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Published: 2 weeks ago By: Markiplier

By: MarkiplierPublished: 2 weeks ago

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KEEP RUNNING OR DIE HORRIBLY!! It's the world's worst workout!
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FandomTrash Cringe
'FandomTrash Cringe' 8 hours ago
anyone else scrolling endlessley looking for bots to report?
C McCombs
'C McCombs' 10 hours ago
2:28 so funny.
Mama “Saiyuki” Bunnie
btw I assume this is the prototype machine gargamel is making to kill SMURFS...
Mama “Saiyuki” Bunnie
awwww, so cute (drill sends blood and body parts every where) 😵😵😵😵
Vannah Davis
'Vannah Davis' 18 hours ago
this reminds me of the game badlands, multiples of the main character being chased by a giant saw in a strange environment
jgk75 shrect (jgk75)
the intro to every game he plays should be hello everybody and welcome to wtf simulator
mrs. Boston
'mrs. Boston' 2 days ago
this is how Donald Trump will make fat people loose weight
Football Days
'Football Days' 3 days ago
Markiplier u make me laugh xD
'Cheese' 4 days ago
Mark: "They're like little sack boys. They're like fat little sack boys."

I laughed way too hard when he said that. xD
Milo 02
'Milo 02' 4 days ago
40 secs in to the vid and he already has low-key rage
Dalton Pinell
'Dalton Pinell' 4 days ago
When I first saw the title, I thought it was going to show Mark and his friends racing each other in fatsuits
Ester Buezo
'Ester Buezo' 4 days ago
Why does the death of the chubby guys make me laugh so bad !?
'EMILY Zap' 4 days ago
Honestly, the game reminds me of Danganronpa.
Jack Bowman
'Jack Bowman' 4 days ago
Me in gym class.
'CurryKingWurst' 5 days ago
Did anyone else get the Soylent Green reference?
Coolperson 101
'Coolperson 101' 5 days ago
this is awesome
Paulo Martins
'Paulo Martins' 5 days ago
'Cristobal' 5 days ago
La voz de mark me tranquiliza jaja
Lindley Bryant
'Lindley Bryant' 5 days ago

Alvera Alfos
'Alvera Alfos' 5 days ago
Why the fubbernuck does Mark and his videos make me so happy? I jusT LOVE IT NO MATTER WHAT HALP
ZanetteIsNotOnFire 1
its charlies chocolate factory!... omh
Trenton Dunbar
'Trenton Dunbar' 5 days ago
Myles Barnas
'Myles Barnas' 6 days ago
Run, Fat Boy, Run
Jeramya Mair
'Jeramya Mair' 6 days ago
Awwwwwwwwwwwww I want one
End Message
'End Message' 6 days ago
haha "it becomes hard and FAST" XD
talon goodbaer
'talon goodbaer' 6 days ago
how to game no how to my game no how to how to delete all gam no how to no veto no this delete i think new i tiny wallet no o yal mark how to not w you no i meets i not ding i think hello i markpalyer good bay heyei o no to u vedo i meets to say
Tucker Benton
'Tucker Benton' 6 days ago
markiplier never bet on horse races
for irony
'for irony's sake' 6 days ago
What is the name of the font he uses in his tumbnails? This one, specifically
'XxUnderGamerxX' 6 days ago
'ExplosivePie' 6 days ago
ATTENTION TUBERS: The reason the "spam" bots are not going away is because they are not posting links to websites the only thing they are telling you is to Google some letters and numbers so they are not spamming they are just telling you to do something! So really it's your own fault for Googling the letters so you don't have to report and there is no way to prove that he or she is spamming! So just ingnore and they will go away eventually! PLEASE LIKE SO THIS CAN MAKE TOP COMMENT!!!!!
Jackaboy & markimoo
The thumbnail is scary as all balls
Gracie Gish
'Gracie Gish' 6 days ago
Is it weird that I actually want to run from a giant deadly saw
Penny the Dragon
'Penny the Dragon' 6 days ago
RIP Mark's champ
Cameron Pogue
'Cameron Pogue' 6 days ago
I have been watching your vids for years! U are so FUNNAY!
Stealth Peacemaker
I guess you could call them, doughboys :D (Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week)
Roxy Fox
'Roxy Fox' 6 days ago
at the beginning hello every body and welcome to ohhh shit
jacob lewis
'jacob lewis' 6 days ago
I can do th- fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...
Leeza Laykov
'Leeza Laykov' 6 days ago
I have an essay to write, why am I alive...
Wolf of Mercury
'Wolf of Mercury' 7 days ago
"Hello my name is markipliar and welcome to OH SH*T" XD
Armin Kalaba
'Armin Kalaba' 7 days ago
im alvey safe
Armin Kalaba
'Armin Kalaba' 7 days ago
stop talking yo bich about mark hes mine best youtuber and fuck u
'sidress1' 7 days ago
the story i imagined was a world where fat people have finally been deemed a genetic imperfection and they build a giant rehab center for them. it is designed to kill the ones who can't keep up to the standard of the skinny people.
Angelic Demon
'Angelic Demon' 7 days ago
Best. Thumbnail. EVER.
Chase Searle
'Chase Searle' 7 days ago
Who has 2 subscribers and likes to party? I dunno. That's why I'm so bland.
These work-out regiments have gotten ridiculous.
Alexis Miller
'Alexis Miller' 1 week ago
i laughed way harder than i should've
Eliora Park
'Eliora Park' 1 week ago
I wish it showed how many attempts it takes
'KO4TheWin' 1 week ago
OMG Mark played a game about my life and the struggles of staying in shape.
The cure to Americas obesity crisis
The Art Kitten (I can
laptop: oh yeah 144p is fine
me: spazzes out WHAT IS THIS CRAP
Gabriel Galarza
'Gabriel Galarza' 1 week ago
I'm not lying about my dad OK he died and I'm sad for that if u don't believe me then OK but I'm not lying my dad actually died
Pandas don
Run little potato people, run!
Mace Rather
'Mace Rather' 1 week ago
This game would be a horrible fate and nightmare to live in.
Sooooooo....When is your punishment from Ethan and Tyler?
Kelsee St.George
'Kelsee St.George' 1 week ago
The game "The Cave" was free on xbox the other day (for people with an xbox gold membership). You should play that game! Its filled with puzzles and also has a narrator similar to Stanley Parable.
'Sakara' 1 week ago
Man Biggest Loser got violent.
Aaron Lander
'Aaron Lander' 1 week ago
They are so STUBBY!!!!😝😝😝😝😝😝
Simon tracer
'Simon tracer' 1 week ago
best game
nevaeh youells
'nevaeh youells' 1 week ago
4:13 marks face tho
Marshmallow Kim
'Marshmallow Kim' 1 week ago
yesterday night I was watching gamer's guide and then I totally forgot that mark was in one episode and that part when the chiller pants exploded when he was wearing it!!!
Braedyn Dawtrey
'Braedyn Dawtrey' 1 week ago
The little dudes are so cute
Fish Ed
'Fish Ed' 1 week ago
I don't know why but this annoyed me
john the snail
'john the snail' 1 week ago
"It comes hard and fast!" -Markiplier
'MightyMax' 1 week ago
I've never seen an intro executed as perfectly as this one. Gosh, it just brings a tear to your eye doesn't it?
dank_ dunker02
'dank_ dunker02' 1 week ago
the chubby dudes don't really look like dudes, they look like chubby demons with no arms and just running from a saw!
Emily Anderson
'Emily Anderson' 1 week ago
I am all of those dudes at once.
Dabbing Chicken
'Dabbing Chicken' 1 week ago
Best vid
'magus499' 1 week ago
Sentient McNuggets?
Catharine Tew
'Catharine Tew' 1 week ago
Survival of the fittest, I guess?
Ninja of Turkey
'Ninja of Turkey' 1 week ago
This was actually surprisingly entertaining lol
Seth TV gameing and volgs
Clash Of Clans 2016
Whats is this game called
Troy Clark
'Troy Clark' 1 week ago
Run little guys RUN!!!
Hetalia PlaysGames
Deal with it glasses
Perfect! XD
Adrian Bañuelos
'Adrian Bañuelos' 1 week ago
Why kill the chubby guys eh?
Etm TM
'Etm TM' 1 week ago
very short markiplier video
'DM Zn' 1 week ago
'DM Zn' 1 week ago
Sakib Ahmed
'Sakib Ahmed' 1 week ago
Do another episode of this! I couldn't stop laughing.
Seapea Animations
'Seapea Animations' 1 week ago
" it comes hard and fast " -markiplier 2017
Seth Wilson
'Seth Wilson' 1 week ago
This is how chicken nuggets are made in Mcdonalds
'zDextar' 1 week ago
For the last time, Mark, it's Itch not Itchio.
Fernando D.
'Fernando D.' 1 week ago
At 3:57 I almost spit my milk on the ground. Lol
'VanderLadd' 1 week ago
What. Is. The. Secret. Of. Soylent. Green?
'LozzMan' 1 week ago
0:05 welcome to OH SH*T!

sounds like an interesting game. has it got anything to do with muddy heights? :P
Jonathon Trejo
'Jonathon Trejo' 1 week ago
Soylent Green And The Running Man references in the same video? Rad XD
Mia Is Boss
'Mia Is Boss' 1 week ago
This sounds extremely stupid but the number of exclamation marks at the end of the title REALLY bugs me. I honestly just hate the number 2, and the number of exclamation marks makes the title seemingly unbalanced since it's an even number.

Well I just wasted my time on an absurd comment...
De Wet Barnard
'De Wet Barnard' 1 week ago
0:55 I guess the pressure got to the little guy xD
NotFunny ButFunny
'NotFunny ButFunny' 1 week ago
looks fun
Nicolium gaming
'Nicolium gaming' 1 week ago
its a telatubie or however u spell it
John Spiva
'John Spiva' 1 week ago
So long for going for a record..
Eyeless Alec
'Eyeless Alec' 1 week ago
When your Hamilton obsession takes over and when he says Stay Alive you can't help but sing and Non-Stop...
I'm normal. >.>
clumsy ninja
'clumsy ninja' 1 week ago
Rip Mark's champ
Andriy Andriichuk
'Andriy Andriichuk' 1 week ago
Is it just me or do the chubby people look like ugly zombie testing pigs
Lerat Family
'Lerat Family' 1 week ago
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