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Man Selecting Cobras For Snake Show -
Published: 5 years ago By: FunKickAss

By: FunKickAssPublished: 5 years ago

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A crazy guy known as Cobra Man has 1000 Cobras as pets and for every show he selects a new Cobra.
Visit for more details.

'lifelesskids' 2 days ago
why scared on these animals? piece of shit. you scared, the snake will bite you.
'Platerpus7' 3 days ago
Crazy fucking bastard
King Hadu
'King Hadu' 4 days ago
I am sure this man is made of concrete.
Kyle Teeter
'Kyle Teeter' 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure it's colder in that snake pit which slows them down, and I think when regret get thrown like that and hit the ground or slapped, it stuns them some. But, relative to other snakes, cobrashave a very slow strike. Unlike a rattle snake, these guys would be fucking dead.
Enrique Betancourt
damn he smacked cobra like nothing LMAO
Being Mr.G
'Being Mr.G' 5 days ago
you do that in india you will be put behind bars forever under .
'euniceerica' 6 days ago
2:14 smack dat bish
'WH Y' 7 days ago
2:12 Cobra: C'MERE *Bites
2:14 Man: Meh *beats
Zildjian David
'Zildjian David' 7 days ago
Zildjian David
'Zildjian David' 7 days ago
applause to this man
King cobra COBRA
Be more getel with the cobras
Mukesh Sutrakare
'Mukesh Sutrakare' 1 week ago
İbrahim Zengin
'İbrahim Zengin' 1 week ago
Bu ne cesarettir yarabbi
Andre Corominas
'Andre Corominas' 1 week ago
But how could he be like that ?😦
'AllenTV' 1 week ago
Balls so heavy it could bring the entire pit underneath the ground
Business man
'Business man' 1 week ago
Theres more snakes in Chicago
'신기한별' 1 week ago
나한국인 인데 넘나 불쌍한것. ....
Kincső nagyon jó imádom Maller
'Mesa' 1 week ago
how it is possible
Penta Penguin
'Penta Penguin' 1 week ago
kaika ku
'kaika ku' 1 week ago
I dind't know animal abuse videos were allowed on youtube... smh
Sorry to break it that way but that man is a piece of shit. Hope he gets bitten in the nuts indeed.
'MR. SPORTS' 1 week ago
Hope he gets bit next time.
Marie Fabicon
'Marie Fabicon' 2 weeks ago
d 5ee
Pawan kumar
'Pawan kumar' 2 weeks ago
no manner and respect for creatures....disgusting
elim ayagim uyustu yemin ederim
Mustafa Deveci
'Mustafa Deveci' 2 weeks ago
Vay amk adama bak lan!
cut the BS
'cut the BS' 2 weeks ago
poor snakes...
Rajkumar Chiliveri
'Rajkumar Chiliveri' 2 weeks ago
This video his to excellent
มนตรี ฐิติปราโมทย์
สุดยอดลวกเพี่ย ผมแค่เห็นงูเลื้อยไกลๆก้อจะเป็นลมแล้ว
alan m
'alan m' 2 weeks ago
holy fuckballs that guy is sorting through those cobras like it aint shit like a toddler finding his favorite toy in a toybox just tossing those bitches around.
Santiago Gamer
'Santiago Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Balls of titanium-tungsten alloy
ruban chakaravarthy
'ruban chakaravarthy' 2 weeks ago
omg! this guy is an legend.
Michael Zuzock
'Michael Zuzock' 2 weeks ago
this guy is quite cruel and I bet all snakes have been defanged which is why he has no fear cause they can't bite him
mallipudi vinod kumar
really god of snakes don't they bite him dint they have venom teeth's is he picked out their teeths
Genevieve Estal
'Genevieve Estal' 2 weeks ago
cobras should be left on there natural habitat..cobras in ths video no longer bites coz thr fangs are removed decreasing dr lifespan..poor cobras... dr venom disappears which is essential for dr survival persons nvolvd n ds kind of actvity should be jailed
Cleveland brown Jr.
'Cleveland brown Jr.' 2 weeks ago
Fuck this shit I'll never enter these pits full of dangerous snakes.
Marg Milne
'Marg Milne' 2 weeks ago
how do they defang them??
Thanveer Amna
'Thanveer Amna' 2 weeks ago
e video vava sureshinu kanichu kodukkanam
'monkeythe1st' 2 weeks ago
How the fuck does he walk with them iron balls of his?
-Ezil -
'-Ezil -' 2 weeks ago
Im scarry of wathong this
'MED MOUNIR' 2 weeks ago
brother cood shopping
'ZeGlex' 3 weeks ago
"Man Abusing snakes for fucking shit show
and you don't just use animals just for entertainment you fucking abusers
'me57431' 3 weeks ago
Good thing he defanged them when they were small.
たん たん
'たん たん' 3 weeks ago
michael sabella
'michael sabella' 3 weeks ago
this guy is an abusive moron he doesnt need to treat these snakes that way. i suspect hes already dead though from a snake bite. the other morons areclaughing nothing funny about this
Andrew Viescas
'Andrew Viescas' 3 weeks ago
this dude is more pro than these idiots in snake venom research labs
Rocky Handsome
'Rocky Handsome' 3 weeks ago
he has a collection of huge number of (nags) snakes
hope he get naagmani lols
Roronoa zoro
'Roronoa zoro' 3 weeks ago
imagine all of them wer king cobra actually that's gonna be impossible cuz forget 10 to 20 king cobra staying together even 2 of then can't stay together in a vast jungle with out eating each other
Burnt Chicken Nugget
The snakes were tired of his bitch ass
Miquel Graanoogst
'Miquel Graanoogst' 3 weeks ago
They usually remove the snakes fangs. Aren't these removed???
Swapnil Kamble
'Swapnil Kamble' 3 weeks ago
His each ball is worth one planet
Mark EM
'Mark EM' 3 weeks ago
They de-fang these Cobras to make them harmless. It is a very common practice. The government even passed a law to make it illegal.
Jacob Curtin
'Jacob Curtin' 3 weeks ago
Ok this dudes got brain injuries or somthing cuz he's nuts!!!!!
Rubèn Barreto
'Rubèn Barreto' 3 weeks ago
Y donde está lo divertido en ésta tortura??
IonCiontea Ciontea
'IonCiontea Ciontea' 3 weeks ago
ce curaj are omul asta
evolution sanchez
'evolution sanchez' 3 weeks ago
ganges out snakes
CeeJayy O
'CeeJayy O' 3 weeks ago
He finessed the fuck out them cobras
Eve Puckett
'Eve Puckett' 3 weeks ago
What do yall think he is doing when he grabs them and begins to pick at their mouths? He is cleaning out any regrown teeth so it is safe for him to handle them for the show. He smacks the shit outa the ones that get to close to teach them respect. The smacked ones are a bit more aggressive and need to be taught a lesson to not advance on him.
'theric66' 3 weeks ago
its clear that they do not have venom otherwise the guy would be mad to go there without glasses ,we do not see any of them spiting, in Thailand they use the snake as a parade or show for the tourist ,why would they risk to die when they can take the deadly poison out and it is still very frightening and a good attraction for the tourists
Mudassir Khanzada
'Mudassir Khanzada' 3 weeks ago
Aadmi hai ya jinnn....?😱😱
Helen Oneill
'Helen Oneill' 3 weeks ago
WTF that's snake abuse asshole
'EDGE-CATION' 4 weeks ago
this is how hell looks like
Naile Memmedova
'Naile Memmedova' 4 weeks ago
Sebastian Garza
'Sebastian Garza' 4 weeks ago
that dude is crazy... and he is so fuck.
Michael Thomas Eesparagoza
Lola Page
'Lola Page' 4 weeks ago
he could of handled them more gental and why are they in a a pit 😕
s1pg8r12 jr
's1pg8r12 jr' 4 weeks ago
FUCK this person he Is trying to kill these snakes there bones are fucking fragile!
Ben Ohsem
'Ben Ohsem' 4 weeks ago
shuuuuu.... please have some respect for that creatures... they not a rubbish that u can throw away like that..
'SAN' 4 weeks ago
'diegozmexican' 4 weeks ago
How sway!
Mario Sanchez
'Mario Sanchez' 4 weeks ago
this guy needs help carrying his balls around the sack might rip open
Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood
2:14 my answer to that situation when my ex was horny and i wanted to sleep, yet something tried to rise up between those sheets.
Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood
he looks like me when i'm shoe shopping:

"No. Not that one. Not that one. Maybe the other one. Ah, no I don't like that colour. Maybe another one. Let's try this one"
'진우형' 4 weeks ago
최고의팀플레이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
King Rod
'King Rod' 1 month ago
He's showing the snakes that he is the boss and not to fuck with him that's why they didn't bite him
timothy tran
'timothy tran' 1 month ago
Annina Strummer
'Annina Strummer' 1 month ago
Xplocial OnlineNetworking
Maybe their whole life he throws them around and proves to them all that he's the alpha so then they respect him??? Because usually owners are nice to them and that's when they're the most mean !
אוריאל רונן
איך אתה מעז?
Lone Wolf
'Lone Wolf' 1 month ago
He got more cobras in there comparing to Jason statham's hairs
'TheKilladon1' 1 month ago
This guy is crazy
루그 TV
'루그 TV' 1 month ago
Lulu *MSP*
'Lulu *MSP*' 1 month ago
I laughed at the part when he slaps the cobra but then i feel a little badly.. :/
'littlemax4' 1 month ago
I think the snakes are scared of him lol
뭐하는거지 ㅠㅠ
TheDiabète 78
'TheDiabète 78' 1 month ago
Thug Life = 1
Snake= 0
'Wargasmbeast' 1 month ago
this never gets old
אביב גבאי
'אביב גבאי' 1 month ago
this guy is fuckinb stupid sun beach pice of shit he need to die fuck this man is mum suck he trowh the snake why? suck man i wish this guy die dislike
Paicu Darius
'Paicu Darius' 1 month ago
ot da fac
Lucia Maroto Guerrero
puto chino gilipollas retrasado que se cree dañando a las serpientes ojala le muerda en toda la puta polla
ya que tiene tantos cojines para meterse ahí y molestar
Grant Smittkamp
'Grant Smittkamp' 2 months ago
2:48 you can see they have no fangs
Make it interesting and throw a few spitting cobras in there cause they don't need fangs to ruin your day :)
free modz.
'free modz.' 2 months ago
aggresive toward snakes
Bruno Amorim
'Bruno Amorim' 2 months ago
um porco covarde
Juan Moya
'Juan Moya' 2 months ago
hay se pasan como maltrata a esas pobres serpientes
Maikel K
'Maikel K' 2 months ago
Dudes a right asshole. Slapping and throwing those beautiful snakes around. He should go home and slap his mother because she sure missed out on the respecting of animals part. Would like to slap the shit out of the motherfucker.
'bladepkk' 2 months ago
beautiful snakes and the guys are fucking sadist :-(
Loulou Reptile
'Loulou Reptile' 2 months ago
tes un gros con
'pleasework96' 2 months ago
if these were wild cobras they would have ate that stupid bastards little dick off long time ago. slapping tortured animals who have lost their fangs and venom isn't a brave thing to do where I'm from
J Ahmed
'J Ahmed' 2 months ago
How the fuck does he feed all these snakes? Does he take them out individually to feed or just throws 100 dead rats in there or something.
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