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TI, Vic Mensa, Andra Day, Bethany Cosentino - Why I Vote Live: 2016 Election Special -
Published: 6 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 6 months ago

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Music video by T.I., Vic Mensa, Andra Day, Bethany Cosentino performing Why I Vote Live: 2016 Election Special. 2016

'kodafynest' 5 months ago
vic mensa is so beautiful
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'rg gr' 5 months ago
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'ff rtr' 5 months ago
yuy tyt
'yuy tyt' 5 months ago
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'grh dff' 5 months ago
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'hfgd fbg' 5 months ago
ytry etet
'ytry etet' 5 months ago
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'rgre rre' 5 months ago
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'yy ht' 5 months ago
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'rre rgtr' 5 months ago
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'hhf ffd' 5 months ago
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'htht grgr' 5 months ago
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'hfgfd grg' 5 months ago
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'fghdfgsd vdfg' 5 months ago
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'ghghf grhhgf' 5 months ago
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'hgjgfj vbg' 5 months ago
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'fdgfh fgfd' 5 months ago
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'gfg grfg' 5 months ago
ATom nguyen
'ATom nguyen' 5 months ago
Jozeray Malik
'Jozeray Malik' 6 months ago
amaizing group of people.
hh hgh
'hh hgh' 6 months ago
'Cain' 6 months ago
I think it’s unfair that the only person who’s interested in what’s going on in the classroom is the teacher. They went to college and learned theses things for the sole reason to teach it. It’s not like we’re going to apply this material to our daily lives in adulthood. We don’t even give it a second’s thought when we leave the classroom itself. I think it’s an injustice that we are legally bound to give our childhood to the heavily flawed educational system. Were legally bound to give eight hours of hour day to sitting in a class, being silent, and listening to a teach spew out vanity for forty-five minutes. This forty-five minutes is repeated seven times a day. Would you not go mildly insane from this realization? How did you learn how to buy a house? A car? To live a stable life? Not by the formula for power. Not by Newton’s laws. You didn’t learn how to file a lawsuit with Pythagorean’s theorem. You had to “problem solve” by yourself. School doesn’t teach you how to become an adult, it stalls you before you make a life decision. The average person gives a scripted answer when asked the question, “Why do we go to school?” I’m sure you know the answer to this question, right?

“To grow up and be successful.”

“To have a good job.”

To what avail is it, that we learn useless material that someone else came up with, just to get a piece of paper called a “diploma”? to what avail is it that people with Master’s Degrees have no use for them? To what avail? To what avail is it that once w leave high school, we get a job we most likely despise, then after years of service retire from, and afterwards then die? To what avail is this?

Your creativity, your dream, your innermost heart’s desire is slowly murdered every year of your participation in the school system. Why? Why is this reality that we all blindly comply to? Where are the innovators? The world changers? The next Martin Luther King Jr. is sitting in a classroom right now, learning about an apple falling on Sir Isaac Newton’s head. His drive to change the world is being strangled by the boredom he feels, sitting in that hard chair, silently listening to the teacher go on about the useless laws of inertia. He will go on to graduate and work at a job that will never move his heart like changing the world would, and then he’d retire. Afterward he’d die, and his life would have been vain in his own eyes. Why?

We all know that the school system is significantly flawed, yet my parent’s faith is rooted and grounded in it! They truly believe that this prison will teach me how to become a man, and make adult decisions. We are trapped here, yes, we are trapped in the confines of this giant prison. Not just physically! We are prohibited from speaking our minds, so we’ve no other choice but to keep our heart’s words in a cell, where they will remain for the remainder of our lives. Their existence is forgotten because we are told to “be quiet, and do your work” for the final time in twelve long years of compliance to the wrong powers. To what help or benefit, is this?

Creativity, and individuality should be inspired in the classroom. Reality is the polar opposite.
Skye Blues
'Skye Blues' 6 months ago
12 Mil subs, and no one wants to watch your attempt at swaying votes!! Get a clue! Unsubbed!
fhd jj
'fhd jj' 6 months ago
Kay Kay
'Kay Kay' 6 months ago
you're all fucking morons. especially TI twat
pedro orteniz baseo
'pedro orteniz baseo' 6 months ago
esto va para los de vevo ya que Justin se esta quedando como una mierda metan a derek beber como cantante
fg gf
'fg gf' 6 months ago
I Am Wolf
'I Am Wolf' 6 months ago
Vic mensa is definitely hiding in the closet, there's no way a straight guy would want to dress gay.
LilXza J
'LilXza J' 6 months ago
Any Problems Number is 866-OUR-VOTE (687-8683) Bring Friends & Family Your Vote Does Really Count You Can Change The Country For The Better Vote Blue 2016 Very Important!!!
'nashley428' 6 months ago
Correct me if I am wrong but didn't t.i go to prison over gun charges? And if so then how does he have any voting ability? It is all a sham! Open your eyes.
Tacita Morgan
'Tacita Morgan' 6 months ago
lucax _dmd
'lucax _dmd' 6 months ago
channel with 12 million subscribers and 700 display :o
Kay Kay
'Kay Kay' 6 months ago
make your music and don't try to influence my vote. fuck ALL of hollywood
'ThiagoRodrigues' 6 months ago
asna aktepe
'asna aktepe' 6 months ago
which is country
asna aktepe
'asna aktepe' 6 months ago
which is country
Kid Effects
'Kid Effects' 6 months ago
dafuk is this
Ethan Castro
'Ethan Castro' 6 months ago
Sup guys
Wiz Khalifa
'Wiz Khalifa' 6 months ago
Vote Trump
Aliecer Martinez
'Aliecer Martinez' 6 months ago
Steven woznicki
'Steven woznicki' 6 months ago
just made a vlog plzz check it out im new
moitheen kabeeb
'moitheen kabeeb' 6 months ago
Hashtag not first
luis garcia
'luis garcia' 6 months ago
que es esto? 👉👈
Jerianne Sartorius
'Jerianne Sartorius' 6 months ago
'Oğuzhan' 6 months ago
Türkiye <3 İzmir
Scallison severler galp atsın Türkler galp atsın! Bu arada ilk yorum benden :)
lps chocolate
'lps chocolate' 6 months ago
Niek Sakko
'Niek Sakko' 6 months ago
Demetre Guruli
'Demetre Guruli' 6 months ago
first co...
Jay Z playz
'Jay Z playz' 6 months ago
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