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Prince Fahad bin Faisal Al Saud - Conferenza NATO and the Arab Spring.avi -
Published: 5 years ago By: IAIChannel

By: IAIChannelPublished: 5 years ago

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Discorso "Social Networks and Arab Society" del principe Fahad bin Faisal Al Saud, Chief Executive Officier anf Founder of Da Qingdom, LLC.'

c c
'c c' 2 months ago
cukup KEREN lah.................apalagi bila yang di bahas INTELEKTUAL ILMU PengetAHUAN PENANGGANAN KEMATIAN
Sra S
'Sra S' 2 years ago
You mean Palestine* there's no such thing as "Israel"
Said Iqbal
'Said Iqbal' 3 years ago
Subhanallah...... .
Emi Kimura
'Emi Kimura' 3 years ago
I really like him and the job he does
Machinegun Camel
'Machinegun Camel' 4 years ago
The power of people well bring your family injustice and stealing to the ground
Shahenaz Nasser
'Shahenaz Nasser' 4 years ago
yeah I'm following both of them on instagram and that's how they both act around their close friends it doesn't mean anything and again as long as they didn't say they're dating we shouldn't just assume they are
Kindah Abdulhamid
'Kindah Abdulhamid' 4 years ago
If you check Andreaschoice's instagram account you'll find pictures of them almost making out with hashtags like The truth and The one. I'm just connecting dots!
Shahenaz Nasser
'Shahenaz Nasser' 4 years ago
they never said they were dating they're just friends don't spread rumours
Ghada Saleh
'Ghada Saleh' 4 years ago
he acts, he sings, he's a prince. what doesn't he do?
'Xrrific' 4 years ago
lol what a fucking joke guy, what a bunch of common sense, talk something less obvious
'ahmmsh' 4 years ago
do more acting man!!
Kindah Abdulhamid
'Kindah Abdulhamid' 4 years ago
This guy is @yoloFahad on instagram he's dating @andreaschoice the youtuber and yes he's a Saudi prince
'PcFinal' 4 years ago
hahaha this guy wana be a UAE citizen lol
'TheEljohara' 4 years ago
he looks like dwayne johnson !!!
'gonebabygone101' 5 years ago
omg he is a prince!!!! awkward black girl didnt tell me this
W.S Paul Jackson
'W.S Paul Jackson' 5 years ago
A great actor!
'loaiuk' 5 years ago
cool Mr. fahad
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