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Joey Bada$$ - A.K.A. Joey Bada$$ -
Published: 4 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 4 months ago

339, 313 views

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Joey shares the story behind the most badass name in the game.

Alexander ZA
'Alexander ZA' 2 months ago
fucked nigers
Hisham Jalal
'Hisham Jalal' 2 months ago
joey badass AKA same name
Joseph Harding
'Joseph Harding' 2 months ago
Best come up rapper
Quinn Kramer
'Quinn Kramer' 3 months ago
Shariqwa Witwicky
'Shariqwa Witwicky' 3 months ago
They did him dirty with that animation
Naísa Eliana
'Naísa Eliana' 3 months ago
"silly sally" 😂😂😂😂
Freddy Malenda
'Freddy Malenda' 3 months ago
Dudes cartoon looks more like CJ Fly
'Judah' 3 months ago
Joey Badass was born to rap if kindergarten had his mind clicking poetry bruh. In kindergarten I sympathized with a rock smfh
'FuckShit' 3 months ago
The fuck ? Not even Vevo able to proper balance the voice ?
Solid StaleFry
'Solid StaleFry' 3 months ago
I keep calling Joey asap rocky by accident lol
Slick Rick
'Slick Rick' 3 months ago
Greatest Ever
'Greatest Ever' 3 months ago
Jay oh vee
Tom H
'Tom H' 3 months ago
'eDaddy' 3 months ago
Glad this man is still prominent even with his lack of recent exposure
'Ja711Bx' 3 months ago
Every new York thots MCM along with Odell
Travis 7822
'Travis 7822' 3 months ago
We need new heat, one of my favorite people in hip hop.. dude is just real in every way possible
Travis 7822
'Travis 7822' 3 months ago
Badmon Jozif
'T O' 3 months ago
Abumo Kaas
'Abumo Kaas' 3 months ago
my right ear is lonely
Alejandro R.
'Alejandro R.' 3 months ago
dNb m0eee.
'dNb m0eee.' 3 months ago
'Heii' 3 months ago
holy shit vevo didnt censor something
Spider Man
'Spider Man' 3 months ago
keep it g, when i first heard of joey i thought he was gonna be whack af cause of that name. now he's one of my favorite rappers lol
'kife' 3 months ago
they dont feel the name but they say the music dope doe
'WIZE' 3 months ago
i really thought this was a vladtv interview at first glance lol
ζ Ƹ Τ S Ʋ Ɓ Ō 絶望
I feel like my artist name is whack... Zetsubo - hopelessness, despair. It relates to me, but it just seems too generic; but I haven't seen a lot of musicians with the name and I have a hard time picking out a name. It's not official though so I don't think it really matters.
Marc Georges
'Marc Georges' 3 months ago
why they gave him a white nose lmao
LordHipHop _
'LordHipHop _' 3 months ago
Joey is one of my favorite rappers today, but he has a stupid rap name.
Wilson Rodriguez
'Wilson Rodriguez' 3 months ago
Dudes hair so lit
Ee B0ne Capone
'Ee B0ne Capone' 3 months ago
Top Five.
Darq Carnage
'Darq Carnage' 3 months ago
Joey Bada$$ aka Joey Bada$$, that makes no sense.
huricane threeonesix
'huricane threeonesix' 3 months ago
Dreadlock envy my dude
Jordan Walton
'Jordan Walton' 3 months ago
They played the very wrong music for reggae
Alex THC
'Alex THC' 3 months ago
fuck vevo
'Westcoaststyling' 3 months ago
I just call him Joey Bad so I don't have to wash my mouth out with soap
'evilgenius151' 4 months ago
5 years old nigga?? really :/
Carter Herrigstad
'Carter Herrigstad' 4 months ago
He will always be that dude from Mr. Robot to me :)
Mike Higgins
'Mike Higgins' 4 months ago
I swear i've heard three different stories about the creation of his name
Josh Schulz
'Josh Schulz' 4 months ago
Shoutout to Dyemond Lewis for giving Joey his name.
Enzo Sierra
'Enzo Sierra' 4 months ago
Bless from Argentina Joey :)
Kyler Matthew
'Kyler Matthew' 4 months ago
well-spoken dude, joey is killing the game rn
'Trueethyself' 4 months ago
wtf is up with that cartoon nose? racist
'Cashleigh' 4 months ago
I am in LOVE with this man.
cee Mac
'cee Mac' 4 months ago
i can feel his energy even when he chill
Ho Si Truong
'Ho Si Truong' 4 months ago
Nice video
Penny Stealer
'Penny Stealer' 4 months ago
This motion picture corny af
Kenneth Schuler
'Kenneth Schuler' 4 months ago
Sio Bro
'Sio Bro' 4 months ago
Griff Oliver
'Griff Oliver' 4 months ago
Joey used to so much realer. 1999, summer knights, and b4da$$ were great but he's fallen off since
Myron Zhao
'Myron Zhao' 4 months ago
Was hoping he go in-depth of the B4 DA $$ part of it cuz that to me was the illest part of the name.
Chris Baretto
'Chris Baretto' 4 months ago
but wheres king capital tho
yung Eugene Krabs
'yung Eugene Krabs' 4 months ago
why do they have unconventional noses
hoa le
'hoa le' 4 months ago
Max B
'Max B' 4 months ago
is it bad that ive seen almost all of his interviews and knew everything he said in this video
Emmanuel Mondesir
'Emmanuel Mondesir' 4 months ago
I really enjoy joey badass music but I dont like it when he follows mainstream trends of high sounds but low flows. Kendrick ATQC and Danny Brown have proven that you can make progressive hip hop while still sticking to the roots of what made the genre more technical and ''hardcore'' in the 90's. Please don't end up selling out. You have way too much untapped potential for that.
Frankline Owen
'Frankline Owen' 4 months ago
yea man, nice stuff...yo bada$$
Champion XX//GAMES_FAN
Guys it's joke try to get it

Read more
a Lex
'a Lex' 4 months ago
Ya awesome in Mr Robot
Israel Jr Meza
'Israel Jr Meza' 4 months ago
This nigga had potential, but now he burned himself out by joining Vevo . smh
'CaptainBlackSparrow' 4 months ago
$illy $alad the hardest
Paramount Picture
'Paramount Picture' 4 months ago
That is SWAG Style.
Dentinho de ferro x
'Dentinho de ferro x' 4 months ago
subscrevi my Chanel
Major Fitness TV
'Major Fitness TV' 4 months ago
Been listening to BADMON JOSEPH since 1942!! Who else is a true fan like me?
'indigoism'' 4 months ago
'KriptikOfficial' 4 months ago
He's getting jaded....:(
Boyang Li
'Boyang Li' 4 months ago
Joey is a Badass
'トマトとNATTO' 4 months ago
Hasan Gürel
'Hasan Gürel' 4 months ago
'Xevics' 4 months ago
I thought he came up with Joey Badass cuz he needed a name more approachable and caught attention than JayoVee?
Taylor Gang
'Taylor Gang' 4 months ago
can i get 100 subscribers by the 25th? I challenge you!
'Jaeden' 4 months ago
Joey handsome at no homo
laney Torres
'laney Torres' 4 months ago
Ayye shout out to Dyemond Lewis bruh and BadMon #ProEra
Jason Williams
'Jason Williams' 4 months ago
What's up with the title?
Jason Voorhees
'Jason Voorhees' 4 months ago
CM PUNK would knock his ass out.
Javier Ramirez
'Javier Ramirez' 4 months ago
Porque ponen a ese pinche "simio"
The Bling Dynasty 明代
So that's the black dude from MR. Robot.
anne Forester
'anne Forester' 4 months ago
My name is Joey
'Leoven' 4 months ago
Gotta Love the Badmon.
I search up "Joey Bada$$" into YouTube like every other day just to make sure I haven't missed any interviews or videos (I actually got here by doing that and lmao uploaded 2 hours ago)
It's been a minute, since they seen a style with no gimmicks, the clouds is they limit cos we in 'em.
Top Dawg X Mojo
'Top Dawg X Mojo' 4 months ago
Nobody but the best. Since 1999 like this comment ❤️
'Txmothy' 4 months ago
Am I the only one who wouldn't mind him going by Jozif Badmon
'PowerhousePR' 4 months ago
Am i the only one having a hard time understanding him at the beginning?

Kids dont do drugs.
'doglover' 4 months ago
36th comment!! like this and let's see if it can get to the top 100 likes?
محمد ايتوريك
الله اكبر
'SedativeChicken' 4 months ago
My nugga Joey BadA$$
H Bizzle
'H Bizzle' 4 months ago
Isaiah Rashad is better
King Bryan
'King Bryan' 4 months ago
Asuh dude
BouLaras HaMza ̳DZ CHAnneL
subqcribeD me all plz
'pepe420' 4 months ago
Noob City
'Noob City' 4 months ago
Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back comment done when finished
Bird Person
'Bird Person' 4 months ago
DeAndre Arnold
'DeAndre Arnold' 4 months ago
Joey bada$$ dope asf
Batman 4ever
'Batman 4ever' 4 months ago
hey it's that guy from Mr. Robot
Alisson Vitor
'Alisson Vitor' 4 months ago
Brazil <3 Skate life
XxMiraMiraxX G
'XxMiraMiraxX G' 4 months ago
Virat Sagar
'Virat Sagar' 4 months ago
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