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BBC News Review: Hillary Clinton's illness -
Published: 7 months ago By: BBC Learning English

By: BBC Learning EnglishPublished: 7 months ago

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Hillary Clinton's illness is making headlines around the world. Join Sian and Catherine in News Review to find out about this story and the language you need to understand it.

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The story:
The democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton has said in an interview that she didn't disclose her pneumonia diagnosis originally as she didn't think it would be a big deal.

She's been facing criticism that she hadn't revealed her condition when diagnosed on Friday, but only after she almost collapsed in public two days later.

Jon Sopel - BBC News:
When the news broke that Hillary Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia it made headlines around the world.

But, in her interview last night, the democratic presidential candidate said she didn't think her illness was going to be that big a deal and she batted away suggestions that she'd been secretive. "People know more about me than almost anyone else in public life," she told CNN.

That may be true, but among many Americans there's a feeling that the Clintons are anything but transparent.

Key words and phrases:

hold/keep/play your cards close to your chest
not share key information; be secretive

come clean
tell the truth about something you were keeping secret

big deal
something important

not that big a deal
important, but not very important

short period when you are ill or unhappy; a short period of activity

bat away
(here) reject

Jahiel Márquez
'Jahiel Márquez' 1 week ago
First time I don´t see Neill on BBC News Review. Job well done, ladies.
zakir wadan
'zakir wadan' 3 weeks ago
I think I owe to you people. tnx
journey Angkor Tour
'journey Angkor Tour' 2 months ago
😉great explain
tuananh mai
'tuananh mai' 2 months ago
Good job ladies! profound thanks from Vietnam!
Ha Duong
'Ha Duong' 3 months ago
this method is very good, it is natural program, thanks bbc learning english very much!
Farid Murshudzada
'Farid Murshudzada' 4 months ago
this method is good,but there is my own problem with subtitles.why isn't there subtitles?
Ebrahim Mohamed
'Ebrahim Mohamed' 4 months ago
I liked it
Jose Elisomar Silva Cardoso
Great! You are both amazing!
Thuận Hà
'Thuận Hà' 4 months ago
thank for this meaningful video
martha lourdes Mamani
thks u¡¡
Hoang Anh Tuan
'Hoang Anh Tuan' 4 months ago
Thank you, I love your program so much
Muhamad Ahmad
'Muhamad Ahmad' 5 months ago
hi bbc i m very happy of you
Qobiljon Kamolov
'Qobiljon Kamolov' 5 months ago
vow great job guys.. thank you very much
way to happiness
'way to happiness' 6 months ago
Very helpful. ..thank you
Md. Mosiar Rahman
'Md. Mosiar Rahman' 6 months ago
It is really very helpful
'tgchan' 6 months ago
Thank you.
Lorena Pedraza
'Lorena Pedraza' 7 months ago
Great Video!! Thank you !! I've been increasing my vocabulary wiht these useful videos :D
'Vodima1' 7 months ago
not every person has a talant to teach people but they do it perfectly!!
AnDrea Cruz Manjarrez
Greetings from Mexico! 😊😊 and thank you for the videos!
Huyền Dương Thanh
many difficult words in this video.
Shay 8619
'Shay 8619' 7 months ago
I must come clean you are great, I like learning english with you:-)
Hoang Phan
'Hoang Phan' 7 months ago
thank you...!
Joshua Garcia
'Joshua Garcia' 7 months ago
Kak Serwan
'Kak Serwan' 7 months ago
Thanks a lot for your help.
Layanvi De Alwis
'Layanvi De Alwis' 7 months ago
Thank you • • • !
edu edy
'edu edy' 7 months ago
thank you for this class , you both are great. Hi from Ecuador
ColourSi ofchannel.
'ColourSi ofchannel.' 7 months ago
This is a very very very good channel,all over the world watch you guys!! :-) (from Thailand) ^^*
Stern 00
'Stern 00' 7 months ago
Ahmed abdelkader moussa
Thank you, simple and professional way of learning.
Great job ladies.
'manthasagittarius1' 7 months ago
This is very nice -- wish I'd known about it sooner. I have a lot of ESL college students who will really like this -- the main problem they have is getting up to conversation speed for lectures. Whoever thought of this is a real friend.
abdulrehman shaikh
'abdulrehman shaikh' 7 months ago
Thanks alot shian n confident Catherine
'TIM RAMM' 7 months ago
BBC yah yah
Rafael D
'Rafael D' 7 months ago
Greetings from Brazil. Great job, girls!!! Thanks a lot.
Leo Nardo
'Leo Nardo' 7 months ago
I am an English Learner. It's better for me to get know the words from the news, that's why, I went to the BBC Learning English's cite first. Now I know how to use these words, despite these words I ever known.
Julien Auvray
'Julien Auvray' 7 months ago
I'm new in this channel. very usefull and well done. congratulations. thanks to help english learners like me.
'mbmj' 7 months ago
A good lesson, enjoyed :)
Giancarlos Franco
'Giancarlos Franco' 7 months ago
Zs Sz
'Zs Sz' 7 months ago
Need time to understand very well💪🏽👏🏻
Emerson Vieira
'Emerson Vieira' 7 months ago
Sean, I love you!Great program! Thanks a bunch!
Mk yacine
'Mk yacine' 7 months ago
wowww that's perfect .. great video .. thank you
Sara S
'Sara S' 7 months ago
Thanks BBC learning very useful video☺🖒🖒
lacina coulibaly
'lacina coulibaly' 7 months ago
Last week, I have a big deal withe my friends at home.
Lacthu Hoang
'Lacthu Hoang' 7 months ago
so helpful, thks
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