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Try Not to Flinch or Get Scared Challenge Vines Compilation November 2016 -
Published: 5 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 5 months ago

382, 917 views

2, 951 Likes   429 Dislikes

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Sam S
'Sam S' 1 week ago
the ones with the girls falling looked fake.
melon weeb
'melon weeb' 1 month ago
This wasn't even that bad tf
Aida Ayala
'Aida Ayala' 1 month ago
I fell so bad for the little boy because he fell in the Bush with the spiders 🕷
slime bussines
'slime bussines' 1 month ago
i feel bad for the girl in the begining i would have fake fell for her (SadFace)
'//PuffCocoMsp//' 1 month ago
The 2nd guy is going to get a disease that's disgusting
walter palacios
'walter palacios' 1 month ago
3:51 made me cry in joy!!!!!!!!!!!!
'THEGAMING KID' 3 months ago
help I've McFallen
'THEGAMING KID' 3 months ago
Dakotah & Chastity Makwaz
your crazy man way Did you Put Bugs on your face .
gabby Marku
'gabby Marku' 3 months ago
that spider do so scary
Joshua Ripley
'Joshua Ripley' 3 months ago
I'm creeped out
silly girly
'silly girly' 3 months ago
'Lyntoo' 3 months ago
3:48 I felt more bad for the animal in the tank than the girl
Figen Kutuk
'Figen Kutuk' 3 months ago
Figen Kutuk
'Figen Kutuk' 3 months ago
Melissa Sheline
'Melissa Sheline' 3 months ago
Jaden Lee
'Jaden Lee' 3 months ago
the BUG man creped the fuck out off me no joke
'TheUnstoppablePlayer' 3 months ago
like, 90 % of people who do these challenges dont even do it
HeyItsDezzi !!!
'HeyItsDezzi !!!' 3 months ago
Jebac_Hcoa 00
'Jebac_Hcoa 00' 3 months ago
at 5:02 and 5: 14 i was like HOLY FUCKING SHIIIT.....mother of god 0.0
but anyway some parts were funny..oh and anyone pls subscribe to my channel pls :D
diego plays mincraft
'diego plays mincraft' 3 months ago
hell yeah
'Eerkie' 3 months ago
This is just showing accident's and buf
Makilynn Carter
'Makilynn Carter' 3 months ago
Briauna Ricenbaw
'Briauna Ricenbaw' 3 months ago
sorry dident read the one before it but then t thought about it and its true
Briauna Ricenbaw
'Briauna Ricenbaw' 3 months ago
shut up you rasest or some thin
Meghan Nordoff
'Meghan Nordoff' 4 months ago
Was it just me that knew that the lady who kept falling (Paige ) does it on purpose to see if anyone would help?
Emo Potato
'Emo Potato' 4 months ago
1:01 When you fall in front of your crush and try to play it cool
Dat Cat
'Dat Cat' 4 months ago
That one guy needs to stop putting bugs on his face
'Kompetenz' 4 months ago
The boy that missed the pool 😰
Brianna Ballard
'Brianna Ballard' 4 months ago
john laroda don't be racist that shit is not cool
Chara Dreemurr
'Chara Dreemurr' 4 months ago
I shouldnt be watching this before bed
Chara Dreemurr
'Chara Dreemurr' 4 months ago
The thumbnail
Is the bug from harry potter
Wtf xD
Viktor Nikiforov
'Viktor Nikiforov' 4 months ago
The only one I flinched at was the boy that fell into the spiders
Kristen Schoener
'Kristen Schoener' 4 months ago
corn King I did it did anyone else
Kristen Schoener
'Kristen Schoener' 4 months ago
that is so stupid
Lucky Lemons
'Lucky Lemons' 4 months ago
I won 50$ against my friend cause bugs don't bother me
I failed on the ones with the bugs. I MEAN WHO PUTS THAT MANY BUGS ON THIER FACE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 😰😲😖😵
Lola Perkins
'Lola Perkins' 4 months ago
I got scared when I saw an add with hillary Clinton on it
Roberto Gonzales
'Roberto Gonzales' 4 months ago
It's only people getting hurt and bugs
Aislyn the pro
'Aislyn the pro' 4 months ago
Why is this flagged? Just a bunch of bugs and people doing dumb things. Welcome to life people... Welcome to life
michael oscar
'michael oscar' 4 months ago
I subscribed
Aaron Van
'Aaron Van' 4 months ago
i seen worst
'KibbleSnake' 4 months ago
2:35 this is a broken tailbone
Ayla Rodriguez
'Ayla Rodriguez' 4 months ago
no no no no no no no no no no no
Yami Erebasu
'Yami Erebasu' 4 months ago
How did this vid hot named "Don't get flinch or scared challenge"? It should be don't cringe or laugh challenge XD
Olivia Lacey
'Olivia Lacey' 4 months ago
I'm gonna have nightmares
'GeniusArtStuff' 4 months ago
I'm horrified of bugs and I still thought it was a good idea to watch this
Paige Grandchamp
'Paige Grandchamp' 4 months ago
I faild when the kid fell into the bushes
'GLOBAL HEAT' 4 months ago
z jlyj gjyzk xnj jyb dct blbjns я одно понял что они все идиоты
Anthuan El haber
'Anthuan El haber' 4 months ago
Sammy Chan
'Sammy Chan' 4 months ago
I have no idea how I completed that without flinching or getting scared at all but I didn't and I'm proud and I watched it a second time and I failed that time and this is really hard challenge and the second time I messed up at the spider part in that one with the centipede that well that was creepy so can you blame me
Mykenzi Bellin
'Mykenzi Bellin' 4 months ago
I almost threw up but I didn't get scared
Maya Smith
'Maya Smith' 4 months ago
3:29 ewww
Yolanda Martinez
'Yolanda Martinez' 4 months ago
fuck you
Daniel Hall
'Daniel Hall' 4 months ago
this was. not scary
deadpool the youtuber
Laugh Fizz
'Laugh Fizz' 4 months ago
I'm cracking up right now😂😅😅😅
undertale kalmar
'undertale kalmar' 4 months ago
Alfred Picklechips
'Alfred Picklechips' 4 months ago
3:55 made me leave my room
Mahmoud Sarhan
'Mahmoud Sarhan' 4 months ago
Jeanine Gardiner
'Jeanine Gardiner' 4 months ago
I failed
Eric Breeden
'Eric Breeden' 4 months ago
fucking crazy
Mykayla Xiong
'Mykayla Xiong' 4 months ago
Your mean all the best people r crazy not white people
'Abonzabay' 4 months ago
I failed on the first volume was all the way up....
'Abonzabay' 4 months ago
god bless that one cheerleader who helped her up
Olivia Arnold
'Olivia Arnold' 4 months ago
Michelle Dreval
'Michelle Dreval' 4 months ago
Jairyn Cordero
'Jairyn Cordero' 4 months ago
That boy who put the bugs in his face is weird !!
Blizzard Ysaguirre
'Blizzard Ysaguirre' 4 months ago
madison dab
'madison dab' 4 months ago
I gave up after the 2 one
Dance Lover 2016
'Dance Lover 2016' 4 months ago
the boy that had the beetle on him is nasty 😷
Sofia 5785
'Sofia 5785' 4 months ago
I lost it on 3 and 2
Addy Wingard
'Addy Wingard' 4 months ago
I failed
Chelsey Brannon
'Chelsey Brannon' 4 months ago
Girls only do that because they like you😍😍👫
'DIMONDDIMESION 2002' 4 months ago
this is easy besides the rhino bettle... that is scary
Ethan Sorke
'Ethan Sorke' 4 months ago
This should also be a / try not to laugh challenge. I nearly cried.
Named Holmes
'Named Holmes' 4 months ago
me too
Bryanna Lumpkins
'Bryanna Lumpkins' 4 months ago
Bobbi Conner
'Bobbi Conner' 4 months ago
The one that says try not to flinch or get scared i laughed the whole time
'hattbait' 4 months ago
this video offends me as a non binary asexual transgender hipno cat from the year 420, friends with the god of hyper death and the lord of diabetes. I am currently 39847283757838384857 years old and i live with my vegan hipster father that is partially woman, i like to smoke water everyday and my favourite drink is nipple sweat. I am actually part astrophenesisaxtrengenisisquentopulate, which is a gender. if you don't know that gender you are a white privileged black nazi lesbian that is donald trump's son and you need to have a spanking by your 9183638384737 year old pickle master and you need to do some suma troy pickle mastering while naked in public, I am also partly bulldozer and this video infringes my rights, i was usually a hippie until i got offended by this offensive video. I am also part iPhone so i have Siri implanted in me and i know what 9+10 is... its 21. So why don't you just tickle a pickle and do that suma troy thing naked in the middle of a basketball court while the 36ers are playing. if you find this wierd you are a lesbian gay man with 9273728834 different tampons for your butthole.
Kitchen Sink
'Kitchen Sink' 4 months ago
Half of these are just disgusting
Itsreallyyappe !
'Itsreallyyappe !' 4 months ago
This is more like try not to LAUGH 😂
AYSS family
'AYSS family' 4 months ago
Sara Michajlyszyn
'Sara Michajlyszyn' 4 months ago
Ewww! This made me feel like I have bugs on my face!!
'ItsMeTaliii' 4 months ago
These should be on Try Not to laugh,I was dying
Justin Redfern
'Justin Redfern' 4 months ago
1:49 xD
Daniele Sparks
'Daniele Sparks' 4 months ago
i passed!
TimmY TurneR
'TimmY TurneR' 4 months ago
The fucking bug ones get me every time
'LuluAndPandaTV' 4 months ago
I didn't flinch at all, WHERES MY AWARD -.-
Angela Eubanks
'Angela Eubanks' 4 months ago
don't know how I'm still eating
Magdalena Isidro
'Magdalena Isidro' 4 months ago
what tat on 1:22
Davante Smith
'Davante Smith' 4 months ago
Title is so misleading
'Jayleen&Tati' 4 months ago
For some odly reason my hair started to ich
hailey Castillo
'hailey Castillo' 4 months ago
flinch. and. who. would. put. bugs. in. there face
Jessica Arocho
'Jessica Arocho' 4 months ago
so crepy so mest up when the baby fell in the bush with spiders
lillian Romano
'lillian Romano' 4 months ago
this s funny I'm not scard
Al Lakatos
'Al Lakatos' 4 months ago
Cyber Gamer 08790
'Cyber Gamer 08790' 4 months ago
I got scared on

The night

Who else did got scared on night
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