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AFV Funny Videos Fail Compilation - The Best Videos 2017 -
Published: 2 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 2 months ago

1, 120, 445 views

6, 129 Likes   424 Dislikes

Brand new weekly fail compilation courtesy of AFV. Featuring kids getting owned, toy car crashes, nut shots, sports fails, extreme sport gone wrong, hot girl fails, hover board fails, stupid stunts caught on tape, home video bloopers, animal attacks, reaction videos and other funny viral clips, outtakes and moments. Check out Team Internet's Accidentally High ►

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Stephanie Galicia
'Stephanie Galicia' 15 hours ago
hay!!! you dont need to judge about it wzpr TV!!!!!!!!!! 😠😠😠😖😖
lucio Ariel alvarez Arnold
4:49 song? Please
Nyla Star
'Nyla Star' 24 hours ago
5:36 is my favorite part hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahah
Yamileeth Morgaan
'Yamileeth Morgaan' 2 days ago
music 5:44?
Yamileeth Morgaan
'Yamileeth Morgaan' 2 days ago
song 4:48?
Savanna Ward
'Savanna Ward' 2 days ago
Megan DL
'Megan DL' 2 days ago
0:35 tho,,, thats so me
Alfred Quintanilla
Funny at 9:35
Selena Thomas
'Selena Thomas' 3 days ago
love it so much I keep watching it over and over 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Selena Thomas
'Selena Thomas' 3 days ago
soooo funny😂😂😂😂😂
Paya Gamer
'Paya Gamer' 3 days ago
Ionita Ionut
'Ionita Ionut' 3 days ago
5:00 music plssss!
Shaniya Ennis
'Shaniya Ennis' 3 days ago
5:36 relatable
Вика Миёк
'Вика Миёк' 3 days ago
блин. бедная бабка, или кто это там
Brianna Walker
'Brianna Walker' 3 days ago
Am i the only one to think that the guy at 8:27 cute
Alex Gomez
'Alex Gomez' 4 days ago
so funny!!!!!!!!!
'V PLAYZ' 4 days ago
'V PLAYZ' 4 days ago
'V PLAYZ' 4 days ago
'Curbstomper12' 4 days ago
can i download this to react
Upsetting Cobra9
'Upsetting Cobra9' 4 days ago
She killed Jesus
Funny Only
'Funny Only' 4 days ago
good videos
TV Humor
'TV Humor' 4 days ago
Kawaii panda
'Kawaii panda' 5 days ago
Elie Bodo
'Elie Bodo' 5 days ago
2:10 the shirt... RED HOT CHILLY PEPPERS!!😍😂😂
Poovanam Amassee
'Poovanam Amassee' 5 days ago
so funny 🙏 😸
Aldon Arizi
'Aldon Arizi' 6 days ago
scoot 1701
'scoot 1701' 6 days ago
masters playz
'masters playz' 7 days ago
Maria Romero
'Maria Romero' 1 week ago
Damian Delgado
'Damian Delgado' 1 week ago
6:47 who actually thought a claw thing came out of no where
Savanna Ward
'Savanna Ward' 1 week ago
I know how to dance hip hop
Aj Mcreynolds
'Aj Mcreynolds' 1 week ago
this to funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Magic of Words
'Magic of Words' 1 week ago
Maimuna Playz
'Maimuna Playz' 1 week ago
is so funny
Ella pesso
'Ella pesso' 1 week ago
I feel so bad for the people who are getting hurt
Kenji Jones
'Kenji Jones' 1 week ago
Music at exactly 4:57??
Your Happiness
'Your Happiness' 1 week ago
I very Like your videos. My chanel same to you: #COMEDY_VIDEOS_FUNNY_2017
Nguyen hong Nhung
'Nguyen hong Nhung' 1 week ago
Intimate ZoNE
'Intimate ZoNE' 1 week ago
IFunnyKids S
'IFunnyKids S' 1 week ago
Pls sub to me
AJs Cute Collectables
whoa when that guys glasses got hit off, SEXY IS THERE.
'MASON TEM Dupa' 1 week ago
it is the same stupid stuff from last year!
laurentiu girbea
'laurentiu girbea' 1 week ago
Angelina Lugo
'Angelina Lugo' 1 week ago
i din't even laugh only i only laugh at one
'Hiimcool836729' 2 weeks ago
hi im her
Mr.Purple Rabbit
'Mr.Purple Rabbit' 2 weeks ago
the dog on top was not funny, how would you like it if you were in a tall bulding and no were to go
julieta Daugherty
'julieta Daugherty' 2 weeks ago
ggtumyngh tngdgfk, ,,,,, '
Deformed Zippo
'Deformed Zippo' 2 weeks ago
Check out my funny video!!
Landon Ortiz
'Landon Ortiz' 2 weeks ago
afv=all fucking vines
Aleks Aleks
'Aleks Aleks' 2 weeks ago
7:22 we will rock you
Aristia Domaille
'Aristia Domaille' 2 weeks ago
Stupid people
MBA12 Arndsen
'MBA12 Arndsen' 2 weeks ago
not funny
Aaliyah Krystle
'Aaliyah Krystle' 2 weeks ago
I feel this is better than the original videos of try not to laugh
Ariel Smilovici
'Ariel Smilovici' 2 weeks ago
xxkawaii sprinkle dount glaze gamingxx
Lol I laughed at yup its Monday 😂 but these vines are oldddds
flash lover
'flash lover' 2 weeks ago
vines forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yamiel Clausellayala
all funny
Basilio Beltre
'Basilio Beltre' 2 weeks ago
Javy Sanchez
'Javy Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
0:58 😂😂😂
jayden castro
'jayden castro' 2 weeks ago
It's so funny
Nikolaos Sevastopoulos
Micaela Scherpf
'Micaela Scherpf' 2 weeks ago
that was haleries 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😉😂
mufukin peacock
'mufukin peacock' 2 weeks ago
at 0:29 they say your can still hear his mother whooping his ass to this day lol
KatPlayzGamez 4
'KatPlayzGamez 4' 2 weeks ago
Parents these days. Damn parents hate their children now Jesus
Arizøna Playz RØBLØX
Yeah, vines was like in 2015 Idek I just watched this cuz I'm bored :P but the last one was hella funny 😂😂😂😂😵
Grace Marie
'Grace Marie' 2 weeks ago
1:13 she deserves that
Blue hedgehog
'Blue hedgehog' 2 weeks ago
0:14 song?
Cindy Nelson
'Cindy Nelson' 2 weeks ago
I Love the vote.
Samantha Nobbs
'Samantha Nobbs' 3 weeks ago
5:01 SO TRUE!
Samantha Nobbs
'Samantha Nobbs' 3 weeks ago
1:34 SAME!!!!!
Lola Hill
'Lola Hill' 3 weeks ago
Santiago Salgado
'Santiago Salgado' 3 weeks ago
the last one was on purpes
'ultraviolence' 3 weeks ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'ultraviolence' 3 weeks ago
Tanner Hulbert
'Tanner Hulbert' 3 weeks ago
Eli Benson
'Eli Benson' 3 weeks ago
3:51 Jesus knocked her out b**
Kevin Hernandez
'Kevin Hernandez' 3 weeks ago
my sister scare me and l threw my phone LOL
'K.' 3 weeks ago
'K.' 3 weeks ago
'StrikerFX47' 3 weeks ago
Ok these were actually pretty good.
Tara Murtagh
'Tara Murtagh' 3 weeks ago
Music 2:09 anyone know what its called?
Maria M
'Maria M' 3 weeks ago
best one yet! I was in tears!
'Krankheit' 3 weeks ago
@ 8:36
That ball would have to hit dead center on the top of his head to launch perfectly upwards like that.
Perfect enough to hit him a 2nd time.
'Cindy231783' 3 weeks ago
That was so funny
Bo Salatto
'Bo Salatto' 3 weeks ago
At 9.39 THAT LOOKS LIKE ALBRT STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anna korycka
'anna korycka' 3 weeks ago
i ike SQUAWK af is bets
Anton Barca
'Anton Barca' 3 weeks ago
Song at 3:10?
JoAnn Breder
'JoAnn Breder' 3 weeks ago
Who you Hanna Call gost busters
Aden Uncle
'Aden Uncle' 3 weeks ago
What is that song at 5:02
La Puerta Mitos y Leyendas
like si hablas español xD
Garrett Herring
'Garrett Herring' 3 weeks ago
The vine at 6:53. Been in that situation with someone else's Jeep. It was awesome but he was so upset because he put so much time into building his Jeep. It's fixed now though
Trace Sutton
'Trace Sutton' 3 weeks ago
he can't never be golee
Asmar Hussain (Official)
It's good to see objects fight back for their rights.
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