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No Jumper - The Rob $tone Interview -
Published: 1 year ago By: No Jumper

By: No JumperPublished: 1 year ago

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Rob $tone tweeted a video at me of a crazy live performance of his song Chill Bill which currently has over 6 million Soundcloud plays. I liked it and was interested in what he had going on down in San Diego, so I told him to come up to LA for an interview. I sat down with Rob, his boy J Spooks and friend of the crew, Celes Karter for an interesting conversation that I am sure you will all enjoy.

Check out Chill Bill here:

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Devy SG
'Devy SG' 1 week ago
What the fuck? How am I just now seeing this?
Daygo Sunny
'Daygo Sunny' 2 weeks ago
Fucking lames, I'm from daygo and know for sure no real hood rappers get any shine beyond SD. Even if they have lyrics and beats, hood dudes dont get shine. And fucking mitchy slick? lol, you cant be serious? That snitch ass has not one bar in anyone one of his songs lol underground skyline rappers would kill him on beats and they didn't even go that hard. These dudes better not blow up beyond what they are right now. There are so many hood dudes who really live what they rap in SD and these corny acting ass skater suburb lameboes get the shine. It's embarrassing for daygo.
dm0904 Davydum
'dm0904 Davydum' 2 weeks ago
People I'd love to see Adam interview:
- Barry Jenkins (the director of Moonlight)
- Tyler the Creator
Lil Peep or Lil Tracy (or both)
- OG Maco
- Earl Sweatshirt
- Kanye West ( although getting in contact with him would probably be incredibly arduous)
- Quentin Tarantino
-Travis Scott
- Dj Akademiks
- Dram
- Joe Rogan
- Asap Ferg or Rocky (or both)
- Bill Saber
- Nicolas Winding Refn (the director of Drive, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon, Bronson, the Pusher trilogy, and more)
- Syringe
- Ski Mask the Slump God
- Lil Uzi Vert
- Playboi Carti
- Quavo or Offset.
- George RR Martin
- Byou$
- Burberry Perry or Jban$2Turnt (or both)
- Roy Woods
- Fresh 215 aka Ca$hier Fresh
- Quentin Miller
- Skepta
- Kevin Abstract
- Nav

Sorry for the long ass list. Anyway, keep doing your thing, Adam. You a real ass nigga and your interviews are extremely interesting.
Lenox ii
'Lenox ii' 1 month ago
Come through to Dallas !
chronic tonic
'chronic tonic' 1 month ago
how does he not know about kill bill whistle..
'ZIMPLE LOKO' 1 month ago
'Onbekend' 2 months ago
Spooks should cut his hair
Daniel Lopez
'Daniel Lopez' 2 months ago
This foo on the right is a clown
Nicholas Sanders
'Nicholas Sanders' 3 months ago
interview yung pinch
Liliana Araiza-Trujillo
hyphy?? lmao
this is chris
'this is chris' 3 months ago
14:37 LMFAO nigga dropped the blunt
Luciano Orozco
'Luciano Orozco' 3 months ago
respect to yall for doing your thing but there ain't no comparison se were i stay at i worked around lemon grove use to take the trolleys im twisted all in it never a day were there anything jumping off its nice out there the area that surrounds lemon grove makes it krazy
Amariah Zuniga
'Amariah Zuniga' 3 months ago
that's righhht! they finna put SD right back on the map. I fucks wit them heavy! Keep doing what you're doing and killing it in the booth
Elliot Graham
'Elliot Graham' 4 months ago
When you thinking spooks is $crim
Shemar Macaya
'Shemar Macaya' 4 months ago
you have to repost this
Evan Thompson
'Evan Thompson' 4 months ago
"chill bill" is the fucking song.
Roman Kuprikov
'Roman Kuprikov' 5 months ago
Spooks jumped into the crowd at the turnt and burnt tour in Portland yesterday and fucking landed on my head with his shoe and now I got this big ass bruise on the back of my head
Tha Swami
'Tha Swami' 5 months ago
That Almost Ready mixtape is some fire!!!
'Teve' 5 months ago
ugh i thought he threw the blunt away at the beginning i was so mad i took that shit personal
Tripsy Drogas
'Tripsy Drogas' 5 months ago
spooks looks like he tryna copy $crim from $B
Med Kid
'Med Kid' 5 months ago
Shoutout Flame Alakahest fosho
'DayzofUs' 5 months ago
Matthew Sharpe
'Matthew Sharpe' 6 months ago
Yo jumper ima rapper from lemon grove I'm trying to get heard
Jaymz Muckfeet
'Jaymz Muckfeet' 6 months ago
interview wulf Xavier
Maddox Jeffery
'Maddox Jeffery' 6 months ago
them niggas hella fried asl
Go Viral
'Go Viral' 6 months ago
jordan quijano
'jordan quijano' 6 months ago
Peep John Givez from daygo
Cj Brown
'Cj Brown' 6 months ago
those headphones like $2
louis marcha
'louis marcha' 6 months ago
gosh these guys are some fucking losers
Candid Theory
'Candid Theory' 7 months ago
damn only kids from lemon grove know what the big ass lemon is.
696 FOG
'696 FOG' 7 months ago
bruhhh you should start making them freestyle lol
Damian Rubio
'Damian Rubio' 7 months ago
I heard chill bill when it came out and I didn't fuck with it till the video so I felt dumb Fam
Matthew Cabrera
'Matthew Cabrera' 7 months ago
smh bro these dudes actin like lemon grove bad. Its nothing but whiite ppl there bro. These dudes need to come to city heights bro. Worst part in daygo tbh.
Darrel Be
'Darrel Be' 7 months ago
Hopefully they pop and there name gets a bit bigger. It'll lead to more eyes on the city and more interests in the music and artists coming out of there but I don't think they're gonna be the ones to put the spotlight on S.D. The  best thing about $tone is the beats. Nothin else. It'll prolly be John Givez instead or somebody else to put S.D. on
Cats & Backwoods
'Cats & Backwoods' 7 months ago
Lol " I had to edit out some gang shit the other day"
Cats & Backwoods
'Cats & Backwoods' 7 months ago
It crazy to know where their talkin bout bc you live there
Jalil Stampley
'Jalil Stampley' 7 months ago
Did bomber jacket just pop a xan 4:20
Vladimir Putin
'Vladimir Putin' 7 months ago
Yo is that spooky at the back?
B_Money 59
'B_Money 59' 7 months ago
San Diego Reppin' !!!
B_Money 59
'B_Money 59' 7 months ago
For real about the trolley. most beef is caught on public transportation hahaaa
'Melomaneization' 7 months ago
wav.yliving 波打つ
Gotta watch this now that I saw that fight lol
'TonTon' 7 months ago
Hell yeah, we got that nigga pass, non-black people of the world. God damn real nigga in this bitch. embarrassed
Christian Tasi
'Christian Tasi' 7 months ago
Man Rob high asf!! making himself sound dumb ass hell ahaha. Robs actually a really well spoken dude
theFunk Nugget
'theFunk Nugget' 7 months ago
Jacolby Rogers
'Jacolby Rogers' 7 months ago
Bruh banks we out here in Houston yo shit fire fam come thru. Swaa
'bodybagz' 7 months ago
sound like his grill is too big
'Dizzyd1998' 7 months ago
Rob Stone putting SD on the map
Cpt Genshin
'Cpt Genshin' 7 months ago
Shout out to purpdogg
Christopher Henriquez
The situation with the father and the Daugther is just a fucked situation like wtf my nigga
ran man
'ran man' 7 months ago
Rob Stone puttin daygo on the mappp boyyyy
Yung Chainswang
'Yung Chainswang' 7 months ago
How have I never heard of this nigga? I'm sleep asf
'TranscendentalMental' 8 months ago
SD is primarily a military town, so developing a fan base is always going to be difficult when you have people from all over the US.
Hezekiah Mix
'Hezekiah Mix' 8 months ago
Celes Carter is my brother
dankie boy
'dankie boy' 8 months ago
National city is the center boi
Ayan Osman
'Ayan Osman' 8 months ago
these interviews are long asf but i mean what else am i rlly doing W my life
Tado 30
'Tado 30' 8 months ago
No Jumper The Best Hands Down 🤘🏾💔®
yung sensei
'yung sensei' 8 months ago
Rob $tone went from no jumper to worldstar to 10m views.praises due to the all mighty ropegang
nick monico
'nick monico' 8 months ago
Slapper Nation
'Slapper Nation' 8 months ago
Damn... I miss San Diego so fucking bad
Paul Williams
'Paul Williams' 8 months ago
What was that my man in the blue jacket took at 4:21
Gidron Gibson
'Gidron Gibson' 9 months ago
what song was he rapping by idontknowjeffery?
Daniell Zuniga
'Daniell Zuniga' 9 months ago
i love rob stone better the other one looks emo
Jr Tfgo
'Jr Tfgo' 9 months ago
drip god putting on too shouts out too yall
Jr Tfgo
'Jr Tfgo' 9 months ago
Linda vista is the heart of SD 💯
Mitchell Bay
'Mitchell Bay' 9 months ago
Congrats on the RCA deal, Rob!
Vidal Farias
'Vidal Farias' 10 months ago
where could i find that xavier wulf and rob stone thing from the beginning of the video?
Jackson Pursey
'Jackson Pursey' 11 months ago
47:30 adam like pass the fucking blunt already
Skater Vaper
'Skater Vaper' 1 year ago
looks like a wanna be $carecrow
Lotus Leary
'Lotus Leary' 1 year ago
"i feel like cudi means alot to alot of young people"
as much as i love these artists like rob, shwb, buffetboys, $uicide, etc., cudi will forever be my favorite. too many memories with that dude. motm 1 and 2 were the greatest.
Migue Ceja
'Migue Ceja' 1 year ago
da$h & retch next
Vampi B
'Vampi B' 1 year ago
1207 shout outs my boy keely the Mac. LG
ray cisneroz
'ray cisneroz' 1 year ago
This nigga celes wants to fight Robb banks lol Adam was probably being peacemaker he a goon lmao
alex carranza
'alex carranza' 1 year ago
if you guys aren't on rob$tone a dope ass song is funeral peep it on SoundCloud
alex carranza
'alex carranza' 1 year ago
shout out to 1207 high key 1 of the few people that go hard out of San Diego .
reegs mattila
'reegs mattila' 1 year ago
put soooooooo many people on the chill bill song, sick seeing him on here.
'jacksonjDell' 1 year ago
i wish i could understand what the fuck these dudes are talkin about
Under Grounds
'Under Grounds' 1 year ago
GET DOOMSHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Parker Gibson
'Parker Gibson' 1 year ago
i dead ass live right next to georgia perimeter college. also im not a fuck boy i stay with my grandparents dunwoody is beat
Godline XV
'Godline XV' 1 year ago
Get lil yachty!
Tobias Brent
'Tobias Brent' 1 year ago
Get Robb bank$
diego hess
'diego hess' 1 year ago
get RVMIRXZ on this shit
Black Lip Pastor
'Black Lip Pastor' 1 year ago
Get 21 Savage on here
'Surge' 1 year ago
1207worldwide webpage expired mannn, i wanted to look at there hats
Yung Trunks
'Yung Trunks' 1 year ago
this dude celes gimme a suge knight vibe
'UrMoMisDad' 1 year ago
get "douglas skates" on no jumper fam
dat way
'dat way' 1 year ago
get lil yachty
'texasBMXer' 1 year ago
51:41 Yo Adam, you are more than welcome to come through Houston any time. On the BMX end it is a no brainer for street riding: it is the 4th (soon to be 3rd) most populous city in the United States, the 9th largest city in the world in regards to land area specifically, and has untapped spots everywhere because professional riders rarely visit in spite of the fact that Austin is only a 2 hour drive away.
'dumpy' 1 year ago
bro get endyends on this >:+) or anyone in hidden jewels
joey sap
'joey sap' 1 year ago
No Jumper gotta stop replyin to these fools in their comment section. deadass.
Joel Andrews
'Joel Andrews' 1 year ago
'era' 1 year ago
dj smokey interview please
evolkuf hellafornia
Uggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh nice interview
Bobb Heyr
'Bobb Heyr' 1 year ago
Wiki and Antwon pls
'LoadingGazm' 1 year ago
Adam try to get trill Sammy on here
'LoadingGazm' 1 year ago
new York rocking with you rob
'LoadingGazm' 1 year ago
flame Alkahest beats go crazy shouts out to him
McCall Boy
'McCall Boy' 1 year ago
yo adam where your second Mac at?? smh, haha
Eric Ryon
'Eric Ryon' 1 year ago
Get Dillon Francis on here. I know he's been hanging with getter and nick Coletti a lot. Could have them co host
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