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Catfish and the Bottlemen - Kathleen - 1 Mic 1 Take -
Published: 2 years ago By: TheBottlemenVEVO

By: TheBottlemenVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

262, 327 views

6, 395 Likes   28 Dislikes


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Music video by Catfish And The Bottlemen performing Kathleen. (C) 2014 Communion Group Limited, under exclusive licence to Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited.

'Konii' 1 week ago
Come to Chile please😪
'Konii' 1 week ago
I love you❤💕
troste aff
'troste aff' 2 weeks ago
chorando não disse por onde...
Sasha Raeanne
'Sasha Raeanne' 4 weeks ago
That hair though 😍
Valquiria Mendonça
'Valquiria Mendonça' 4 weeks ago
homão da porra
Janeth Mina
'Janeth Mina' 1 month ago
Van, tú eres simpatico
Lizz-MetalHead Rod
'Lizz-MetalHead Rod' 1 month ago
Idk guys i never felt more than admiration for musicians but trust me when i say I'm totally in love with him, i mean look at him so talented and down to earth; we don't deserve Van ❤
'tomdotexe' 2 months ago
These guys should do a full acoustic album...
Beatriz Guerreiro
'Beatriz Guerreiro' 2 months ago
I can't believe this has 26 dislikes
Leya x
'Leya x' 4 months ago
like i think this turned my queer ass straighter
David hughesberg
'David hughesberg' 4 months ago
Am proud to say van has been in our kitchen,my daughter loves the boys,cheers van I owe you a game of golf !
Olivia Henry
'Olivia Henry' 4 months ago
'TRICIA RUPINSKI' 5 months ago
im hyperventilating too many emotions
sofia perez de aviles
pure gold as always.
Meredith Garcia
'Meredith Garcia' 5 months ago
Adrienn Gyokeres
'Adrienn Gyokeres' 5 months ago
I can't find the perfect word...💕
Abby Chiazzaro
'Abby Chiazzaro' 5 months ago
I love the way he says "bottlemen"
And his voice is amazing
'Iliana' 5 months ago
Justin & Nikki Walter
Some you might know.......Some you may not...But enjoy them all..:-)
Natalie Eldary
'Natalie Eldary' 6 months ago
Hes so beautiful
nora kramer
'nora kramer' 6 months ago
hands down the best thing that ever happened to me
'CappIsIn' 6 months ago
The way Van sang "You're simpactico" makes me want to dance
Stephanie Walker
'Stephanie Walker' 6 months ago
that raw voice... oasis meets the kooks....? ugh my grungy British rock dream
'mww92297' 7 months ago
they're so amazing live and acoustic but his voice is especially amazing
'MERTiN' 7 months ago
About time another Noel Gallagher attitude came back!
Katelyn Brolly
'Katelyn Brolly' 7 months ago
i stared at his eyelashes the whole time
Grecia Deyanira
'Grecia Deyanira' 8 months ago
I love that song!!!♡♡
dolo clifford
'dolo clifford' 8 months ago
this is so good i want to show this to everyone but at the same time i want them to be my lil secret too
ibnu farid nugraha
'ibnu farid nugraha' 8 months ago
come to Indonesia hhe
Abby Capannelli
'Abby Capannelli' 8 months ago
rat <3
g luvz
'g luvz' 8 months ago
i love him stripped down to his voice and a guitar
Mio Akiyama
'Mio Akiyama' 8 months ago
I need an acapella version. I NEED.
'Angèle' 8 months ago
02:51 You're welcome
Lavinia Waters
'Lavinia Waters' 9 months ago
legit none of my friends know them and it annoys me as they are my absolute favourite band
Bruna Ferrioli
'Bruna Ferrioli' 9 months ago
nunca te pedi nada
Bruna Ferrioli
'Bruna Ferrioli' 9 months ago
casa comigo
Bruna Ferrioli
'Bruna Ferrioli' 9 months ago
me beija
Hamza Wolf
'Hamza Wolf' 9 months ago
sad because if he wasnt an amazing singer people wouldnt find him half as attractive
'princessem' 10 months ago
i think im in love <3 <3
Kalee Kerns
'Kalee Kerns' 10 months ago
I was looking through my recommendations saw this, clicked on it, and I'm so glad I did!
Ben Spiers
'Ben Spiers' 11 months ago
No homo, but I wanna pin him down and pound him till he screams. Jk but he's hot ngl
Megan Fairbrother
'Megan Fairbrother' 11 months ago
sooooooo much reverb omg
Joselle Calugay
'Joselle Calugay' 11 months ago
His vocals are on freakin' fire. He's the best. I LOVE HIM.
Beth M Cameron
'Beth M Cameron' 12 months ago
And...I'm weak...
Chelsea Ferguson
'Chelsea Ferguson' 12 months ago
The vocals on this kid are amazing! Such a great recording voice and it sounds so different, but in a more authentic way live. Very similar to The Strokes, he definitely has one of those unique and poignant voices.
Marco lopez
'Marco lopez' 1 year ago
He's so cool wwwooo
Marco lopez
'Marco lopez' 1 year ago
Why van you took 1mic 1 take to pacifier wwwhhyyyy ::::((((((
'The_Jimboblion' 1 year ago
it's weird, I wanna tell everyone about these guys but at the same time I want them to be my band
Ooh La La Records
'Ooh La La Records' 1 year ago
Love seeing that vintage Capitol U47 - SOUNDS AWESOME! #Natural #Reverb #Neumann
Ary Cherry
'Ary Cherry' 1 year ago
I'm glad I found this band! My friend Julia showed it to me today! And I love it, feeling a little less crazy..hehe
another commentor
'another commentor' 1 year ago
hey if you look closely at 0:01 you can see the birth of Christ
Yuval Shevi
'Yuval Shevi' 1 year ago
is it just me or is he so hot? and i love this band and song so much
Yami Garcia
'Yami Garcia' 1 year ago
Who the hell are those 9 people who dislike this perfect tune? I don't understand the world now!
Rachel Louise Black
Who are the 8 that gave this a thumbs down wtf
'y_MAxY' 1 year ago
Very good performance, but I'm sad to find so much treble in the voice...
Kinga Sk
'Kinga Sk' 1 year ago
this is lifeu
David Schulenberg
'David Schulenberg' 1 year ago
I want everyone to find out about this band. They work hard and they make great music. They deserve to be big.
Chris Hurworth
'Chris Hurworth' 1 year ago
very nice voice
Alma Escobedo
'Alma Escobedo' 1 year ago
sometimes i forget how small they are. wow i love them so much though. i love that they're my little secret right now, but i'm happy for them. i'm sure they're really digging the flood of fans in the past year and the ones that are gonna come soon. they so deserve them.
zak lloyd
'zak lloyd' 1 year ago
The band are great, but his solo acoustics are greater
Immanuel El
'Immanuel El' 1 year ago

Edward Jack Leigh is currently in the pursuit of writing his debut album (Believing in Sorrow) it has been Said that it's a spiritual record that focuses on the transcendental truth and the concepts of belief the record's sound successfully combines ancient melodical riff structure's with an aggressive vocal style to give it a very distinctive but subtle approach to captivate the audience in a way that moves them emotionally the album is expected to be crowned for release in late 2016 Copyright © all rights reserved
Lacey G
'Lacey G' 1 year ago
one word:
Sam Hugh-Jones
'Sam Hugh-Jones' 1 year ago
It's weird that he's dressed so smart, I'm so used to seeing him looking pretty scruffy
Ben Tungate
'Ben Tungate' 1 year ago
There a true indie rock band I don't want girls to turn them into the wombats or fucking 5 seconds of summer
'pj' 1 year ago
That grunt noise he makes is so good😍😭
elizabeth hernandez
I think I'm in love
Camille W
'Camille W' 1 year ago
this is my religion
moroccoymgc 69
'moroccoymgc 69' 1 year ago
めっちゃいい ♪
matheus martins
'matheus martins' 1 year ago
Maybe I'm the only brazilian watching this video :(
Rhys staints tv
'Rhys staints tv' 1 year ago
The people that disliked this are probably one direction/Justin bieber fan girls, people that like shitty rap music that don't even make sense or someone who has no taste in music at all
Aensly Leon
'Aensly Leon' 1 year ago
fuck this is so fucking good. fuck
Rebeca Matias
'Rebeca Matias' 1 year ago
they are so good and my little secret ❤
'JAWS' 1 year ago
catfish will always be one of those bands you don't want anyone to find out about
'Taptiklis' 1 year ago
That voice is majestic
Jack Ride
'Jack Ride' 1 year ago
Either their next or third album will probably be massive
'strawberryswisher' 1 year ago
Damn your hair is on point. Dig this style.
'TheGreatKaris' 1 year ago
Lucy Osborne
'Lucy Osborne' 1 year ago
This guy is perfect with and without the whole band (I love the whole band tho)
'notdiaxa' 1 year ago
Artur Aguiar
'Artur Aguiar' 2 years ago
He looks like jesus at the beginning
Hazrel Hazeq
'Hazrel Hazeq' 2 years ago
(Arctic Monkeys+Oasis+Kings Of Leon+The Black Keys+The Killers+The Strokes+Bruce Springteen+The Streets+and another more) influences = Catfish & The Bottlemen !
Daniela Yañez
'Daniela Yañez' 2 years ago
im in love
Bohemian Like You
'Bohemian Like You' 2 years ago
Love how he always says "thank you" so fast, as if he didn't want anyone to hear him.
Bohemian Like You
'Bohemian Like You' 2 years ago
I like this so much it's painful. Amazing band. I hate that they will be famous one day :'(
daniela Garcia
'daniela Garcia' 2 years ago
They're just amazing!!!
Pablo Rodríguez Romano
Come to Spain lads!
You guys cancelled the show in Madrid
Jasmin Diaz
'Jasmin Diaz' 2 years ago
I LOVE THESE 1 MIC 1 TAKE I SWEAR. brings me to tears.
Leslie Quinn Fuentes
I hope this band don't go mainstream, I love it so much ♥
'ayatchafaqui' 2 years ago
Seeing you guys twice next month 😍😍😍😍
Nabila Farhia
'Nabila Farhia' 2 years ago
so handsome ♥♥♥
'justmeji' 2 years ago
holy hell is he talented
Ida Norén
'Ida Norén' 2 years ago
This is what I live for!
simon pearce
'simon pearce' 2 years ago
Three weeks tomorrow till I see them eeek
'neiveeee✨' 2 years ago
Honestly this lighting is a photographers dream
'neiveeee✨' 2 years ago
Honestly this lighting is a photographers dream
'Azgofk' 2 years ago
van looks like one of the founding fathers
Frank Erazo
'Frank Erazo' 2 years ago
No homo but he is pretty good looking
'michellecutie' 2 years ago
michael s. m
'michael s. m' 2 years ago
come to mexicoooooooooo please :(
'Doriimaa' 2 years ago
Their second album is going to be sick
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