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3 People Allah Will Not Accept -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Salma Hassan
'Salma Hassan' 11 hours ago
msha Alah
Swaggyswaggerson His swagness most high
1:52 OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ya Allah khair! brother you spitting fire!
WorldWide Team
'WorldWide Team' 17 hours ago
but what if my parents doesnt know islam, and i just talk back to them for the good is that sin for me ?

I have an girlfriend but i just write with her i just talk with her but i never touch her and i am looking to marry is that sin or haram ?
'Antichrist' 20 hours ago
Please search shuaib bin soleh in fb..
'shahnsuh' 1 day ago
What if your mother is leading a wrong path?
what if she is a psychopath?
'hellhound' 1 day ago
I hate my parents because their bad outweighs their good.

Although I try my best to hide my anger from them, its really hard because they raised me as if they were pigs raising a piglet psychologically and physically.
g private
'g private' 2 days ago
wat if your parents have ill feelimgs towards you? what if they have had magic done on them hownshud u react?
Doris Schmidt
'Doris Schmidt' 2 days ago
What about a mother who left her child ? is this the case too?
Islaam Forever
'Islaam Forever' 2 days ago
As salaammu alikum Wa rahmatullah , does anyone knows the name of this Shaykh??? Jazak Allah khair.
Fahd Zubair
'Fahd Zubair' 3 days ago
My mother left me when i was a child, should i listen to her if she says something?
shawon Ahmed
'shawon Ahmed' 3 days ago
excellent page....May Allah bless all
Taoseef Chowdhury
'Taoseef Chowdhury' 3 days ago
Can someone please explain to me one thing? He said that allah swt will not acept anything( that includes repentance)who is rude to his mother yet in the Quran it states that allah can forgive any sin and is the most merciful. So can someone explain why Islam just contradicted itself ? (Also how would I seek forgiveness , haven't seen my mom in years or any family members)
'JuzzyUK' 4 days ago
what if your parents who don't care about you, abusive and not show any sincere love? Thats when it makes a childs life very difficult, feeling lonely and being emotionally hurt.
Abdullah Gt
'Abdullah Gt' 5 days ago
الله غفور الرحيم - allah forgives
'KobeTheBest' 5 days ago
Our Lord! Forgive me and my parents, and (all) the believers on the Day when the reckoning will be established. (Quran 14:41)
Aaeesha176 Isamil
'Aaeesha176 Isamil' 5 days ago
masha Allah jazaka laah sheikh
Firdous Valley
'Firdous Valley' 5 days ago
who's the speaker?
Hairuldin Osman
'Hairuldin Osman' 5 days ago
Sometime i Don't get it, whats so funny, why are people laughing.
Anyway, it's true, we shouldn't be rude to our mother who give birth to us all and remember the sacrifice a mother has to do, wake up in the middle of the night because we are crying and she has to give us milk.
Let's reflect what we have done. ☺
Abd el
'Abd el' 6 days ago
The sheikh must have had a similar experience in his past.
Fathimabi R
'Fathimabi R' 6 days ago
Assalamualaikkum, may i know the name of the speaker please
'cheekychapsta' 6 days ago
this video is truthful but sadly it has just made me feel doomed. it's too much to go into specifics. I haven't felt so low in a long time on a situation I find to be impossible.
no one
'no one' 6 days ago
mothers? what about fathers?
no one
'no one' 6 days ago
what do u do if u have unreasonable parents??
Moe Baller
'Moe Baller' 7 days ago
I am always worried i say something back to my mother and then death reaches one of us.
Napoléon bonapart
my parents are so annoyingly overprotective
meen naz
'meen naz' 7 days ago
In shaa Allah..I will change frm tody n wil nt make unhappy of my mother. .....even I wil teach my sister about values of mother
Sabarin Idris
'Sabarin Idris' 7 days ago
whats the name of the speaker
The Bearded Man
'The Bearded Man' 1 week ago
Allahu Akbar..
Recently I had misbehaved with my mother.
seeing this video I instantly apologized to my mother and guess what my brothers & sisters she forgave me. she kissed me in the forehead and said I forgive you son.
wallahi if my mother can forgive me of course Allah will also forgive me Insha Allah
Indeed Allah is the most merciful :'(
Khalid Aslam uk
'Khalid Aslam uk' 1 week ago
very very good Ma sha Allah .
the to paradise
'the to paradise' 1 week ago
Jamila Ibrahim
'Jamila Ibrahim' 1 week ago
what about if she is insensitive to you as her child and always considers her interest first before you, and you are fed up and feel not loved. always want you to take care of her needs knowing well that you are not working and neither has she empowered you with any good education?
Arsh Dhillon
'Arsh Dhillon' 1 week ago
what if ur mother is a non muslim and she doesn't want u to follow islam so do u listen to her and do shirk or what?
'og2me' 1 week ago
Hooyo 10$ isii lol I didn't know brother was Soomaaliya ...jazaakallah kheer.
Sabirah Malika
'Sabirah Malika' 1 week ago
when I was younger I had a sassy mouth. I use to back talk my mother, trust me I'm paying for it now with my daughter. The good news is I apologized to my mother before it was to late. she is my hero, my strength. my dad too both were always there when I needed them.
i m muslim lover
'i m muslim lover' 1 week ago
Me also I sometimes disrespect my mom and after I do thT I feel soo bad :(. so I want to say her sorry but I can't cuz I will be shy for doing that
may ALLAH forgive all our sins (past, present,future). AMEEN
bayan mawed
'bayan mawed' 1 week ago
Alisha Samar
'Alisha Samar' 1 week ago
My friend whose mother is working abroad is having affairs and tries to dominate her(my friend) forcing to marriage and she is trying to involve her affair guy to find a guy for her to get married.. does the first rule still apply ? Plus her father is no more ..
Rosa girl
'Rosa girl' 1 week ago
I do go out with only girl friend but my mom do not know that is that bad as well I never seen or go out with guy in my my life before
'Repenter' 1 week ago
but is it possible to repent?
amy moghrabi-white
hahaha i love this guy
staffie luva
'staffie luva' 1 week ago
Oh ok I understand. Allah won't accept you if you are rude to your mother but you will be welcomed with open arms and accepted if you massacre innocent women and children , wow count me in. Where do I go to convert?
Zaliya Khan
'Zaliya Khan' 1 week ago
I wish I saw this video some 2-3 years before. 😢
Daniel Fisher
'Daniel Fisher' 1 week ago
Allah can't forgive anyone because allah is Satan and only Jesus can forgive you of your sins. You can not earn it but just by turning to Him and asking you can have a personal relationship with the Almighty God Y'shua. Amen. Jesus said "I am the way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but through Me. Pray for your salvation today.
Covert Bee
'Covert Bee' 1 week ago
The 1st was disrespekted but what was the 2 other?
ic princess
'ic princess' 2 weeks ago
What if ur mum hits you as a joke and it hurts. It makes me angry but she tells me I should take it as a joke. She does it quite often and it actually hurts , I have a couple bruises. What am I supposed to tell her without making her mad because that's what happened last time
Aisha Abukar
'Aisha Abukar' 2 weeks ago
Subhanallah may guide us all
Starlight Glimmer
'Starlight Glimmer' 2 weeks ago
"The first kind of people that Allah won't accept any worship is those who don't respect to their parents"Well that's it. I am never gonna be Muslim again because NOBODY CAN MAKE ME CHANGE!!!! NOBODY!!! Well the only exception seems to be Allah Himself but it seems like HE DOESN'T WANNA CHANGE ME!! Now the only thing left for me is to get into Hell... I am among the worst after all...Blind,deaf and dumb... now before dying and being tortured everywhere i will watch My Little Pony and play Clash Royale...
D Snider
'D Snider' 2 weeks ago
Allah will not accept logic
Allah will not accept science
Allah will not accept smart people
Shimroze Durrani
'Shimroze Durrani' 2 weeks ago
please, also try to mention the reference of the hadiths in the description box.
khan bluff
'khan bluff' 2 weeks ago
Sam to Sleep ASMR
'Sam to Sleep ASMR' 2 weeks ago
I'm so scared :(
Good vid
I'm a true Muslim btw judging by name
Omar Dayz
'Omar Dayz' 2 weeks ago
what i the shiekh's name?
Nik A
'Nik A' 2 weeks ago
Loll I love the Tim horton's reference in addition to the message
Aisha B
'Aisha B' 2 weeks ago
if we were amongst the 3, would there be still time to change.
Peaceful .muslima
'Peaceful .muslima' 2 weeks ago
mashallah- and bless the sheikh he manages to cover a strong message as well being hillarious at the same time- I couldn't stop laughing when he said "oh casha coodweyna"- lol.
S. Speciaal
'S. Speciaal' 2 weeks ago
Can someone post the source please? BarakaAllahoefiekoem
George K
'George K' 2 weeks ago
New International Version john 14:16
Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
Real truth repent to the real Messiah the man/god that died on the cross for everyone. He took the blow we all deserved. Has Allah done anything like that? Has he sacrificed his own life for you like Jesus Christ did?
FARDEEN khan (Fdk)
'FARDEEN khan (Fdk)' 2 weeks ago
i can't understand the 3rd thing
A Muslim brother Who wants peace
I'm gonna punch every Muslim in the world but if one is hurt it is like my own body so I gonna punch my body but it was created so I'm gonna punch my ruh but that is not mine so I'm gonna punch shaytan but I can't see him but I punch him by reading Quran so I'm gonna read the Quran ha ha ha I'm gonna punch for realz time to start reading😈😈😈😎😎😎
'Mohammad' 2 weeks ago
May our mothers get every good thing from Allah ")
'Mustafa' 2 weeks ago
what is the name of the person that gave this lecture
Mohammad Yazdani
'Mohammad Yazdani' 2 weeks ago
Ameen your are absolutely correct!! I use to be mean to my own mother, but last year I realised my faults and mistakes it all hurt me so I told her everything even cried out to her for forgiveness!! Mush'Allah she kindly accepted me and my apology.
Somalianpirate 10
'Somalianpirate 10' 2 weeks ago
Aye his Somalia
Muhammad Osman
'Muhammad Osman' 2 weeks ago
I sometimes disrespect my mother, but I really love her, may Allah forgive me, and I will try not too!
Darartu Ahmed
'Darartu Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
so funny😅 maa shaa Allah
at the same time great remainder!
Strange Light
'Strange Light' 2 weeks ago
What language was that at the end?
sammy zorro
'sammy zorro' 2 weeks ago
funny but very true hoyoos need to be treated like diamonds
TheSomAuskid 95
'TheSomAuskid 95' 2 weeks ago
lool this guy is somali
'Faiz.32' 2 weeks ago
American guy with his rhetoric
Queen Sara
'Queen Sara' 2 weeks ago
I needed to hear this... thank you for the reminder ❤️❤️
Ali Hassan
'Ali Hassan' 2 weeks ago
nice mashallah, ya sheikh If never encountered this hadith really. maybe it's because I wasnt paying attention or maybe I forgot this hadith. where can I find it please, is it sahih bukhari or Muslim, maybe malik muwatta or Jami tirmidhi.. any please I need to go deeper. shukran
Angelica A
'Angelica A' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know where this lecture took place? He talked about Tim Hortons and I live in Toronto so I was just wondering
Darealyst Me
'Darealyst Me' 2 weeks ago
Who's the sheikh
Sofiya Khan
'Sofiya Khan' 2 weeks ago
lol Mashallah this sheikh is so funny 😂 may Allah accept all of us 😫😩😫
Asad Abdulkhadir (Asad love)
Please can someone tell me the name of this sheikh, I really like his voice or the way he talk.
Asad Abdulkhadir (Asad love)
May Allah (SWT) guide us to the right way and show his mercy upon us.
'SY H' 2 weeks ago
Wanted more clarifications. If Salah is not accepted under these acts, how can we ask for forgiveness? JazakAllah Kair.
'Aliglore' 2 weeks ago
I don't understand the second one. Can someone please elaborate more on that. Thank you!! (:
Mike99 Mike99
'Mike99 Mike99' 2 weeks ago
Ameen inshallah . <3
Alhamdulliah I'm happy that Soo much people are converting to ISLAM . JEWS are going crazy cause there Mission is to make Islam look heartless/Evil .
'mohaed96' 2 weeks ago
The person speaking is Somali and he spoke in Somali a few times if you need those parts translated I can help you.
( O_〉O)?
'( O_〉O)?' 2 weeks ago
May Allah forgive all of our past, present, and future sins, Ameen.
'Calypso' 2 weeks ago
What is this Sheikh's name?
sarabon niya
'sarabon niya' 2 weeks ago
Where is The referens? I want to find it on Arabic :)
'LOVE MAKER' 2 weeks ago
Allah is the greatest and the most merciful please oh our Lord guide us
Islamic Reminder
'Islamic Reminder' 2 weeks ago
Z Dabber360
'Z Dabber360' 2 weeks ago
Allah is the greatest
Islamic Reminder
'Islamic Reminder' 2 weeks ago
Sheela Anwar
'Sheela Anwar' 2 weeks ago
SubhaanAllah.May Allah guide us to the straight path and grant us success in this life and in the hereafter.Ameen😞🙏
'Abdul' 2 weeks ago
First Alhamdulillah :D may Allah swt forgive us and grant us Jannah through his Mercy, Ameen :)
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