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Chase Rice - Ride ft. Macy Maloy -
Published: 2 years ago By: TheChaseRiceVEVO

By: TheChaseRiceVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

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Chase Rice ft. Macy Maloy - Ride

Becca Smith
'Becca Smith' 22 hours ago
This video doesn't even match the song... Yuck!
destiny congrove
'destiny congrove' 2 days ago
I would be scared of Chase when he has a gun
Robin Ruppel
'Robin Ruppel' 2 days ago
I don't believe there are words to describe what this song made my soul feel. damn
Cheyenne H
'Cheyenne H' 2 days ago
my new favorite song!
Jessica Cabral
'Jessica Cabral' 3 days ago
Mr Somo I love it
Natasha Tyler
'Natasha Tyler' 4 days ago
the last part was desisting
ariel roach
'ariel roach' 5 days ago
this is my song is me and my man's song spring break time is coming soon and be and my man are going to jersey Shore new Jersey and we are gonna go back to the old good days like we always have had we always have a good time he's the best thing that has every happend to me he is mine and this some makes me and him who we are today bc one day this will happen I just have so many thoughts running through my head right now just bout fame life kids one day and just everything's been bugging me and I just resently... made a instagram but had to unistall it bc be and my boyfriend were arguing about who get a so many follows and turns out he got more then me what I mean by that is that he got 22 follows and I only got 12 believe it or not and me and him made agreement to stay off of instagram for 1 month
Misty Dobbins
'Misty Dobbins' 5 days ago
love this song Chase Rice keep up the good job 😍😍☺☺
Caleb Z Weaver
'Caleb Z Weaver' 6 days ago
that song is true bout me and my girlfriend
Javier Guerrero
'Javier Guerrero' 6 days ago
This song is Somo's original song.
Emily Urban
'Emily Urban' 1 week ago
Ally 24
'Ally 24' 1 week ago
Skip to 28 seconds to get to the music!
Emily Rawls
'Emily Rawls' 1 week ago
i have seen these 1000000 times and i just noticed SoMo
'RAY BROWN' 1 week ago
Love this song
Hope Sowell
'Hope Sowell' 2 weeks ago
Pretty sure that's an Impala and can't help but imagine Dean 😂
Becca Menge
'Becca Menge' 2 weeks ago
this is a somo song. the dark headed guy in the video. its his song.
William Juarez
'William Juarez' 2 weeks ago
Video makes no sense wtf lmao
steven strickland
'steven strickland' 2 weeks ago
garbage. learn to write your own songs without having to suck off your boyfriend to get permission to use his.
kendrick suits
'kendrick suits' 2 weeks ago
I don't get the video to this
Grace Hagan
'Grace Hagan' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Student: Jake Naar
'Student: Jake Naar' 3 weeks ago
great song but the video didn't really make sense for the song
Matthew Bringard
'Matthew Bringard' 3 weeks ago
'Sakari99med' 3 weeks ago
Seriously, everyone is complaining that the video doesn't make sense when it comes to the song. Who cares? If every video was only about the song lyrics than every video would mostly be people making out and that gets boring after a while. I liked the video, it was a good story in and of itself, and it had a happy ending (no pun intended).
Sierra Gibson
'Sierra Gibson' 3 weeks ago
so whats the story behind the music video?
Kayla Sullivan
'Kayla Sullivan' 3 weeks ago
Love this song!!!
Deborah Clark
'Deborah Clark' 3 weeks ago
I love this song so much he has a voice of an angel he is so handsome and he is so amazing
'March' 3 weeks ago
I'm am so confused. So, is this a cover??
scotty moody
'scotty moody' 3 weeks ago
what happened to country music
Lolo Oconnor
'Lolo Oconnor' 3 weeks ago
I got so surprised when I saw somo
katie villegas
'katie villegas' 3 weeks ago
you a great singer I never heard you dog till todays my friend meet you at fye February 26 2017 and I that that I would look you up her name is Haley gooch
'Mackenziewolf1' 4 weeks ago
I don't understand this video at all, till the end of course
Amber Summer
'Amber Summer' 4 weeks ago
We can go slow....💖💖
Michaela Alcorn
'Michaela Alcorn' 4 weeks ago
what does that piece of paper say?
Gabby Curtis loveless
best song ever!!!! C.P.😘💓
'RAT ROD GARAGE' 1 month ago
Omg I want that dodge charger so bad
Christian Deleon
'Christian Deleon' 1 month ago
I got the same sunglasses
Brittany Laughin
'Brittany Laughin' 1 month ago
love chase rice he's amazing especially his voice. and the songs great. the video is different but it's better to be different then all the same.
'KAYSON BAUCUM' 1 month ago
yes chase rice be the faithful guy and always do the right thing you lucky bastard you are so lucky he is so hot
Megan Gregg
'Megan Gregg' 1 month ago
I swear I'm in love with this song right now!!! 😍😍😍😍
'DEE DEE33' 1 month ago
Who likes this version better?
Nathan Herrmann
'Nathan Herrmann' 1 month ago
somo is better
Candace Montgomery
'Candace Montgomery' 1 month ago
But why ? ..
Bryson Miller
'Bryson Miller' 1 month ago
the best song in the world
Monty Penney
'Monty Penney' 1 month ago
I'm going to ride
Neheava Woolsey
'Neheava Woolsey' 1 month ago
love this song
Blake Shelnutt
'Blake Shelnutt' 2 months ago
I just don't understand he starts at first to try to get the girl with white hair then he backs off and then does it again he needs to make a choice
Lor Kong Vang
'Lor Kong Vang' 2 months ago
soMo - ride is the original song
Blake Shelnutt
'Blake Shelnutt' 2 months ago
Sounds so cool and good👍👍
Blake Shelnutt
'Blake Shelnutt' 2 months ago
I can't stop waching this
Sarabeth McAdams
'Sarabeth McAdams' 2 months ago
so much better than the original ❤💙his voice gives me life
Aurora Michelle
'Aurora Michelle' 2 months ago
this song is sad when your ex boyfriend sings it to you on your birthday then breaks up with you
Kayetlynn Nunley
'Kayetlynn Nunley' 2 months ago
No guy should ever hit a girl ....just saying
rickey maloy
'rickey maloy' 2 months ago
She has my last name lol its very rare
Melissa Druen
'Melissa Druen' 2 months ago
AMAZING song :-) definitely a sex song lmfao! It's so great we named our son Chase
Ashleigh Sanders
'Ashleigh Sanders' 2 months ago
Ooo. It's different than SoMo's. I like it.
Bailee Cheyenne
'Bailee Cheyenne' 2 months ago
somo is in this video 👌
'BamaHomestead' 2 months ago
That's Jana Kramer as his girlfriend.
Brett Johnson
'Brett Johnson' 2 months ago
Great song to bad I had a girl ruin it for me played this song then broke up with me while I'm driving home 😢😢
Savage Nation
'Savage Nation' 2 months ago
the best part 00.00 thro 4.31
mattie preedin
'mattie preedin' 2 months ago
I really just like the chorus
Michelle Tong
'Michelle Tong' 2 months ago
Whoa i feel like the best of two worlds just combined.... Somo and chase rice?!!!!
Bill Davis
'Bill Davis' 2 months ago
Not really in to music like this but this song is amazing
Taylor Cary
'Taylor Cary' 2 months ago
Somo does this song so much better
Kirsty Anderson
'Kirsty Anderson' 2 months ago
K Mcleod
'K Mcleod' 2 months ago
Not the Ride I was looking for :)
Alexa Kelly
'Alexa Kelly' 2 months ago
Is this by chase rice or somo I hope it's by chase rice I love your music
Annie Keo
'Annie Keo' 2 months ago
Wtf. Why. No no no no no.
'MISTY TAYLOR' 2 months ago
Chase Rice killed this song!!! So much better than Somo!!!
James Ross
'James Ross' 2 months ago
Cody W
'Cody W' 2 months ago
All I can think about is the really fake looking money.
Anita Corder
'Anita Corder' 2 months ago
Sexy and dangerous
Cayden Vanmeer
'Cayden Vanmeer' 2 months ago
This song is gay
Savanna Phillips
'Savanna Phillips' 2 months ago
After listening to this song a million times I just realized that Somo is the guy getting the money and beating up the guy this whole time
Adam Evans Evans
'Adam Evans Evans' 2 months ago
danm I god i wish i had it.

that callenger
Leila Hawes
'Leila Hawes' 3 months ago
The fact that Somo is in this video. Makes me go !!! Inside...
Southern Belle
'Southern Belle' 3 months ago
Damn good song. It's a HOT one!!!
Misty Dobbins
'Misty Dobbins' 3 months ago
Chase Rice this song is the bomd love it and love you Chase Rice I can't wait until we meet and greet again at your concerts
Frosty North
'Frosty North' 3 months ago
Love it!
Chelsey Marie
'Chelsey Marie' 3 months ago
Am i the only one that is fangirling so hard that SoMo and Chase Rice two of the hottest guys on earth are in a music video together forever 😍
Andrea Shipley
'Andrea Shipley' 3 months ago
o com car
Andrea Shipley
'Andrea Shipley' 3 months ago
this song makes me sad
Kacey Kane
'Kacey Kane' 3 months ago
The fact SoMo is in this video 😂👌
Trica Goldberg
'Trica Goldberg' 3 months ago
love this song
# jazzy_ boo
'# jazzy_ boo' 3 months ago
I love this song and video
Lily Grau
'Lily Grau' 3 months ago
I'm gon' ride I'm gon' ride I'm gon' ride I'm I'm gon ride on you baby on you lady all night oh all night I'm gon' take care of your body, I'll be gentle don't you scream It's getting hotter make it softer feel your chest on top of me
bryana martin
'bryana martin' 3 months ago
I wish my ending was that happy but instead I'm setting here at 1 in the morning crying my eyes out.
'Gooty' 3 months ago
To all the people asking what the video is about. The blonde girl has feelings for him and he is a undercover cop and is trying to arrest SoMo (bad guy made the song im pretty sure). He remembers he has a girl at home waiting for him and he remains loyal and comes back to her at the end of the video. :) I think dont quote me.
Hopi Reid
'Hopi Reid' 3 months ago
love the song
Paula Leger
'Paula Leger' 3 months ago
Tracey lafleur / Chace rice sounds so mutch better than somo
kadee Hailey
'kadee Hailey' 3 months ago
Holy heaven 😍
Faith Courter
'Faith Courter' 3 months ago
boi is that somo? lol
Trinity Doolittle
'Trinity Doolittle' 3 months ago
the guy who originally sings this song is in the video at 1:05 and isn't seen anymore at 1:20
Suvanee Hill
'Suvanee Hill' 3 months ago
i like country music but this song is not as good as the original the only good part of the video is that somo is in it
Paula Leger
'Paula Leger' 3 months ago
I'm in love with this song I don't really listen to country but this song I can listen to everyday all day.tracey Nicole lafleur
Leandro Almeida
'Leandro Almeida' 3 months ago
ate que fim achei esse musica '-' <3
bigpapi321 213
'bigpapi321 213' 3 months ago
if anyone single hit me up 317-646-7336 I am a respecting caring guy
'iceydogs' 3 months ago
OMG that Mopar!
maria moreno.
'maria moreno.' 3 months ago
He so sexy
mattie takealinn
'mattie takealinn' 3 months ago
people it is the "clean" version
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