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Chance the Rapper ft. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne - No Problem (Official Video) -
Published: 10 months ago By: Chance The Rapper

By: Chance The RapperPublished: 10 months ago

95, 632, 566 views

560, 309 Likes   34, 992 Dislikes

Directed by Skim Nasty ( & Lil Chano from 79th
Drone footage by Jeff Salzbrunn and Yakub Films

Trevor Curry
'Trevor Curry' 37 minutes ago
me and God dabing
'CaveLyric' 4 hours ago
Chance, lil Yachty, 21 savage vs Tupac, Biggie, Eminem.
'THC NUGGETS' 10 hours ago
Wayne's verse tho , 🔥🔥
Wiz Khalifa
'Wiz Khalifa' 11 hours ago
Just asked my girlfriend to marry me while this song was playing... she said YES!!! this song is so special to us now <3 its so catchy and the video is great. Check out my son's music video by searching "Lucky - Wannabe [HD official video]", he's growing big!! Who else is here on March 28th?
xXToxic _WasteXx
'xXToxic _WasteXx' 12 hours ago
How many times did it take for 2 chains to make that shot
wesley cocks
'wesley cocks' 12 hours ago
most lit church I have ever seen. I would definitely go here.
GrabbyClapCats 150
'GrabbyClapCats 150' 12 hours ago
make america skate again!!
Drumming With ziggy
'Drumming With ziggy' 15 hours ago
This is my favorite song from chance the rapper
Gabrielle Young
'Gabrielle Young' 15 hours ago
u r hot
Diys and stuff
'Diys and stuff' 15 hours ago
who is the woman dancing with the adidas pants
Mercas ED
'Mercas ED' 16 hours ago
so having dreads means you are treat....tired of ya new rappers.ya just helping the stereotyp
Joseph Cummings
'Joseph Cummings' 17 hours ago
what does a maybach have to do with ikea, honestly.
Slimm Turner
'Slimm Turner' 17 hours ago
ayye👍💯 love it
Slimm Turner
'Slimm Turner' 17 hours ago
love the video#inspiration
'cklove' 18 hours ago
I love this video chance energy so dope
Cody Ritchie
'Cody Ritchie' 19 hours ago
i dont like this one
Esmeranda Sanchez
'Esmeranda Sanchez' 19 hours ago
Zah Baldwin
'Zah Baldwin' 20 hours ago
No body want a problem with me
Quan Henry
'Quan Henry' 21 hours ago
I've played this video 95 million times. I thought it was popular.
'THE MACHlNE' 1 day ago
Why in the fuck do blacks always have to flaunt money lol. It's fucking pathetic.
Ninja Gamer
'Ninja Gamer' 1 day ago
can someone put subtitles on?
Mike Rushing
'Mike Rushing' 1 day ago
2 chainz ruined the song for me
roger robie
'roger robie' 1 day ago
shit is whack
Juan Jimenez
'Juan Jimenez' 1 day ago
Young thugs Eyes so Red hhahahaha
zeus Howard
'zeus Howard' 1 day ago
my uncle like this track 20 waves from to this🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊20bolts for me to this to☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇
Bob Cruz
'Bob Cruz' 1 day ago
It's LIT
Aaron paul Almonte
Chance I like your style:)
Justin Shepard
'Justin Shepard' 1 day ago
Eduardo Banda
'Eduardo Banda' 1 day ago
So I've heard chance is a good rapper but I've never payed much attention to him. Can someone recommend me some good songs cus so far I've listen to the top 3 songs that come up on YouTube and they're kinda wak
po o
'po o' 1 day ago
chance go hard af
Guazon Wabi-Sabi
'Guazon Wabi-Sabi' 1 day ago
Suranjal Shrestha
who's here from FBE ??
Lawrence Wilcox
'Lawrence Wilcox' 1 day ago
U should've put Wayne only not 2 chainz
J Siler
'J Siler' 1 day ago
I love this soung
Papa Achacala
'Papa Achacala' 1 day ago
i knew this nigga even before he made juice
Philipp Rosuman
'Philipp Rosuman' 1 day ago
Follow me on IG: philipperoseman so we don't got NO PROBLEM! watch my videos!😂😈
Kit Kat King
'Kit Kat King' 1 day ago
Why Khalid
'Louis' 1 day ago
Chance the rapper is a great guy and also peep thugger lol
Kim Taehyung
'Kim Taehyung' 2 days ago
I'm surprised dis boi is real. I read about him at school in an article😂😂😂
Bucky Atwood
'Bucky Atwood' 2 days ago
Lil Weezy vs Lil Bucky
Aaron Annis
'Aaron Annis' 2 days ago
Aaron Annis
'Aaron Annis' 2 days ago
Lil Wyane is $avage and 2 Chainz you are right on problem
GG Gaming
'GG Gaming' 2 days ago
glad you're believing in christ now! god is awesome
Riley Topper
'Riley Topper' 2 days ago
2 chainz ruined this song in my opinion
boi sweed
'boi sweed' 2 days ago
fuck this rapper he is a douche fag
Keelan Marks
'Keelan Marks' 2 days ago
This HAS to be in 2K18
Dank Foxx
'Dank Foxx' 2 days ago
This song would be ass if kodak was singing
Cjosh Gonzales
'Cjosh Gonzales' 2 days ago
so catchy,can't get this song outa my head
'Rap4you' 2 days ago
+ + +
Rust Shadow
'Rust Shadow' 2 days ago
Another Great song by chance
'Gen3ralGrimReaper' 2 days ago
Tommy Sotomayor brought me here. Anyone else??
Derrick Curmon
'Derrick Curmon' 2 days ago
what im wondering is how tf they got wayne and young thug to even be in the same video😂😂
Ivan Rhomberg
'Ivan Rhomberg' 2 days ago
goat #freec5
Jim G-unit
'Jim G-unit' 2 days ago
How come this nigga won a grammy?
jigga what jigga who
Ray Charles
'Ray Charles' 2 days ago
2 hype man sounds away from being a DJ Khaled song.
Markus Sangalang
'Markus Sangalang' 2 days ago
2 chainz kinda ruined the song for me
Brendan lunney
'Brendan lunney' 2 days ago
EliteSkillz3432 Tv
If one more nîger try to stop me it's gon be some Kun klux klan in your lobby
iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams
Been exactly a year since this video uploaded and it's still fire
Tanisha Johnson
'Tanisha Johnson' 2 days ago
this song is so dope
Jalen Croxen
'Jalen Croxen' 3 days ago
haha dj khaled wasnt featured
Alex Vance
'Alex Vance' 3 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks the fat guy looks like dj Khaled
Arslane-Rostom Lamouti
Why Dj kalhed is in this clip
'mshbrwn' 3 days ago
big up lil wayne for supporting trump and not be afraid to show it
'RenwickPlays' 3 days ago
Who listening and scrolling through these comments
Cristan Sobota
'Cristan Sobota' 3 days ago
Stupid lil wayne just cause you like to skate we dont have to skate to you punk
'nick12345w' 3 days ago
this lit
Xiting Long
'Xiting Long' 3 days ago
Luiz Dias bjj
'Luiz Dias bjj' 3 days ago
Khalid that dude in a group project that does no work but still gets credit
'MixedXM' 3 days ago
Wayne cant not be seen without a double cup
Billy Flores
'Billy Flores' 3 days ago
damn how long has lil wayne had dem grills
xb1gt crazyzay84
'xb1gt crazyzay84' 3 days ago
khaled knew none of the lyrics😂😂
Mike Pantaleo
'Mike Pantaleo' 3 days ago
This song is awesome
Elkong D. Temengil
yup yup
andres sot
'andres sot' 3 days ago
Dom Yantz
'Dom Yantz' 3 days ago
The amount of autotune in Lil Wayne's verse is just sad.
Francisca Rodriguez
jr 😎😎😎😎☺
Demetruis Brown
'Demetruis Brown' 3 days ago
where do you Live
crespo don
'crespo don' 3 days ago
if cash money record tryna me stop there gonna be some crazy weezy fan run up in you lobby
A e s t h e t i c A s s h o l e
This should be on ITunes :)))
Vince Alviz
'Vince Alviz' 3 days ago
tyler tyler23
'tyler tyler23' 3 days ago
'Bacon_Bear' 3 days ago
I swear Dj Khaled is the meme of all rappers😂
'JJTheGamerYT MCPE' 3 days ago
I like your songs they are the best
'Grizdiak' 3 days ago
El baile del 1:32 increible
Demeitric Lymon
'Demeitric Lymon' 3 days ago
Chance The Rapper sings a song if someone wants aproblem with yo
teeh- whyyy tkt
'teeh- whyyy tkt' 3 days ago
Chicago stand up
diar g
'diar g' 3 days ago
this song gives me happiness
JH Lee
'JH Lee' 3 days ago
모자하나 사주고 싶네;;
'6402680' 3 days ago
Gary, Indiana rode thru, stopped, then hit 80-94 east and went back home wit no problem.
Lucky Lemons
'Lucky Lemons' 3 days ago
1:39 my favorite part of this video
Halimat Adegboyega
Omg is that kandi??
'X-ManRocks' 4 days ago
What was dj Khaled doing there
'Xaomi's World' 4 days ago
Love this song
Lojuan Millsap
'Lojuan Millsap' 4 days ago
Petey pablo take my shirt off wave around your head like a helicopter 2 chainz too funny
Lucky Lemons
'Lucky Lemons' 4 days ago
Anytime I see Chance dancing I don't know why but I start dying laughing
Grant Stejbach
'Grant Stejbach' 4 days ago
(603) 812-6157 someone hmu, FaceTime me, call me, text me, trade pics!
Toronto OG
'Toronto OG' 4 days ago
why is DJ Khaled, Young Thug and King Louie in dis????
W/ Lyrics
'W/ Lyrics' 4 days ago
Check out the lyrics to this song on my channel!! (new channel / shameless self promotion)
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