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Best Beatbox & Rap Vine Compilation 2016 -
Published: 5 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 5 months ago

1, 615, 244 views

19, 001 Likes   521 Dislikes

Brand new weekly theme compilation featuring the best beatbox, rap and hip Vines of November 2016. Check out Kids Read Trump Tweets ►

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vio. 101uy
'vio. 101uy' 17 hours ago
Tron Ahmed
'Tron Ahmed' 1 day ago
i dnt really get it why people think Marcus is good, all he does is throat bass.........
NTK Production
'NTK Production' 1 day ago
song 0.35 ???
xxDanny Playzxx
'xxDanny Playzxx' 1 day ago
U guys came for 4:00 to 5:00
Luisyy ツ
'Luisyy ツ' 2 days ago
0:47 😂
bruce gordan
'bruce gordan' 2 days ago
whats the song at 3:56?
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 2 days ago
That destorm rap battle part 2🔥🔥🔥
'Dragonspheres' 2 days ago
damnnn he killed it xdd awesome #destorm
'OjedAlan' 3 days ago
Pinto beans with the greens on the side
Macaroni cheese with the sweet potato pie
Yams in the hands and I'm cuttin me a thigh
Muffins in the oven and I'm stuffing in the fry
Later you haters I got this plate of paters
You know we waited all day grandma we finally made it
My brother is bitchen see you up in the kitchin
Swear that something is missin I know you love the attention
Auntie cooking up a pot of collard greens
I can spice some chicken wings from a mile away
Plus it's you gotta pray it's a holiday
We gonna party like it was a Saturday
Wade Isbill
'Wade Isbill' 3 days ago
14:11 got me dead asf
Karah Corriette
'Karah Corriette' 3 days ago
Marcus Perez is really good at beatboxing
Evan Nguyen
'Evan Nguyen' 3 days ago
4:15 LIT AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
getone1 0
'getone1 0' 3 days ago
what is the song in 6:00
'MIKE' 4 days ago
Jaleel Alsberry
'Jaleel Alsberry' 5 days ago
J Cyrus you suck stop making vines
William Cunningham
So funny 0:51
darkness Man
'darkness Man' 6 days ago
7:43 what's the name of the beat?
Demetris Thompson
'Demetris Thompson' 6 days ago
$100 amazon giveaway going on now! YouTube search, b85d893e45
'ThomArdcore67' 1 week ago
4:06 Thumbnail
T RandomDragonFox
'T RandomDragonFox' 1 week ago
when you cant rap or sing. or beatbox dhweiuhfduwefuogsufulgoU LEGIT BEATBOXING
Sebastian Queti
'Sebastian Queti' 1 week ago
jajaja buenisimo...los.negros son los.mejores jajaja
J-One Selilfis
'J-One Selilfis' 1 week ago
2:31 the left guys face doe xD
fabio flores
'fabio flores' 1 week ago
name of da beat 4:01 pleasee! jajaja
TheMissingLight Aj
He beat box better then codfish
Luka Vujasinovic
'Luka Vujasinovic' 2 weeks ago
Apache helicopter
'Apache helicopter' 2 weeks ago
3:56-4:45 was lit!
Apache helicopter
'Apache helicopter' 2 weeks ago
3:56-4:45 was lit!
danyel GG
'danyel GG' 2 weeks ago
Me gustaría que en el. Minuto 4:10 fuera una cancion.
Jessica Dennis
'Jessica Dennis' 2 weeks ago
He was lip singing
'XxTOSLICKHAxX' 2 weeks ago
yoo j cyrus plz stop no more singing plz or rapping do us all a favor stop
Jin Chen
'Jin Chen' 2 weeks ago
Aiden Yang
'Aiden Yang' 2 weeks ago
1st one was the best
'NOICE' 2 weeks ago
Moon :P
'Moon :P' 2 weeks ago
10:58 the guy looks like he's constipated and reading off lyrics lmfao
alex rodriguez
'alex rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
best vines
Hector Rabello
'Hector Rabello' 2 weeks ago
Rafael Polo
'Rafael Polo' 2 weeks ago
from 4:00-4:55 was fire and straight bars
Rafael Polo
'Rafael Polo' 2 weeks ago
this whole vine video was dope
Isabel Puente
'Isabel Puente' 2 weeks ago
destorm lit
'Bruhh' 2 weeks ago
Bet if I could beat box like that I would literally be doing it all the time people would get so annoyed.
Nucler Potato
'Nucler Potato' 2 weeks ago
Dead Atron
'Dead Atron' 2 weeks ago
4:20 IT'S LIT and anyone know the song
Víctor Espinoza
'Víctor Espinoza' 3 weeks ago
2:18 beat please ???
tristan sayaseng
'tristan sayaseng' 3 weeks ago
king Bach won the rap Battle
Richard o otaku
'Richard o otaku' 3 weeks ago
Qual musica de 4:04
'Fricky' 3 weeks ago
9:01 omg the three legends <3 <3 <3
Yasuo Main
'Yasuo Main' 3 weeks ago
7:44 is the most funniest
Hercules TheCenter
'Hercules TheCenter' 3 weeks ago
Hercules TheCenter
'Hercules TheCenter' 3 weeks ago
Hercules TheCenter
'Hercules TheCenter' 3 weeks ago
Boylan hot designs BHD
over all not a badly connected vine 4:20
Taylor TechUnderground
i forgot what is the song in the background wit kyle exum
Brian Law
'Brian Law' 3 weeks ago
4:30 - U Name it.
Brian Law
'Brian Law' 3 weeks ago
I got Greens Beans Potatoes tomato Hog Hots You Name it!
Floopy 78
'Floopy 78' 3 weeks ago
that guy at 7:00, is honestly complete shit, he thinks hes a rapper by making fun of some1 else? dude u dont know shit about rap, you think ur something but ur not, i dont know why they even put u in this vid cuz i can bet 89% of people her dont like ur "rapping" (i say 89% cuz there is always some braindead poeple that like that shit) ^^
'Anarchy' 3 weeks ago
Kyle Exum is absolute trash ://///
Alpha Games
'Alpha Games' 3 weeks ago
Cosmin Filip
'Cosmin Filip' 3 weeks ago
7:03 song name?forgot it
Wihclose Yeye
'Wihclose Yeye' 4 weeks ago
Marcus is trash, like if you agree
Ronnell Varese
'Ronnell Varese' 4 weeks ago
Axel Jimenez
'Axel Jimenez' 4 weeks ago
420 dislikes
Fresh J
'Fresh J' 4 weeks ago
3:55 my favorite one
Low Keyz
'Low Keyz' 4 weeks ago
Is that Ariana grande in it with the beat boxer
Squiddy ;
'Squiddy ;' 4 weeks ago
7:07 😂😂😂😂😂
Austin Fuqua
'Austin Fuqua' 4 weeks ago
6:35 is funny asf
Trollboy 4457
'Trollboy 4457' 4 weeks ago
Marcus Perez is the beast
'Bob ROBLOX' 4 weeks ago
I dont think Marcus Perez' ones are fake i just find them cringey
Xzavier Allen
'Xzavier Allen' 1 month ago
Britney B
'Britney B' 1 month ago
that one nigga beat boxes crazy
'xXMiniGunXx' 1 month ago
Song at 4:20 is called You name it
Adam Kusenda
'Adam Kusenda' 1 month ago
9:00 the best one
'Zaqaboy' 1 month ago
what song? 0:34
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 1 month ago
4:44 song pls??
Irken Dilri
'Irken Dilri'Am' 1 month ago
7:25 liked the shirt she wears ! ''La Folie'', hope I'm not the only French there...
Danial Nadeem
'Danial Nadeem' 1 month ago
what's the beat called at 7:50
amarion johnson
'amarion johnson' 1 month ago
sup cus brother sistier dick blood
Gabriele De Renzo
'Gabriele De Renzo' 1 month ago
beat 7:42??
Muffasas boy is simba
Marcus uses the same beat
janjan laran
'janjan laran' 1 month ago
favorite part 4:03
matty games
'matty games' 1 month ago
Dominic Poulli
'Dominic Poulli' 1 month ago
John Cena .. RP :p Comment sub .. <3
#1D lover
'#1D lover' 1 month ago
u name it was lit
#1D lover
'#1D lover' 1 month ago
u name it was lit 😝😜
'GUYZERZ Gaming' 1 month ago
jonathan rodriguez
'jonathan rodriguez' 1 month ago
3:55-4:27 this shit was lit and I got chills listing to it...this shit is going to be my new ringtone...😎👌💣💥💯🔥🔥🔥
'EMANUEL LAZARTE' 1 month ago
song 3:13 please
'MA CB' 1 month ago
8:45 m8
oudie Xayphannha
'oudie Xayphannha' 1 month ago
they all my favorite anyways
_MerkGaming gaming
'_MerkGaming gaming' 1 month ago
your gay nigga
Илья Антонов
What is the song at this moment 3:11
Wanderson Kleberth
'Wanderson Kleberth' 1 month ago
name song ?? 15:01 ???
'mlggaming7' 1 month ago
2:11 is pretty funny
Mada Madalin
'Mada Madalin' 1 month ago
last one is best :))))
Rylan sniper
'Rylan sniper' 1 month ago
7:53 was the best
'DarK YT' 1 month ago
0:23 hahahahhhaahajaha
Jaydens Vlogs
'Jaydens Vlogs' 1 month ago
green beans potatoes is my notification ringtone so i thought i had a notification lol
Chloe Goodson
'Chloe Goodson' 1 month ago
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