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10 Awesome Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 3 months ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 3 months ago

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This video is a compilation of top 10 science experiments you can do at home.
0:00 Fire Tornado
1:29 Smartphone 3D hologram
2:16 Soap propelled boat
2:43 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
5:05 No-leak magic bag
5:43 Silver egg
6:14 Coke and bleach reaction
6:47 Instant cloud in a bottle
7:30 Sponge and sulfuric acid reaction
8:03 How to make hot ice at home



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Thanks the TheBackyardScientist for the idea

Miss Nolver
'Miss Nolver' 5 hours ago
As a chemical analyst I can tell you: DON'T play with sulphuric acid at home, if you don't know how to handle it. It's dangerous.
Himanshu Nanda
'Himanshu Nanda' 1 day ago
whats the name of application in mobile for 3D
'Calamity556' 1 day ago
Cloud in a bottle? Awesome! Now I can double jump!
Tanya Smail
'Tanya Smail' 2 days ago
супер видео))
Tanya Smail
'Tanya Smail' 2 days ago
у вас золотые руки))
Tanya Smail
'Tanya Smail' 2 days ago
you have such a cool video, of course we will be friends, like))
Fabinho 360
'Fabinho 360' 3 days ago
Salve fabinho 360 +1 subscribed top your channel pass it after and sign up also hug ...
Fabinho 360
'Fabinho 360' 3 days ago
Salve fabinho 360 +1 inscrito top seu canal passa la depois e se inscreve tambem abraço.
R&W Network
'R&W Network' 3 days ago
At First I Didn't Believe Ur Experiments Were Real Until I Tried One!!
Jinky Remolacio
'Jinky Remolacio' 4 days ago
Hot ice one is satisfying...
'RaduStefanutz' 5 days ago
3:36 coca cola!
Kevin the Ender Dragon
And that's how u freeze the world
Sharon Harari
'Sharon Harari' 5 days ago
How much alcohol do you need to put in the cloud in a bottle trick
Shivang Mishra
'Shivang Mishra' 5 days ago
amazing U r the one who did not need to ask for subscribing really ur video was great
Gamer Areej
'Gamer Areej' 6 days ago
1M Subs = face reveal
'Frank' 6 days ago
Guess this is his 2 month break!
chintu .s
'chintu .s' 7 days ago
how did you get your hand out in the hot ice experiment
marco pesci
'marco pesci' 1 week ago
incredibile!!!!! LIKE per te CIAO
Caylan W
'Caylan W' 1 week ago
has* at least*
Caylan W
'Caylan W' 1 week ago
dude i love you and this vid and all your vids this has inspired me! I think you deserve at lease more then 10 million suscribers
Nathan Gilbert
'Nathan Gilbert' 1 week ago
Love your videos
pro gamin
'pro gamin'' 1 week ago
i subscribed u //amazing video
Potato Editor
'Potato Editor' 1 week ago
'PigOlympus' 2 weeks ago
Franco Amado
'Franco Amado' 2 weeks ago
No way a butterfly a humming bird and a mining on
Logan Turk
'Logan Turk' 2 weeks ago
Your just like Mr. Gear
'asdfghjkl43944' 2 weeks ago
At 8:40 what did you dip the stick into? Please respond
starla 360
'starla 360' 2 weeks ago
ok lets all admit that coke is one fucked up soda
starla 360
'starla 360' 2 weeks ago
4:48 the tower of satan
Dima Klimov
'Dima Klimov' 2 weeks ago
Hi guys we are a new experiments channel and would be very happy if you would be able to preview and evaluate us. I know own advertising stickt but how should one reach someone else.
Javon Bundy
'Javon Bundy' 2 weeks ago
So amazing
Crazy Hacker
'Crazy Hacker' 2 weeks ago
a awesome video
Yash Chauhan
'Yash Chauhan' 2 weeks ago
always the best
'Applegaming' 2 weeks ago
I don't get number seven
Mumi Alexa
'Mumi Alexa' 2 weeks ago
1st one could be a life saver nice job btw this was super awsome
Jennifer Crooker
'Jennifer Crooker' 2 weeks ago
mmm. sulfuric acid looks like it helps with digestion cuz it does it is in your stomach acid ('_>')
Johnson Vialva
'Johnson Vialva' 2 weeks ago
【χρ】 ιΙοη
'【χρ】 ιΙοη' 2 weeks ago
how your good 10 work must be hard keep up good work
Noah Collins
'Noah Collins' 2 weeks ago
3:21 little did he know he was summoning a demon
'SuperLuigiPlayz' 2 weeks ago
The_Lost _Scientist
'The_Lost _Scientist' 2 weeks ago
pls where did u find this music?
Ruth Burke
'Ruth Burke' 2 weeks ago
it was good
reanna mollino
'reanna mollino' 2 weeks ago
it was soooo cool until he killed spongebob
Domingos Fernandes
'Domingos Fernandes' 3 weeks ago
I thinck the second one was edited 😑
Janus Modanza
'Janus Modanza' 3 weeks ago
haha mistake
Janus Modanza
'Janus Modanza' 3 weeks ago
i cant believe
Janus Modanza
'Janus Modanza' 3 weeks ago
my favorite is HOT ICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant believ
Plasma Channel
'Plasma Channel' 3 weeks ago
We are creating a fire tornado episode of our own at this moment. Look into mixed fuel sources- you achieve spectacular results.
'MrArcticShadow' 3 weeks ago
Can you breathe in that cloud on 8, and get drunk?
plus minus
'plus minus' 3 weeks ago
inhaling 8. is fun :D
Cepi Ramdani
'Cepi Ramdani' 3 weeks ago
'payrim9' 3 weeks ago
'IEANO' 3 weeks ago
bleach is chlore ? Cl2??
Ibrahim Alherek
'Ibrahim Alherek' 3 weeks ago
Silver egg is mlggggggg lmaooooooo wtf guys how do u get up with these things omg guys ur so smarttttttt
Ibrahim Alherek
'Ibrahim Alherek' 3 weeks ago
Ik fire tornado I did it twice
Kevin Malekera
'Kevin Malekera' 3 weeks ago
i am black
Lizzie Heart
'Lizzie Heart' 3 weeks ago
Fire tornados are so cool
DragonBow RGHR
'DragonBow RGHR' 4 weeks ago
If you inhaled that alcohol gas would you get wasted
ERIK Fails
'ERIK Fails' 4 weeks ago
prihatini mayvita
'prihatini mayvita' 4 weeks ago
no editing home sience
'SnoopiestSet068' 4 weeks ago
dont do hot ice agian go to the hospitol
'Серёга' 4 weeks ago
Скажите пожалуйста, что это за музыка?
Jacquelyn I.
'Jacquelyn I.' 4 weeks ago
You show the Sugar and Sulfuric Acid Reaction experiment in every video of yours... Its kinda boring seeing the same thing over and over again now....
Kadyn Keahbone
'Kadyn Keahbone' 4 weeks ago
Help me dandertale ahhh :O:-!=-O
Alex Nothingness
'Alex Nothingness' 4 weeks ago
Where do i get 100% Potassium Nitrate?
_LuddeR_ YT
'_LuddeR_ YT' 4 weeks ago
I reallöner enjoy your videos and i think they are statisfying👻
Bawb Lablaw
'Bawb Lablaw' 4 weeks ago
Where do you get 80% vinegar??
Stephanie R
'Stephanie R' 4 weeks ago
10 was awesome
Austyn Trosper
'Austyn Trosper' 4 weeks ago
I love your vids, and I want you to make more my mom enjoys them
Amir Sezar
'Amir Sezar' 4 weeks ago
Apple vinegar or grape vinegar or any kind of vinegar?
GermanGaming TeamTM
'GermanGaming TeamTM' 1 month ago
65% I just want to watch this video.
25% I cant do these things cuz´ i dont have the things to do the Experiments.
10% I dont want to buy it, too lazy bro.
'BlackMagicxWoman' 1 month ago
for the boat why does my paper sink and yours does not
Jacob Sartorius
'Jacob Sartorius' 1 month ago
press the thumbs up if you love science and you thibk it is awsome😇😇😇😇😇😍😍😍
Erika and her Friends
rohanna Brown
'rohanna Brown' 1 month ago
'cookiefireman' 1 month ago
how even this is so amazing
Dominic Surette
'Dominic Surette' 1 month ago
the fire makes a vacuum and when you move the glass the air comes in in a way so that it makes a spiral
'YugiSYGaming' 1 month ago
make more often videos
Laazzyy Chiicckk
'Laazzyy Chiicckk' 1 month ago
There's always that 1 ingredient and ur just like "..........wh-what is that??........🤔" 😂😂
'leJBdu2b' 1 month ago
10 plagie experimentboy
Random Trends
'Random Trends' 1 month ago
awesome your videos, Really good work man!!
Balzsack mcdouchwad
'Balzsack mcdouchwad' 1 month ago
7. Oh is that water?


Balzsack mcdouchwad
'Balzsack mcdouchwad' 1 month ago
Awesome video I wish you'd not stretch it out so much just to get 10 minutes though :/
jakub wiski
'jakub wiski' 1 month ago
Fr cr
'Fr cr' 1 month ago
hello, what do you mean by 80% of vinegar? (8:12)
Bojan Gligorić
'Bojan Gligorić' 1 month ago
jesi li ti stvarno stric ili ujak od nikole vukelica posto je on to meni pricao da mu neko imq joutube kanal sa preko 500.000 subs
john fernando rosel oraa
i can't download the template
icarolobo 1205
'icarolobo 1205' 1 month ago
does experiments with soap bubble
'Triplexxx1432' 1 month ago
how do you download the template?
i tried clicking on it
Rosa Sanchez
'Rosa Sanchez' 1 month ago
good so i have to pick which one to do for my school😁😁😁
Acyuta Junior
'Acyuta Junior' 1 month ago
Bro can you give the material list for making those experiment, cause i really want to do it at hom
Daquaylin Washington
art obsession your cute 💗
Daquaylin Washington
art obsession your cute
Daquaylin Washington
art obsession I subscribed
Nunzietto Annunziato
Rans Mikealson
'Rans Mikealson' 1 month ago
My favourite was the hologram 3D
Gabriel Palattao
'Gabriel Palattao' 1 month ago
be my girlfriend someone
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