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Dad Reacts to Steelers vs Dolphins 2017 Wildcard Game -
Published: 1 month ago By: Pittsburgh Dad

By: Pittsburgh DadPublished: 1 month ago

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Dad watches the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Miami Dolphins.
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nino matokovich
'nino matokovich' 4 weeks ago
I cant wait to see  video of loss to patriots to help cheer me up
'Aly' 4 weeks ago
I went to school a half hour from Pittsburgh, miss it so much, the joke about the deer meat and the Blessed Mother in the backyard was spot on😅
Family Video omg😂
'mrath' 4 weeks ago
I'm disappointed that he didn't mention one thing about Miami playing in 17 degree temperatures
Dan Mateer
'Dan Mateer' 1 month ago
Yinzer Dad you had so many opportunities for Ace Ventura jokes here.
Ben Santiago
'Ben Santiago' 1 month ago
it's funny my DeLonghi Space heater is one of my best friends in house and I HATE turning it on! kills electric bill
'Sluntrox' 1 month ago
A Mama's Family and Rock N Jock reference in back to back weeks? Well played.

Also you turned out to be a prophet on getting the starters out of there early.
Katrinka Snider
'Katrinka Snider' 1 month ago
"Wendy's Frosty card" lol
Dale Hyland
'Dale Hyland' 1 month ago
What his deal with the lion king? Not the first time he's brought it up
Outdoorswith adam
'Outdoorswith adam' 1 month ago
Pittsburgh dad needs to play Madden Mobile
natalie wermeyer
'natalie wermeyer' 1 month ago
You don't put beer or pop outside when it's that cold. It'll explode. That's what the garage is for.
Double J
'Double J' 1 month ago
Steelers nation
'mychemicalero100' 1 month ago
I love his fucking videos, coming from a Browns fan
Julio Dos Santoes
'Julio Dos Santoes' 1 month ago
I grew up in the 70´s in Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh dad is truly a Die-hard Steelers Fan
who absolutly radiates Love for the Black ´n Gold!!! I just love his videos!
Bree Loder
'Bree Loder' 1 month ago
I have to show my Dad this. Can you believe he got his first tattoo at 42??? 😂 Steelers logo. This was a few years ago.
Hannah Murray
'Hannah Murray' 1 month ago
Really thought they were gonna talk about the fact that Ben got hurt at the end
'Patrick' 1 month ago
I wonder what your reaction will be when your team loses to the Chiefs Sunday ;)
'PiecesofVinyl' 1 month ago
Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing when it was 30-6 to pull the starters. What the hell was Tomlin and the rest thinking? Actually, they weren't.
'jt20042' 1 month ago
Run the clock out! lol!
Michael O
'Michael O'Connell' 1 month ago
OMG "all we need to do is get to that chalk outline of Matt Moore and we win"
abraham ruelas
'abraham ruelas' 1 month ago
here We go
'PIMP UR BISH' 1 month ago
Pats will rape the Steelers
Western Pa Anglers
'Western Pa Anglers' 1 month ago
go steelers
Ian Hughes
'Ian Hughes' 1 month ago
This Is My Boomstick
You are a true American hero. Steeler nation baby!
Mike McMullen
'Mike McMullen' 1 month ago
wow he gets better everytime!
Mike Torrez
'Mike Torrez' 1 month ago
your hilarious, I'm a steelers fan. and I'm waiting ever week for your videos
Robert Hiles
'Robert Hiles' 1 month ago
Where can I get a Matt Moore Bobblehead?
'Twobit_hit' 1 month ago
I graduated with a Matt Moore. Still lives right up the street from me.
'MrPerfesser' 1 month ago
Matt Moore Bobblehead Day. Priceless.
Johnny Loose
'Johnny Loose' 1 month ago
"Well then, how's come he's giving the next play, to, to Steely McBeam?" LMAO
'jeckle78' 1 month ago
Dad roast Bama
Swag Bulldog
'Swag Bulldog' 1 month ago
Did Dupree pull a burfict? Lmao
'digitalcaveman' 1 month ago
LOL fantastic!
Brandon G
'Brandon G' 1 month ago
And the Frosty tag at Wendy's. You can use them all year!
Matthew Kitson
'Matthew Kitson' 1 month ago
Loved the Overboard reference
'DethwishPlays...' 1 month ago
where'd yinz get the Jim Miller Jersey?! hahaha
'chachiangelo' 1 month ago
The Overboard reference was side-splittingly hilarious.
Dave Barnes
'Dave Barnes' 1 month ago
where's the starter figurine that's always on the wall?
jose ramos
'jose ramos' 1 month ago
Is that a C. Batch Jersey? that a boy
Christy Bruce
'Christy Bruce' 1 month ago
You crack me up!!😂😂
Was blessed to be there!
Alex Brown
'Alex Brown' 1 month ago
3....2....1..... win!
'cco127' 1 month ago
Pittsburgh dad has become a weekly staple in my home here in Kansas City! LETS GO PITTSBURGH, make kansas city feel the steel!!!!!!!!
Zoe Mae
'Zoe Mae' 1 month ago
#herewego 💪🏻
Brian Parrish
'Brian Parrish' 1 month ago
Where can I get me one of dem Matt Moore Bobbleheads???
djteddy bear
'djteddy bear' 1 month ago
Pat Price
'Pat Price' 1 month ago
Haha Matt Moore bobblehead day
Josiah Merola
'Josiah Merola' 1 month ago
1:53 Can someone explain the Kurt Russell joke? I don't get it.
Jill Wayland
'Jill Wayland' 1 month ago
Doesn't everyone personally know a Matt Moore? LOL
Amy Bondi
'Amy Bondi' 1 month ago
Not his best stuff.
Jacob Chapman
'Jacob Chapman' 1 month ago
Let's go steelers let's go
'ZJ YOUNG' 1 month ago
Go Steelers! Great Video!
'ggaccentc' 1 month ago
Jay Ajagi xDD
Paul Sherlin
'Paul Sherlin' 1 month ago
Were almost in field goal range, all we have to do is get down to that chalk outline of Matt Moore. LOL BRUTAL!!!!
ItsMe Cat
'ItsMe Cat' 1 month ago
Go steelers
Joku Sekou
'Joku Sekou' 1 month ago
'johnriddell71' 1 month ago
'mkiss73' 1 month ago
I didn't get the Kurt Russell reference...can someone fill me in?
Luke Smith
'Luke Smith' 1 month ago
"When I heard The Rescuers Down Under was goin in the vault, I left church" LOL thats gold
'Mrtraveler01' 1 month ago
Lol...that picture of Cowher.
Caleb Twombly
'Caleb Twombly' 1 month ago
Pittsburgh Dad reminds me of my grandpa so freakin' much, it's amazing. Seriously, seeing the new Pittsburgh Dad video is the second best thing of my week, right behind a Pittsburgh win.

You guys are a goddamned national treasure!!
'Taylor' 1 month ago
put the flag at half staff for Matt Moore lololol
The Darien Lux
'The Darien Lux' 1 month ago
I was waiting for a "Donkey Kong Suh" reference.
Ram Stones
'Ram Stones' 1 month ago
Three more to go
'AJAX THA REALEST' 1 month ago
when Tomlin retires I vote Steelers dad head coach! who's with me?!?
'MIGHTY MICD13' 1 month ago
the deer hanging from the swing set hit close to home
Jesse Daugherty
'Jesse Daugherty' 1 month ago
Pittsburg life. Let's bring out all the bandwagon fans.
Noice Vibez
'Noice Vibez' 1 month ago
Reply to me!!
Kermit The frog
'Kermit The frog' 1 month ago
Love your vids these if literally how is at our house every game and he is one of the most funny people I seen
jmoney 99018
'jmoney 99018' 1 month ago
the nfl is scripted , steelers will beat kansas city so steelers can face pats in afc championship
'AdrienneAce2' 1 month ago
I guess Primanti Bros. can put fish back on the menu today.
Darius Norris
'Darius Norris' 1 month ago
man I am a die hard ravens fan, but this guy is hilarious lol I just had to subscribe!!
The super Ostrich
'The super Ostrich' 1 month ago
You are the funniest , coming from a colts fan
neil mckillop
'neil mckillop' 1 month ago
go Stillers
Cj Smith
'Cj Smith' 1 month ago
please let this series go to the superbowl!
Christine Phillips
'Christine Phillips' 1 month ago
Ha Ha I like Pittsburgh Dad & his Vides He is Funny I am Happy that the Steelers won Go Steelers!
Roller Rink & The Monster Magnets
Two thumbs up for the dan Cortez reference!
Ryan Blanche
'Ryan Blanche' 1 month ago
Love that Disney part. lol.
Ross Ferraro
'Ross Ferraro' 1 month ago
I bet that Sudden Death poster is really cool!
'StinkzMehaff' 1 month ago
The absolute best one yet!
'VB' 1 month ago
rose stevens
'rose stevens' 1 month ago
I love the "ball boy reddin up the sidelines". I still say reddin up.
'SteelCity1981' 1 month ago
yay you brought the ''3, 2, 1 win back.''
Tommy Shields
'Tommy Shields' 1 month ago
I was reading a book about Pittsburgh the other day, and I came across a great word that said that people who love the Burgh are very Pittritotic.
Hi_Klass KicksHawaii
Since my Giants lost yesterday 😥😥😡😡 and my father in law loves the steelers and I love Pittsburgh dad videos I guess I can pull for the steelers to win it all 😂😂
robert scott
'robert scott' 1 month ago
polar opposite of cool. psychotic imagine being around this creature. Patriots  fan
Outdoorswith adam
'Outdoorswith adam' 1 month ago
We had our deer meat outside yesterday! Outdoor "refrigerator"!
'bender1958' 1 month ago
What? No Flipper jokes?
'Monmisfit' 1 month ago
How much was left out during editing? Seriously, Yinz could put up 15min and I'd just love every line. Keep it up Chris and Kurt 👍🏼👍🏼
Angel Cortez
'Angel Cortez' 1 month ago
Hope even if the Steelers lose he comments on the other games... It would be epic...
'ZepG' 1 month ago
It must have been Good Friday because I just witnessed a good old fashioned fish fry!
'Nick' 1 month ago
I love your vids, and this is coming from a phins fan!
Tony H
'Tony H' 1 month ago
You're not a true yinzer if you dont put your pop and beer outside in the cold!
Beef Jerkingz
'Beef Jerkingz' 1 month ago
Let's go Patriots!
'JOSE 74' 1 month ago
orel moses
'orel moses' 1 month ago
Loved the game though hope the Steelers beat the chiefs
Dan Agin
'Dan Agin' 1 month ago
This was a good one haha.
Jarrett Rathke
'Jarrett Rathke' 1 month ago
You should do a live stream for the Chiefs game.
James Jenkins
'James Jenkins' 1 month ago
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