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Amazing Snake Trap Using Deep Hole - How to Catch Snake in Cambodia -
Published: 3 months ago By: KJ Channel

By: KJ ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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Hello My Beloved Subscriber and Visitor! Greeting from Cambodia!
This is video I want to show you about
Amazing Snake Trap Using Deep Hole - How to Catch Snake in Cambodia

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'PHILLIP JEONG' 4 days ago
This is fake
RAN Quiambao
'RAN Quiambao' 4 days ago
Timmy Turner
'Timmy Turner' 4 days ago
Kevin Durant is there. Wow! 🐍🐍
Zeck Agustin
'Zeck Agustin' 5 days ago
Do that with bug's I will teach you 1.make a hole 2.put leaves on the bottom of the hole 3.wait 4.enjoy eating you'r bug's just kidding😜 that work in our home
Morgan G
'Morgan G' 5 days ago
Dammmmm, he likes his holes
'TEAM YOUTUBE' 7 days ago
Cool good checken
daxxus 99
'daxxus 99' 2 weeks ago
music 00:00
Sadistic TopHat
'Sadistic TopHat' 2 weeks ago
Indiana jones xD
'itsPriyankasLife' 2 weeks ago
I guessed there could be only one or two snakes but it came out with many of them. Are they everywhere?
'余飞' 2 weeks ago
'ninjaraph' 2 weeks ago
Whyd he let them go? I thought they were gonna eat them
'A F' 2 weeks ago
This guy is a beast!!
Xx_FlexOnDatEx Yuh
'Xx_FlexOnDatEx Yuh' 2 weeks ago
The mud sound is satisfying
ExtraExtream 7
'ExtraExtream 7' 2 weeks ago
That scream at 17:00 I was dead
vRG _v
'vRG _v' 2 weeks ago
What you gonna do with these snakes
'Avian' 3 weeks ago
I love Cambodia, visit every year!
'Dolph' 3 weeks ago
that would be so cool if u threw like 3 boiling hot rocks in there or boiling hot water and put a lid on top so they couldn't swim out and watched them suffocate in boiling hot watr
squash 101
'squash 101' 3 weeks ago
16:55 ahahaha same
'gomgomboy' 3 weeks ago
this nigga use 1 hole to rule them all. i've seen crabs and other shit he catches with this hole yo
Larche Armand
'Larche Armand' 3 weeks ago
with cooked
gekke Youtuber
'gekke Youtuber' 3 weeks ago
zielig voor dat onschuldige diertje
John Doe
'John Doe' 3 weeks ago
whats the intro song
'aaa' 3 weeks ago
that's aint snake just a bunch of eels retard
'ガンダム' 3 weeks ago
'ガンダム' 3 weeks ago
'Elixei' 4 weeks ago
Redking21 YouTube
'Redking21 YouTube' 4 weeks ago
this booty ass video
'SomeRandomGuy' 4 weeks ago
Team rocket would be proud
prodigy marksman
'prodigy marksman' 4 weeks ago
this guys are genious
Agus Salim
'Agus Salim' 4 weeks ago
this is insane
Khalid Jewell
'Khalid Jewell' 4 weeks ago
anything updates on the Pikachu holes I asked about?
Agung kerisna
'Agung kerisna' 4 weeks ago
16:55 lol
momiji 123
'momiji 123' 4 weeks ago
don't try at house
Kelvin Larrimore
'Kelvin Larrimore' 1 month ago
My name is kJ
Brian Dontworryaboutit
What I'm learning from these is dig a deep hole and catch whatever you want
Swaggy Squirrel719
'Swaggy Squirrel719' 1 month ago
"Deep Hole"
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
kace clutch
'kace clutch' 1 month ago
0:27 "who's got the loud"?.... surrounded by Cambodian kush lol
George Hilliard
'George Hilliard' 1 month ago
intro song name anyone
Jacob Ferguson
'Jacob Ferguson' 1 month ago
Does he kill all of the animals he catches?
allexander konsrantinou
Ι saw many videos like this with inteligent traps and i have to say : Good job! However i cant undertsand what are they doing with the snaked they cathing? they are eating them or what?
Connor Willis
'Connor Willis' 1 month ago
i don't think this is real
Chickencrafter Mc
'Chickencrafter Mc' 1 month ago
are these poisen snakes? xD
Sebastian Lea
'Sebastian Lea' 1 month ago
Which team does this guy support ffs, always wearing different kits like one day Liverpool next day Chelsea
Gourisankar Roy
'Gourisankar Roy' 1 month ago
what a plan to catch a snake
azay blue
'azay blue' 1 month ago
a hole full of nope :)
Scott Atwood
'Scott Atwood' 1 month ago
Wtf was the point of that
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
Nopeville in the country of nope during nope time
Aspect Flames
'Aspect Flames' 1 month ago
your rude the reason snakesbattack us and are afraid of us is cause you guys throw shot at them and even move them with stick and stab them if you we're a snake you wouldn't like it so realy just don't be that rude to snakes I even saw you throw the slipper at a snake
Yu-Fang C
'Yu-Fang C' 1 month ago
May I ask what the pointy thing is, when he cemented the bucket?? 8:03
Ev an
'Ev an' 1 month ago
How to make a trap to catch broken ankles
'Gordon' 1 month ago
snake is like "wtf...leave me alone I'm having dinner"
'FRAG OUT AIRSOFT' 1 month ago
Where was the rattle snake that was shown in the thumbnail
silvia rios
'silvia rios' 1 month ago
best way of catching snakes 2015,2016 and 2017 alsoXD
Randall Lobo
'Randall Lobo' 1 month ago
This guy is on a hole other level
Thomas H321
'Thomas H321' 1 month ago
look how he screams at 19:31
Friky Fandi
'Friky Fandi' 1 month ago
copy is not good
Aamir Sohail
'Aamir Sohail' 1 month ago
what the fuck....combodia not have goat,cow or chickens to eat,every body is looking for snakes there,its free i know but u can catch fish then
'robocop' 1 month ago
its eel not snake
'thehamfactor1' 1 month ago
impressed by the color quality and whiteness of his clothes
'Trippinpxc' 1 month ago
NOPE NOPE NOPE. 16:55 lmfao
'Mercena94' 1 month ago
snake try to escape, gets barehanded back :/
'itsJozh' 1 month ago
with that ampunt of snakes i wonder.. why this people starve ?
'kruff39' 1 month ago
they caught there dinner
Trent Bell
'Trent Bell' 1 month ago
Y don't he got on shoes
kids place on channel 9
I fuckin hate gooks.
'KODEIINE SNE' 1 month ago
lmaoo so funny i didnt know he would be scared but that surely was funny him screaming.
'ECLIPSE' 1 month ago
I feel like this is fake
Gica Greere
'Gica Greere' 1 month ago
ce dracu stau o suta de ani sa planteze galeata
Rockerlife M8
'Rockerlife M8' 1 month ago
Good shirt
Ryan Tang
'Ryan Tang' 1 month ago
What an amazing hole in the ground
Morton Fisback
'Morton Fisback' 1 month ago
he puts is hand into the basket like if he was sure there is no ve,imous snake hidden amoung the non venimous ones... what are those snakes anyway and why is he capturing them? does he eat snakes?
Kaylah And Savage Tae
what kind of snake are these
kaan kelleci
'kaan kelleci' 1 month ago
you are crazy
Alex Tan
'Alex Tan' 1 month ago
'CJS.gaming.vlogs' 1 month ago
New logo💯
Jerry Javier
'Jerry Javier' 1 month ago
yohad irvan
'yohad irvan' 1 month ago
aku ora ngerti koe ngomong opo nang koment
Myco M vergel de dios
I know the snake is in the zoo this video is a FAKE I KNOW!
Megan Meyer
'Megan Meyer' 1 month ago
that scream at @16:55 priceless
'ADELINE PISAWEN' 1 month ago
the funny part was when one snake was eskaping the guy holding the camera said rababaro!
'JONNY JO' 1 month ago
Holy shit
Willy Webermanjenson
you guys are crassyy
Omar Cheeseboro
'Omar Cheeseboro' 1 month ago
Doesn't seem fake at all
The Nature Cam
'The Nature Cam' 1 month ago
I like how he put them back
Alora Plunkett
'Alora Plunkett' 1 month ago
who just skipped to see the snakes inside.
Charles Rivard
'Charles Rivard' 1 month ago
FaZe Lomas
'FaZe Lomas' 1 month ago
my nick name is kj
Murk Da Trapper
'Murk Da Trapper' 1 month ago
Im mad he dont have on shoes lol
Odessa Clark
'Odessa Clark' 1 month ago
It's amazing what a deep hole can do for ya.....
Brayden King
'Brayden King' 1 month ago
how do u guys always get 100's of snakes and whatever ur trying to catch in eaaaaach video this has to be fake
'RaccoonBlox' 1 month ago
That looked very sneaky
Aleksandar Tsvetanov
'CHENZEN YANG' 1 month ago
Cool is awesome I subscribe Your video and like and comment
Au Za
'Au Za' 1 month ago
that shit look scary asf
dionisis vergos
'dionisis vergos' 1 month ago
karkino se oti agapas
Hugo oreilly
'Hugo oreilly' 1 month ago
why would you want to trap snakes?
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