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Chance the Rapper ft. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne - No Problem (Official Video) -
Published: 9 months ago By: Chance The Rapper

By: Chance The RapperPublished: 9 months ago

86, 300, 047 views

512, 222 Likes   30, 931 Dislikes

Directed by Skim Nasty ( & Lil Chano from 79th
Drone footage by Jeff Salzbrunn and Yakub Films

Gavin Hale
'Gavin Hale' 37 minutes ago
He points his finger so much in the vid wtf
Ayana Roberts
'Ayana Roberts' 39 minutes ago
I had sex. whit this song on jk
Demari Shearin
'Demari Shearin' 39 minutes ago
I looooovvvvveeeee iiii tttt so much
mamai yamah
'mamai yamah' 46 minutes ago
Why isn't chance the rapper raping🚬💸😈😈🚬🚬🖕🏾
Malcolm Pitt
'Malcolm Pitt' 51 minutes ago
this is by far his best song like if u agree
damon johnson
'damon johnson' 1 hour ago
Make a video roasting rice gum
damon johnson
'damon johnson' 1 hour ago
Chance for millions
Def Operator
'Def Operator' 1 hour ago
sonically this track is a mess
Louise Williams
'Louise Williams' 1 hour ago
l like this song it
Heather Rifkin
'Heather Rifkin' 1 hour ago
you ball
Heather Rifkin
'Heather Rifkin' 1 hour ago
sick video
Haroun Ben
'Haroun Ben' 3 hours ago
Congrats you realized what a lot of independents couldn't do, especially with a song that messes with labels to win a price that is made for the artist who is more lucrative for them!
'Nikki' 3 hours ago
I always think of a bbq when I hear dis song
Hip Hop & R&B
'Hip Hop & R&B' 3 hours ago
Subscribe to my channel please
'BruhhhItzJames' 3 hours ago
Why does Chainz have a truno hat #FTrump
Wendy Jeffery
'Wendy Jeffery' 4 hours ago
I love this song OMG
Yomaira Espinal
'Yomaira Espinal' 4 hours ago
Nellyka Dennis
'Nellyka Dennis' 5 hours ago
whatttt king louie is in this lol
'Slike' 5 hours ago
No Problem BASS BOOSTED on my channel :D
Riley Gillard
'Riley Gillard' 6 hours ago
0:08 dj khaled?...
'Noeffects987' 6 hours ago
Max Wanjohi
'Max Wanjohi' 8 hours ago
I love how everybody in this video is wearing gold chains, rings, and rolexes but chance 🤔
'ANNBRANK' 9 hours ago
that not his real voice by the way
Jerry Palmer
'Jerry Palmer' 9 hours ago
Garbage ass Lil Wayne
Worst rapper ever
Garikai Mapfumo
'Garikai Mapfumo' 9 hours ago
this guy z risin up lyk a hot air baloon ,so quick a success?
buttery bread
'buttery bread' 11 hours ago
2 chainz ruined the fucking song
Itane Tamar
'Itane Tamar' 12 hours ago
Sweetwater TN USA and Canada and Australia and Europe and Asia Pacific and have been working with a lot to me and I'll send a message to you soon and have been working with a lot more than one year
Mya Fletcher
'Mya Fletcher' 12 hours ago
His song isent on ituneeessss
Los Santos
'Los Santos' 12 hours ago
Can't wait for Chance and Gambino to finish the project they're working on.
Lorna Fox
'Lorna Fox' 13 hours ago
He is so fucking talented
nizbt Rodriguez
'nizbt Rodriguez' 13 hours ago
Congrats on that we'll deserved Grammy. keep doing your thing. Yup Yup Yup!
Brandon Alvarez
'Brandon Alvarez' 14 hours ago
Video was lit asf
'Anel' 15 hours ago
josé maría pérez herreros
Carter killed it ma nigg juici shit lov u no homo
Wu Tang Clan
'Wu Tang Clan' 16 hours ago
imagine if he signed a record label... shit would be funny as a motherfucker... and it would be fake
The Frag Lab
'The Frag Lab' 20 hours ago
What the hell is this?
'SmileSometime123' 22 hours ago
damn this song lit 😂
Dustin Sant
'Dustin Sant' 22 hours ago
"get to choked up when I think of old stuff" that shit is so cold, that Jesus Carter line was crucial too
Sarah S
'Sarah S' 23 hours ago
ok so this is a bomb ass song
Maggie Gann
'Maggie Gann' 23 hours ago
This song puts me in the best mood
Alexis Hernandez
'Alexis Hernandez' 1 day ago
I love this song
Coltyn Coyle
'Coltyn Coyle' 1 day ago
sarondatboi Aiesaron
just proud of this boy.
Lyric Godzz
'Lyric Godzz' 1 day ago
I swear this Song and Video Combine Its all about hanging with each other Cause it's no problem
Blah Blah
'Blah Blah' 1 day ago
lil Wayne's hat tho😂
Malcolm Pitt
'Malcolm Pitt' 1 day ago
this need to be my autro
Malcolm Pitt
'Malcolm Pitt' 1 day ago
I need this as an outro
Valium & Flowers
'Valium & Flowers' 1 day ago
"i just popped 5 percocets and only caught a buzz"
- Lil Wayne 😂
Quivarijuan White
Ok so it's chance the rapper DJ Khaled 2 chainz Lil Wayne and young thug
Brian Carrington
'Brian Carrington' 1 day ago
nigga yes
Kylie Rivera
'Kylie Rivera' 1 day ago
Why is 2 chainz wairing 3 chainz???
Boosie Jones
'Boosie Jones' 1 day ago
Just came for Chance and 2 Chainz...
Mei Kai
'Mei Kai' 1 day ago
The day 10 day and acid rap go on Spotify, I can die happy
'Predatorsxx' 1 day ago
It doesn't matter if you were here before or after he won the Grammy were all fans of the song. Congrats to chance for getting it though he deserves it
Ricardo Timas
'Ricardo Timas' 1 day ago
Ricardo I like or v
Romona Metzger
'Romona Metzger' 1 day ago
It's so hard not to dance and sing to this song 😭😍❤

TMZ be like "rappers are using Gramblast to cheat their way to Instagram fame"
Tommizforreal :P
'Tommizforreal :P' 1 day ago
It's so hard not to dance and sing to this song 😭😍❤
mac rolen
'mac rolen' 1 day ago
Everytime I hear Wayne now I feel like his bars are fake after hearing all this stuff about him and how birdman doesn't wanna pay him.
Alex Ciepluch
'Alex Ciepluch' 1 day ago
King louie at 1:23 what he doing in there
'Phillyboi215' 1 day ago
I fux with this song.. not many mainstream songs I like
'ShoToKiLL' 1 day ago
My boiiiii Chance 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
'MWK' 1 day ago
forever one of my favorite Wayne guest verses just so much energy
Chettahboy jr
'Chettahboy jr' 1 day ago
whoever disliked this is stupid😐
Ravae Blüe
'Ravae Blüe' 1 day ago
Did anybody notice before this video didn't have ads now it does
Brian Brooks
'Brian Brooks' 1 day ago
1:07 i see that girl in every thing bad and boujee is an example
Brian Brooks
'Brian Brooks' 1 day ago
Khaled is every where lol
'TheSkyProds' 1 day ago
2:05 Anyone noticed the gun on the car lol
'Tommy' 2 days ago
Chorus is annoying, add compressor on it make it soft.
jay shizzo
'jay shizzo' 2 days ago
The audio version of the beat is not well.mastered.
King Potato
'King Potato' 2 days ago
What the fuck was DJ Khaled doing 😂😂😂😭 he looks like that one kid who doesnt belong
jay shizzo
'jay shizzo' 2 days ago
The beat is not well mastered.
Diego Iturbero
'Diego Iturbero' 2 days ago
Anyone notice lil Wayne's hat says make America skate again
Gareth Hall
'Gareth Hall' 2 days ago
This would be sooooo much better without the autotune on the chorus. If you're laying autotune on your voice, you're Britney Spears.
ivai nyamutsamba
'ivai nyamutsamba' 2 days ago
A master piece that will last for centuries to come
Archn Scythe
'Archn Scythe' 2 days ago
What the fuck! I could actually understand lil Wayne said.
Savage JC
'Savage JC' 2 days ago
That fool Chance seems pretty cool
'primetime2SD' 2 days ago
Wayne is a Legend at this Point.
'HOWYOUDOIN884' 2 days ago
0:17 - 0:22 good song except for that part. "Yuh! Huh huh huh!" So annoying... sounds like he weighs 500 pounds and has a pound of flem in his lungs... only good part is lil wayne!!!
Grey Jackson
'Grey Jackson' 2 days ago
Chance you should collab with Lil Dicky he just hella funny!
Easy Breezyyy
'Easy Breezyyy' 2 days ago
White people be like watching this.

Are they saying words?
Scholar Dayo
'Scholar Dayo' 2 days ago
2 chainz killed that verse
'TII KIING' 2 days ago
this song is alright but I don't think it's grammy worthy though.
Jalen Sanders
'Jalen Sanders' 2 days ago
Go chance
sam laegue
'sam laegue' 2 days ago
favorite singer
'LivingPsalm_46:5' 2 days ago
Kurt Moses Jr.
'Kurt Moses Jr.' 2 days ago
this song is awesome. it's my favorite in the world
arryn jones
'arryn jones' 2 days ago
Dj Khaled looked like he really wanted to spit a verse
Basheer Green
'Basheer Green' 2 days ago
Golden Triangle
'Golden Triangle' 2 days ago
where can I get chance's astronaut shirt
Joseph Collier
'Joseph Collier' 2 days ago
Love song cause it show me
'DaReelP3' 2 days ago
Hate Chance but love this song
Dylan Valdez
'Dylan Valdez' 2 days ago
This song is wack AF!!! Sounds like a special ed kid trying to sing while other kids are making fun of him in the background for a good straight minute.
Devin McCampbell
'Devin McCampbell' 2 days ago
Chance the dabber
Raymond Ortiz
'Raymond Ortiz' 2 days ago
To me chance is a perfect specimen
Mak Janiszewski
'Mak Janiszewski' 2 days ago
Djkhaled and young thug?
'L G' 2 days ago
chance showed the main stream industry that anyone can be a star even without a label. a chi town person. did that. God bless chance. Chi town stand up
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