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Vevo - Why I Vote Live: Where do you hope to see America four years from now? -
Published: 6 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 6 months ago

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Music video by Vevo performing Why I Vote Live: Where do you hope to see America four years from now?. 2016

re ere
're ere' 5 months ago
rt fe
'rt fe' 5 months ago
Tacita Morgan
'Tacita Morgan' 6 months ago
Nicolette Keehr
'Nicolette Keehr' 6 months ago
I enjoy watching T.I. speak politics, he so eloquently explains issues. Please continue to make PSAs :) I don't always agree (i.e. having cops federally punished would create that "police state" that is the opposite goal here).
Also, I'm not sure of the point of taking 3 min to talk about acceptance of everyone, and the finishing statement is about eliminating the alt-right. We can't teach kids and young adults that we respect all... except those different than us- that's messed up.
Please vote local (local elections are for county sheriffs, judges, city council, and state reps that have more power to change laws that actually affect you).
Olivia Collins
'Olivia Collins' 6 months ago
Trump will make america great again!
Abdullah Othman
'Abdullah Othman' 6 months ago
Who wishes there will be no more wars in the world
'USMAN HUSSAIN' 6 months ago
Sussan Horan
'Sussan Horan' 6 months ago
Tori Films
'Tori Films' 6 months ago
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