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Sean Paul - 'Cheap Thrills' (Live At Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2016) -
Published: 3 months ago By: Capital FM

By: Capital FMPublished: 3 months ago

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Sean Paul - 'Cheap Thrills' (Live At Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2016)


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Dhanaraj Barman
'Dhanaraj Barman' 25 seconds ago
where sean paul's spike?
'TheNightster07' 3 days ago
Wow. A dude jumping around on stage going... yep. Yep. Ha. Muay Dan diamond. Yep.
Terrible concert.
'ScaryKim' 3 days ago
What a weird performance lol.. sia should be there??
Rashida Ali
'Rashida Ali' 5 days ago
I love cheap thrlls
Abdulrahman Nasralla
The Gaming Dragon Beast
he had to leave thats why he said goodnight
The Gaming Dragon Beast
0:12 she didn't say radio
Abdulrahman Nasralla
what was that at 0:11 did the song crash or something
Romi Kumari
'Romi Kumari' 2 weeks ago
very energetic
Sumit Shil
'Sumit Shil' 2 weeks ago
Nice songs....
Yannick Abbink
'Yannick Abbink' 3 weeks ago
What does he literally do. This performance was pretty..... NOOB
Valeria Vah
'Valeria Vah' 3 weeks ago
Essa música com ele ficou muito boa eu dava gostoso pra ele ouvindo ela😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😋
Tirupati Rao
'Tirupati Rao' 3 weeks ago
Nitesh Prajapati
'Nitesh Prajapati' 4 weeks ago
Nitesh prajapati
Mayah R
'Mayah R' 4 weeks ago
where's sia lol??
lily sukhalu
'lily sukhalu' 4 weeks ago
i love it
andrew rajamoney
'andrew rajamoney' 4 weeks ago
saifur rahman
'saifur rahman' 4 weeks ago
Why hasn't he sing his own song????
Comm'n man........
Ali Amir
'Ali Amir' 1 month ago
What is the meaning of bedebang bang?
'kristina23100' 1 month ago
I dont like when Sean Paul performs without his co star; or when the costar sings without Sean Paul Its something that I always find odd and dont know why it happens. Yes its Sias song and Sia is greattt, but dont downsize Sean Paul he advances the song
Zoila Escobar
'Zoila Escobar' 1 month ago
what!! Siaaaaaa????
Camia Alexis
'Camia Alexis' 1 month ago
he performed with everyone except little mix💓👊😂
Blanca Nieto
'Blanca Nieto' 1 month ago
yusra eger
'yusra eger' 1 month ago
seviyorum bu adami
Geeta Lamkuche
'Geeta Lamkuche' 1 month ago
bada bang ...!!!😂
tescy potential
'tescy potential' 1 month ago
yes champion burn burn boom them...
Hiago Basthiann
'Hiago Basthiann' 1 month ago
Nossa da hora procurando essa musica mas acheeeeei
Samosir 94
'Samosir 94' 1 month ago
He's so cute AWW...
raj rajan
'raj rajan' 2 months ago
love you Sean Paul from India
Stanley Su
'Stanley Su' 2 months ago
Sean Paul is the only singer that has not changed his voice in live.
Jack Hayward
'Jack Hayward' 2 months ago
at 0:12 she says "come on come on turn capital on" (its been edited you can tell)
Dylan Brown
'Dylan Brown' 2 months ago
it's sad she doesn't come out as well tbh
Grizzly Bear
'Grizzly Bear' 2 months ago
Who thinks Sia should have been there???!!!
Lol! Like if you agree!!!
shneur sh
'shneur sh' 2 months ago
Funny )
Trapp Water
'Trapp Water' 2 months ago
What's the difference between Sean Paul and Pitbull IDK they sound the same
Lyrical Maniac
'Lyrical Maniac' 2 months ago
Sean Paul is legend
Rafiyansyah Alfarizi
'Rafiyansyah Alfarizi' 2 months ago
give fck about her
Jack Knolls
'Jack Knolls' 2 months ago
Hate Hip Hop/Rap. Such garbage.
alex   fernando Huenten
Cristian Castro
'Cristian Castro' 2 months ago
Mano que cagada fizeram, 😂😂😂 Não era para só deixar ele cantando
'Convergency' 2 months ago
This is so sad ...
PuffyBunny Gaming
'PuffyBunny Gaming' 2 months ago
0:12 Does sia says "Turn the Rabada on" should'nt be "Turn the Radio on" Well is it just me?
Crisley Sena
'Crisley Sena' 2 months ago
Pointless and terrible playback....
Avinash Rai
'Avinash Rai' 2 months ago
Didnt expect this
Rajan manandhar
'Rajan manandhar' 2 months ago
I don't know why he is stuck with that budabang haha
'sammy' 2 months ago
love sean paul
rakan kayal
'rakan kayal' 2 months ago
Chamidu Omega
'Chamidu Omega' 2 months ago
Why do u call this live when the track is being played... :(
princess traveller
'princess traveller' 2 months ago
sean paul is amazing singer
Mack Alligatore
'Mack Alligatore' 2 months ago
Sean paul es genial
Rochel Ramirez
'Rochel Ramirez' 2 months ago
Awesome men
Maz Max
'Maz Max' 2 months ago
0:12 what dis she say? Did she say "come on come on turn capital on" or something else, I don't really hear it.
'CJ RAPVILLE' 2 months ago
yeah sean paul rocked it n sia was awesome
Edmund Pollard
'Edmund Pollard' 2 months ago
This is so shit he's not doing anything it's just bad kareoke
Mikel Coco
'Mikel Coco' 2 months ago
bcc battlefield 1
danny 2511
'danny 2511' 2 months ago
if i went to see that i would want my money back hes doing nothing
My Liked Youtube Videos: Mostly Amazing Music
wtf is he doing there.....?
R srikanth
'R srikanth' 2 months ago
wowwwww.. but its colud b too gud with sia
bruhh Queen
'bruhh Queen' 2 months ago
sein Bard ^0^
Nick Fenty
'Nick Fenty' 2 months ago
big up Caribbean people!!
Without sia !!!
Seokjin sz
'Seokjin sz' 2 months ago
melhor música sz
Lili Oli
'Lili Oli' 2 months ago
amamos a Martín garrix
Sara B.
'Sara B.' 2 months ago
lol what is the point of him here
Josephmulowayltshibangu Tshibangu
Dante Ilham
'Dante Ilham' 2 months ago
Sean Da Paul always cool!!
Grace Angela
'Grace Angela' 2 months ago
i need sia tho
Josephmulowayltshibangu Tshibangu
'oswaldsongs' 2 months ago
Patético cantar todo en playback 👊🏻
'TouchWeird' 3 months ago
Pasando pena :v
'frrstya' 3 months ago
Tergabut LOL
Juan Zack
'Juan Zack' 3 months ago
This is lame lol
Tone Deaf
'Tone Deaf' 3 months ago
Mark Ivan Mendoza
'Mark Ivan Mendoza' 3 months ago
why the perfs of 5h is not uploaded yet?
Luis Cervantes
'Luis Cervantes' 3 months ago
and Sia?
Emma Hemmings
'Emma Hemmings' 3 months ago
Julis Cat Lover
'Julis Cat Lover' 3 months ago
😘😘😘😍😍😁😍😁 perfecto
Will Heffernan
'Will Heffernan' 3 months ago
He just wanted to a break from performing I guess.....
Jhan Helorentino
'Jhan Helorentino' 3 months ago
dam sean
MacTinus,Cute Mixer & Melanie Martinez
How dare you Sean Paul not performing with Queens... :(
Meliza Vazquez Loya
'Meliza Vazquez Loya' 3 months ago
He was there yet he could perform with Little Mix?
'vanillacru1' 3 months ago
very bad. song played original and his voice on top on his original voice.. wrong artist.. should be instrumental music and live voice..
Amanda Waterworth
'Amanda Waterworth' 3 months ago
Little mix never been on stage wiv Sean whyyy
Lizbeth Martínez
'Lizbeth Martínez' 3 months ago
where's the ft with little mix
Mireya Quispe Estrada
honestly.... this is shit 👎
Aanchal Kochhar
'Aanchal Kochhar' 3 months ago
He should have done HAIR with Little Mix instead, since Sia wasn't really there.
Rabia Ali
'Rabia Ali' 3 months ago
He is amazing!😍😍😍😘😘😘
Asian Girl with Sunglasses
If he was here, why couldnt he perform live with Little Mix for like the first time ever??
Italo XCX
'Italo XCX' 3 months ago
'SiaOnYouTube' 3 months ago
YASSS!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR GIRL SIA!!
Pim Snaathorst
'Pim Snaathorst' 3 months ago
Where is SIA!!!??? This is pointless without her on stage.....and he could not sing with Little Mix? That is odd....
Ky Go
'Ky Go' 3 months ago
I need Sia on stage this is not good enough !!!
'adriana483' 3 months ago
I wanted him to perform with little mix :(
jean valverde
'jean valverde' 3 months ago
faizah ruhi
'faizah ruhi' 3 months ago
I cant believe Sean Paul and little mix were both at the same event and didn't sing hair together 😣😣. I mean the performance was amazing as usual but come onnn!!
Christy Stylinson
'Christy Stylinson' 3 months ago
Christy Stylinson
'Christy Stylinson' 3 months ago
where you are going Sean to perform without Sia with you ?
'nathirlwall' 3 months ago
this performance was pretty.... pointless
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