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MythBusters Reunion Trailer -
Published: 12 months ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 12 months ago

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That’s right, please welcome back Kari Byron, Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci to M5 for a heartwarming hour of reminiscing and revisiting!!!!

Don't miss the MythBusters Reunion Special Saturday at 9/8c immediately following the Grand Finale episode!

Saturdays 8/7c on Discovery

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'ralphyetmore' 2 months ago
Daw! <3
'OzzieBloke' 9 months ago
I actually got emotional watching this reunion special. I had been watching the show from the beginning, and even though I was already in my mid-twenties then, I got an immediate impression that this show was going to be important to a whole generation of kids and scientists-to-be. Much like SciTech (the science-discovery "museum" and exploration place in Perth) was to me when I was much younger.
I'm going to miss this show, but 14 years is a great run, no matter what. Good work, guys.
'Kibz' 9 months ago
I watched Mythbuster's all the time growing up. Granted, while I havent really "watched" it for a few years I'm still a big fan. And now that's it's really over, I'm going all the way back to season 1 and rewatching it all.

You well be missed Mythbuster's crew, for all the laugh's and moment's of amazement you've given us over the years
'Cyph18' 9 months ago
I remember when they first came on mythbusters, i loved them, when they left, i was actaully really sad, but when the entire show ended....
Eccentric Gamer
'Eccentric Gamer' 11 months ago
MythBusters is gone…there goes the last good show on Discovery Channel.
The Post Color Blog
'The Post Color Blog' 12 months ago
Wow, I stopped watching a few years back and didn't even realize that they had left!!
Jason Smith
'Jason Smith' 12 months ago
Alright....When are Tory, Kari and Grant going to get a show?  Discovery?  Stop Screwing Up!
'Milton2k' 12 months ago
Hehehe, shuarma!!!
Bobby Wong
'Bobby Wong' 12 months ago
shawarma? didn't the Avengers have "dibs" on that gag. :)
Brian cox
'Brian cox' 12 months ago
The feels are real...
Gregory Heim
'Gregory Heim' 12 months ago
Carrie has gotten hotter
Brains & Beauty
'classalpha' 12 months ago
going to miss you guys!!!
Петро Петров
they are like 50 years old.
Shinobi Skalper
'Shinobi Skalper' 12 months ago
I miss this fucking show.

Idk why we don't get the new episodes. Been like that for a long ass time.
'James' 12 months ago
Oh how I've waited for anouther hour episode!!!
jim Turner
'jim Turner' 12 months ago
Shaie Butta
'Shaie Butta' 12 months ago
I will become a viewer again to mythbusters. I stopped watching when kari, tory and grant left.
'BASIL DOSARY' 12 months ago
‏i'm so excited can't wait for the reunion
'goatflieg' 12 months ago
I thanked you on facebook... but I'll thank you here as well. Really glad you saw fit to include Tory, Kari & Grant in the last season. It was important to us fans... and we're glad it was important to you too. Mythbusters did, does, and alway will ROCK.
'ReverseDamage' 12 months ago
Oh my sweet Jesus! 😃
'Daydreary' 12 months ago
Chiko was here
'Chiko was here' 12 months ago
I find it incredibly stupid that Discovery channel got rid of them in the first place. But this is the channel that got rid of science programs for a show about fisherman and another one with lumberjacks, so I should've expected more stupidity
'Nia_dotdotppl' 12 months ago
John Doe
'John Doe' 12 months ago
it was about time
Vegan ForTheWin
'Vegan ForTheWin' 12 months ago
Probably bitter sweet as Discovery pushed them out and let the door hit them on the way out.
Niclas Van Hoeck
'Niclas Van Hoeck' 12 months ago
i love it
Fritz Christian
'Fritz Christian' 12 months ago
It's not nice to tease.
Damian Reloaded
'Damian Reloaded' 12 months ago
Well done there! ^_^
Clément Rambaud
'Clément Rambaud' 12 months ago
WOW... !!
'Watson' 12 months ago
this makes me happy
Nick  Ross
'Nick Ross' 12 months ago
Fuck Yes.
'Vincent' 12 months ago
You know, if Adam and Jayme are gonna finish up on Mythbusters, why not let Kari, Grant and Tori continue Mythbusters, then they can grab their own junior Mythbusters, so that when they are done, the new junior mythbusters will take over.
'GreatfulGert' 12 months ago
'magnus87' 12 months ago
Where are Christine Chamberlain, Scottie Chapman, Jessi Combs, Jessie Nelson?
Also a Reunion needs Robert Lee and Eric Haven
'pacukluka' 12 months ago
pls, will this be aired again?
'pacukluka' 12 months ago
'Wark' 12 months ago
If only Discovery kept them then there wouldn't be a finale episode this soon.
Nepul K
'Nepul K' 12 months ago
I'm a simple man, I see Kari, Grant and Tory, I press like
Stefan Ristic
'Stefan Ristic' 12 months ago
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