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Americans Eat Rotten Shark -
Published: 4 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 4 months ago

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Known as one of the worst foods in the world. Challenge accepted.

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Greenland shark under ice, Somniosus microcephalus, Lancaster Sound, Nunavut northern, Baffin Island, Canada Arctic
Franco Banfi/Getty Images


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Cupcake Ninja
'Cupcake Ninja' 4 days ago
Sybe Jellema
'Sybe Jellema' 2 weeks ago
the guy with the glasses and the jean jacket looks like Rory from Doctor who. Or the captain of the Wave Rider from DC's Legends Of Tomorrow.
Green DJ Pizza™
'Green DJ Pizza™' 2 weeks ago
...there is one day in Iceland called þorrablót. And on "þorrablót" we get this in school XD 👏 also hrútspúngar... only if you knew what that is.
kristin thorsteinsdottir
Im from Iceland!!🇮🇸 But I must tell you that very few people eat this
'HeyIt'sMarjorie' 1 month ago
We all knew Gordon Ramsay's review would be on here.
tony wu
'tony wu' 2 months ago
Ibbi Spooks
'Ibbi Spooks' 2 months ago
ef þú borðar hákarl, þá ertu sannur íslendingur
Kiwi Monkey
'Kiwi Monkey' 2 months ago
Buzzfeed contributing to the global shark culling, that's nice to see
mila dya
'mila dya' 2 months ago
why would they eat rotten shark?who's gonna eat it??
'IceeColdGamer' 3 months ago
Buzzfeed, I cant seem to find warner chappell production music you put in the desc. Help?
'IceeColdGamer' 3 months ago
Buzzfeed, I cant seem to find warner chappell production music you put in the desc. Help?
Sólkatla Kolbeinsdóttir
i love rotten shark!!!
Lotus Mihilo
'Lotus Mihilo' 3 months ago
Gordon Ramsay!!!
Kanomi M
'Kanomi M' 3 months ago
Thee Chelsea
'Thee Chelsea' 3 months ago
Gordon's review got me cracking up 😂😂😂
Terrence Gold
'Terrence Gold' 3 months ago
useless over dramatic hipsters
Xepher x
'Xepher x' 3 months ago
Liam is a warrior
'joinsnack' 3 months ago
Shane isnt fazed by ANYTHING i love him
Lainie medina
'Lainie medina' 3 months ago
Sara's boyfriend, that dude an OG
man is never bothered or disgusted, like ever!!!
Saul Lopez
'Saul Lopez' 3 months ago
Shane is always chill about everything
Bright Light Kitty
'Bright Light Kitty' 3 months ago
next video: sharks eating human flesh
Darien Rosa
'Darien Rosa' 3 months ago
Shane is the greatest.. I swear 😂
'Pyrrhocratic' 3 months ago
Just to clarify, Hákarl doesn't mean rotten shark. Its simply called shark
'Ragnheiður' 3 months ago
hákarl is honestly the best thing ever👌🏻
'TheSuperPsychaholic' 3 months ago
you guys should try the other traditional icelandic dishes such as the lams head, ram ball cheese and slatur
Nam Cho
'Nam Cho' 3 months ago
Dear Buzzfeed, you guys have tried the number one smelliest thing which was the rotten fish in a can and also tried the number three of same categories, which was durian. I think it's high time you guys tried the number two, hongeo or fermented stingray. If you can get hakarl in the states, you will be able to acquire hongeo. Thanks and good luck.
Khay E
'Khay E' 3 months ago
There goes pewdiepie.
Ashritha Janyavula
'Ashritha Janyavula' 3 months ago
1:23 his face:

"is that the sky, or a potato?"

Gittoh J
'Gittoh J' 3 months ago
supporting eating shark meat? wauw, well its not like basically all shark species are in danger, oh wait, they are!
Claudia Villamor
'Claudia Villamor' 3 months ago
i get why they said rotten, when people in the comment sections said its fermented and delicious.
it's clickbait. haha maybe? But Gordon Ramsey's comment on it is making me think twice. haha
Mia Hd
'Mia Hd' 3 months ago
. . . facepalm

See, . . . If Hákarl is translatedfrom Icelandic in English, the word is shark. Just shark.
'wolfmanjim' 3 months ago
I was in Iceland with friends and I wanted to try ths stuff if I could get at least one other person to join me. They did not.
'MyNewLife' 3 months ago
hahaha gotta live this! i am from iceland so this is normal for me :p
Nataie Pool
'Nataie Pool' 4 months ago
Dank Meme Queen
'Dank Meme Queen' 4 months ago
Why is Gordian Ramsey reviewing shark when he should be finding the lamb sauce
Emma J
'Emma J' 4 months ago
oh my god I had th shark its disgusting especially with the drink ugh it was like bleach and dirty socks
Stephanie Victoria
'Stephanie Victoria' 4 months ago
1:48 he's new to buzzfeed
'TheNordicBrothers' 4 months ago
im icelandic and i dont like hákarl witch means shark
taylor rose
'taylor rose' 4 months ago
Yesssss Sarah😩😻haven't seen her in sooo long😢(girl with purple lipstick)
cool edits bruh
'cool edits bruh' 4 months ago
This is awful. Hunting and eating shark is now illegal bc they are extinct. Thanks buzzfeed for killing off a species
Jessica Morgan
'Jessica Morgan' 4 months ago
I love Shane so much
Zippy Lionel
'Zippy Lionel' 4 months ago
The is so mean to those animals btw lots of sharks are endangered
edd frost
'edd frost' 4 months ago
how is this safe to eat
Gibster FGC
'Gibster FGC' 4 months ago
"The intern" nice...
'cantabileloves' 4 months ago
"I don't know why my tears are coming out" hahahahahah automatic body reaction to awful food
Theamazingkitty Mow
'Theamazingkitty Mow' 4 months ago
So I accidentally clicked out of this then I tried searching it again and it wouldn't come up I have no idea what happened and I just now saw it on my recommend...
'kt' 4 months ago
a living creature died so you could whine and say ewww for two minutes. cool.
'kt' 4 months ago
sharks are endangered, please stop
Destiny Thomas
'Destiny Thomas' 4 months ago
the other guy that doesn't have glasses he's over dramatic because everybody was fine and he over here about to die
Rachael Piotti
'Rachael Piotti' 4 months ago
what's the guy in the black hoodie and jean jackets name? i love him especially on buzzfeed unsolved
'Zippish' 4 months ago
Stood downwind near a barn with hákarl hung out to dry on Iceland. Honestly, the smell is a hundred times worse than the taste.
Kristina Bal
'Kristina Bal' 4 months ago
They're copying Facts.
Taylor Grasz
'Taylor Grasz' 4 months ago
Autumn Fox
'Autumn Fox' 4 months ago
welcome to iceland where our liquor is strong af and everything is expensive af
La joey
'La joey' 4 months ago
if i drank the liquor id be like OHH SHITS GOOD ASF cough cough dies
Hailee Palumbo
'Hailee Palumbo' 4 months ago
"Let's kill our coworkers!"
'bluelime' 4 months ago
Did that chinese one have her face frozen or something?
How do you Like That ?
You wanna Kill innocent animals ? You GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED!
'Ladygothii12' 4 months ago
Topaz Brown
'Topaz Brown' 4 months ago
Chicken or cat food 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
christine le
'christine le' 4 months ago
love Gordon Ramsey's review XD
Sal the Salmon Shark
'Sal the Salmon Shark' 4 months ago
What did you do to my family!?
Titszki The Bitszki
'Titszki The Bitszki' 4 months ago
I'm Icelandic and I absolutely love rotten shark. But the thing is; There are more people here who dislike it than like it.
'antoniakftn' 4 months ago
blond amputee 👌🍽
matthew brown
'matthew brown' 4 months ago
i like the guy with the glasses😂
'jbaby007' 4 months ago
Why tho?
Keith Saint
'Keith Saint' 4 months ago
They learned to take the fermented fish type of food outside of the building when opening and consuming.
Fridrik Gudmundsson
'Fridrik Gudmundsson' 4 months ago
Please try skata from iceland
Bella Viviane
'Bella Viviane' 4 months ago
Worst food in the world? You clearly haven't watched fear factor.
Bubblegum Witch
'Bubblegum Witch' 4 months ago
Well, Bjork is from Iceland and she's pretty weird (in a good way) so I guess I could see how this became a thing lol
K Lab
'K Lab' 4 months ago
I'm surprised that only one person gagged and that no one spit it out. Guess it's not as bad as it sounds. I'd try that over the half developed duck egg! I don't remember the name of it but it starts with the letter B and looks nasty AF! You eat everything- beak, feathers, bones, eggy part and liquids.
Soda Queen
'Soda Queen' 4 months ago
honestly tho like iceland eats the heads of animals boiled in their own streams so like this isn't surprising
alice wwonderland
'alice wwonderland' 4 months ago
did someone else watched gordons reaction on that food?
mr guy
'mr guy' 4 months ago
no its dried out four six months
mr guy
'mr guy' 4 months ago
it is so bad
'MrRedolive' 4 months ago
got a major crush on the black chick she's so fine
レッド Red
'レッド Red' 4 months ago
that's some good liquor LOL
'oodoodanoo' 4 months ago
It's a good thing this tastes horrible. The shark lives for 250 - 500 years (!) and reproduces slowly, so they could easily be wiped out by over-fishing.
Mari Diaz
'Mari Diaz' 4 months ago
Oh a Shark.... I read Snake😂😂😂
'idkidk123451' 4 months ago
What's with people and fermented fish...
anxiety prone fox
'anxiety prone fox' 4 months ago
Where is my Buzzfeed Unsolved
Denisa Iacoban
'Denisa Iacoban' 4 months ago
I've been thinking about being a vegetarian and I think I made my mind up
Arnar Er  Besturson
'Arnar Er Besturson' 4 months ago
You americans are a bunch of bitches, lol.
Music Freak
'Music Freak' 4 months ago
dude hákarl is delicious???
Kaiya Jones
'Kaiya Jones' 4 months ago
Gordon Ramsay's review is the only thing that matters
Hannah Young
'Hannah Young' 4 months ago
you can tell when Buzzfeed cant think of anything to upload.
Hannes Páll Þórðarson
rotten shark isn't that bad to be honest o_o......
Jimmy Jam
'Jimmy Jam' 4 months ago
it really isnt great to kill sharks, we need them to keep fish populations in check. Why is everyone so oblivious to the problems that arise from over fishing?
Dagur Steinarsson
'Dagur Steinarsson' 4 months ago
I'm from iceland
'Shaye' 4 months ago
'Articfox' 4 months ago
Rip people
Brendon Urie
What's next buzzfeed.. humans eat rotten humans? actually I dare Freddy to eat a week old fish nugget.
Rakel Guðlaugsdóttir
they should try more wierd Icelandic food c:
salsabila hisham
'salsabila hisham' 4 months ago
americans try durian @BUZZFEED
Gabriella Levine
'Gabriella Levine' 4 months ago
megagirl 101
'megagirl 101' 4 months ago
i am from Iceland and all the adults like but the kids hate it😄
Nat Ong
'Nat Ong' 4 months ago
somehow I would willingly volunteer to eat that
Joej Vicent Deonne Nisnisan
I heard Ramsay and Bourdain's voice in my head. Hehehehe... who else did?
'ApexPenguin' 4 months ago
This is the kind of video that makes me think that commenting without watching should be a thing, just so we can ask why...
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