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Giant Antarctic iceberg set to break away - BBC News -
Published: 4 months ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 4 months ago

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An iceberg expected to be one of the 10 largest ever recorded is ready to break away from Antarctica, scientists say. A long-running rift in the Larsen C ice shelf grew suddenly in December and now just 20km of ice is keeping the 5,000 sq km piece from floating away.
Larsen C is the most northern major ice shelf in Antarctica.
Researchers based in Swansea say the loss of a piece a quarter of the size of Wales will leave the whole shelf vulnerable to future break-up.

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Lillian Sepulveda
'Lillian Sepulveda' 6 days ago
Yes it is man made climate change, cause by the daily spraying in the sky is global;
Leighton Julye
'Leighton Julye' 3 weeks ago
Hundreds of icebergs are suddenly invading shipping lanes
Juan Ramirez
'Juan Ramirez' 2 months ago
Lets all pay som sprayers for the costal cities and countries. Britain, Florida, New York etc. RIP
Casper Milquetoast
'Casper Milquetoast' 2 months ago
The people that really believe in man made global warming should prove it and stop being hypocrites. End your life and save the planet. Thank you for saving the planet.
'RON MEADE' 2 months ago
this is easy GORILLA GLUE duhhhhhhhh
Ray D-V
'Ray D-V' 2 months ago
Explains why the leaders were recently in Antarctica AND mr FAKE SPACE himself Buzz.

Something is going on beyond the guise that is this story
Apourv Patinge
'Apourv Patinge' 2 months ago
'박성현' 2 months ago
remember titanic? iceberg is not a new thing lol
Gabe Pflum
'Gabe Pflum' 2 months ago
Why do walruses go to Tupperware parties?
To find a tight seal.
Gabe Pflum
'Gabe Pflum' 2 months ago
Whats the difference between a picture of jesus, and jesus.......the picture only takes one nail to hang it
Jeffrey Gilbert
'Jeffrey Gilbert' 2 months ago
What's the difference between a hippo and a lighter...... I hippo is very heavy and the zippo is a little lighter
Robert Reich
'Robert Reich' 2 months ago
Hide yo ships, Hide yo boats
'Versia' 2 months ago
Why is this man walking around in a short sleeve shirt
harad celmare
'harad celmare' 2 months ago
"reserchers say that they have no EVIDENCE that GW afect this fenomenon" ......realy or is a lie?
'elli003' 3 months ago
Tow the iceberg to Detroit, I'm sure it's lead free.
Eve Moore
'Eve Moore' 3 months ago
If it breaks off won't there be a wave?
Gerald Spezio
'Gerald Spezio' 3 months ago
All problems are legal problems.
We need to sue Gawd.
'SomeGuyInSandy' 3 months ago
What?! A news story about ice loss on the poles that does not blame global warming?! And from the BBC no less...
'Johnny' 3 months ago
Global temperatures are rising. Ice caps are melting to an extremely critical point.

"Researchers say they have no evidence that climate change is playing any significant role in the new iceberg's formation"
Mark Duxberry
'Mark Duxberry' 3 months ago
Breaking away from the EU
ygg drasil
'ygg drasil' 3 months ago
The British expedition 'tell' us that the rift has increased by 18km, but there is sod all video of it. Have they ever heard of a drone? I will chip in the 50 quid to buy a drone if they are short.
ygg drasil
'ygg drasil' 3 months ago
I hope they get some decent video of the calving event. This will be pretty spectacular, especially as Larsen B break up was totally missed apart from a few satellite still photos.
Leighton Julye
'Leighton Julye' 3 months ago
the strong nuclear force
Leighton Julye
'Leighton Julye' 3 months ago
coming hot hot hotAn iceberg the size of Delaware is about to break off from Antarctica, and it's really bad news
'Roadrunner' 3 months ago
Dont buy house in Holland..
Matthew Dufur
'Matthew Dufur' 3 months ago
Matthew Dufur
'Matthew Dufur' 3 months ago
stitch it up and fix Larsen C ice sheet. we need to be the surgeons of the world!
Space Cat
'Space Cat' 3 months ago
We should take advantage of the drinkable water falling off the icebergs onto the sea in some way.
Marvin Boggs
'Marvin Boggs' 3 months ago
Stop destroying the wall Mexicans will come
Noham Roger
'Noham Roger' 4 months ago
Hey mate ! ! teacher It looks for me beautifuq#video dining .
'SDC' 4 months ago
Those icebergs look like star destroyers
Stacy Skywatch
'Stacy Skywatch' 4 months ago
Must be global warming eh BBC,, nothing to do with over 70 years of climate engineering as they work towards climate control and of course weaponizing the weather,,hence why the MET office and alike are protected under the official secrets act and all the dumb ass free masonic order followers have to sign an oath of secrecy ,, BBC=FAKE FREE MASONIC NEWS<<<
Joey Jamison
'Joey Jamison' 4 months ago
The latest step in the collapse of the British Empire. Now, they're even losing their ice bergs!
'Joe' 4 months ago
this is all a hoax made by the Chinese!! not nice!!
'bjfdog' 4 months ago
Love the climate change rich guys who are knee deep in water on the golf courses.
'bjfdog' 4 months ago
We better send more ice breakers to ... uh ...
'GG2K7AU05' 4 months ago
seeing all the anti science comments all the time, i don't think we can ever win over their destructive force. Maybe we should just let go and vanish from earth so other species could have a chance.
Grey Chip
'Grey Chip' 4 months ago
I guess there wanting more funding.
al bugnfront
'al bugnfront' 4 months ago
remember "Shackleton Expedition" iceberg crack ups are normal!
G.Gecko C.
'G.Gecko C.' 4 months ago
Global warming is a good thing, too much of this planet is a frozen hell hole.
david marsh
'david marsh' 4 months ago
Wake up Sheeple. The earth is flat and Global warming is a joax
John McLeod
'John McLeod' 4 months ago
It's summer down there at the moment. The ice expands in winter and shrinks in summer.
Your Jesus:To be Christian means allowing Me to guide you
Your Jesus: The global vaccination I told you about in 2010 will soon be witnessed

Friday, October 3rd, 2014
Dracula Nova
'Dracula Nova' 4 months ago
Fake news...
Rixin Dolma
'Rixin Dolma' 4 months ago
Age of downfall :'(
Tripod Threefoot
'Tripod Threefoot' 4 months ago
So first you give the impression then leave it on us the viewer to decide if global warming is indeed playing a part.........One of these days the truth will be real
Dude just chillin in one of the coldest parts of the planet it a t shirt...
YouTube fed
'YouTube fed' 4 months ago
How is carbon tax going to stop this lol we have no control over it we are but ants to the size of this world your dreaming if you think we have an impact on the world it naturally gets colder and warmer global warming is a proven hoax !!
Amit Singh
'Amit Singh' 4 months ago
Global warming is a hoax created by elites to push carbon tax
Deadpan Barry
'Deadpan Barry' 4 months ago
It's the dam Russians has to be their falut.
Aurelian Dumitru
'Aurelian Dumitru' 4 months ago
Rip human kind. Make jokes as long you can afford. Mother earth: karma is a biach, isnt it?
'folddpstcrd' 4 months ago
This is sad.I feel like im not helping with anything
Normal Man
'Normal Man' 4 months ago
Jim Miklas
'Jim Miklas' 4 months ago
Will a fear campaign be launched for carbon tax payments?
Zorrino Temea
'Zorrino Temea' 4 months ago
PUTIN did it sending a icebreaker .
Jayvee Aurea
'Jayvee Aurea' 4 months ago
Jr B
'Jr B' 4 months ago
Whats with the audio
Truth Knowledge Freedom
ohhh I got it you going to use this an exuse of the floods your going to create
Lucho Portuano
'Lucho Portuano' 4 months ago
thanks obama...your green policies didn't do shit :/
Lanester 101
'Lanester 101' 4 months ago
"Giant iceberg set to brake away from antarctic mainland"
And so it was mass hysteria kicked in, shares plummeted around the globe and racial tensions flared across europe.....
Kaiser Wilhelm II
'Kaiser Wilhelm II' 4 months ago
Thats not terrifying at all.
'kelly6739' 4 months ago
Its called NATURE.
'TheDarknessOfGames' 4 months ago
Breaking news, it's not warming of the earth causing crack, it's the human life on tof Antarctica causing it.
Diego Alvarado
'Diego Alvarado' 4 months ago
Global climate change has to be the cause of this and it aggravates me that researchers say "they do not have evidence" that can prove this Antarctic iceberg is breaking away as a result of our human consumption and ignorance leading to an accelerating greenhouse effect. We just recently passed 400ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and show no signs of slowing down...
Tiago Diniz
'Tiago Diniz' 4 months ago
oh my god.
Jemiah DaPap
'Jemiah DaPap' 4 months ago
In Genesis of the Bible G-- makes a covenant with Noah stating that there will be no great flood as long as there are rainbows. I see this as when one of the polar caps disappear then the deal is off. The parallels between the Bible and our current climate predicament unnerve me just a little
Holes at Your Poles
'Holes at Your Poles' 4 months ago
They should tow it to Africa so they can have fresh drinking water.
Ryan Webb
'Ryan Webb' 4 months ago
Yeah, this has nothing to do with Global Warming....FFS
Kaun Australis
'Kaun Australis' 4 months ago
Yet NASA have said today that a grand solar minimum and possibly a mini ice age will be here by 2020....
'JamesThomas' 4 months ago
That's what happens when you make shelves out of ice. I use wood.
hamza cheema
'hamza cheema' 4 months ago
Global warming show alarming for world. (@.@)
Michael Torres
'Michael Torres' 4 months ago
Lmao we still have a net gain of ice in the Antarctic despite what we loose from melt and break offs.
So we are still gaining ice in the Antarctic.
It's a cycle people the ice breaks off and more ice forms. Nothing new.
Alan Daniel
'Alan Daniel' 4 months ago
yeah no one cares,been going on for years
'allon33' 4 months ago
I like how at the end he says it has nothing much to do with global warming (so no need to panic everyone). LOL
Terry Peart
'Terry Peart' 4 months ago
Wales has become a standard unit of measurement.
sunny sunny
'sunny sunny' 4 months ago
earth is huge and this is just the tip of iceberg
'xguy' 4 months ago
✔ For tropical fruit and coconuts.... BUY CANADIAN‼️
Moses Bullrush
'Moses Bullrush' 4 months ago
The earth has warmed 0.85 degrees over the past 200 years which is normal for the earth coming out of a natural cold period. Sealevel is rising at 3 inches per century which is normal for the earth coming out of a cold period.
mc 74 Two
'mc 74 Two' 4 months ago
Stop landing planes on it then , knobheads.
'Phil' 4 months ago
"Global Warming is a hoax created by the Chinese." -Donald Trump
'RIXRADvidz' 4 months ago
I don't seem to remember any ice shelves the size of 1/4 of Wales ever breaking off either one of the poles back in the 1970's or 80's....but the climate is exactly the same now as it was then right? ....nothing is stagnant, change is constant, adapt or die. we just need to quit adding to the problem, ceasing fossil fuel use would help....exponentially...
'bimmjim' 4 months ago
I would like to know how many people believe these words spoken by the non-Scientist announcer. -
"Researchers say they have no evidence that Climate Change is playing any significant role in the new icebergs formation."
If you believe your media announcer, I recommend that you look around the internet for yourself and find out what the real Scientists are saying.
As an Engineer and a Student of Climate Science, I will tell you that the rate of melting in the Antarctic has accelerated in the last 2 months. Scientists are shocked because the rate of melting has gone up by a factor of 4 to 10. With this new rate of melting we predict that Sea Level will go up 2 meters by 2050. This erases all previous predictions and we don't know what is going to happen next in specific areas.
The melting in the Arctic has also accelerated at the same time. Six months ago, methane started being released into the atmosphere over the Arctic.
It is clear that the BBC has not done their research.
I recommend, if you live at low elevation, move uphill.
Mukhtar Ahmed
'Mukhtar Ahmed' 4 months ago
but remember guys, global warming is a chinese hoax
'Alexander' 4 months ago
If you live near the cost, pack your bags and GTFO! Florida might be under water by 2024.
'logicalempiricist' 4 months ago
I am glad that global warming is now doing its best to destroy us. I know it is not a popular opinion but I am convinced that it is best when we get to go now. The End of the World is Nigh and it is a good thing. Humans have done more than any other creature to destroy the planet and other species, it is now only just that we get to go and be the ones who are catapulting ourselves out of the biosphere and the gene pool.
ilker yoldas
'ilker yoldas' 4 months ago
Trump will build a wall and make the penguins pay for it!
Caroline Izminster
'Caroline Izminster' 4 months ago
Send all the muslims to live on it.
Devan Velo
'Devan Velo' 4 months ago
Is that the edge?
Kaveer Nagessar123
'Kaveer Nagessar123' 4 months ago
Will this cause a tsunami?
'Jeff' 4 months ago
That's not good.
'Zak '' 4 months ago
My webbed feet from inbreeding are finally coming to a use
xioblu 65091
'xioblu 65091' 4 months ago
Palmer's Titanic II is doomed.
James Storrie
'James Storrie' 4 months ago
be afraid, stay scared and pay that carbon tax
Destroyer Of All
'Destroyer Of All' 4 months ago
it is because of climate, they are lying its all Humans fault!!! the Earth is coming to an end.
Duncan Fenwick
'Duncan Fenwick' 4 months ago
That's not good.
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