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Man Selecting Cobras For Snake Show -
Published: 5 years ago By: FunKickAss

By: FunKickAssPublished: 5 years ago

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A crazy guy known as Cobra Man has 1000 Cobras as pets and for every show he selects a new Cobra.
Visit for more details.

Gedhang Kluthuk
'Gedhang Kluthuk' 3 days ago
skylar baker
'skylar baker' 4 days ago
Why is he slapping them
skylar baker
'skylar baker' 4 days ago
These poor snakes
skylar baker
'skylar baker' 4 days ago
Wanna kill this guy fro treating animals like this!! Why are they kept in a place like this!!!! Leave them alone! Don't throw them around!!
Carlos Martinez
'Carlos Martinez' 6 days ago
Pinche loco O.o
xx_ The best in the earth
في احد عربي
Mahmut Kurnaz
'Mahmut Kurnaz' 1 week ago
Bu adamlar neden bu kadar rahat
'N8IVE PRIDE406' 1 week ago
I love how when he walks through he just grabs them and throws them lol sorry I and to throw that out
helson carmona
'helson carmona' 1 week ago
'Nikki' 1 week ago
Man you guys in the comment section are fucked up in the brain.
itsme Arisa
'itsme Arisa' 1 week ago
what a legend 🐍
Arcy music
'Arcy music' 1 week ago
but he has no respect for snakes 😟😟
Alisha Patterson
'Alisha Patterson' 2 weeks ago
poor snakes😖
Storm Troopah
'Storm Troopah' 2 weeks ago
Guy slaps cobra at 2:16
'Natalia' 2 weeks ago
When he smacked the snake...
I can't lie. I laughed my ass off. I mean, wtf? xD Still wish he had more respect for these animals but if he did he wouldn't be doing this in the first place.
lerooy akbar
'lerooy akbar' 2 weeks ago
This guy is a savage💯
Prima Novita
'Prima Novita' 2 weeks ago
yg bisa nglakuin kayak gitu mah. cmk pawang ular. kalok kita yg pegang ular mah. bisa2 langsung di patok sama si ular cobra
Prima Novita
'Prima Novita' 2 weeks ago
haduuuuhhhh seraaaammmm
'Loganplayz' 2 weeks ago
2:15 sorry lol
'Loganplayz' 2 weeks ago
Funny part is at 4:15 no need to thank me😂
Dwi Miftakhudin
'Dwi Miftakhudin' 2 weeks ago
'GAME KIDS TOP' 2 weeks ago
Wow funny
raleb sunr
'raleb sunr' 2 weeks ago
holy shit
Mal Nick
'Mal Nick' 2 weeks ago
Fuck man!this is extreme snake handling.i wouldn't dare to enter the pit even for a million way shit
Hussnain Ashraf
'Hussnain Ashraf' 3 weeks ago
This guys balls are earth
'Where's My car' 3 weeks ago
Slap the booty like 2:12
'It's AJ' 3 weeks ago
No job could pay me enough to do this
Damar Wiyono
'Damar Wiyono' 3 weeks ago
Ahmed Muhammed
'Ahmed Muhammed' 3 weeks ago
الثعابين خطيرة
Mhagaurivideo Mixinglab
'bluekeet' 3 weeks ago
he is the fooking boss of those cobras
Tunahan BAKİ
'Tunahan BAKİ' 3 weeks ago
2:14 yılan toplayicisi die meslek mi olur mk. mesleğe bak. ne var tıssss mk cocuuu :D
asuna Orca
'asuna Orca' 3 weeks ago
Derrick Mac
'Derrick Mac' 3 weeks ago
He slapped da shit out that 1 snake
Eza Raze
'Eza Raze' 3 weeks ago
ebuset macam di kandang ayam
ziyaur Rahman
'ziyaur Rahman' 4 weeks ago
o nice
Ethan Tokko
'Ethan Tokko' 4 weeks ago
"Hey, what's the new guy's name?"
"Jim, I think."
"Hey Jim, go bite that human."
"Uh, why?"
"It's kinda like a tradition. Every newcomer here has to do it."
Gets slapped
INathan Saint
'INathan Saint' 4 weeks ago
'Fendy1' 4 weeks ago
Like a kid in a lolly shop!
evangelion escaflowne
Haha funny ! But they are all probably super weak from not eating! :) 1000 + mice a week .. most of the snakes just lay lifeless in the corners
Melan Choly
'Melan Choly' 4 weeks ago
the way he throws and smacks them on the ground.... gives me fkin chills
Mapple YT
'Mapple YT' 4 weeks ago
I feel srry for the snakes :(
Jeremy kyles
'Jeremy kyles' 4 weeks ago
can someone send this to jk news?
Makenna Terry
'Makenna Terry' 4 weeks ago
They are testing the snakes temperament
'MusicMitchy' 4 weeks ago
horrible abuse.. so sad.. one day one will get his ass
Young Yasin Prodigy Perry
This guy doesn't wanna live
Harambe Is bae
'Harambe Is bae' 4 weeks ago
This guy is a complete badass, I mean shit I wouldn't even touch a garden snake
InkDropFalls I.D.F
'InkDropFalls I.D.F' 1 month ago
I want see them been Fed ....what do they do throw in bag of rats and watch the rampage
...or what ?
Gilbert Mana
'Gilbert Mana' 1 month ago
Dude is going though these snakes like going through laundry trying to match socks. I wonder how much he gets paid.
Alan Chen
'Alan Chen' 1 month ago
2:14 for bitchslap
Black Shark
'Black Shark' 1 month ago
0:01-2:13 trainer:potato 1,potato 2,potato 3,potato 4...
2:14          trainer:SHUT UP!(slaps potato 13)
3:27          trainer:hey you seemed to be a nice one...come here(picks up potato 13)
                  potato 13: ._.
Comet Ghost
'Comet Ghost' 1 month ago
One wrong move and he's superultramega dead. I don't like how he is just throwing them around >:-( show some damn respect for these wonderful snakes.
'FRANK 13' 1 month ago
He had a bowl of nails for breakfast....with NO milk
'xFINISHxHIMx' 1 month ago
dude has balls of steel
'lifelesskids' 1 month ago
why scared on these animals? piece of shit. you scared, the snake will bite you.
'Platerpus7' 1 month ago
Crazy fucking bastard
King Hadu
'King Hadu' 1 month ago
I am sure this man is made of concrete.
Kyle Teeter
'Kyle Teeter' 1 month ago
I'm pretty sure it's colder in that snake pit which slows them down, and I think when regret get thrown like that and hit the ground or slapped, it stuns them some. But, relative to other snakes, cobrashave a very slow strike. Unlike a rattle snake, these guys would be fucking dead.
Enrique Betancourt
'Enrique Betancourt' 1 month ago
damn he smacked cobra like nothing LMAO
Being Mr.G
'Being Mr.G' 1 month ago
you do that in india you will be put behind bars forever under .
'euniceerica' 1 month ago
2:14 smack dat bish
'WH Y' 1 month ago
2:12 Cobra: C'MERE *Bites
2:14 Man: Meh *beats
Zildjian David
'Zildjian David' 1 month ago
Zildjian David
'Zildjian David' 1 month ago
applause to this man
King cobra COBRA
Be more getel with the cobras
Mukesh Sutrakare
'Mukesh Sutrakare' 1 month ago
İbrahim Zengin
'İbrahim Zengin' 1 month ago
Bu ne cesarettir yarabbi
Andre Corominas
'Andre Corominas' 1 month ago
But how could he be like that ?😦
'AllenTV' 1 month ago
Balls so heavy it could bring the entire pit underneath the ground
Business man
'Business man' 1 month ago
Theres more snakes in Chicago
'신기한별' 1 month ago
나한국인 인데 넘나 불쌍한것. ....
Kincső nagyon jó imádom Maller
'Mesa' 1 month ago
how it is possible
Penta Penguin
'Penta Penguin' 2 months ago
kaika ku
'kaika ku' 2 months ago
I dind't know animal abuse videos were allowed on youtube... smh
Sorry to break it that way but that man is a piece of shit. Hope he gets bitten in the nuts indeed.
MR. EveryThing
'MR. EveryThing' 2 months ago
Hope he gets bit next time.
Marie Fabicon
'Marie Fabicon' 2 months ago
d 5ee
Pawan kumar
'Pawan kumar' 2 months ago
no manner and respect for creatures....disgusting
elim ayagim uyustu yemin ederim
cut the BS
'cut the BS' 2 months ago
poor snakes...
Rajkumar Chiliveri
'Rajkumar Chiliveri' 2 months ago
This video his to excellent
พงษ์สิทธิ์ บิดขุนทด
สุดยอดลวกเพี่ย ผมแค่เห็นงูเลื้อยไกลๆก้อจะเป็นลมแล้ว
alan m
'alan m' 2 months ago
holy fuckballs that guy is sorting through those cobras like it aint shit like a toddler finding his favorite toy in a toybox just tossing those bitches around.
Santiago Gamer
'Santiago Gamer' 2 months ago
Balls of titanium-tungsten alloy
ruban chakaravarthy
'ruban chakaravarthy' 2 months ago
omg! this guy is an legend.
Michael Zuzock
'Michael Zuzock' 2 months ago
this guy is quite cruel and I bet all snakes have been defanged which is why he has no fear cause they can't bite him
mallipudi vinod kumar
really god of snakes don't they bite him dint they have venom teeth's is he picked out their teeths
Genevieve Estal
'Genevieve Estal' 2 months ago
cobras should be left on there natural habitat..cobras in ths video no longer bites coz thr fangs are removed decreasing dr lifespan..poor cobras... dr venom disappears which is essential for dr survival persons nvolvd n ds kind of actvity should be jailed
Cleveland brown Jr.
'Cleveland brown Jr.' 2 months ago
Fuck this shit I'll never enter these pits full of dangerous snakes.
Marg Milne
'Marg Milne' 2 months ago
how do they defang them??
Thanveer Amna
'Thanveer Amna' 2 months ago
e video vava sureshinu kanichu kodukkanam
'monkeythe1st' 2 months ago
How the fuck does he walk with them iron balls of his?
-Ezil -
'-Ezil -' 2 months ago
Im scarry of wathong this
'MED MOUNIR' 2 months ago
brother cood shopping
'ZeGlex' 2 months ago
"Man Abusing snakes for fucking shit show
and you don't just use animals just for entertainment you fucking abusers
'me57431' 2 months ago
Good thing he defanged them when they were small.
たん たん
'たん たん' 2 months ago
michael sabella
'michael sabella' 2 months ago
this guy is an abusive moron he doesnt need to treat these snakes that way. i suspect hes already dead though from a snake bite. the other morons areclaughing nothing funny about this
Andrew Viescas
'Andrew Viescas' 2 months ago
this dude is more pro than these idiots in snake venom research labs
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