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2 Chainz Checks Out a $350K Gun | Most Expensivest Shit | GQ -
Published: 6 months ago By: GQ

By: GQPublished: 6 months ago

3, 332, 084 views

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2 Chainz and Trappy take a trip to Pacific Sporting Arms where they check out extremely expensive weapons.

The Scene:

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2 Chainz Checks Out a $350K Gun | Most Expensivest Shit | GQ

Terrence Turner
'Terrence Turner' 2 hours ago
Ken Stok
'Ken Stok' 7 hours ago
that was thee biggest waste of time. and I scanned through it.
Andrew Tomasulo
'Andrew Tomasulo' 8 hours ago
i love trappy!
'YueMeng' 4 days ago
"I've been shooting all my life." Need I say more?
'MINImix2510' 4 days ago
Tell me the stock of the first gun is supposed to look like a turkey?
Saddiyah Armstrong
when the school shooter tryna hustle
Isaac Ennis
'Isaac Ennis' 5 days ago
the gun maker who's showing 2 Chain the guns looks like jared fogle
'ALIEN-Oo-_-oO' 5 days ago
Is the stuff they show 2 Chainz really worth all that money? Or is cause they trying to sell it to him knowing he's rich? It reminds me of the dave chappelle episode where they wanna charge Dave a lot of money for everything lmao
Gorilla Jones
'Gorilla Jones' 5 days ago
2 Chainz is awesome
Happy Cakes
'Happy Cakes' 5 days ago
That guy looks like a whiter ben afflack lmao
'Vittoria' 6 days ago
Jordan has a nice voice... wow
Kjaark za
'Kjaark za' 6 days ago
He looks like Jar Jar binks
Blade Storm
'Blade Storm' 6 days ago
did my screen buffer at 3:15
Iam Sam
'Iam Sam' 7 days ago
That dog looks like it wants to die lol
Nelson Charles
'Nelson Charles' 1 week ago
his dog name is trappy
Pale Horse89
'Pale Horse89' 1 week ago
2chains sounds so ignorant of firearms.
'AIC SKS' 2 weeks ago
u cannot do drugs and own guns. hope he goes to jail
'Ziamangry' 2 weeks ago
Trappy is the personality of this episode
enes maz
'enes maz' 2 weeks ago
Asın bayrakları beyler
'UThorns4ever' 2 weeks ago
1:00 lmao dude was nervous 2chainz had his finger on the trigger!
Brianna Bricker
'Brianna Bricker' 2 weeks ago
lmao did he get his dog after the episode where he was looking at the super expensive bulldogs
'SkankHunt42' 2 weeks ago
"you'd be surprised who buys these guns" , you mean, muslims?
Jeremy Smith
'Jeremy Smith' 2 weeks ago
you dress like that and have a gun on you makes me hold my firearm tighter because I don't respect anyone who dressed like a thug.
Electric GamingFTW
'Electric GamingFTW' 2 weeks ago
"It'a an expensive so I call it an expensive gun"
'NIK3 FASHO' 3 weeks ago
I must've smoked a littler gun powder cuz that's what you gotta be on 😭😭
Trent Roussel
'Trent Roussel' 3 weeks ago
I like that jacket
Mugabe Bakulu Baka
'Mugabe Bakulu Baka' 3 weeks ago
The sound effect is hilarious😂
Dougong The
'Dougong The' 3 weeks ago
jordan looks like ben affleck
Joona Puustelli
'Joona Puustelli' 3 weeks ago
3:13 When you're trying to tell a story to your mates in the car, but you hit a really bumpy road
'andeace23' 3 weeks ago
Jordan had dead eyes....
'FULLM3TALPR0' 3 weeks ago
His ancestors used to hunt these with sharpened sticks before they went into slavery. 0:10
MIchael Go
'MIchael Go' 3 weeks ago
He's white and works with guns..... suspicious
Tamia Carter
'Tamia Carter' 3 weeks ago
awwwww cute little doggy 💙💙
Liyan Xu
'Liyan Xu' 4 weeks ago
i really want his dog..
S1ck Puppies
'S1ck Puppies' 4 weeks ago
3:14 It is ALIVE!
NoSleep Music
'NoSleep Music' 4 weeks ago
folks sayin i sound like 2chainz on drippin that sauce freestyle. Not intended
'bryanpeart' 4 weeks ago
'MuckedUpCow' 4 weeks ago
i.d. on jacket at 4:42?
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 4 weeks ago
Dude he got to lay off the weed😂
Mat Luna
'Mat Luna' 4 weeks ago
id buy one if i had the money
BMass TV™
'BMass TV™' 1 month ago
Trappy the chillest.
Zac ThaRealest
'Zac ThaRealest' 1 month ago
when you playin gta and u stack up all you bread up and cashout in the gunstore..?
Spandan Guha
'Spandan Guha' 1 month ago
Льоня Охрименко
anyone knows the trek?(song) 3:43 answer me pls
'toro505' 1 month ago
jaja bunch of sick chains and a funky looking hat that looks discolored!!😂
ywn ghost
'ywn ghost' 1 month ago
Joshua Slaton
'Joshua Slaton' 1 month ago
Ahahahahah,and Trappy brought em back! lol
Rr rr
'Rr rr' 1 month ago
Next episode: 2 Chainz goes to a grocery store
'marthacvd' 1 month ago
2 chains: trappy...what do ya think?
trappy: hold up man. I'm liking my foot
trappy: hurry up mayne....I'm getting nervous
Mo Playz
'Mo Playz' 1 month ago
An an an an an an an an travis bought him back 😂
George Stanford
'George Stanford' 1 month ago
Am I the only one that noticed they kept referring to shotguns as rifles ? When the only rifle he looked at was the 22
mysterious stranger
'mysterious stranger' 1 month ago
3:35 Mexican cartel bosses
'kefkapalazzo1' 1 month ago
detail and craftsmanship on these things are insane
Dylan Donohue
'Dylan Donohue' 1 month ago
when ur teacher calls on u when u don't have ur homework 3:14
Mark R.
'Mark R.' 2 months ago
gq is garbage lmao
'Kelsomatic' 2 months ago
"You'd be surprised who buys these guns"

"No I won't"
Henry Lee
'Henry Lee' 2 months ago
Turkish walnut equals cheap.
Tae Young Lee
'Tae Young Lee' 2 months ago
Trappy look high af lmao.
Angry Filipino
'Angry Filipino' 2 months ago
The owner reminds me of the Accountant..
Francisco Ricaurte
'Francisco Ricaurte' 2 months ago
Why he low key look like a school shooter
Perpetual Student
'Perpetual Student' 2 months ago
When cultures collide...or maybe just clash.
Nicholas Steele
'Nicholas Steele' 2 months ago
3000000 isn't that much I grew up with guns and know all about them
Dwight Ash
'Dwight Ash' 2 months ago
who is 2 chainz
'ChiliContestWinner' 2 months ago
Looks like the sales man was a little worried about 2 Chainz rings and how he was handling the fire arms.
Mike Litoris
'Mike Litoris' 2 months ago
GQ was recently bought by #GQJews
Sky Trooper
'Sky Trooper' 2 months ago
Kardashian spent 100k on some stupid body beautification and her body operation for botching her fake boob and everything else probably cost few million dollars total. Hmm I'll take that gun and pass it to my kids and my kids to their kids and so on than some dumb kardashian
Nathaniel O
'Nathaniel O'Brien' 2 months ago
Jay W
'Jay W' 2 months ago
2 chain, you're at the wrong gunshop bro.... Seeing an ak-47 tricked out with scopes and lasers for 15 hundred bucks at your local gun shop will probably wow you more than these 100k rich guy fireplace guns
An Assault Rifle
'An Assault Rifle' 2 months ago
most expensive purple crack lighter
'TheExpertGamer' 2 months ago
an an an ana na na an an ana he's high
Matt Eding
'Matt Eding' 2 months ago
an an an an an an an an quit sayin rifle!!!
Matthew Melange
'Matthew Melange' 2 months ago
Why is this a thing?
'Wallbxngs' 2 months ago
can i have one subscriber ill send ya my gfs nudes real talk
Meximan of Steel
'Meximan of Steel' 2 months ago
Not bad actually, I was expecting him to not have a clue about handling rifles
Havoc Limix
'Havoc Limix' 2 months ago
Go to 3:14 it's lit lmao.
'Trollcaster459' 2 months ago
Why waste his money on this crap, when you can just slap a scope on an AR-15 and call it a day?
Francisco Ontiveros
'Francisco Ontiveros' 2 months ago
it looked like the guy was going to correct 2 chainz but he was holding a gun
'Blake22022' 2 months ago
How to tell when a rapper is retiring
Dro Lungz
'Dro Lungz' 2 months ago
do most expensive Mexican burrito ???
'JEDIMASTERZAK' 2 months ago
2 chainz dumb af and somhow also rich af wtf
AJ Carlo
'AJ Carlo' 2 months ago
why 2chainz golds always black?? lmao i would assume there 22K
Phillip Paul
'Phillip Paul' 2 months ago
What kind of millionaire lights up with tweaker lighters?
no no
'no no' 2 months ago
No Gloves?
Tim Berry
'Tim Berry' 2 months ago
Shotgun ≠ Rifle
Dwight S
'Dwight S' 2 months ago
How old is this rifle? 0:33 :D
'Clarke' 2 months ago
ahaha joh wayne didnt shoot it lmfao I hope that was his words
Mr NotFantastic
'Mr NotFantastic' 2 months ago
2 chainz finger dicepline
James Piccone
'James Piccone' 2 months ago
Rich dudes shoot the lamest guns.
Devon MacDonald
'Devon MacDonald' 2 months ago
i mean ok it is two chains but have a tiny bit more respect.
'D'andre Thaggard' 2 months ago
another blac youngsta
Mistic Mods
'Mistic Mods' 2 months ago
If he woulda said black people buy it. Everyone be like that white guy racist
'ComocosonoEWL' 2 months ago
I have a $700 rifle that puts all those to shame lol
'crimescene25' 2 months ago
sweet masonic ring.
'SinsationalMike' 2 months ago
How can a felon even go into a gun store?
matthew rentz
'matthew rentz' 2 months ago
did anyone else cringe when that stock touch the dog chains around his neck?
'Derail07' 2 months ago
Only an idiot would pay that much for a gun
Hwy75 Apparel
'Hwy75 Apparel' 2 months ago
im late on this...this was a very genius idea...respect Gq and 2 chains
White Noise
'White Noise' 2 months ago
I love that the guys used the reference. "Shooting at the size of Lincon's eye" ...
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