' 2 weeks ago
Sexy chocolate ass
Bryanna love
'Bryanna love' 2 weeks ago
I love this song !
Edna Davis
'Edna Davis' 2 weeks ago
yes girl 💖💖💖💩💖💖💖 he is a 💩💩💩💩💩👎👎💩💩
Kids Harvey
'Kids Harvey' 2 weeks ago
My friend love this song
Amin Hightower
'Amin Hightower' 2 weeks ago
Love this shit... good music
Kaleen Thomas
'Kaleen Thomas' 2 weeks ago
I love this song it sort of fits my life
Desmond Mitchum
'Desmond Mitchum' 2 weeks ago
No down here they calling her tink sister
James Callahan
'James Callahan' 2 weeks ago
This song has a dope ass beat man. lyrics are good too.
Allonna2017 videos
'Allonna2017 videos' 2 weeks ago
love th I song❤😘💕💯💍😍
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