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Published: 2 weeks ago By: The Rock

By: The RockPublished: 2 weeks ago

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has won 4 Super Bowls & has been named NFL MVP twice, but he made a mistake when he decided to call out Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in a new video message. #NewYearNewRock SUBSCRIBE for more!:

The Rock's January Q&A:
Watch the newest Seven Bucks Moment:


Director / Editor: Scott Brown
Producer: Mo Darwiche & Erin Lardy
Director of Photography / Editor : Dylan Sachse
Production Manager: Troy Guthrie
Sound Mixer: Thomas Snodgrass
Key Art: Natalie Roman

Mr College Vlogs
'Mr College Vlogs' 2 hours ago
Sleepwear is about $100 all because of technology bs in the clothing.... f that
angel m
'angel m' 8 hours ago
Tom Brady has ZERO charisma
Taylor Lewallen
'Taylor Lewallen' 9 hours ago
Dwayne I love you and hopefully one day I get to meet you I was just now watching Superwoman and I think that one day on we both of y'all and y'all are really awesome and you inspire me so much I love you
'darthtortugas' 13 hours ago
I came for a rudy poo and was disappointed
Aleksey Khankhalaev
'Aleksey Khankhalaev' 21 hours ago
The reflections in the window are killing me.....
'DarthBalls454' 1 day ago
was that screech on the end there?????? in the baywatch pic....
'TheAnesthetics' 1 day ago
Nice commercial.
'kunaak' 1 day ago
Pause at 2:12 - just do it.
Kirk Martin
'Kirk Martin' 1 day ago
Funny I have only just subscribed to your channel here... I suppose I have a lot to catch up on! BTW check out the video of my baby girl laughing at a ball... Its cute! ;)
alex Man
'alex Man' 2 days ago
hes also a cheater...
Spongebob Squarepants
A Cheetah vs A Rock
Kumud Paudel
'Kumud Paudel' 3 days ago
I would like to request the rock to please reply in my comment
Wait so Tom Brady sent The Rock a Underarmour® advertisement?
Eric Hart
'Eric Hart' 3 days ago
no you dont say penosarous lol killin it
Albanian Life
'Albanian Life' 4 days ago
How can i be like you please? Please
mosescuh 184
'mosescuh 184' 4 days ago
This scit is so bad
Lewys Cousins
'Lewys Cousins' 4 days ago
I'm sorry but to me those balls were perfect
giovanni arruda
'giovanni arruda' 4 days ago
seis sao tudo pilho da puta
'W2P' 4 days ago
Kermit the frog
i died
Der harte mann hartmann
you are cool
Nick Sigal
'Nick Sigal' 5 days ago
I am not a good rock.
I am not a bad rock.
I am just The rock.
Miriam Bee
'Miriam Bee' 5 days ago
Rock vs John cena
'damudread' 5 days ago
After Tom Brady excused himself for farting near a reporter when he
finished his interview, the reporter asked Brady if he had eaten fish.
Tom Brady answered "NO... WHY?" The reporter said because his "fart
smelled like fish". Tom Brady replied "It was a pussy fart".
Castle Clash Gamer
everyone tell me your names

'Mrawesomepreston' 5 days ago
The penosourous 😂😂😂 I died
'Depraved' 6 days ago
they should've ran the damn ball
Danny Kowalski
'Danny Kowalski' 6 days ago
Tom Brady likes chodes in his asshole
'tripsaplenty' 6 days ago
any other pro sport in America, Brady and Belichick would be banned for life.
Jacob Neff
'Jacob Neff' 6 days ago
Great video post rock
do you play games
Jade Vanderende
'Jade Vanderende' 6 days ago
i love you
Mike Addison
'Mike Addison' 6 days ago
swear the Jets gets mocked more than the Browns
'AAL' 6 days ago
rock where you SWAT???
Savage Stivi Productions
Hey guys and gals lol I'd love if y'all took a look at my channel and considered subbing and if not all good anyways have a blessed day everyone!!
Isaias Rodriguez
'Isaias Rodriguez' 6 days ago
I love this video
Vanette Ruezs
'Vanette Ruezs' 7 days ago
Tom Brady's is HOT
'EZgaming' 7 days ago
Omg ur awesome
amy freeman
'amy freeman' 7 days ago
my name is brady.
CJ Johnson
'CJ Johnson' 1 week ago
Tom Brady the Super Bowl Cheater wow he ' is so cool' jk he sucks
Rodney Joe
'Rodney Joe' 1 week ago
You know, I've got to say this. Most likely person for the rocks dad- Yul Brynner. I couldn't help but say that and just had to say that. I was watching a video of Yul Brynner today that showed Yul Brynner all throughout his life and damn I can't get over how much he looks like the rock and how much the rock looks like him and they even have and do the same facial expressions, same eyes, everything. Yul Brynner could easily pass for the rocks dad. If you didn't know that Yul Brynner wasn't the rocks dad you would think he was.
RM Fraymo
'RM Fraymo' 1 week ago
Thomas gave u a new wardrobe, Rocky.
Monica Trevino
'Monica Trevino' 1 week ago
Stop It !!!!!!!! Too funny you really know how to make me laugh!!!!!!!
Monica Trevino
'Monica Trevino' 1 week ago
Love You Man!!!!!
Monica Trevino
'Monica Trevino' 1 week ago
just keeping up with The Rock Baby!!!!!!!
Juan / Eelire
'Juan / Eelire' 1 week ago
Dang this one video got a lot of views!
Илья Богуцкий
Dear Dwayne Johnson, please make subtitles in Russian, you have a lot of fans in Russia
E Man
'E Man' 1 week ago
How I received this stupid notification about two clowns who have nothing of any significance to talk about. nonsensical rubbish I do not know how anybody could listen to either of them if they were funny in the Remotest you could maybe watch it however their poor attempt at humour is not even laughable
'ilbv5' 1 week ago
Tom "The Great One" Brady!!!! GOAT
Jason lombert
'Jason lombert' 1 week ago
Two of the greatest ever
'Lastkingof33' 1 week ago
a commercial? im done
SHAY Burgman
'SHAY Burgman' 1 week ago
'ChicoSHOW' 1 week ago
ТОП аххахах:D
Logan Lee
'Logan Lee' 1 week ago
the rock i wached mowana i liked your part the best wen you sang the your welcome song
Gustavo Ponce
'Gustavo Ponce' 1 week ago
Reed Sawyer
'Reed Sawyer' 1 week ago
You've got to love the Rock.
Moeller Videos
'Moeller Videos' 1 week ago
deflate gate
Eliot Brun
'Eliot Brun' 1 week ago
Increasing head accompany era lead sing later cigarette.
Emily Mascherino
'Emily Mascherino' 1 week ago
ILY GUYS SM... Tom Brady is the best QB...I wish I could be friends with u guys that would be AWESOMMEEEEE 😂😂❤️❤️❤️
The ChiTown Legend
"there's a lot of cheese on that pizza" 😂😂😂😂😂 wtf
Laura Janssens
'Laura Janssens' 1 week ago
Salad direct horn axuzmd numerous wall faith yard.
Owee Kirpekar
'Owee Kirpekar' 1 week ago
Hi I am your biggest fan
Patrick Staal
'Patrick Staal' 1 week ago
The Rock – Lin-Manuel Miranda 2020. Make it happen, America!
Aiden Ames
'Aiden Ames' 1 week ago
Your cool
Mstof Ytisbs
'Mstof Ytisbs' 1 week ago
Both Illuminati sellouts
'Sport&Nature' 1 week ago
Venez découvrir une nouvelle chaîne : Sport&Nature
La première vidéo ici -->
Beast Mode Gaming
'Beast Mode Gaming' 1 week ago
Jojo G
'Jojo G' 1 week ago
You are the best😃😃😃❤The Rock
Camille Rynsburger
Income transmission noon yqcnveg watch cool complete lap related unlike.
Wwe Lover
'Wwe Lover' 1 week ago
( me expecting to see a rock bottom )
'JBML007' 1 week ago
man this channel is ad poison.
Luis A
'Luis A' 1 week ago
nice try tom
'CS CUZ' 1 week ago
fuck tom brady. love the rock tho
Jovanni Ruiz
'Jovanni Ruiz' 1 week ago
Tom Brady: The greatest CHEATER of all time. Thanks for helping to push his BS products Rock. Celebs looking out for celebs, what a concept.
Eli 1
'Eli 1' 1 week ago
The Patriots😁😁😁😁😁😁 Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jose Cortez
'Jose Cortez' 1 week ago
Tom Brady looks so scronny lol
RaZe Official
'RaZe Official' 1 week ago
Weren't u on WWE
Katsie Hemingway
'Katsie Hemingway' 1 week ago
'mrbudman99989' 1 week ago
Tom Brady SUCKS!
Nathan B
'Nathan B' 1 week ago
вал тов
'вал тов' 1 week ago
прикольно расказует , жаба самая эфектная как по мне
Big Will
'Big Will' 1 week ago
Rock, as a Steelers fan, and understanding that Troy is your boy, I can't believe that you would throw the Pats a, "Good luck in the playoffs." I'm dissapointed
Japanese Hot Knife
How to troll people

Read more
LaTeshie Williams
'LaTeshie Williams' 1 week ago
Please share link
Quill Blood
'Quill Blood' 1 week ago
Rocky can u sing for us please?
Ellen C
'Ellen C' 1 week ago
HA HA HA!  That was brilliant.
old school torcida
'IrishDrunkGaming' 1 week ago
Don't fuck with the G.O.A.T Rock, just don't
'RatedE94' 1 week ago
Tom actually did good in Ted 2.
joshua knuckles
'joshua knuckles' 1 week ago
you and Bradley martin are my biggest fitness influence you should do a video together
Jeppe M
'Jeppe M' 1 week ago
So this is just a commercial, neat
Bryan Simonson
'Bryan Simonson' 1 week ago
'WrathKinSlayer' 1 week ago
is this the first click bait that the rock has done? I'm a little confused on what just happened
'JOHN KNEE' 1 week ago
Do you like pie?
'surimaribo24' 1 week ago
now thats awesome
Я в Спорте
я из России, а ты рок когда в екаб приедешь? я бы показал тебе как можно отдохнуть на 5 тысячь рублей и отарваться не хуже чем за миллион долларов))))
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