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Man Selecting Cobras For Snake Show -
Published: 5 years ago By: FunKickAss

By: FunKickAssPublished: 5 years ago

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A crazy guy known as Cobra Man has 1000 Cobras as pets and for every show he selects a new Cobra.
Visit for more details.

Ben Ohsem
'Ben Ohsem' 2 hours ago
shuuuuu.... please have some respect for that creatures... they not a rubbish that u can throw away like that..
'SANIL KUMAR' 3 hours ago
'diegozmexican' 8 hours ago
How sway!
Mario Sanchez
'Mario Sanchez' 13 hours ago
this guy needs help carrying his balls around the sack might rip open
Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood
2:14 my answer to that situation when my ex was horny and i wanted to sleep, yet something tried to rise up between those sheets.
Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood
he looks like me when i'm shoe shopping:

"No. Not that one. Not that one. Maybe the other one. Ah, no I don't like that colour. Maybe another one. Let's try this one"
'진우형' 2 days ago
최고의팀플레이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
King Rod
'King Rod' 4 days ago
He's showing the snakes that he is the boss and not to fuck with him that's why they didn't bite him
timothy tran
'timothy tran' 5 days ago
Annina Strummer
'Annina Strummer' 6 days ago
Xplocial OnlineNetworking
Maybe their whole life he throws them around and proves to them all that he's the alpha so then they respect him??? Because usually owners are nice to them and that's when they're the most mean !
אוריאל רונן
איך אתה מעז?
Lone Wolf
'Lone Wolf' 1 week ago
He got more cobras in there comparing to Jason statham's hairs
'TheKilladon1' 2 weeks ago
This guy is crazy
루그 TV
'루그 TV' 2 weeks ago
Lulu *MSP*
'Lulu *MSP*' 2 weeks ago
I laughed at the part when he slaps the cobra but then i feel a little badly.. :/
'littlemax4' 2 weeks ago
I think the snakes are scared of him lol
뭐하는거지 ㅠㅠ
SoldatErotique Baisse Ton Slip
Thug Life = 1
Snake= 0
'Wargasmbeast' 2 weeks ago
this never gets old
אביב גבאי
'אביב גבאי' 3 weeks ago
this guy is fuckinb stupid sun beach pice of shit he need to die fuck this man is mum suck he trowh the snake why? suck man i wish this guy die dislike
Paicu Darius
'Paicu Darius' 3 weeks ago
ot da fac
Lucia Maroto Guerrero
puto chino gilipollas retrasado que se cree dañando a las serpientes ojala le muerda en toda la puta polla
ya que tiene tantos cojines para meterse ahí y molestar
Grant Smittkamp
'Grant Smittkamp' 3 weeks ago
2:48 you can see they have no fangs
Make it interesting and throw a few spitting cobras in there cause they don't need fangs to ruin your day :)
free modz.
'free modz.' 3 weeks ago
aggresive toward snakes
Bruno Amorim
'Bruno Amorim' 3 weeks ago
um porco covarde
Juan Moya
'Juan Moya' 3 weeks ago
hay se pasan como maltrata a esas pobres serpientes
Maikel K
'Maikel K' 3 weeks ago
Dudes a right asshole. Slapping and throwing those beautiful snakes around. He should go home and slap his mother because she sure missed out on the respecting of animals part. Would like to slap the shit out of the motherfucker.
'bladepkk' 3 weeks ago
beautiful snakes and the guys are fucking sadist :-(
Loulou Reptile
'Loulou Reptile' 3 weeks ago
tes un gros con
'pleasework96' 3 weeks ago
if these were wild cobras they would have ate that stupid bastards little dick off long time ago. slapping tortured animals who have lost their fangs and venom isn't a brave thing to do where I'm from
J Ahmed
'J Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
How the fuck does he feed all these snakes? Does he take them out individually to feed or just throws 100 dead rats in there or something.
Free Bee
'Free Bee' 3 weeks ago
Do they have their teeth removed?
Kill Bill
'Kill Bill' 4 weeks ago
Que bueno estaria que tuvieran colmillos esas serpientes! Ya no se haria el listo ese estupido
dilip Raniwal
'dilip Raniwal' 4 weeks ago
dilip Raniwal
Dayanne Medeiros
'Dayanne Medeiros' 4 weeks ago
Nossa Que Loucura Desse Cara!
'Jay's Reptiles' 4 weeks ago
terrible care.
Dj ToNy
'Dj ToNy' 4 weeks ago
pick one already!!! XD
Lelowolf .khjgd
'Lelowolf .khjgd' 4 weeks ago
Hope he gets what's coming to him
Mohamed Dzulfatah
'Mohamed Dzulfatah' 4 weeks ago
the guy is crazy
mutahhar jalal
'mutahhar jalal' 4 weeks ago
can anyone show time for bitch slap ?
Jamel Williams
'Jamel Williams' 4 weeks ago
he slap ( ̄ε(# ̄)︴the shit out that snake
Shr Bis
'Shr Bis' 4 weeks ago
Robert Mowreader
'Robert Mowreader' 4 weeks ago
hes a braver man than I am,the only way id want to be in a pit full of cobras is with a machine gun.
Given Bafana
'Given Bafana' 4 weeks ago
what the fuck??
Alberto GM
'Alberto GM' 1 month ago
It's animal abuse, if they were dogs everybody report, but are snakes no problem, is not animal abuse... 😠😠😠
Suparna Chakraborty
'Suparna Chakraborty' 1 month ago
Oh my god 😨😨😨😵😵😵😵😵😵
Human above all
'Human above all' 1 month ago
It amazes me how human being can care about snakes and animal abuse, but wouldnt give a shit if someone dies in front on them.
'PsychoKiller' 1 month ago
This guy must have balls made out of steel.
Click Pinger
'Click Pinger' 1 month ago
ну ахуеть просто
'ASH N' 1 month ago
the cobras like wtf dude lol
oyun zamanı
'oyun zamanı' 1 month ago
Janaki K
'Janaki K' 1 month ago
I want that yellowish golden one.
Janaki K
'Janaki K' 1 month ago
how did he do that with thousand of cobras
Justin Kavanaugh
'Justin Kavanaugh' 1 month ago
He should be arrested for animal abuse the way he throws the snakes and hits them they could die from getting hit to hard
Trillquest freedom
'Trillquest freedom' 1 month ago
those snakes have some real balls to mess with that guy
Andro Gamer
'Andro Gamer' 1 month ago
wtf.. insane
Coconut Hossen
'Coconut Hossen' 1 month ago
Hey can anybody tell me how is this possible! Don't they have fangs or does he immune to the venom. Otherwise nobody would dare to near so many cobras.
'BOQORKA RAABKA' 1 month ago
but Why??
Brandan Huerta
'Brandan Huerta' 1 month ago
Someone explain to me how he can do this and get. Bit
Adrian Marcus
'Adrian Marcus' 1 month ago
like a boss
'JoeyBadAzz' 1 month ago
who gives a shit if he's smacking them. Fucking cry babies. y'all need to get smacked. them cobras don't give a fuck about y'all
Infernal Fade
'Infernal Fade' 1 month ago
Women couldn't do this job
Ashutosh Mishra
'Ashutosh Mishra' 1 month ago
This man literally got balls made of hardened steel.
Pawan Negi
'Pawan Negi' 1 month ago
He gotta balls bigger then my house man ..
Manho Kim
'Manho Kim' 1 month ago
근데 왜 코브라가 위협만하고 물지 못하는 걸까? 아니면 물지 않는 건가?
사육사한테 압도당하는 뭔가가 있는 건지 놀라울 따름...
Levent Bodur
'Levent Bodur' 1 month ago
Haris t
'Haris t' 1 month ago
gary taylor
'gary taylor' 1 month ago
i was wouldve flip the fuck n b mad scared n piss off
'' 1 month ago
jab Nas manushya par chata hai pehle Vivek Mar jata hai
Peter Hunter
'Peter Hunter' 1 month ago
this guy has balls as big as tractor wheels to be in there
'0Taggy0' 1 month ago
I hope that guy was bit
D Mick
'D Mick' 1 month ago
He's not removing their eyes, he's getting rid of dead skin, and they still have teeth, they have to to eat and grasp prey, and they still have their venom glands too, cause this guy is not a surgeon. This guy is just crazy, and he hits the snakes so they fear him. Reptiles don't have emotions. FEAR is INSTINCT not emotion
Ken Api
'Ken Api' 1 month ago
black magic. dont try this at home.
shilpa vaishnav
'shilpa vaishnav' 1 month ago
This fucker to be send behind the bars n do the same thing with him the way he doing it with the snakes ... O god hitting animals is like hitting a small child... Plz god help those snakes..
Mr Donker
'Mr Donker' 1 month ago
Not only do they remove all the teeth on these snakes, most of the snakes in this pit are fucking DEAD, this is ridiculous.
th3dark pr1nc3
'th3dark pr1nc3' 1 month ago
wtf why dont they bite him
EL578- DBGT546
'EL578- DBGT546' 1 month ago
Mais il est fou ce monsieur, il faut le soigner.
'sshaxy' 1 month ago
this IS the fucking snake show
Tristan Billings
'Tristan Billings' 1 month ago
This mans balls must be made of steel.
'SONIA FERNANDES' 1 month ago
I wish all cobra bite you and you die bldy fucker.
Kumar Raj
'Kumar Raj' 1 month ago
Thatmachineguy 04
'Thatmachineguy 04' 1 month ago
Sorry to be you (stupid idiots) but there's no reason you should be slapping them and throwing them for no reason
Lue SkyWalker
'Lue SkyWalker' 1 month ago
wtf hoe did this dude not dye in front of us
alekhya naidu
'alekhya naidu' 1 month ago
Scott Vines
'Scott Vines' 2 months ago
He looks like he's looking for his matching socks.
Michelle _
'Michelle _' 2 months ago
Bharat Yadav
'Bharat Yadav' 2 months ago
mast movie
'WaddaH' 2 months ago
Randy Sanz
'Randy Sanz' 2 months ago
if I ever encounter a cobra in the wild I would just smack the duck out of it like the guy did 😂😂
Nishath Begum
'Nishath Begum' 2 months ago
oh my God
jeneveave fagan
'jeneveave fagan' 2 months ago
he is good
soy luna fans12
'soy luna fans12' 2 months ago
en el minuto2:14. el señor le peja a la cobra
Coconut Hossen
'Coconut Hossen' 2 months ago
Do they have fangs or they cut off? But whatever I still don't want to go near this creatures.
tameem mhdtameem
'tameem mhdtameem' 2 months ago
he was like "hey bitch, get off my way" 😂
Pushkar Kumar
'Pushkar Kumar' 2 months ago
brave man
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