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Sean Paul - 'Cheap Thrills' (Live At Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2016) -
Published: 5 months ago By: Capital FM

By: Capital FMPublished: 5 months ago

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Sean Paul - 'Cheap Thrills' (Live At Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2016)


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mehmet yalınkaya
'mehmet yalınkaya' 3 days ago
Where can i find his hat ? What its brand name ?
Sudeep Sandy
'Sudeep Sandy' 5 days ago
this performance was awesome if sia with sean on stage
'NISHANT Baruah' 1 week ago
so good
Mahim Islam
'Mahim Islam' 1 week ago
Xpert PS4
'Xpert PS4' 1 week ago
Good ceremony
Sunny Hankins
'Sunny Hankins' 1 week ago
I love Sean Paul !!! and all of his 🎶 music.
Agney Galande
'Agney Galande' 2 weeks ago
what was the point of doing this performance?
No Sia, no one singing her part, also, Sean's part was also being played in the song, then what's the point of him singing his part live along with the recorded one, which has auto-tune?😂
Vanessa Tiffany
'Vanessa Tiffany' 2 weeks ago
What is the need to perform yet Asia isn't there to sing live..??
Firoz Khan
'Firoz Khan' 2 weeks ago
me bhi EA gaana gaya
Firoz Khan
'Firoz Khan' 2 weeks ago
beautiful bro
mehmet oyman
'mehmet oyman' 2 weeks ago
☠☠baby pitbul kelbi🤣
'Grande's Legend' 2 weeks ago
Wtf is it i am crying lmao
jangam shankar
'jangam shankar' 2 weeks ago
who is he
Komal S
'Komal S' 2 weeks ago
Sean Paul 👌👌👌👌
Phil Marden
'Phil Marden' 3 weeks ago
can u explain me about this?? 😂😂😂
Felipe Marques
'Felipe Marques' 3 weeks ago
o q esse babaca ta fazendo ele tá só dublando a música 🤔🤔
Hamza Ayan
'Hamza Ayan' 3 weeks ago
nic Ward
'V A' 3 weeks ago
check out my cover for rockabye
ujwal subedi
'ujwal subedi' 3 weeks ago
sean paul is jst my fav. man i love u
ujwal subedi
'ujwal subedi' 3 weeks ago
love you sean paul
Ticho Plays
'Ticho Plays' 4 weeks ago
very bad performance in my opinion
'REAL W3RDNA' 4 weeks ago
hits blunt Maybe they call Sia, Sia because you can't Sia.
Md Rahmat
'Md Rahmat' 4 weeks ago
nice song
Riya Parab
'Riya Parab' 4 weeks ago
'Lukm' 4 weeks ago
looks like substitute hahah
Azad Aashu
'Azad Aashu' 4 weeks ago
If I was in the crowd I will tell Come on Man Come On Man Sing the song or do some performance for the sake of pay
Austin Nguyen
'Austin Nguyen' 4 weeks ago
expected to see Sia here. lol
Yamilet Zavala
'Yamilet Zavala' 4 weeks ago
not to be mean but sia sings more than have of the song qnd the only person there is sean paul
tohid panhalkar
'tohid panhalkar' 1 month ago
what a great song
tohid panhalkar
'tohid panhalkar' 1 month ago
Sean paul
tohid panhalkar
'tohid panhalkar' 1 month ago
what a nice song love yyou
Music Sabotage
'Music Sabotage' 1 month ago
"You worth more dan diamond more dan golllld"
rv sonkar
'rv sonkar' 1 month ago
awsm my fvrt this song cheap thrills
Radhika Chauhan
'Radhika Chauhan' 1 month ago
ek number
Caleb Audia
'Caleb Audia' 1 month ago
It should be Sia and Sean live This was pointless
Iyania Brown
'Iyania Brown' 1 month ago
Sandhya Sharma
'Sandhya Sharma' 1 month ago
Laura Whetton
'Laura Whetton' 1 month ago
there could of at least dubbed his parts out on the soundtrack so he could sing them live... instead of soundsing like karaoke :/
Nadira Akter
'Nadira Akter' 1 month ago
Ritu Srivastava
'Ritu Srivastava' 2 months ago
this song contains 10% English 90% Sean Paul language
Laithangbam Laangam
'Laithangbam Laangam' 2 months ago
he was saying stuff
StormShadowXii G
'StormShadowXii G' 2 months ago
The other comment section was disabled so I came here .
Ali Abdul
'Ali Abdul' 2 months ago
There are 3 types of english
Sean Paul
Geraldine Pastor
'Geraldine Pastor' 2 months ago
Levitt Maguire
'Levitt Maguire' 2 months ago
Sean Paul and Sia are so good at making music
Mirko Menghini
'Mirko Menghini' 2 months ago
Md Uzzal
'Md Uzzal' 2 months ago
yo! 😅😂
Jessica Poo
'Jessica Poo' 2 months ago
Bella Stewart
'Bella Stewart' 2 months ago
where is Sia
'WiCHAL' 2 months ago
he is doing nothing
Nomi Entertainments
'Nomi Entertainments' 2 months ago
subscribers My cahnnel
Dhanaraj Barman
'Dhanaraj Barman' 2 months ago
where sean paul's spike?
'TheNightster07' 2 months ago
Wow. A dude jumping around on stage going... yep. Yep. Ha. Muay Dan diamond. Yep.
Terrible concert.
'ScaryKim' 2 months ago
What a weird performance lol.. sia should be there??
Rashida Ali
'Rashida Ali' 2 months ago
I love cheap thrlls
Abdulrahman Nasralla
'Abdulrahman Nasralla' 2 months ago
The Gaming Dragon Beast
he had to leave thats why he said goodnight
The Gaming Dragon Beast
0:12 she didn't say radio
Abdulrahman Nasralla
'Abdulrahman Nasralla' 2 months ago
what was that at 0:11 did the song crash or something
Romi Kumari
'Romi Kumari' 2 months ago
very energetic
Sumit Shil
'Sumit Shil' 2 months ago
Nice songs....
Yannick Abbink
'Yannick Abbink' 3 months ago
What does he literally do. This performance was pretty..... NOOB
Valeria Vah
'Valeria Vah' 3 months ago
Essa música com ele ficou muito boa eu dava gostoso pra ele ouvindo ela😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😋
Tirupati Rao
'Tirupati Rao' 3 months ago
Nitesh Prajapati
'Nitesh Prajapati' 3 months ago
Nitesh prajapati
Mayah R
'Mayah R' 3 months ago
where's sia lol??
lily sukhalu
'lily sukhalu' 3 months ago
i love it
andrew rajamoney
'andrew rajamoney' 3 months ago
Latest Collection
'Latest Collection' 3 months ago
Why hasn't he sing his own song????
Comm'n man........
Ali Amir
'Ali Amir' 3 months ago
What is the meaning of bedebang bang?
'kristina23100' 3 months ago
I dont like when Sean Paul performs without his co star; or when the costar sings without Sean Paul Its something that I always find odd and dont know why it happens. Yes its Sias song and Sia is greattt, but dont downsize Sean Paul he advances the song
Zoila Escobar
'Zoila Escobar' 3 months ago
what!! Siaaaaaa????
camia alexis
'camia alexis' 3 months ago
he performed with everyone except little mix💓👊😂
Blanca Nieto
'Blanca Nieto' 3 months ago
yusra eger
'yusra eger' 3 months ago
seviyorum bu adami
Geeta Lamkuche
'Geeta Lamkuche' 3 months ago
bada bang ...!!!😂
'potential' 3 months ago
yes champion burn burn boom them...
Hiago Basthiann
'Hiago Basthiann' 3 months ago
Nossa da hora procurando essa musica mas acheeeeei
Samosir 94
'Samosir 94' 3 months ago
He's so cute AWW...
raj rajan
'raj rajan' 4 months ago
love you Sean Paul from India
Stanley Su
'Stanley Su' 4 months ago
Sean Paul is the only singer that has not changed his voice in live.
Jack Hayward
'Jack Hayward' 4 months ago
at 0:12 she says "come on come on turn capital on" (its been edited you can tell)
Dylan Brown
'Dylan Brown' 4 months ago
it's sad she doesn't come out as well tbh
Grizzly Bear
'Grizzly Bear' 4 months ago
Who thinks Sia should have been there???!!!
Lol! Like if you agree!!!
shneur sh
'shneur sh' 4 months ago
Funny )
Trapp Water
'Trapp Water' 4 months ago
What's the difference between Sean Paul and Pitbull IDK they sound the same
Lyrical Maniac
'Lyrical Maniac' 4 months ago
Sean Paul is legend
Rafiyansyah Alfarizi
'Rafiyansyah Alfarizi' 4 months ago
give fck about her
Jack Knolls
'Jack Knolls' 4 months ago
Hate Hip Hop/Rap. Such garbage.
alex   fernando Huenten
Cristian Castro
'Cristian Castro' 4 months ago
Mano que cagada fizeram, 😂😂😂 Não era para só deixar ele cantando
'Convergency' 4 months ago
This is so sad ...
PuffyBunny Gaming
'PuffyBunny Gaming' 4 months ago
0:12 Does sia says "Turn the Rabada on" should'nt be "Turn the Radio on" Well is it just me?
Crisley Sena
'Crisley Sena' 4 months ago
Pointless and terrible playback....
Avinash Rai
'Avinash Rai' 4 months ago
Didnt expect this
Rajan manandhar
'Rajan manandhar' 4 months ago
I don't know why he is stuck with that budabang haha
'sammy' 4 months ago
love sean paul
rakan kayal
'rakan kayal' 4 months ago
Chamidu Omega
'Chamidu Omega' 4 months ago
Why do u call this live when the track is being played... :(
princess traveller
'princess traveller' 4 months ago
sean paul is amazing singer
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