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Bethany Cosentino - Why I Vote Live: Female Empowerment and Equality -
Published: 6 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 6 months ago

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Music video by Bethany Cosentino performing Why I Vote Live: Female Empowerment and Equality. 2016

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Khánh Nguyễn Đình
So cool
Silento Gostasas
'Silento Gostasas' 6 months ago
Hola Pessoal , Venham Conhecer Meu Canal Vevo e Se Inscrevem Aic
Nelida Sosa
'Nelida Sosa' 6 months ago
Muchas cancioes bonitas y admiro a los que cantan todos! !
'JimDaMan924' 6 months ago
3:30 " I don't ever want to be treated differently because of my gender."
4:48 T.I.- "I think that women should be treated greater than.."
Bethany- "OH, well thank you!"
Other chick - "100% agree with that"

No opposition to being treated greater than men.. just "differently". If you are a woman, and you think you are being treated unfair, then do something about it. If you are a man, and you think you are being treated unfair, then do something about it. If you are a black, white, orange, yellow man or woman and you think you are being treated unfair, then do something about it. Female Empowerment, Equality and all this other crap is not needed. You can either let people get over on you or abuse you or you can do something about it. This is real life. Real life does not care about your gender or race. So either go out there and work hard for what you want, regardless of gender (or race) or play the victim card and feel sorry for yourself.. but either way, quit complaining because everyone in this world will or has faced challenges and you either give up or you keep on going.. that's it.
BeautyAndMore ByEva
'BeautyAndMore ByEva' 6 months ago
Hi Guys! I just started a YouTube channel and it would mean a lot to me if you check it out 😊💕
Coedoe Fam
'Coedoe Fam' 6 months ago
That's what I'm saying what more Rights do women need, because there nomore rights to be added, I mean as boys we really don't have rights, if a girl say a NFL player rape her and he don't even know the girl or ever seen her never, he will still lose his career and go to jail for nothing, so basically y'all the right to do anything and make people believe everything you say, and as some people take sexually harassing as in (I love your dress 👗 fits you so well ) as in sexually harassing, like come on all I said was I like dress and you look good in it, but the thing is we can be perverts all day long but girls can be half naked and naked on social media like instagram and Facebook, but accept us as in boys to respect so called organize women.
Flynn on Anime
'Flynn on Anime' 6 months ago
"I think women should be treated better than men"

A new meme anyone?
'heyzeus023' 6 months ago
Fuck you.
Rainbow Dash
'Rainbow Dash' 6 months ago
Why every feminist looks like a shit?
Unerground Empire
'Unerground Empire' 6 months ago
My iq has dropped drastically the second I started this video. Women have a ridiculous amount of rights in America and yet want more. You control your life no matter what.
Amarachi Okudu
'Amarachi Okudu' 6 months ago
They're all puppets. They have what we herald as talent, so corporations and special interest groups harness them and let them strive for money and physical possession. Feminism in this day and age has no reason, other than another reason to divide people based on another difference. Same thing with BLM, and all the other hate groups designed to categorize and separate us as a people.
'SOD' 6 months ago
How do you sit there and say women empowerment with a straight face 1st world women are insane. Female empowerment and equality like what you talking about the phrase couldn't even be more ridiculous. Females have more rights then males are you seriously retarded?
kittycat and 09kitty lacuku
Vítor Hugo Turatto
'Vítor Hugo Turatto' 6 months ago
'VLVL37' 6 months ago
''Female Empowerment and Equality'' So lets vote for Hillary that takes money from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, that don't give any rights for women and hangs gays. LOL these people just lost their basic logic thinking.
Ximena DC LS
'Ximena DC LS' 6 months ago
Hi mi name is Ximena
isabella barbosa herrera
isabella angulo
'isabella angulo' 6 months ago
4 commen
Sussan Horan
'Sussan Horan' 6 months ago
carlos rosas León
'carlos rosas León' 6 months ago
'coco' 6 months ago
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