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Honest Trailers - The Princess Bride -
Published: 2 months ago By: Screen Junkies

By: Screen JunkiesPublished: 2 months ago

2, 721, 183 views

56, 386 Likes   694 Dislikes

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Prepare yourself for the classic action-romance-comedy-drama kids movie for adults. As you wish...The Princess Bride!

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Fan Appreciation Month Honest Trailers, we hope you enjoy this month's extra special Honest Trailers!

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey:
Title design by Robert Holtby
Series Created by Andy Signore - & Brett Weiner
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell & Andy Signore
Edited by TJ Nordaker & Bruce Guido

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JaNel VanDenBerghe
'JaNel VanDenBerghe' 5 hours ago
this movie is amazing!!!
for my dad...
'for my dad...' 1 day ago
TTThe PPPPrinceeess Brideeee hd moviee hereee =>
'jazzyfizzle' 1 day ago
Did screen junkies do Harry Potter?
wild child
'wild child' 2 days ago
I actually did see this in theaters! a few years ago they were showing it again!
'FuzzyWuzaCat' 2 days ago
I literally said "My name is indigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die." while he said it in the video.
Suzie Salinas
'Suzie Salinas' 3 days ago
I did see this in the theater. And when it went to the dollar theater, I saw it 5 more times.
Tad Strange
'Tad Strange' 4 days ago
"Pirate's Booty"

Jesus Bueno
'Jesus Bueno' 5 days ago
Am I the only one who hears Oberyn from Game of Thrones and Diego Montoya of this movie sounds alike with their "I'm.... and you kill my.... prepare to die" line?
'ThePhlindley' 6 days ago
That Peter Fawkes impression was awesome!
Eazy E
'Eazy E' 6 days ago
I love music of this movie
Paul Garci
'Paul Garci' 6 days ago
Princess Bride... book to film to book inception before inception...
ava gavrilides
'ava gavrilides' 7 days ago
Do Percy Jackson
Cheeky Monkey
'Cheeky Monkey' 1 week ago
i lit just watched this movie omg lol
michael palmer
'michael palmer' 1 week ago
have you done the labyrinth yet?
Joshua Bunting
'Joshua Bunting' 1 week ago
Small wonder
Peru Paul
'Peru Paul' 1 week ago
turn on subtitles at 3:10
Raymond Bunten
'Raymond Bunten' 1 week ago
I was raised super religious, and never got exposed to the movie. Then we read the book in 9th grade English. The book is the movie turned up to eleven, with a lot of critique of the fake author by the real author.
Luckygirl 99
'Luckygirl 99' 1 week ago
Sooooo truuueee!!!!
Von Hart
'Von Hart' 1 week ago
this is my favorite movie of all time! So I was scared to watch this honest trailer I thought he would ruin it for me but he did not XD
'wcdeich4' 1 week ago
Here's a nitpick: The "Dread Pirate Roberts" never leaves prisoners alive - including after Westley took over the role of Dread Pirate Roberts. That means Westley is kind of a mass murder now. Even if he never killed anyone himself, the captain is responsible for the deeds of his men when he sends them into battle.
Aluora Ren
'Aluora Ren' 1 week ago
1:57 I just flipping lost it!🤣
Random Sandwich
'Random Sandwich' 1 week ago
This is the best movie
Susana M.
'Susana M.' 1 week ago
LOL you could have just called him "Finger Eleven"... it was right there!
William Wardlaw
'William Wardlaw' 1 week ago
The "fingers go to eleven" reference to Spinal Tap for Christopher Guest is my favorite joke you've ever made.
ss. akuuu
'ss. akuuu' 1 week ago
Honest trailer: The room

Your welcome
Jonathan Mendez
'Jonathan Mendez' 1 week ago
do ted 2
Simona Rs
'Simona Rs' 1 week ago
What the hell is going on at 3:00?
kabar lamar
'kabar lamar' 2 weeks ago
John Harrison
'John Harrison' 2 weeks ago
I watched it as a kid & our local theater had an 80's flashback promo in October, so my wife & I went to see it again.
Raashi Raghunath
'Raashi Raghunath' 2 weeks ago
doubledork crawford
'doubledork crawford' 2 weeks ago
I usually just chuckle at these but this one made me laugh out loud!
Zelda Henson
'Zelda Henson' 2 weeks ago
I was terrified you would tear this movie down (somehow... because how do you even tear this movie down unless you're a heartless bastard?) I was so happy when you didn't and just admitted how awesome it is. XD
ryan barker
'ryan barker' 2 weeks ago
i saw it in the theatres, so i guess i'm one of the rare ones, lol. i used to see tons of movies in the theatres, but back then they didn't cost fifty bucks for two people and some popcorn.
• Skeletøn With A Pen •
I just found out the princess is the mom in Supernatural.
Imitation Infinity
'Imitation Infinity' 2 weeks ago
Kawaii Beagle
'Kawaii Beagle' 2 weeks ago
''I rented 'The Princess Bride'''
''What can I say, I'm a sucker for a happy ending.''
'Sullyvan' 2 weeks ago
TBH this movie confused the hell out of me...
'MrElionor' 2 weeks ago
Lol so every month isn't fan appreciation month? Also if awesome fans only get the number 4 request what the hell do you have to be to get the number 1?
'FABRIZIO LUCENA' 2 weeks ago
Alana Tempest-Mitchell
Just do something with Ewan McGregor other than Star Wars
Alana Tempest-Mitchell
Please do Trainspotting!
Alana Tempest-Mitchell
Puny Pixel Privateer
As you wish.
Alex Macnab-Stark
'Alex Macnab-Stark' 2 weeks ago
I love this movie so much.
Wes 1318
'Wes 1318' 2 weeks ago
Hey my name is Wesley!
Elliana Naegelen
'Elliana Naegelen' 2 weeks ago
How about "The Flash!??"
Evelyn Auger
'Evelyn Auger' 2 weeks ago
for the next vid plz say mrs pooooooooooooooooooopXD lol plz :3
Adelita Phoenix
'Adelita Phoenix' 2 weeks ago
Never go in against a Sicilian, when DEATH is on the line!!!
Kitty:3 Cat
'Kitty:3 Cat' 2 weeks ago
"Zorro." Me: "Zoro..?" Fangirling intensifies
mi mi
'mi mi' 2 weeks ago
"until things got extra spicy" hahaha
Seawolf AG
'Seawolf AG' 3 weeks ago
Say: "You can't fight the Homestuck"
Gabi Garzon
'Gabi Garzon' 3 weeks ago
Clare Hudson
'Clare Hudson' 3 weeks ago
Wow, every other honest trailer seems to have 1k dislikes but this has less. Princess Bribe is amazing though
'ukholdaway' 3 weeks ago
This is the first movie I remember seeing in a movie theater
Wild Satyr
'Wild Satyr' 3 weeks ago
train spotting
SpyMan Gaiming
'SpyMan Gaiming' 3 weeks ago
Jazzy Bree
'Jazzy Bree' 3 weeks ago
Have you ever done The Neverending Story? You totally should.
Kyle Davis
'Kyle Davis' 3 weeks ago
The video drew me in; the "All in the Family" reference at the start kept me in.
briana mendoza
'briana mendoza' 3 weeks ago
do the outsider next do it for johny
Beth Liotta
'Beth Liotta' 3 weeks ago
what's the music?
Kara Goldsmith
'Kara Goldsmith' 3 weeks ago
Please please please do the pretty little liars series
Isaac Swiftlink
'Isaac Swiftlink' 3 weeks ago
Pat Kit
'Pat Kit' 3 weeks ago
Please say "J rak nong noi gam glom ying kwa jak kra warn lan loak"
Madame Reader
'Madame Reader' 3 weeks ago
That movie sucked big time. I am girl and like romantic fantasy things, but that was really stupid
Mezza Tazza
'Mezza Tazza' 4 weeks ago
Gingicraft the blobfish panda
Wesley looks like pewdipie to me
'jadagirl69' 4 weeks ago
Can quote almost every line... :D
Kaitlin Ski
'Kaitlin Ski' 4 weeks ago
this is still my favorite movie 😍😍
'Dwimerytguy' 4 weeks ago
Never heard about this movie oO
Deede Chi
'Deede Chi' 4 weeks ago
Had to watch the movie after seeing this, too good to pass up.
'jayblade2000' 4 weeks ago
God, I love this movie!
Aneta Mladenovska
'Aneta Mladenovska' 4 weeks ago
"Cheesy music" oh, he hasn't seen Eurovision song contest. 😲
'Ashley1epic' 1 month ago
Aww. I used to watch this all the time when I was little. Always when I was sick, for whatever reason, and it was VHS of course.

Ahh memories.
'Puski' 1 month ago
I swear this is the last Honest Trailer I'm watching tonight.
'cdrocker12' 1 month ago
Is that Andre the Giant?!!!
Zoe Sarr
'Zoe Sarr' 1 month ago
"That kicks off a boys puberty."
Me: I'm dying 😂😂😂😂
Matthew Brulla
'Matthew Brulla' 1 month ago
Don't care...the best joke of this whole thing was the Christopher Guest joke. Genius...absolute genius.
'Psiberzerker' 1 month ago
Talking is a free action.
'pacman81' 1 month ago
Greatest Story Ever Told
dylan cassidy
'dylan cassidy' 1 month ago
this is legit my child hood
Mega MountainMan
'Mega MountainMan' 1 month ago
You made fun of Princess Bride!?! INCONCEIVABLE!!!!
Tiana H.
'Tiana H.' 1 month ago
did no one realize the enimen reference....
'CA L' 1 month ago
the part where she tells him to shine her saddle until she can see her reflection... Why the hell would you want your saddle shined like that, it's going to be so incredibly slippery wtf stupid
echoes two
'echoes two' 1 month ago
rip andre the giant
'MogarPrime17' 1 month ago
His Peter Falk impression was freaking glorious.
M. gReY
'M. gReY' 1 month ago
Have fun storming the trailer!!!!
Rebecca Noble
'Rebecca Noble' 1 month ago
'ThePCguy17' 1 month ago
This movie was shown in my middle school.
I had to deal with middle schoolers quoting this movie incessantly.
You know the embarrassing part?
I thought they were funny, way back then...
Justine Aussant
'Justine Aussant' 1 month ago
pleaaaaase can you do pride and prejudice :)
'365JOSHUAA' 1 month ago
La La Land
cupcake 055
'cupcake 055' 1 month ago
Me Before You
'acegamer75' 1 month ago
I finally got the Big Bang Theory joke, because of this 😂😂
Mark Lane271
'Mark Lane271' 1 month ago
A movie about a made-up book that's based on a real book that's based on a made-up book
Plug R
'Plug R' 1 month ago
He should do Kung Fu Panda
Nadia Bhatti
'Nadia Bhatti' 1 month ago
What was that diss towards Shrek at the end? Shrek is a great movie
Kevin Gillihan
'Kevin Gillihan' 1 month ago
'mmiles' 1 month ago
Do close encounters!!!!!!!!
Sarcastichuman Beingsarcastic
Please do Robin Hood Men in Tights Honest Trailer
'jokesxnme' 1 month ago
??? I have never even heard of this movie
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